Buying A Dirt Cheap LEGENDARY Sports Car Off Craigslist (SIGHT UNSEEN!)

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Wrench Every Day

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In this episode, we buy a legendary sports car for next to nothing on Craigslist. Some assembly may be required.
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Tavarish År sedan
:o År sedan
Get the Twinz bodykit for the Z!!
92 År sedan
Lmao, that got me good.
Edris Ajmal
Edris Ajmal År sedan
intisar uddin
intisar uddin År sedan
@DAN GT500 VR sold it a while ago
nunya År sedan
@Seinäjoki Wildout he does "research" every day
aha 3 månader sedan
TheRealMrRoboto 4 månader sedan
What happened to this project? this Might be my FAVORITE Project ever seen
Joshua Shipley
Joshua Shipley 5 månader sedan
Mclaren lmao mcdouble
Gene Jackson
Gene Jackson 6 månader sedan
I just Dutch ovened myself
Jakey June
Jakey June 6 månader sedan
"it smells like a pizza hut from the 80s" I was born in the 90s somehow I could still smell that
Sir Lucifer
Sir Lucifer 6 månader sedan
is the moron recording that douche from vinwiki? tell that douche bag to get off the internet and never EVER feature him on your show again. He's an arrogant little douche that should have been a real estate agent not a car show host
Brett Wirth
Brett Wirth 8 månader sedan
This is what we call an Interfooler. Just toss an air filter on one end and run piping to the throttle body on the other end. No air velocity lost there...
Ubaid Gaffar
Ubaid Gaffar 8 månader sedan
monstrous raccoon
monstrous raccoon 9 månader sedan
1500 is cheap! 👍😉
Khalid hamad
Khalid hamad 9 månader sedan
This car does not make an scene
Ed G
Ed G 10 månader sedan
one year later update: This was trashed and never worked on lol
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 10 månader sedan
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith 10 månader sedan
Its one of the funniest videos you ever did. Hope it does not end up like the SL55.
Keith Rodgers
Keith Rodgers 10 månader sedan
Mcdouble you guys Crack me up , the smell of pot in the car tells you all you need to know !!!!
Gordy Kilcollins
Gordy Kilcollins 10 månader sedan
I'm going with STAR WARS Droid
Irmantas B
Irmantas B 10 månader sedan
You should do engine in the rear on this car ;)
Tristin Coveyou
Tristin Coveyou 10 månader sedan
Buy or trade me for my 1985 Volvo 740 gle 4spd with overdrive. Rare. Love to see it on your channel or on Tavarish’s channel!
OriginalGamerOnline 10 månader sedan
I just want to know what idiot before you owned it, took out that 2jz to put in an Infiniti Crap ass V-8???
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
You have few hundred bucks of intercooler piping and connectors and quite a few pieces to get going
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
Definitely do that center exhaust and seal off the back with Plexi and silicone
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
That's a keeper for sure. I would pay 1500 for it. Well almost... But it's a sweet project. eBay t3 twins on dat mutha f$#a as Samuel L would say. I'm sick and f#$@in tired of these mutha f#$@in parts in this mutha f#$@in car. Lmao🤪
BigGary År sedan
Swaggles År sedan
18:59 "But can we not take 9 months with this project please?" Ouch Tavarish its been a while
Joseph M
Joseph M År sedan
I bought my Z32 for $2k haha hmu if you need parts lol I’ve got a part out going
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth År sedan
Freddy's on drugs again? What a freaking mess. Save the fire extinguisher, bring more accelerant.
kenabi År sedan
i get sad every time i see a butchered 300zx :(
Matt King
Matt King År sedan
By far the best sleeper channel on SEpost sleeper meaning under 400 k followers be there soon ! Good work
D Palmer
D Palmer År sedan
Why is the engine sideways?
It already has the Lamborghini Diablo head light conversion👌🏽
Garrett Cooper
Garrett Cooper År sedan
I want those wheels for my 350Z!!!
Mustang Boss
Mustang Boss År sedan
Your daddy has to much money....
Russell Bagnall
Russell Bagnall År sedan
I skipped your video because i thought it was a target ad
Jael Pikner
Jael Pikner År sedan
Oooorrr i dont know, make it a beastly drift car?😏🙃
Mathias the Raccoon
Mathias the Raccoon År sedan
I believe this car is gon be dop
Lil jamezZz
Lil jamezZz År sedan
I thought it was gunna be a 22b or something
Bo Somerville
Bo Somerville År sedan
this car is so mest up that i didnt even realize it was a 300zx until u made the comment about the headlights
Bo Somerville
Bo Somerville År sedan
lol just sell the headlights
Josh J
Josh J År sedan
There's a fart at 16:06
Z32 Mike
Z32 Mike År sedan
Call us twins
Kerry Bray
Kerry Bray År sedan
How can this guy even make fun of a nissan 300zx....
Kerry Bray
Kerry Bray År sedan
He can't sit in the car? How gay is that. I can't smell like that. What a female
Kerry Bray
Kerry Bray År sedan
Camera guy is such a pussy
Xbomer År sedan
Do it
Durwood Robison
Durwood Robison År sedan
Is the engine mounted transverse?
DeanoGTO År sedan
9:09 that was so dam funny XD
Yoel Badi
Yoel Badi År sedan
oo i like doing this from the thumbnail imma guess its either a 300zx or g35 coupe Edit: noice. Edit 2: OMFG IT HAS AN INFINITY ENGINE HELLO WHAT DO I WIN
Chewy Lewy
Chewy Lewy År sedan
I've been using autotempest for a while now to look at vehicle prices. Now every time i type just the letter "a" in the browser bar, Google suggests I go to autotempest
JDM Madness
JDM Madness År sedan
1:49 the soccer skins in fortnite??
ACES År sedan
ACES År sedan
@audi tt live reaction no I mean even if it had parts I hate that fairlady model
audi tt live reaction
audi tt live reaction År sedan
of course it's ugly it has no parts on it ya dummy
XXXLonleysoldier XD
XXXLonleysoldier XD År sedan
The vent is for brake cooling and should be on the other side
Logan B
Logan B År sedan
i’ve been wanting a 300zx for a couple years now but i can’t even get a job yet 💀
Raccoon gaming channel
Raccoon gaming channel År sedan
Hey at least it’s not been sittin for 50 years
Roger Chavez
Roger Chavez År sedan
Freddy have you lost your ever loving mind? You been hanging out with the b is for build guy too long ! Just kidding at least he builds something that moves lol. Build one I don't care which one just build something anything.... please for the love of God.
Reece Wood
Reece Wood År sedan
Why is tavarish always sweating?
Daelements DaElements
Daelements DaElements År sedan
If i could be completely honest. Im really excited to see this project. The 300zx was my kid car (imma have one when i grow up). I now own one and love it. Im in kissimmee. Let me mnow if you need any extra hands.
Robert Robinson Jr
Robert Robinson Jr År sedan
I'm In Orlando Fl visiting and would love help on a craigslist Mark VIII exhaust gasket job
William Bunnell
William Bunnell År sedan
Definitely excited to see more of these videos. But being an owner of one these, all I can say is have fun with this one. It's definitely a challenge to find parts and working on these things. There are so many electric parts and this was at the beginning of integrating sophisticated electronics into cars. It's a pain in the ass
lowinfiniti År sedan
It’s a piece of shit but once it’s finished it’ll be good
Jay År sedan
freddy i have headlights, BNIB PBM coilovers and a super rare ABflug ver 4 front bumper if youre interested
Peter År sedan
im at 7 and a half minutes and im hurting just watching what the previous owner did to this car... smh
Peter År sedan
smh..... lol i always wanted one of these...but not like that i hope lol
Tharun Jayakumar
Tharun Jayakumar År sedan
nissan 300sx
Yashen Chetty
Yashen Chetty År sedan
How did I know it doesn't run
S80 m'lady customs
S80 m'lady customs År sedan
P fucking U! Muppet, your fluff and stuff will soak up all that stink like a sponge! Push that thing into a ravine and set it on fire like nature intended.
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill År sedan
Why is the car still on facebook marketplace? 🤣
DarkPhantom År sedan
my dad has a 94 300zx twin turbo with 600hp
DarkPhantom År sedan
The Soloosh
The Soloosh År sedan
This car is my eleanor...I've owned about 5..never had but 1 run properly..always had to sell before i could carry out my nefarious plans. I prefer the 2 plus 2..cause im over 6'4". There will be another...there will be the rare widebody brazillian kit...there will be turbos...
Cory M
Cory M År sedan
This video needs some serious stabilization, this is really hard to watch with this shaky camera.
Forest Star
Forest Star År sedan
Two radiator caps. 🤟🏼
Kory Breitenbucher
Kory Breitenbucher År sedan
I think you got a good deal, considering if you parted it out you could easily break even if not better. It will be a lot of work to get in a good place, but will be so worth it. Your buddy will come around once its cleaned up a little more! Great show and nice film quality. I also like the long takes it makes it not feel so over produced. I like the "were chillin with you" vibe it gives. Cheers!
Dan _
Dan _ År sedan
1:30 ran when parked!
dangeranger År sedan
why is andrew so negative toward this car, kind of snowing to listen to the whole video
DJRicoche År sedan
Please buy a camera stabilizer...
Paul Grey
Paul Grey År sedan
James Mitchell
James Mitchell År sedan
Should call it the 8 pack McNugget with the jdm sauce 😂😂😂
Lakers #1
Lakers #1 År sedan
you need a bimmer project car. e60 cheap
drake6143 År sedan
That's the definition of a basket case
Ido ari
Ido ari År sedan
After seeing @diy_gang car...this car not that bad at all.. can't wait for you to start de-modding this car.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller År sedan
Tavarish and his car noises! Lmao 14:46
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller År sedan
4:47 It smells like a pizza hut from the 80s Lmao 😂
young mac32
young mac32 År sedan
I own a 91 300zx tt pushing about 570hp
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson År sedan
Looks like a 300zx
JiWiK År sedan
Andrew is an asshole :D Sure it is a wreck but still 300ZX for few bucks. With bad engine but you can change it.
abid menezes
abid menezes År sedan
i own a 300zx too ig is green_z32
Regal105 År sedan
There’s a reason American v8 swaps are popular. They work lol
Sofferta År sedan
That was the cleanest sponsor transition
Arun999 År sedan
Its late January and the Christmas tree is still up LOL
EJ'S GARAGE År sedan
I love a project car. I am working on a 2002 Jaguar XJR
Ralf Verheij
Ralf Verheij År sedan
I was sceptical about this format at first but i must admit, the two guys bulshitting around thing is definitely entertaining
The Mechanix
The Mechanix År sedan
U brought back a gallardo This gonna be child’s play for you I freakin love the content u guys put out
Alex Ross
Alex Ross År sedan
You bought a mid-90s 300ZX 2 + 2 they cannot give those cars away when they were brand new I worked at precision motor cars when a car came out! Do not try to fix that piece of crap 3.5 yank it out put an LS a 2JZ hell even a rotary an Australian bearings motor swap out of a falconanything but a vq35 there heavy boat anchors and they don't make the power for the money you have to put in those slugs
Saga of Gemminis
Saga of Gemminis År sedan
This is awesome! ✌
Ralph Burrows
Ralph Burrows År sedan
Why , Why, Why
Random41 År sedan
S1ngula1rity År sedan
"and how did that turn out?" "uhh, okay." LMAOOOOO
netsuj yenrav
netsuj yenrav År sedan
i get anxiety at how many projects you have. i feel we will never see a completed build again
Chris Alston
Chris Alston År sedan
He called it a McDouble lmaooo
Da D
Da D År sedan
just earned another sub!!! i love z32's i have one at home and yeah any attention these cars get as awesome.. that bit of wood up held up towards the end of the video goes into the boot under that carpet to keep the floor flat in the boot/trunk
Chris Warfield
Chris Warfield År sedan
Can't wait to watch the nightmare unfold! Looking forward to watching this project build!
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