Buying The CLEANEST Lexus SC300 In The Country Was A NIGHTMARE (Tavarish LOSES IT)

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Wrench Every Day

2 månader sedan

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Today, we bought a NEW CAR (to replace Tavarish's junked SC300), and the experience of getting it was a bit worse than we thought it would be. The car, however, is better than we could have ever imagined.
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Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 2 månader sedan
Get 68% off NordVPN! Only $3.71/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at ► or use coupon code WRENCH
Bryan Derrick
Bryan Derrick 10 dagar sedan
@Elijah Sturge 97
Elijah Sturge
Elijah Sturge Månad sedan
What year is the lexus?
ralph sarway
ralph sarway Månad sedan
Will @wrencheveryday ever do the sl63 with the Manuel swap ????
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo 2 månader sedan
Burn the shipping company!!!
Josh Deez
Josh Deez 2 månader sedan
I mean, they keep it so private that if they have a security breach, they won't even tell you! Downvoting this video purely for this shitty sponsor.
Creeper Dude1000
Creeper Dude1000 Dag sedan
When will more videos of this series come out?
Justice for the innocent
Justice for the innocent 2 dagar sedan
Been 2 months where is the next video? Did you give up on this build
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss 5 dagar sedan
Well i have the 1992 Sc400 check my page Chiraq Vlogs!!
TM06JRE 6 dagar sedan
Don’t go cheap on shipping.
joe garcia
joe garcia 8 dagar sedan
Jared are you James from donut media's pops? Genuinely curious
James Truong
James Truong 11 dagar sedan
Tavarish if i knew you was looking for anlther sc300 i could of sold you my 97 original 5 speed. The vin shows its number 1 of the last 120 manuals made lexus in 97
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson 11 dagar sedan
Good to see an obtainable car
Paris dakar
Paris dakar 15 dagar sedan
I Went to buy this in 2.5 turbo . the owner didn't let us have a test drive so he drove it like driving miss daisy. So i walked away not buying it. Love your car . Put some black NASCAR style wheels with white lettered tyres.
Bill Spurlock
Bill Spurlock 15 dagar sedan
One. can not believe you crush one. Two. I’m a second owner of a stock 2000 sc300, black on black, nice weather only driver. Three. It eats Yokohama rear tires. Crazy. In less than 2000 miles.
I wear a Black Hat
I wear a Black Hat 16 dagar sedan
@11:16 That's the sound that a sweet grandmother's ass leaves behind wherever she goes. Trust me. I'm an expert. I have known 234 grandma's and ALL of them do this to any place they sit. It must be the Bengay.
I wear a Black Hat
I wear a Black Hat 16 dagar sedan
Unless you're smelling crack or heroin I'm pretty sure you're referring to weed, which IS legal there.
Ethan Kasmer
Ethan Kasmer 16 dagar sedan
Shippers are scumbags
dave eddy
dave eddy 17 dagar sedan
So I never caught much $ was the car?
wiire time
wiire time 18 dagar sedan
My co worker bought one of these it looked like crap guy who had it was a construction worker and used it as a worker car lots of dents and scratches inside was an ashtray but it ran so damn good that all it needed was brakes and oil change. Still has to this day and still looks like crap and still goin strong
CHUTNEY 2020 20 dagar sedan
I love brown and browner! Always! Except for wood. Not a wood kinda guy. But carbon! Hmmmm verinie3ce!
The Broken One
The Broken One 24 dagar sedan
check your LS400. different first Aid kit under the drivers seat.
raakesh persaud
raakesh persaud 24 dagar sedan
Turd times a charm
raakesh persaud
raakesh persaud 24 dagar sedan
That’s what you get for crushing the 1st Sc
_ Schlumps
_ Schlumps 27 dagar sedan
It’s all fun in games untill it shuts off on the red light
JDM Engineuity
JDM Engineuity 27 dagar sedan
So much clickbait... I've literally had multiple cleaner SCs.
Davis Macylerie
Davis Macylerie 28 dagar sedan
The shifter is referred to as"The Dildo-matic" 🤣🤣
Waheed Khan
Waheed Khan Månad sedan
I thought the 97 and up came with the gated shifter and newer steering wheel but I thought wrong.
Kuli Månad sedan
I can’t stand that noob travarsh.
PorscheGT3RS Månad sedan
Sold my fairly low mile '99 white exterior with black interior a few months ago. Not a single crack, or even a creak on the interior. Had none of the common SC issues. Everything worked. Sold it way too cheap and miss it dearly.
Br33zeKooL Månad sedan
Not trying to be "that guy", but Freddy you have enough money, please GO TO THE DENTIST. Teeth like an old english man is disgusting.
Slater Månad sedan
Word thats crazy i bought one just like this 2 days ago in the same diamond white. garage kept, leather interior no rips at all, all lexus factory items still in it even the road service cars and the congratulations letter. 90k miles on it
Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier Månad sedan
Such a legendary an insanely underrated 90's sports car!!
mobro7ps3 Månad sedan
Why the clickbate title man, video is great on its own.
Breal1969 Månad sedan
The ads are overwhelming
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo Månad sedan
What an awesome find.
Sean Savinell
Sean Savinell Månad sedan
T, you should really invest in Techstream software (go to ebay). You can grab one with the cable to plug into your diagnostic port and check and make mods to your computers throughout the car. Very inexpensive. Techstream was hacked years ago, it's Toyotas dealer software. Installs on a laptop. A must for all your Lexus and Toyotas
Jared Bzdula
Jared Bzdula Månad sedan
and it still has the cup holder!
nicco christian basekal
nicco christian basekal Månad sedan
when I know this was Jared youtube account, I straight subs it. Jared is a really fun guy.
hollow men
hollow men Månad sedan
Evloftis Månad sedan
boy my wife wanted one of those when they came out so bad lol
Jonathon Duran
Jonathon Duran Månad sedan
What lube would you recommend for car door hinges and the such? thanks!
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes Månad sedan
What ever happened with earl leaker?
sety 6
sety 6 Månad sedan
Ur SC is NOT the cleanest. My sc has 55k miles you scrub.
Tony's Pizzeria
Tony's Pizzeria Månad sedan
By the way, the reason why you're odometer doesn't work because you open the CD changer!
deaks25 Månad sedan
You know why everything went wrong with picking up the car: you said "How hard could it be?" Never, ever say that...
SKY LINER Månad sedan
thats your dream car dude you are weird
Goof Off
Goof Off Månad sedan
So keen for this as an SC/Soarer owner stumbling across this video.
Marky Månad sedan
My SC400 has gone to shit and I can’t afford to keep chasing the problems wrong with it
Chickens Float
Chickens Float Månad sedan
Did the odometer and ac never work or did the cd changer blow the fuse
Chickens Float
Chickens Float Månad sedan
There were rude cause you ruined there high
Daniel Mintz
Daniel Mintz Månad sedan
I had a silver 1999 sc300 but had to sell it to have money for my wedding
Michael Alvarado
Michael Alvarado Månad sedan
Would you recommend this car ?
LMBL Månad sedan
You should use it as a rally car it’s comfortable for the long trip
Nostalgic_Pokemon_Memories Månad sedan
dont take that sc apart.........
Djuljaovic Test
Djuljaovic Test Månad sedan
Lee Henry
Lee Henry Månad sedan
What a lousy company! But you will turn this into SEpost gold!
London Dorsey
London Dorsey Månad sedan
I miss my '98 Sc400. Car was MINT. That 1UZ was smooth.
J Bettis
J Bettis Månad sedan
marine tie down plugs still there.
J Bettis
J Bettis Månad sedan
The cup holder upgrade that American's demanded. nice.
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner Månad sedan
Feel you pain! I get mad when small parcels are delayed, if it was my whip I'd be massively pissed. But it could have been worse on the shipping hassles -- Watch the movie Moving....and remember "Its Mardi Gras time!"
timothy wilson
timothy wilson Månad sedan
Nice find. The looks to be in good shape considering the age and the mileage. Part of me wouldn’t want to customize it, just leave it original but I also understand what potential this car has.
stusatwork30 Månad sedan
He was mad cuz it was supposed to get stolen off the trailer that nite so the dealership's insurance was involved and you would've been stuck in a huge mess.
Wandering Wraith
Wandering Wraith Månad sedan
Wait so the shipper broke down and didn’t complete the run, then took off saying he had shit to do, and you didn’t get a shipping discount? Truckers are such assholes.
Robert McMahon
Robert McMahon Månad sedan
Apathy, like not using your platform to warn the public about immoral and unscrupulous merchants (Car transporter), helps ensure that more people will get ripped off in the future.
ᜁᜎ᜔ᜏᜒᜈ᜔ ᜉᜎᜃᜒᜂ
ᜁᜎ᜔ᜏᜒᜈ᜔ ᜉᜎᜃᜒᜂ Månad sedan
Excited to see the next episode! ❤️
TheGrayWolf Månad sedan
I feel bad for that Maxima, let's hope it gets to it's location safely. I hate bad shipping companies .
NEO Månad sedan
My trans went out at 150
dragos2009 2 månader sedan
can't you use like a multi brand diagnostic tool to see the ecu/instrument cluster values that also include the milage of the car like every car does have that built in
Gunpla MrJQ
Gunpla MrJQ 2 månader sedan
New Shirt: Cartoon Tavarish Face "Lube helps all situations!"
Ken Tremendous
Ken Tremendous 2 månader sedan
You have excellent taste, the Lexus SC300 is an otherworldly car
David Wilson
David Wilson 2 månader sedan
It’s nots cheating if your both cheating LMAO
Willie Rule
Willie Rule 2 månader sedan
Your odometer reader like that quits working when someone tries to roll it back with the machine that's just what happened
H.K.J 73
H.K.J 73 2 månader sedan
Hey Jarred, would you kindly go out of your way & help Freddy with the McClaren? I know you got your stuff to deal with & all. But I'm sure you could spare a "few" days to make the viewers happy?! Jarred, you're doing for the greater good!
Ola Bergvall
Ola Bergvall 2 månader sedan
Hey! I own a Lexus and I'm divorced ✌✌✌
Christian Patrick
Christian Patrick 2 månader sedan
Ac working ? What fixed it? Was it the fuse or something else? You guys totally skip over how you fixed the problem. 😔
GR8119 2 månader sedan
I really hope they stick to this project and dont get side-tracked with other ones and end up taking a year to rebuild it.
mattguyver02 2 månader sedan
What are you planning to do with the old engine?? Is it for sale?
The Z List Cars
The Z List Cars 2 månader sedan
"I don't want to taste this - I'm not the wizard" - had me dying!
Eatongee 2 månader sedan
Too bad it's a sunroof car.
Gorgonzola 2 månader sedan
It's great to see two friends doing what they enjoy and making a career out of it! You guys always make me laugh! This Lexus will be a great sleeper!
Hypo 2 månader sedan
Wait what’s the shifter called?
My Lifestyle Shoppe
My Lifestyle Shoppe 2 månader sedan
I'll take the 120hp 2jzge if you guys aren't using it 🤔😁😁 lol
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations 2 månader sedan
Those are earth tones, not brown...cmon guys
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations 2 månader sedan
That's a liked them alot when they first came out...really good design
intel_8052 2 månader sedan
Man, please put the company name on blast. As someone from a very rust susceptible state I'd love to buy a car down south and ship it home... This is very relevant to me. Def don't want to give those assholes my money, both from a customer satisfaction standpoint and a "are they DUI with my new car in tow standpoint"
Seth Orin
Seth Orin 2 månader sedan
Haha lol 😝 “Lube helps all kinds of situations.” LMFAO
Kurt Hutchinson
Kurt Hutchinson 2 månader sedan
Seems like you could of just picked this up...
NadusChannel 2 månader sedan
Jared is that kind of guy, that even if you would be dating his daughter, you would spent more time talking to him instead 😂
Jim Colangelo
Jim Colangelo 2 månader sedan
That is so stressful.. wow. I have had fantastic luck with this company: I have shipped 5 cars with them and 1 motorcycle, mostly cross-country and have NEVER had an issue. They are REALLY communicative, and their estimates on arrival / departure are pretty much perfect every time. HIGHLY recommend them for your shipping needs. They will do enclosed, open, etc.. I don't work for them, I just like promoting good companies when I see them.
Will Nicholson
Will Nicholson 2 månader sedan
"I don't want to taste it. I'm not the wizard." ROTFL
sai krishnan sreelakam
sai krishnan sreelakam 2 månader sedan
i love your channel guys
Sarah Stephens
Sarah Stephens 2 månader sedan
This car is almost too nice lol
Riyadh Rustam
Riyadh Rustam 2 månader sedan
That thing is so clean. Mine is so bad. Seeing those seats and the interior in one piece is so cool👍🏽
Lafemmebear Music
Lafemmebear Music 2 månader sedan
Wow im so glad this show happened! So good! 🐻🙌🏾
randomdoodification 2 månader sedan
21:17 - hens teeth move over!
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 2 månader sedan
I can hear RCR screaming B R O W N in the background
Carlos D
Carlos D 2 månader sedan
this screams SLEEPER, just put some good wheels one it and leave it as is,then put 5 million HP in it hahah
Otto Von Koch
Otto Von Koch 2 månader sedan
I think Jared talks too much
Scott Dreyfus
Scott Dreyfus 2 månader sedan
Freddie time for that “keeps” sponsorship. Do something about that hair before it’s too late.
Keenan Hahn
Keenan Hahn 2 månader sedan
I loved the sc4 I had, super nice car. A restomod of one of these would be sick
SamEricEdge 2 månader sedan
Jared has an MKIII Turbo R? Sweet!
Dan H
Dan H 2 månader sedan
Gauge cluster and odometer is a common issue. You have to send it off to a special company to fix and reprogram the odometer.
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 2 månader sedan
Love the bantering! Lol!
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 2 månader sedan
When are you getting back to Honda Rousey?
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