73scamp 4 timmar sedan
Hey Jared, stumbled across this here in Ga. thought i would share........ atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/d/marietta-1972-international-travelall/7230397150.html
RockIsland Rides
RockIsland Rides 5 timmar sedan
I am a subscriber and have watched the build from the beginning. Beautiful truck and ride, something that I would love to own...... but....,as the subject line says above, Bad comparison, Apples to Turnips. Before Patina was all the rage, I knew a guy who had a beat up rusted Datsun 240 Z with a 350 LT-1 SB Chevy under the hood, it was the fastest dented and patched piece of 1/4 mile junk in the neighborhood. Being a quiet humbled guy, his bragging rights came solely from others who were impressed by the fact that this guy had no money, very little tools, he didn't own a garage, he traded labor and physical work for all the parts needed for the build and he did all the work by himself while working outside under a tarp in all kinds of weather. I would also point out, I don't know if everything functioned properly on the car but for some reason he never ever blew his horn.
ultrablue2 6 timmar sedan
A two-hour trip, open-top in 4 degree weather is the definition of “Questionable Choices”.
Ryan Math
Ryan Math 6 timmar sedan
Mary driving Johnny Rev put a big smile on my face! She is the coolest lady officially!
Remco van Vliet
Remco van Vliet 7 timmar sedan
Alright! Next steps: -Roll cage -parachute -make it go like Farm Truck -do NOT send it off to paint!
Dawie Smuts
Dawie Smuts 11 timmar sedan
ALN ? 🤣😂
Sean Linne
Sean Linne 13 timmar sedan
Johnny Rev is a cool truck but it`s ugly AF. Please paint it or at least primer it all one color!
Malcur 13 timmar sedan
should I feel weird that I prefer my antique (read really old ebay find) straight razor to modern ones?
John Greydanus
John Greydanus 14 timmar sedan
Re: stuck in the creek, surely USA has heard of Snatch Straps? sepost.info/dev/video/uJ-ovcVle4C9sb0.html
Me... 17 timmar sedan
What a damn youtuber clown. You fucked up that truck modifying it and don't even know how to run a quarter mile!
Larry Harris
Larry Harris 18 timmar sedan
You haven’t been cold until you’ve driven in the winter without doors.
cubonenineO 19 timmar sedan
*incredible* *God Bless and God Speed King*
MechnTech Beau
MechnTech Beau 19 timmar sedan
Johnny Rev is the shit he gets my vote
OXYMORON v66 19 timmar sedan
Want your own scout? Redcat racing makes a RC model of the international scout 2 for about 300$ USD. Its a great looking rig. I'm surprised no one there has one to play around with a the meet.
Dennis Birtcher
Dennis Birtcher 20 timmar sedan
16:58 *Doug DeMuro has entered the chat*
J D 20 timmar sedan
This chanel has become "talking about wrenching everyday".
PenosarausRex 20 timmar sedan
Why cant every ad read on youtube be that funny
skeelo69 22 timmar sedan
International....the vechile with the worst co-efficient of drag in the world...second is the Trabant.😂😂😂
skeelo69 22 timmar sedan
Not seen Tavarish for an age...is he okay?.
Henrik Skov
Henrik Skov 23 timmar sedan
Amazing channel! Love your work! FYI; KOVE’s “Free shipping” is 47$ if you live in Denmark as I do... but I still bought a pair... All those fine words got me curious I guess...
Creeper Dude1000
Creeper Dude1000 23 timmar sedan
When will more videos of this series come out?
randomdoodification Dag sedan
Best. Segue. EVER. I don't need headphones, but now i want a set of those.
jason placing
jason placing Dag sedan
Just love a build were engines are sqeezed were they were never intended nice one desert elvis
arafat chowdhury
arafat chowdhury Dag sedan
did anyone notice how it's started ryt up with just a millisecond of a touch....... wow toyota all the way
Josh Hust
Josh Hust Dag sedan
ok it's official, mary is badass XD
Phil Sabo
Phil Sabo Dag sedan
I agree, don't touch the paint. But the rims are wrong for the look. Would be awesome if you could find some old looking, period correct rims that fit over the new setup.
Blood,Sweat,and Gears
Blood,Sweat,and Gears Dag sedan
I love me some Mary! She seems to be a fun lady to hand with!
Mr GMC631
Mr GMC631 Dag sedan
He tapped it after the episode you can find the link for that video in the description...
Englewood Survivor
Englewood Survivor Dag sedan
Good afternoon.... Just wanted to tell you how well of a job you are doing ok this platform.... I really wasn't that interested in this channel until you came along.... Thank you and the editor
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 18 timmar sedan
Thanks Englewood! Glad you’re enjoying the channel.
Jeff Zekas
Jeff Zekas Dag sedan
Back in college, my roommate had an international scout, it broke down all the time, after that I never had any interest in buying one
joe harris
joe harris 7 timmar sedan
that's like saying your 1st girlfriend didn't put out so your not going to date girls anymore! Maybe he needed a better mechanic.
Dennis Bradford
Dennis Bradford Dag sedan
Mary was so excited about the drive! That's awesome!
Osiris Dag sedan
Not a single mask. Hard pass.
James Barisitz
James Barisitz Dag sedan
Great collection of like minded vehicles. 👍
plageran Dag sedan
Nice vid thanks Jared :D
Aaron Kuchinka
Aaron Kuchinka Dag sedan
All that paint job needs is a clear coat.
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds Dag sedan
So if you were to build Marys RHD postal Scout like Johnny where are you going to source a RHD P/S rack? 🤔
ScandalCuracao Dag sedan
Loved it.
Darren Swails
Darren Swails Dag sedan
I saw a travel all in a junkyard in mooresville NC about 9months ago, mostly complete..
e46 kid
e46 kid Dag sedan
God, payed promotions are so cringy🤣
Brian Kreitner
Brian Kreitner Dag sedan
the kove ad was great
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz Dag sedan
So many great Internationals! Even the rough ones still look good.
tanfoglio40sw Dag sedan
Keep the International content coming! Maybe a 3rd channel idea?
11cramm11 Dag sedan
I can't tell if you were being serious about those power running boards, was that actually a factory option? It can't be
Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales Dag sedan
I can't wait to own one 🤘🏽
Car Wizard
Car Wizard Dag sedan
Johnny Rev gets my vote! What a cool build. Keep up the good work Jared!!
Georg Obergfell
Georg Obergfell 4 timmar sedan
@BobTheMartin oh, yes, almost forgot that
BobTheMartin Dag sedan
Still waiting for Wizzard to Rolls Royce V8 swap something, hehe
kupatiya Dag sedan
Hello wizard.....I am form Sri Lanka...... Love ❤️ ur. Work.....
darren micallef
darren micallef Dag sedan
Hello Wizard Dazza from Australia always watch your show ps MORE ls400 stuff
Dale Cain
Dale Cain Dag sedan
That was a cool video! All those Internationals in one video was awesome Jared. Keep the videos coming because I really love them!
Katsunaka Dag sedan
If you do LS Swap that Postal scout, just use aussie steering parts
Best Pixel Repair
Best Pixel Repair Dag sedan
Is it just me that I like it better when J is hosting the video alone rather than together with T?
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b
DESERT ALIEN d[ *_* ]b 11 timmar sedan
Tavarish doesn’t seem genuine on camera. Over the top for SEpost
Jaysin Dag sedan
Huge fan !!! love jhonny rev and doggo (and your ok too)JK lmao but i gotta say y oh y put that GEORGOUS Chevy C10 way back in the corner ( noone puts baby in the corner )
Jaysin Dag sedan
P.S. love all those Internationals they are awesome btw (just a c10 owner- 69 longhorn ) wrench on !!!!!!
weedwizzard420xx Dag sedan
Don't you guys have Corona in the USA? How can one do a gathering like that in these times
Alexandre Couture
Alexandre Couture 23 timmar sedan
100% agree. It is not to waste your fun, but we all have to do some efforts to get rid of Corona!
Benjamin Kamben
Benjamin Kamben Dag sedan
This video is a breath of fresh air in a super car saturated youtube.
Ted P
Ted P Dag sedan
What do you think about degreasing and power washing car engines?
Clinton Toney
Clinton Toney Dag sedan
That’s awesome. I live in Spartanburg , about 30 minutes outside of Greenville
matsta Dag sedan
Jared... you're one very likable fella.. thank you for these, keep them going.. you're audience will keep getting bigger and bigger... much love and respect from London
Very Angry Citizen
Very Angry Citizen Dag sedan
Mary was the highlight of this video. She's a ball of sunshine and absolutely adorable. You ROCK Mary!
generic screen name
generic screen name Dag sedan
Hi jared
TheBlackestBrian Dag sedan
RoseOfHizaki Dag sedan
Mary is young at heart ❤
Very Angry Citizen
Very Angry Citizen Dag sedan
Sorry, but with a ponytail nothing this guy says can be taken seriously. 13:09 Nice truck though.
Denis Funes
Denis Funes Dag sedan
can you all just put on a mask please
Brian Smart
Brian Smart Dag sedan
Always cool to see a bunch of Scouts. I was working on the assembly line in Ft. Wayne when the last ones were built. I always wonder how many of the parts I put on them are still there.
Rick Sargent
Rick Sargent Dag sedan
Never use pretty, prettiest, cute, sweet, etc to describe a guys truck, suv or car - just saying.
Ronald de Haan
Ronald de Haan Dag sedan
That add really cracked me up, ALN 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Trudeau-Adams
Jordan Trudeau-Adams Dag sedan
Jareds smile though... keep up the good work and hope all are staying safe. Cheers
John Barousse
John Barousse Dag sedan
Thanks for sharing this open house and all the great highlights for those of us who couldn’t make it!
AClockHead103 Dag sedan
Mary sounds like a wonderful conversation
T Rantz
T Rantz Dag sedan
Hope the tree didn't cause too much damage. Best wishes Jared 👊
That Fiat
That Fiat Dag sedan
Needs new wheels
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed Dag sedan
It's kinda cool that you can read the tail gate during the test drive.
Andre LaBeach
Andre LaBeach Dag sedan
Anybody else was really curious about ALN🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bigdaddy741098 Dag sedan
The shirt should say Wrench Occasionally
Gregorious Anomalous
Gregorious Anomalous Dag sedan
And on the back #AlwaysMakeQuestionableChoices
fozpringle1 Dag sedan
Being from the uk i just wish we had cool trucks... alot of our older cars rusted away so classics are rare
TJ Morey
TJ Morey Dag sedan
Dam thought it would if got painted to original colour and stickers it had
Samsonian Dag sedan
Want to embarrass a $100k truck owner at a car show? Remind them that at the end of a long road spending $100k the result was only 1 Intl Scout(!!) Side note: that is one EXCITED DOGGO!!!! I can hear her saying, “OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY RIDE IN THE TRUCK!!!!”
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Dag sedan
Love them trucks
Antony Pye
Antony Pye Dag sedan
Jared, get rid of those wheels.
Øystein Garmo
Øystein Garmo Dag sedan
One of the most positive and wholesome videos on SEpost in quite a while, great trucks, cool stories and Jared really enjoying himself! Thanks for the amazing content!
Dave Greener
Dave Greener Dag sedan
I always enjoy hearing stories about old vehicles and learning about them. your channel is very well rounded man from old too new, Japanese too American keep up the good work! Stay safe.
Brad Moore
Brad Moore Dag sedan
Come on!!! You put all that work into the engine and frame, the truck needs a paint job!!! That whole patina look is not that attractive.
Cruzredeye Dag sedan
Great video man. Love the oldie but goodies