Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 2 timmar sedan
Are there any better cams for that car? Would be sweet as an all motor v8 sedan still just rowdier
IL Professore
IL Professore 2 timmar sedan
Compound charge it and be a real boss.
Will M.
Will M. 7 timmar sedan
OEM+ inside and out with a supercharger, for sure!
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy 11 timmar sedan
i was gonna say find an sc400 and boost the 1uz, but the isf swap would be sick .
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy 11 timmar sedan
supercharge it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Rose
James Rose 14 timmar sedan
Cummins swap the scout
Marty Green
Marty Green Dag sedan
Those wheels make your ISF look cheap man. The ISF Lexus Wheels are nice if they had that original gun metal semi gloss to them.
le randum
le randum Dag sedan
Supercharger with a standalone!
Travyn Polanco
Travyn Polanco 2 dagar sedan
You're way better than Tavarish just wanted you to know
Yousuf Kothawala
Yousuf Kothawala 2 dagar sedan
I think you should modd the heck out of it and make it faster than tavarish's lexus
1wcatalan 2 dagar sedan
Way to switch the rules of a challenge tavarish. 👍
CrazyAssPotter 2 dagar sedan
Jared: "Maybe at 220,000 miles you may not want to start modifying things..." Me: with my 20 year old 220,000 mile shit box hooking up a nitrous system.... "Oops"
Mitya Rovny
Mitya Rovny 2 dagar sedan
thank you
Mitya Rovny
Mitya Rovny 2 dagar sedan
thank you
Mitya Rovny
Mitya Rovny 2 dagar sedan
thank you
Neech Mims
Neech Mims 3 dagar sedan
Jared you remind me of my friend Chris, very good guy and he will go the mile to see things get done.
Nick Hall
Nick Hall 3 dagar sedan
No one else noticed that the charger turned into a 2011 Mercedes C500?
Joe schmoe
Joe schmoe 3 dagar sedan
I say you supercharged the is-f
Gian Lourido
Gian Lourido 3 dagar sedan
Really really wanna beat Jared... proceeds to lay out his build idea on youtube in a channel that he shares with Jared. hmmm
Thesupra996 3 dagar sedan
Supercharge it 👌👌👌
Mitya Rovny
Mitya Rovny 3 dagar sedan
thank you
Mitya Rovny
Mitya Rovny 3 dagar sedan
thank you
black magic garage
black magic garage 4 dagar sedan
A z32 having a 1 pc driveline makes a huge difference...... usually have a 2 pc
Matt Fritch
Matt Fritch 4 dagar sedan
Scout stuff would be awesome! A lot of IH fans out here. Definitely would be different.
black magic garage
black magic garage 4 dagar sedan
Wanna lemme get one of the third brake lamps xD
Juan Carlos Jimenez Arocho
Juan Carlos Jimenez Arocho 5 dagar sedan
Huge fan of your channel and your down to the earth approach to you builds. Any chance you are selling the Scout?
Chris Pietrzak
Chris Pietrzak 5 dagar sedan
You are awesome.....Enjoy all the good things comming your way.
madman9515 5 dagar sedan
Now this may be a bit much, but I always thought to put Darton MID sleeves in and I'll the displacement with all forged components and leaving it naturally aspirated. Upgrade the differential and transmission.
Skwidz 6 dagar sedan
Wood, won't be using that again. We were so lucky nobody got hurt, the wood just suddenly splintered all over the place.
Skwidz 6 dagar sedan
Spoler, yes
Skwidz 6 dagar sedan
Omak 6 dagar sedan
RR Racing supercharger kit
Joseph Kadilis
Joseph Kadilis 6 dagar sedan
Super Charger and Cooler, or get it to 1,000 HP
Jakob Gajšek
Jakob Gajšek 6 dagar sedan
Do you guys have plans to build something for 24h of LeMons and go racing in it? :)
TerribleFire 6 dagar sedan
Finish the McLaren!
Toyota4Life 6 dagar sedan
I need a ISF
Daniel Nicholson
Daniel Nicholson 6 dagar sedan
While doing the mentioned LSD install, consider a IS350 ('06+) ring and pinion for a 4.09 rear gear swap. Limits top speed, sure; but the added benefits of the lower-end makes up for it!
Jensen and Vanessa
Jensen and Vanessa 6 dagar sedan
Jake Battles
Jake Battles 6 dagar sedan
Scout Scout Scout Scout
Puggzy Malone
Puggzy Malone 6 dagar sedan
I want to know whats happening with the Ferrari 355? This channel seems to do things in fits and starts! There will be a load of videos all of a sudden and then nothing for ages!
raakesh persaud
raakesh persaud 6 dagar sedan
Finally something worth watching an sc f
Joe Ginese
Joe Ginese 6 dagar sedan
I don't get how this channel is only at 240K subs. Great content and easy watching.
Brendan Stevens
Brendan Stevens 6 dagar sedan
Old Lexus ac never goes out for some reason
Eric Bailey
Eric Bailey 7 dagar sedan
Supercharge and custom intercool it!
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson 7 dagar sedan
Man I really want to buy one of these and build it. If you do a build video then that would be amazing.
キー坊、趣味の部屋 7 dagar sedan
Eric O'Shea
Eric O'Shea 7 dagar sedan
Make it scream with those loud ass intake thingies and a supercharger
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 7 dagar sedan
Is that the 2UR-GSE engine? How reliable is it?
Justin Lapointe
Justin Lapointe 7 dagar sedan
Supercharge the IS-F please!!!!!
Adam Graham
Adam Graham 7 dagar sedan
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez 7 dagar sedan
you should update the looks of the IS-F like the headlights.
Stephen Stevens
Stephen Stevens 7 dagar sedan
ISF needs heads/cam first, maybe injectors, homegrown porting
P d
P d 7 dagar sedan
For some reason I do believe that Jared did try and play his ads.
Tyler George
Tyler George 7 dagar sedan
You could throw nos at it
Justin H
Justin H 8 dagar sedan
Supercharge it bc its broken in! You'll get some many views
Brian Nguyen
Brian Nguyen 8 dagar sedan
Supercharger! And then go for a long road trip! See if the engine is built like a tank!
SIM300 8 dagar sedan
What happened to this?
arrowhead hunter
arrowhead hunter 8 dagar sedan
Love the IS-F and I've always enjoyed the rally video on tavarish channel. I've got an 08 in Missouri that I bought back from copart that's been sitting in my garage for a few years now. Perfect project car 🚙 💨
jamesisaphotographer 8 dagar sedan
I'm absolutely dying to see some type of build on the '71 Scout.
john john doe
john john doe 8 dagar sedan
They getting rare
Anders Christian Hald Pedersen
Anders Christian Hald Pedersen 8 dagar sedan
do the "snatch"-transistion next time ;-)
Stéphane V
Stéphane V 8 dagar sedan
16:01..... ?!?! something's going to happen, we've been waiting for years.....
Ron 25 -
Ron 25 - 8 dagar sedan
keep it stock or if getting itchy, SUPERCHARGER !!! all the way
kleemanjad 8 dagar sedan
Put is-f in the million mile lexus
Alan Salt
Alan Salt 9 dagar sedan
Are you driving round in circles? Going past the exact same house at 0.50 as 6:26........
joeycrow 9 dagar sedan
Tfw you were hoping the 2jz GE was gonna get the shine it deserves.
gereshifters 9 dagar sedan
Do an N/A build, bore it out, cams, ports heads and intake, bigger injectors and tune it for all that. Make it better, but keep it N/A.
David Holm
David Holm 9 dagar sedan
I thought you (edit: Tavarish) were leading into a reveal of a 90's Supra.
Josh Fancher
Josh Fancher 9 dagar sedan
Are y’all in sc?
Eric Brondyke
Eric Brondyke 9 dagar sedan
Leave the engine alone...tweak the suspension
Bones Nunya
Bones Nunya 9 dagar sedan
Grouse collection Jared.. Love ya work ! From Victoria Australia
Malcolm Rowley
Malcolm Rowley 9 dagar sedan
Supercharger! Supercharger!
specialK206 9 dagar sedan
less talk, more work!
Reggy Forest
Reggy Forest 9 dagar sedan
do you have the florida shop number the working project on the nissan 300zx
Finest 9 dagar sedan
Leave it alone and do challenges
68jacen 9 dagar sedan
Every time I here raid shadow..... I can't get Simon w out of my head
J Bettis
J Bettis 9 dagar sedan
SC F sounds nice. bodywork gills and stacked exhaust.
RomanLothar1986 9 dagar sedan
Supercharger and replace all suspension components and any remaining wear and tear parts and do another 220000 miles.. break it in a little bit more
Marc Rains
Marc Rains 9 dagar sedan
Keep it NA and go with a set of ITBs. That would look and sound amazing!
J Bettis
J Bettis 9 dagar sedan
new 2021 Spindle Front bumper?
J Bettis
J Bettis 9 dagar sedan
Touchscreen update. New door panels if they haven't been replaced by Lexus warranty enhancement.