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Today, Jared goes over some great tips before you take your next road trip, which are super easy to do.
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John Molloy
John Molloy 2 månader sedan
If you are going somewhere really remote, take a satellite phone and an EPIRB. AND if you break down in the desert, stay with your vehicle!
MIKE .W 2 månader sedan
Zip ties
Scott Peters
Scott Peters 2 månader sedan
Bring toilet paper
Handskemager 2 månader sedan
I always forget checking the damn spare tyre -.-
Travis Hill
Travis Hill 2 månader sedan
Know your vehicle... ask about crippling parts known to go bad in forums, and bring a spare if room provides, also the tools needed to install.
127EZ 3 månader sedan
I'm already old so i bought an electric jack in case to make it much easier for me to change tire.
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 3 månader sedan
Idaho yes and nice
Mustberice Channel
Mustberice Channel 3 månader sedan
Always have a 4way tire iron ... even if you dont need it, some one else might
Glenn Brockett
Glenn Brockett 3 månader sedan
Check your vehicle's octane requirements for altitude. One reason you found 85 octane was that you were at altitude and the octane requirements were lower. This can have a detrimental effect when travelling out of the mountains, as you used high altitude fuel and are now at low altitude. My last long trip we encountered a heavy headwind and our fuel economy dropped by more than 30%, taking a 500 mile range down to 350 miles, this put us in the desperate level for finding a fuel station where there were none.
The Car EMT
The Car EMT 3 månader sedan
I wish I can do the dustball ralley someday
mariodesmo 3 månader sedan
For those long trips where you have to "make time" and can't just pull over, have a suitable container for peeing while you drive! Cut the top off a plastic water bottle... lol
Bushy 343
Bushy 343 3 månader sedan
Watching this the day after making a 800 mile trip back home that resulted in a rear diff explosion near the end.
Waterworld 360
Waterworld 360 3 månader sedan
Octane boosters are nearly useless, a bottle might change your 85 octane fuel to 85.1 octane. Instead, buy a gallon of xylene or toluene, which can increase 9 gallons of 85 octane to 88 octane. 8+2 will give you 91 octane.
Martin Brandt Pedersen
Martin Brandt Pedersen 3 månader sedan
In denmark we have only octane 95 and 100 😄
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 3 månader sedan
Don't forget your wheel lock key too.
fortyfukinseven 3 månader sedan
I saw a meme that nailed it. "Buying snacks for a road trip should look like a 5 year old was given $100 and told to go wild" (paraphrasing). Water is definitely important, but don't forget the snacks!
Dan Mcewen
Dan Mcewen 3 månader sedan
Food just in case
jrb1000rr 3 månader sedan
Great video and excellent tips. I have 2 sealed avalon king kits I didn't have time to apply before the rally and definitely w/h been useful on the windshield. The bugs were brutal. I used my portable air compressor me than once, so definitely a must. I brought more supplies than we needed, but was prepared for almost anything. Btw, I'm lazy and all my livery is still on, but even when I take it off, the peace sign is staying. Thanks for the video and memories. Until next year. #DBR #findyourroad
pkt1213 3 månader sedan
Sick! I'm a sucker for a wagon, particularly an avant. I love my 03 S6. Such a fun car and puts a smile on my face ecery day.
Jochem R.A. Bakker
Jochem R.A. Bakker 3 månader sedan
One other thing you want to consider purchasing: the Premier membership of AAA. That gives you 1 tow of up to 200 miles; 3 more tows of up to 100 miles; and various roadside assistance options. Make sure to buy it at least 2 weeks before your trip to ensure you ahve the full coverage. For $113 per year ($61 over standard membership), it has saved me tons of money.
Hawks Fan
Hawks Fan 3 månader sedan
Except for when you call them and wait 3 hrs for them to show up and say sorry. Cant tow your vehicle since its on the ground. This happened to me 2 weeks ago when I hit a curb and destroyed my lower control arm and axle trying to avoid some jackass on his phone running a red light.
Brenna Pink
Brenna Pink 3 månader sedan
I was literally sitting just out of view while he was filming this. It was such a hoot. Constant interruptions from vehicles driving by. The side of the road looks cool, but not the best for sound. :) The Dustball Rally is amazing, y'all! If you've ever considered it, just do it. I will absolutely be back next year. Jared isn't joking about the hydration... omg. I didn't listen the first day and felt like garbage after a day of driving. It's worth the pit stops to stay hydrated!
John Cook
John Cook 3 månader sedan
The joke wasn’t about hydration, it was about going four in a row! ; ) For real though, that was a hot day!
Retired at 49
Retired at 49 3 månader sedan
I'm surprised you didn't apply the windshield coating under the wiperblade area of the lower windshield area!! Wth....
Brenna Pink
Brenna Pink 3 månader sedan
I was in that car on that rally! :) That ceramic coating was so rad in the rain! I couldn't believe the way it was just beading away.
Jensen and Vanessa
Jensen and Vanessa 3 månader sedan
That1CanadianGuy 3 månader sedan
Hey tavarish. Do you still have your three rotorI'm building a cheap car for my friend's son they got no money I picked up the car for like five hundred bucks I'm looking for a motor the two rotors gone in in this one.my friend's been out of work for two years he's got no money his son is just getting by type video you know I want to do this for him is your motor for sale if it is can you message me at Lane 321 at hotmail.com my name is will thank you
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 3 månader sedan
JustBallRally LOL!!!!!
David Woodhouse
David Woodhouse 3 månader sedan
On a road trip hide a spare set of keys in the car. It might be quicker and cheaper to bust a window than get home and get the spares or get a new set made on the fly!
lincoln cwynar
lincoln cwynar 3 månader sedan
What about spare jerky if you get stranded or hungry?
ScottJ175 3 månader sedan
Hey, Jared, was this a questionable enough choice? :) sepost.info/dev/video/kpe2uK2IgJjcuJg.html
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 3 månader sedan
Nice! Not sure I'd call that too questionable :)
Daniel M
Daniel M 3 månader sedan
Who's Audi is that?
Lastweld 3 månader sedan
Some vitamins for your own body! The days can be long, and the nights can be short!
Evan walton
Evan walton 3 månader sedan
The line at the end of the video made me feel like that was the end of a Ken Burns documentary on PBS 🤣🤣 it was great I would add to the list a $59 harbor freight aluminum jack because fuck scissor jacks and take your half-inch cordless impact and a socket set from work because your not at work you’re on a road trip Mann
Scott Ryman
Scott Ryman 3 månader sedan
Along with water, here's some more essentials for yourself: - An assortment of snacks that keep well and can be consumed easily - Music that everyone in the car can agree on, and a variety of it. The last time I drove across the country with the wife, we had about 5 albums on our phones that we could both agree on, and by the time we got home, we were sick of all of them. A lot of parts of Canada just don't have local radio because there's just nothing around for 100+ miles except a road and maybe a gas station. - Pain relievers like Acetaminophen/Paracetamol and Ibuprofen - Nausea/Diarrhea relief like Dimenhydrinate & Loperamide - A first aid kit with bandages/gauze/etc. And a couple specific things: - If you have severe allergies, an epinephrine device and diphenhydramine (take care not to drive after taking diphenhydramine, as it can cause drowsiness) - If you're diabetic, make sure your testing supplies are up to date, buy a spare battery for your glucometer (it's usually a CR2032, but check your meter), and have MEASURED glucose on hand like glucose tablets. The last thing you want to deal with on the road is low blood sugar, especially when you're driving. - Any other equipment to monitor medical conditions if you have them (blood pressure monitor, etc.), and batteries to operate them. Apologies if you have trouble reading the names of medications, but I don't know what brands these are sold as in other countries, so I don't want to send people on weird witch hunts for a brand name that doesn't exist.
DAM8658 3 månader sedan
Something very unexpected happened to us in 1980. Our car was a 1977 Olds Cutlass sedan. We had to drive to Houston, a six hour trip for us, because mother-in-law had surgery there. Upon arrival at a gas station for a Houston map, there was no reverse when backing up from the parking spot. There was an incline so the car rolled backwards. I then shifted to Drive and nothing. It was a shock to be stranded in a distant city with no extra money or credit card in a 75,000 mile car. My wife’s cousin came to the rescue. Don’t recall why it failed but we got back home, late for work.
nima oryan
nima oryan 3 månader sedan
i cant believe Jared forgot about zipties... i did a cross country road trip last month and i used zipties religiously
Giorgos Lignos
Giorgos Lignos 3 månader sedan
almost that is my dream car its the RS4 b7 imola yellow what a beauty !
jrbuch 3 månader sedan
+1 for the Octane booster. I've been on an interstate drive where none of the fuel available was above 91. Carried octane booster for this very reason
locsipocsi1 3 månader sedan
Always awesome tech tips some new some known. Love it
cripsnblood 3 månader sedan
It looks weird seeing Freddy with Jared!!!!
Darius Jordan
Darius Jordan 3 månader sedan
1. Clean the windshield. Coat it with Rainx etc. 2. Windshield wipers 3. Check your tires including spare (tread life, tire pressure) 4. Have a tire repair kit. Air compressor, and jack 5. Spare fluids (oil,transmission,water) 6. You (hydrate) 7. Know your fuel range 8. Octane booster (if you got a high performance car)
Gabrijel Toman
Gabrijel Toman 3 månader sedan
to make your car use as less fuel as possible; ease off the throtte 2000-2500RPM is optimal rev range of gas/ethanol cars and diesel should stay at 1300-1500RPM always look to have your car in overdrive or final gear because you will look to go faster but you gotta coast at low RPM for most range so both worlds kinda meet there check all of your electric stuff like lights,charging system,ignition system etc. because if something electric related fails you will certainly have a target on your back for cops
David Blanck
David Blanck 3 månader sedan
Decent advice. I have learned a lot of these on my own (the hard way lol).... but, not everyone has. Hope this helps people.
Maury Ballstien
Maury Ballstien 3 månader sedan
CARPRO Cquartz says not to ceramic the front windshield due to it rubbing off on the wipers
Stefan Spahn
Stefan Spahn 3 månader sedan
I keep a rain jacket and umbrella in my car. Rain jacket obviously for when it rains but umbrella can give you shade on hot and sunny days when your stuck on the side of the road in an open space and waiting for help
Benedikt Maier
Benedikt Maier 3 månader sedan
Also a Tip: Do the fluid change and maintance works NOT directly before the trip. Do it 1 or 2 weeks earlyer. So if there is something not thighten right or something fails, it will happen in the near of your home/garage - so its easyer to fix than on the road!
TheSkyline333 3 månader sedan
Click bait
Deat Gaming
Deat Gaming 3 månader sedan
I always keep a can of energy drink and some snacks in the car on long drives, if I start to drift off before I reach my stopping point I pull over and take these and they wake me up enough to get to a safe stopping point to rest. Probably wouldn't be needed if you had multiple drivers but generally I am the only driver.
Brad Moore
Brad Moore 3 månader sedan
Its one thing to have a tool kit for your car tire, you should have a tool kit with wrenches and sockets and such in case the car breaks down. As long as it is simple fix, a regular tool kit will help you with those fixes.
curtis brumwell
curtis brumwell 3 månader sedan
Here's a comment that you oughta read road trippers> I'm glass installer by trade and something I have to to a lot in the summer is clean bugs off of windshields. Here's the best way, coating not required but I have purchased it and will be applying it soon. Get a small piece of regular household window screen a little bigger than your hand (not the metal stuff that still exists for no reason.) Buy good Foaming glass cleaner (the cheap crap is a waste of money, you'll use more and it will leave streaks) and a box of nitrile gloves (because those always come in handy on a road trip for all kinds of situations and really make this job a lot cleaner for your personal hygiene) Oh and obviously you'll need some decent paper towel. Now you've got the supplies here's the method I've found that works best after over 20 years of doing what i do. Park in the shade if possible, in the sun your glass cleaner will dry out quickly and it's more difficult to clean hot glass. Apply a liberal coat of the foaming glass cleaner and let it soak for a couple minutes Put your gloves on and use the piece of window screen to scrub the bugs off ( this is surprisingly easy) Do a quick wipe with your paper towel to take off most of the debris and then a final clean with one more lighter spray of the glass cleaner and some fresh paper towel That's it! bugs easily gone in a couple minutes and you got gloves just in case you need to remove a dead animal from your undercarriage, or touch something else thats gross or dirty
Clarence Benjamin Lim
Clarence Benjamin Lim 3 månader sedan
Sadly my country is a 1hr drive from end to end
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 3 månader sedan
There has to be more than 1 hour worth of roads!
Westsidesnooker 2020
Westsidesnooker 2020 3 månader sedan
Looks like my area in California. Believe me, you don't wanna break down in the Sierra's without equipment, the hippies have scared all the normies and they won't stop anymore. Damn hippies
Goose Cheeto
Goose Cheeto 3 månader sedan
Small tool kit and a battery jumper box
Mydejavooo 3 månader sedan
"...Spunk level??" (I'm such a child!)
notxarb 3 månader sedan
One of the best tips I've ever gotten when driving long distances (mostly for men): take your wallet out of your back pocket and put it in the center console! Sitting for a long time on that wallet can really do a number on your lower back!
Hawks Fan
Hawks Fan 3 månader sedan
As a professional truck driver you learn that early.
Bushy 343
Bushy 343 3 månader sedan
I've gotten into the habit of keeping in my front pocket, started doing it at concerts and now normal. Makes a big difference for sure 👍
Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage 3 månader sedan
One thing I've always kept in my cars (but never needed, thankfully) is a first aid kit. I keep two in the car- One small kit for basically easy-access bandages and asprin in the glove box, along with a larger one (for sutures, major cuts, etc.) in the trunk. Also, I would recommend a flashlight, a battery operated fan, & a small blanket. The flashlight is for breaking down at night (so you can see/flag people down), the fan is for breaking down in hot weather (stay at least a bit cool), and the blanket is for breaking down in cold weather (so you can stay warm).
Kenny Person
Kenny Person 3 månader sedan
He forgot duct tape always carry that
Tom Rockholm- Timeless_Morphs
Tom Rockholm- Timeless_Morphs 3 månader sedan
Bring a 5 gallon bucket, wet wipes and TP in case you need a number 2 in the middle of nowhere. And a few trash bags so you’re not trashing your car up.
Henry Matthews
Henry Matthews 3 månader sedan
Man I could smell that audi burning oil from my couch lol
Watch This Space Car Channel
Watch This Space Car Channel 3 månader sedan
I’d also add a good torch and spare batteries it’s just as easy to encounter a problem at night, and ALWAYS have a good ( not to basic) first aid kit there are a few more essential items but I’m sure they will be covered here in the comments
FlesHBoX 3 månader sedan
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be stuck with you with gas either... That would be one rough road trip...
Joe Quattro
Joe Quattro 3 månader sedan
Download “offline maps” for the area your traveling, in google maps in case you don’t have cell service then at least your gps works on your phone in the ap.
Veikra Månad sedan
offline map is awesome, I second this
Mitchell Wotherspoon
Mitchell Wotherspoon 3 månader sedan
OMG how fucking obvious is all of this. Are you guys running out of ideas?
nasty96GSTspyder 3 månader sedan
Spunk level 9000 on a serious note though, a radar detector is also a solid investment
Aaron 3 månader sedan
85 octane? I didn’t know you could buy below 87 in North America. I always carry Duck tape and baby wipes.
Dana Hebdon
Dana Hebdon 3 månader sedan
There's still a lot of places that have 85 octane gas, especially in the western half of the US..
Mike Power
Mike Power 3 månader sedan
Like the video
Miroslaw Mitera
Miroslaw Mitera 3 månader sedan
keep blankets and a candle if traveling in cold weather.
Will Willer
Will Willer 3 månader sedan
I wasn't totally paying attention. Did he mention a breaker bar/hollow pipe? And an aux lol
forresttm 3 månader sedan
Take loo roll.
Jerry Field
Jerry Field 3 månader sedan
Don't forget toilet paper And for those pesky bee stings an EpiPen
TheBlackestBrian 3 månader sedan
Gian Lourido
Gian Lourido 3 månader sedan
Road trip tips not mentioned in the video: Take a change of clothes and extra underwear, deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and soap, and other personal hygiene products. You never know when you end up having to stay overnight unexpectedly. Take a small toolkit that has the basic necessary sockets and spanners for simple repairs if you find yourself on the side of the road. Before leaving on the road trip, make sure your cooling system is in good shape, that the hoses are not cracked, stiff, ballooned or brittle. The same goes for the accessories belts. And finally, make or download a good playlist that can be listened to even when out of range of cell service.
nukem bear
nukem bear 3 månader sedan
Thank you for reminding me to clean my windshield, I think about it daily an did it mid vid!
Hunter Cheun
Hunter Cheun 3 månader sedan
One of the things i've learned, and in "addition" to , after seeing many videos do this, CARRY a TOOL SET in case you do have to work on the car if it breaks down. That way if you're near by a parts store, can easily get backup and going with that tool set, otherwise you're going to have to pay full price or find a harbor freight near by, which will hamper time doing those things.
Hunter Cheun
Hunter Cheun 3 månader sedan
Sage advice Jared! Thanks for another great video! Definitely, stuff to make sure to abide by when you're road-tripping!
Paul Venera
Paul Venera 3 månader sedan
Jared is the Mr. Rogers of the car neighborhood. :)
James Weaver
James Weaver 3 månader sedan
Mexican Spec
Mexican Spec 3 månader sedan
It is funny how people have convinced themselves they can't go a couple hours without drinking water.
xanzar21 3 månader sedan
I would recommend carrying a full-size spare(equipped with the same tire) , an actual 5 gallon Jerry can of 93 octane(living in VA has one perk), spark-plugs, alternator,serpentine belt(I've had some bad experiences) , Some snacks (if something goes wrong you don't want to be hungry), a case of spring water, something for self defense (if your driving an exotic don't expect everyone you meet to be sane) , clothing (brown , do I need to explain this?), if you have the means or some really good friends a support vehicle (preferably an RV/High-top long-wheelbase conversion van, to leave the hotels behind for a more scenic evening), If traveling with children bring some decent headphones and a few portable consoles(PS vita , Nintendo switch, Desktop replacement class Laptop), lastly bring a happy attitude(this can make or break any trip). pre-trip checklist: Tire pressure, Brake pads, Brake fluid, Engine coolant, Engine oil, Differential fluid, Transmission Fluid, Cargo, Bank balance, Fuel quality at destination, Fuel quality going to the destination, Average mpg at cruising speed, Weather(dictates tires equipped), Bowels/Bladders, Windshield status(front and rear), Exterior lights(they'd better be working, throw in a few extra bulbs), Weapon storage(make sure you have ammunition and proper travel documents; america isn't as safe as it was before march) , Battery banks(in the event your stranded at night and you don't have an engine bay light) , Mental state of all drivers, Mental state of passengers. p.s , probably not a bad idea to bring a gps/phone (dedicated to gps functions, with a saved map ; doesn't need to be fancy just needs to work)
thebeaverhatguy 3 månader sedan
If you're going north with a ski box, bring that stuff that unfreezes locks. Happened to me once.
Manos H.
Manos H. 3 månader sedan
Also would be good to have some basic hand tools with you just in case.😀
Eric Tremblay
Eric Tremblay 3 månader sedan
Check your lug nuts to make there up to torque
The SouleMan NYC
The SouleMan NYC 3 månader sedan
Those small bottles are killing the earth.. just drink from big jug... wimp
termit520 3 månader sedan
I've just hit a ''unlike'' button because your sunglasses are shit, i like your videos but i don't like your sunglasses
Kevin Jessel
Kevin Jessel 3 månader sedan
Awesome video, great review and a few solid new tips. I would add an emergency auto hammer with a seatbelt cutter. These will make short work of auto glass and are handy when upside-down. A very inexpensive way to get yourself or a friend out of out a vehicle quickly.
Marco Rijpstra
Marco Rijpstra 3 månader sedan
85 octane? Is that like budweiser?
Ronald Poon
Ronald Poon 3 månader sedan
Most of the road trip preparation is common sense, but common sense is not common in this country! 😆
Texas Bystander
Texas Bystander 3 månader sedan
Dryer sheets are the best thing to clean bugs off your car.
Justin Abby
Justin Abby 3 månader sedan
I'll listen to anything Jared has to say car related. Such a great teacher!
Ken Vallier
Ken Vallier 3 månader sedan
Spare headlight bulbs, most gas stations don't carry them. Nothing worse than lights going out at night when you plan on driving through the night.
John Doe
John Doe 3 månader sedan
Here's a tip people sometimes forget: Octane booster is flammable, so please store it safely
dewayne williams
dewayne williams 3 månader sedan
John Pereira
John Pereira 3 månader sedan
Sat phone is invaluable in those situations.
Sorin Mitroi
Sorin Mitroi 3 månader sedan
Best tip: take Jared and his tools with you !
Saad 3 månader sedan
My tips is to take a deodorant a camera a pillow and a blanket also have fun
Gothicruler666 3 månader sedan
Dig the intro
DoctorLarry 3 månader sedan
If you are somewhere that you can't get the octane level gas you need, put in the octane booster and then the gas - but DO NOT FILL IT UP. Put in enough gas to get yourself to a real gas station and then fill up with the good stuff. Also, pay attention to how much the boost actually is. I know the containers I read talked about "points" - which amounted to one-tenth of an octane level. You cannot put in a small container of octane boost on a full tank and expect much improvement.
Gabriel Mendez
Gabriel Mendez 3 månader sedan
Excellent recommendations, will place a couple in practice.
LEGIO XIII 3 månader sedan
Oh buddy, I miss so rallying with you!
Warren B
Warren B 3 månader sedan
Spare bulbs and fuses, especially the fuses. They're small, weigh almost nothing, and it would suck to be getting towed over a fuel pump fuse, etc...
Sean John022992
Sean John022992 3 månader sedan
That is such a good idea having a bottle of octane booster in the car in case there is only regular! 😃👍
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