Bolting A Crazy Fast Jetta DIESEL Engine Into A Honda Accord STRETCH LIMOUSINE (NOT BOLT-ON!)

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7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared finds out that merging the subframes between cars that were separated by two decades, isn't as easy as it seems. Actually, it doesn't seem easy at all.
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bub mer
bub mer Månad sedan
The Jetta fan girls gotta be so salty watching this.
smeds pets
smeds pets Månad sedan
I have a plasma cutter i thought about taking it to the junkyard to get a miata rear half but the sawzaw cut through it like butter. Frame and all
theGinthebuilding Månad sedan
mk4 manual tdi's are in no way shape or form rare lol
Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage 3 månader sedan
What? You're telling me that World Brake Resources brand parts /aren't/ considered High-Performance Race Equipment? I feel lied to!
EFEZZE6280 3 månader sedan
You can't help but trip over a VAG car with that PD TDI with a manual box here in England. I've had 3 Boras, a Golf, Skoda Superb and a Fabia VRS which had over 250bhp and 310torque.
ben l
ben l 3 månader sedan
Daily driver Ls 6speed Rolls would be nice!😏
Michael Hartloff
Michael Hartloff 4 månader sedan
You didn't get the strut tower's
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson 4 månader sedan
I don't really trust many garages or mechanics. However, if Jared fixed anything on my car, I would trust it was required and done properly 100%
Driver_leo Driver
Driver_leo Driver 4 månader sedan
Did the project died???
michael walker
michael walker 4 månader sedan
In the UK we call this a vw bora
ANT06p 5 månader sedan
That is an amazing like to dislike ratio
Mike Kerby
Mike Kerby 5 månader sedan
I still don't see someone building an 85 Honda Accord into a Limo.
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 5 månader sedan
Jared is like Bob Vila in a car shop instead of a construction site
4x4 play
4x4 play 6 månader sedan
might've been easier and cooler to make the jetta a limo and use the accord limo interior.
Edgar 6 månader sedan
Why would you make a Honda unreliable?
Jay 7 månader sedan
Jared has a dirty tip???
ATL TRD PROJECT 7 månader sedan
Check out bodevision on you tube
Mike Kemp
Mike Kemp 7 månader sedan
Are you coming back
Dan Hammond
Dan Hammond 7 månader sedan
Jared 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Nick D
Nick D 7 månader sedan
Ok, it's been a full week since this video was released, and I'm DYIN' HERE! Please share some more of your questionable choices, Jared!
nathan smith
nathan smith 7 månader sedan
I wouldn't mind the time lapse being faster. I find myself loosing focus during most of them, and I feel that would really help
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 7 månader sedan
He just pulled that motor whilst teetering between two floor jacks. Jared is my hero.
matthew91058 7 månader sedan
I love the way Jared explains things. You are one of a few channels I have alerts turned on for. What can a regular viewer do to support you? Do you have a website, merchandise, anything at all?
TheBibliofilus 7 månader sedan
This is workshop magic, all that is missing is a shop mascot to keep Jared company and sane.
James Edwards
James Edwards 7 månader sedan
Jared, is there any chance you and Tavarish could hook me up with Gretta Von Fun Berg’s ABS module since you’re not transferring the ABS to the Honda? Mine (‘01 Jetta TDI 5Spd) just crapped out on me.
gaskins garage
gaskins garage 7 månader sedan
Do you ever just stop and take a look at it and think to your self "why in the hell am I doing this to a 98 accord"?
gaskins garage
gaskins garage 7 månader sedan
I do
Jonathan Edmondson
Jonathan Edmondson 7 månader sedan
Those axles are triple squares, not Allen’s. Unless someone put Allen’s in it
Jin Lee
Jin Lee 7 månader sedan
Why not cut the limo part of the Honda off and graft it on to the Jetta? Isn’t that what they do to build a limo in the first place?
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 7 månader sedan
Looking good 👍
Matthew Branco
Matthew Branco 7 månader sedan
I installed WiFi at Rhonda Rouseys house right before I watched this video what are the odds
honda guy 89
honda guy 89 7 månader sedan
I hope u know u could have used a civic set up for the brakes lol accords from the 80s has the same set up
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 7 månader sedan
smashed the thumbs up keep em coming
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 7 månader sedan
Huh, who knew that a car named after a stupid kid with a temper tantrum problem would catch fire so often.
David Stewart
David Stewart 7 månader sedan
Promised myself an early night but it looks like Jared's given me another sleepy day tomorrow. Jared's the coolest guy on SEpost.
Kyle Beattie
Kyle Beattie 7 månader sedan
VW Polo strut top mounts will help with overall strut length. Think there is nearly 1 inch of difference in height from memory
Tae Ahn
Tae Ahn 7 månader sedan
Jared gets it handed... not like that other guy.
FlesHBoX 7 månader sedan
Love watching Jared!
MrFetusPretzel 7 månader sedan
Rousey huh? So it gets hit once and changes professions?
CW Builds
CW Builds 7 månader sedan
Coming soon. Ls2 jetta
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 7 månader sedan
I love the fact that Jared is still hands on no lift getting it done.
Hulkk Hogan
Hulkk Hogan 7 månader sedan
Isn't this Tavarish Channel? Where is he? Don't get me wrong, Jared your awesome but where is TAVAR
Chris McCammon
Chris McCammon 7 månader sedan
You guys need to invest in a $15 helmet cam or chest cam holder
aggopian 7 månader sedan
Knife looks like a Fury 50000.
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 7 månader sedan
That was a plasma cutter? You could have got cleaner cuts with a torch... or a chainsaw for that matter.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
Awesome project 🙂😎
DaVon Duane
DaVon Duane 7 månader sedan
Man I would love to have those leather seats in my jetta, after a cleaning.
Barclay Hamer
Barclay Hamer 7 månader sedan
Is that a British registered Bentley? Tell me more
Eugene Cody
Eugene Cody 7 månader sedan
8:54 What the hell a I doing this for... lol 😂
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe 7 månader sedan
That engine won’t last a week under load. In the words of Sarah Palin, that thing will go splody.
Mrpartyallnight101 7 månader sedan
Oh damn Im in Riverside CA lol. Didn't know yall picked the Honda up over here.
808jpm 7 månader sedan
Someone liked that TDI Jetta enough to transfer over GLX VR6 power seats.
Iamjdmgear 7 månader sedan
Would have loved to see a k swap vip style on air bags. ☺️
Swordz Man
Swordz Man 7 månader sedan
"Should have been on the engine hoist..... But we're committed to it now" "No issues at all.... only a few"
affan jasir
affan jasir 7 månader sedan
Guess. Wrench everyday has become Jared work everyday
Elias House
Elias House 7 månader sedan
Jared dont go. Who else started jamming at 8:23 cant wait to see this finished
Paul Turner
Paul Turner 7 månader sedan
its Darkside Developments, not performance.
Ian Former
Ian Former 7 månader sedan
Enjoy your questionable choices...My last ALH was just over 300k.
babelsalot 7 månader sedan
It's confirmed. Honda Rousey is the same Accord limo I remember driving around my town of Moreno Valley/Riverside! What a small world.
Lazarus1940 7 månader sedan
The mystery oil on the carpet may be a weeping clutch or brake master cylinder. I've had both fail and leak through the firewall onto the carpet.
WorldsworstR32 7 månader sedan
the oil leak is the steering rack should address before planting in honda for good
Mystuff 7 månader sedan
Nothing like that good ole fire wrench. If this isn't the second best built on the web, next to Fasterproms' transplant of a turbocharged, K series engine into a smart car, I don't know what is.
Harry Smith
Harry Smith 7 månader sedan
I subscribed for tavarish . This channel is basically get a scrap yard car and make it a little more scrappier
Matt Burnett
Matt Burnett 7 månader sedan
this thing has to have a custom front emblem when its completed.
chris siano
chris siano 7 månader sedan
Unlike your partner Tavirsh at least you ranch every day.
Mr100duke 7 månader sedan
That 60s Bentley must be thinking life had such promise when I was new, maybe I would be driving royalty about or Paul McCartney but no im stuck in the arse end of nowhere with an old Jetta and a f###g stretched Honda pos.
Jonathan Katz
Jonathan Katz 7 månader sedan
Needle-nose vice-grips have saved my arse so many times; it's nice to see someone else using/abusing them. I'm curious; why not just keep the VW subframe and weld mounting points for that onto the Honda? You could also using the existing suspension towers and drill some homes for the VW suspension bolt pattern and just mount the VW suspension that way, right?
lemon turds
lemon turds 7 månader sedan
Finally a car with out having an LS swap
kalasanty 7 månader sedan
What's up with that black Bentley?
Andrei 7 månader sedan
You know it's a good video when there's fire in the intro 🔥
patrick grace
patrick grace 7 månader sedan
I want the vw front end on this limo!
Andrew Benitez
Andrew Benitez 7 månader sedan
Longer videos? Best videos
Burnitzki Cars & More
Burnitzki Cars & More 7 månader sedan
Love this series! Keep up the great work!
Daniel Inra Chavez
Daniel Inra Chavez 7 månader sedan
What a good musical choise for the transitions.
Mrkdog8081 7 månader sedan
I swear a Honda K series or a B series would smoke any volts wagon
Ionut Anghel
Ionut Anghel 7 månader sedan
Just Take the front suspension bearings and flanges from the accord and put them on the jetta shocks!?
Naveus91 7 månader sedan
And just like that the Honda Rousey turned into Honda Arousey 🖖
Peter golf mk4
Peter golf mk4 7 månader sedan
This is bora not jetta man
Christopher Elrod
Christopher Elrod 7 månader sedan
I got rod a 92 lol it's alot of OEM plus upgrades. Acura cl parts newer accord parts odyssey parts Acura rl parts. Prelude parts. Etc. Honda's. They are fucking legos
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 7 månader sedan
you should rename this channel now Jared to wrench every second of every minute of hour of every day 🔧👍
Syed Hassan Jawaid
Syed Hassan Jawaid 7 månader sedan
Great video Jared!
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 7 månader sedan
There’s some work there.
Remo Tali
Remo Tali 7 månader sedan
i really like builds like this. Kinda tired already of those supercar builds like another lambo etc. Really fun to watch and Jared is just awesome dude. Keep it up!
Damian Fuller
Damian Fuller 7 månader sedan
Bloody brilliant! Been watching for a while but this made me sub! Your a bloody clever man mr Frankenstein! Great vision. Am familiar with darkside developments as I have owned old vws for my sins! Great work thanks for sharing. We need this content at this time.
Antto 7 månader sedan
How on earth can you get licence plates on these cars? Here in Finland the Vehicle inspection Engineer would just laugh at me and tell me to get the F out.
N1RKW 7 månader sedan
I find it handy to keep a plastic spray bottle with water in it nearby when cutting or welding. It makes it quick and easy to take care of the odd little unplanned fire.
sergio ratz
sergio ratz 7 månader sedan
You always want a clean tip - Jared 2020
VIP854 7 månader sedan
Pretty sure ebay and amazon are full of coilovers for 95 accords
health and spirit ed lifestyle
health and spirit ed lifestyle 7 månader sedan
Need to work on a different car
Nick Newell
Nick Newell 7 månader sedan
you should rhino line the roof.
Tony Burt
Tony Burt 7 månader sedan
You're not the only one hot rodding an old Honda Accord; check out Bodevision.
ponakka 7 månader sedan
I love this. Not only this would be illegal for road car in here, but also i wouldn't ever have motivation to do that. But i love to look at motivated people doing such blasphemy for cars that doesn't matter.
Galaxy Defender
Galaxy Defender 7 månader sedan
This channel has lost me
Bob Ramirez
Bob Ramirez 7 månader sedan
K swap the Jetta! 🤣
Vedran Kovačić
Vedran Kovačić 7 månader sedan
Good job.
Darius Builds
Darius Builds 7 månader sedan
Make questionable decisions, but don’t lose a finger. 😂
Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson 7 månader sedan
Hi Jared! Can I get the seat warmer controls from the Jetta? :D
Jason Sapp
Jason Sapp 7 månader sedan
Wow man...such ambitious make it look easy
bigdaddy741098 7 månader sedan
Hate it when those pesky little fires come back. At least it appears all that oil in the drivers side didn't turn into an inferno 😀 or you edited that part out 😂👍👊
Mark Chippendale
Mark Chippendale 7 månader sedan
I'm a bit surprised you didn't use a bit(s) of angle-iron to fit between the engine mounts - doing so would have allowed you to cut out the bodywork and keep in a position such that when you welded the panels back in, everything would have already been in the correct position/alignment allowing you simply to have removed that angle-iron and just drop the engine in! But then - I've never ripped a car apart in anything like this manner before!!
TheLabyrinth60 7 månader sedan
This is such a ridiculous project, I love it.
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