Everything Wrong With Tavarish's HORRIBLE Twin Turbo Lexus (Built When He Was 19)

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4 månader sedan

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Today, Jared goes over Tavarish's questionable Lexus SC300 build with a fine-toothed comb. This should be fun.
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brandon allan
brandon allan 2 månader sedan
Br14n Gnz1230
Br14n Gnz1230 3 månader sedan
Contas 3 månader sedan
Would love to see this car restored
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Tavarish not happy by his past handy work. Embarrassed??
Yumac L
Yumac L 4 månader sedan
Jared is the best
Mark Parker
Mark Parker 4 månader sedan
Thanks for making me smile.
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez 4 månader sedan
His logic on wiring his temp gauge cracked me up. "Hey, I paid for 20 feet, i'm gonna use 20 feet".
Vinnie Murk
Vinnie Murk 4 månader sedan
I would love to see you guys rebuild this monster
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 4 månader sedan
Funny you mentioned making that piece for the taillight. I bought a focus, it had a cracked taillight so I ordered a used one. Go figure it was the 2 bulb instead of the 3 bulb that my car has. It had the mold for wjerecthe 3rd buolb goes in so I went to drill it out, accidentally let the drill bit fall too far and cracked the tailligjt. So I took some fast setting clear epoxy and fixed the corner of my original tailligjt and then closed it with a red sharpie. If you lean down and look at it up close, you'll see it. Step a foot back and it disappears. Sometimes stuff like that works well.
Jim Hiscott
Jim Hiscott 4 månader sedan
I'm 54 with cancer. What a gift it would be to see my Datsun 510 I built in 1989
Noah Overgaard
Noah Overgaard 4 månader sedan
What happened to Earl? 😥
Tanner Shanks
Tanner Shanks 4 månader sedan
The hood prop has me dead 😂
WolfGaming peepants
WolfGaming peepants 4 månader sedan
this guy is the most condescending asshole, and when hes standing next to tavarish that's pretty impressive
C Little
C Little 4 månader sedan
I'd love to see the camera mans car when he was a teenager..🤣🤣🤣
MrFixit69 4 månader sedan
im sorry, but your mic. has an annoying ring in it, at a certain tone it just goes "wong" constantly
texasjoe_ streetracing_audios
texasjoe_ streetracing_audios 4 månader sedan
This is some good content ...
Colin Martin
Colin Martin 4 månader sedan
I still have my '95 240sx with an S13 SR20DET and kouki front core support/full front swap. I've had it since 2005 when I was 17. It (briefly) made 557 to the wheels on a GT35R turbo/2.25 stroker build and really, really heavy chassis and suspension modding, but from the exterior it looked pretty muck stock other than the wheels being 10 inches wide if you looked underneath it, and a silvia hood badge. Even had a stock interior other than 4 point harnesses. Unbelievable sleeper. It was also road legal because my home town (Pinal County in Az) had no noise ordinance or emissions laws. No inspections at all, really. And I got lucky when I moved to Washington State in that the '95 is the only S14 that was OBD-1, so I can actually keep it road legal in WA state with the SR20. Then I punched a hole in the #3 piston about 13 years ago. It hasn't run since. But I promised my mother that I would only get rid of it if I didn't get into Med school on my second attempt. I've been dragging it all over the country with me, a giant paperweight in my garage. I've had people offer me 10k for the roller alone, but as long as I can, I will never sell it. The memories of tearassing around various race tracks in the southwest, getting pulled over for 172mph in a 75 and let off with a warning, slamming it into a curb and smashing a wheel, brake disc and steering knuckle, the scar that I got from replacing said brake disc, wheel and steering knuckle... I've had other cars I adored, but apart from the '81 RX-7 I'm going to inherit from my mom when she passes away, none that I abjectly love.
M44 Turbocharged
M44 Turbocharged 4 månader sedan
start it
MrYvo95 4 månader sedan
If 2005 were a car... 19 years old tavarish would be driving it... Hahaha you should be proud of that car I love it!!
TheRacerRich 4 månader sedan
When I saw the white battery in the trunk: wait, a mercedes battery!???!?!"
Ricky M.
Ricky M. 4 månader sedan
A car: is broken Tavarish: let’s throw a turbo at it
Devindranath Mahabir
Devindranath Mahabir 4 månader sedan
I would like to see you guys do a clean rebuild of that car without the graffiti all over it, make it a sleeper.
Tarrick DD Grant
Tarrick DD Grant 4 månader sedan
Thank you, Jared. The comment about old airbags, some people don't understand how basic and potentially dangerous those old systems are.
M Smith
M Smith 4 månader sedan
DDE has a friend with a crashed McLaren 600 LT you guy's might be interested in
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 4 månader sedan
lexus with issues no fucking way
Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 4 månader sedan
I would still buy that car, I'd throw some time in it, and some pay chex but I like it
Jorge Velazquez
Jorge Velazquez 4 månader sedan
Where is the 300zx
Josh Ross
Josh Ross 4 månader sedan
Find one of jareds early cars and show us how baby jared did thing lol
John Irizarry
John Irizarry 4 månader sedan
At 10:20 your hairline represents the same state of your car...
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider 4 månader sedan
buy buy budget
Al M
Al M 4 månader sedan
Idk about anyone else, this isn’t the car I had when I was in my teens, but the nostalgia in this video brings me back, we all started by doing things like this! Lol
Questchaun 4 månader sedan
David Donaghy
David Donaghy 4 månader sedan
Other than the ugly paint?
Sleepy Ancient
Sleepy Ancient 4 månader sedan
I've had the proper lifting point fold over on me, so I don't use them whenever possible. That, or I'll cut a slot in a hockey puck to lift it.
Garrison McCarthy
Garrison McCarthy 4 månader sedan
I hate this guy. Tavrish should not make videos with this jack rabbit
Lando Maldonado
Lando Maldonado 4 månader sedan
I'm a simple man, I see Tavarish, I click!
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 4 månader sedan
even in that condition...this is one of my favorite cars all time....
Cory McDonald
Cory McDonald 4 månader sedan
Wish this was out when I was younger. Would have made me a much more ambitious kid!
Anthony Ticconi
Anthony Ticconi 4 månader sedan
I miss the z32 content!
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 4 månader sedan
I don't have any reason to hate on this car. If people seen some of the vehicles I've owned and their factory minimalist design combined with the fact you can't get anything where I live. Even sometimes the simplest job you have to travel an hour or more to get anything. I could sit here and write you a book everything I dealt with using a 1972 Jimmy where it had been yanked apart and put back together over a hundred times Long before I got it. Simple thing would've been to replace the entire internal and external wiring harness but I didn't have that option. A lot of the wiring was completely disintegrating or was patched multiple times. There were quite a few places on the vehicle where I replaced wholesale actions of the wiring harness. Everything on the vehicle came off of vehicles that were in farmers fields and you can't do that here anymore. Around 2006 or 2008 they went around cleaning out nearly every vehicle from every property for over 50 miles was a big to do at the time where scrap metal was quite high. So there's nothing around here anymore old enough to match an older vehicle like that. That truck actually came out pretty good and was quite well put together overall. There were things like the brake lights stopped working and the wiring for the brake lights looked like something from hell. Problem was the power wire if I remember correctly.i used a outdoor commercial extension cord because I didn't have any automotive wire long enough that wire had been Messed with so many times before I got the vehicle that I started as close as I could get to the front main point and work my way back putting the extension cord up inside the frame and so forth with tie wraps. Lotta people right now are laughing but bear in mind that cord wire was almost 4 times as thick as what was on there for the brake lights like I said I used a lane of outdoor extension cord Not merely lamp cord. Wish I still had a vehicle like that. You've got to remember it had almost no electoral system at all factory. Keeping it simple was the design and it worked beautifully. You had headlights break lights and signal lights and that was ready much it. You don't want to know why the wiring system look like for the radio. I really should've taken the whole console out and gone right back to you and will and removed everything for the radio. I didn't even consider touching any of that electrical mass! I took a radio out of a significantly newer year old that was A aftermarket radio Got the power for the radio from one of a auxiliary power points on the fuse panel and I've put a small metal indoor outdoor portable speaker in the glove box of the vehicle and connected it to the radio. Factory it had a single speaker a.m. radio and only one side of the sound system worked on the aftermarke unit. It played cassette tapes and picked up FM stations and that was good enough. I should point out I drove the vehicle at least three years with out a heater. It was the convertible model with a fiberglass roof even if the heater had worked it would have been completely redundant and done absolutely nothing. Basically it was like driving a completely open body vehicle no matter whether even when the vehicle was brand-new.so i had one of those units that you plug in the cigarette lighter for keeping the windows clear and that was good enough.see rhe heater core exploded not long after I bought it replacing that heater core would have been a giant Nightmare and like I said that Peter was practically useless even when it did work.i Had a couple of electric fans out of a school bus and I wired them off to plug-in the cigarette lighter and that was what I used in the summer if the vehicle got overly hot would set the fan on one of the seats or somewhere like that and plug it in the cigarette lighter. They never gain with air-conditioning factory if anybody's wondering you were lucky they came with power steering. Manual Windows manual door locks so many last gremlins to deal with with everything being manual. Bloody fuel pump quit and I went through a couple of brand-new ones that rate out-of-the-box didn't work. Ironically the gas tank that was on it I had gotten off of an 1988 model which had of electric fuel pump in it. Wired the power line up to God I forget what and drove it for several years that way and is what I should've done instead of even attempting to Screw around with putting another fuel pump on the motor let alone going through four.i Had to drive between 40 and 60 miles one way each time to take one fuel pump back and get another one . I later on had another half ton vehicle and when the fuel pump went on that one I didn't even bother going to get a new fuel off that went on motor I bought a $20 aftermarket electric fuel pump LOL. Not going through that nightmare a Second time Where I live so far away from everything. Frankly I miss being able to get rearwheel drive Minimal vehicles, everything nowadays is five or 10 years old and complete garbage rate from the assembly line and it's what I'm stuck working with.
superberns25 4 månader sedan
A vice grip on one of the struts for the hood outside on a Windy day will bend your hood since There is only resistance on one side wind will blow down on hood and bend one side since there is no resistance...
h08817 4 månader sedan
Little did you know you the only mad person who got trolled by this car was your future self.
Obadel 50
Obadel 50 4 månader sedan
Cool back to real afordable junkers to those teen years when our parents let us go out because they knew we where so broke that we dint even have more than 10 dollars in gasoline so we wont even leave town in a trip.
Ricky Acosta
Ricky Acosta 4 månader sedan
You can tell how mad tavarish is everytime Jared says something about his shitty job.😂😂😂
Zerin Sakech
Zerin Sakech 4 månader sedan
Not everyone gets a second chance to rebuild their first car. I used to mod computers and it felt so satisfying going back and fixing all my mistakes. Pretty sure if I had to do it a 3rd time it would be pristine.
Kevin Roybal
Kevin Roybal 4 månader sedan
What sub is that
JUSKENZ 4 månader sedan
Let's see you out on a rally or just cruising in that beautiful Murci/any one from garage. We would love to see and hear it out.
Big The Cat
Big The Cat 4 månader sedan
Could’ve sworn Jared destroyed it for Earl
Reisi81 4 månader sedan
No no no no , use windshield wiper as a hood prop
Hakim Hasan
Hakim Hasan 4 månader sedan
This car is a fire hazard 😳
ryan payne
ryan payne 4 månader sedan
Hey if you done want those seats could I buy them
SLVR_ Panda
SLVR_ Panda 4 månader sedan
What Lexus is this ?
Zachary S.
Zachary S. 4 månader sedan
You you guys are ANTI WIZARD?
Zachary S.
Zachary S. 4 månader sedan
@Wrench Every Day they both are fun to watch
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 4 månader sedan
Not at all! David is a great guy. Just a reference to one of his and Tyler's video.
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert 4 månader sedan
I fell asleep watching this video last night and had a dream about HIDs 😂
Brandon Tyler
Brandon Tyler 4 månader sedan
The sigh when muffler was shown.... I agree... Lmao
Andrew Quartararo
Andrew Quartararo 4 månader sedan
"...build a car in your driveway in New Jersey" CHRISFIX HAS ENTERED THE CHAT
Bas e
Bas e 4 månader sedan
Fun, thanks:)
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana 4 månader sedan
Best video I have seen so far here! Jared was ruthless in a very gentle way.
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana
Hotwheelsfanaddict Rios Santana 4 månader sedan
This should be a weekly series on all his projects before Jared came along! Tons of content!
VeedddeeR 4 månader sedan
am i the only one hearing this awkward ding ding sound during the video like there is music but its so faint.
4runneraintrunning 4 månader sedan
I have waited for this video, and it's finally here and I love it
jamaicanlovrboy 4 månader sedan
a timing belt for the 1JZ is not hard to find since it uses the same timing belt as the 2jzgte
T-Bar 4 månader sedan
When tavarish nonchalantly mentions he built his lambo bumper mounts out of hockey pucks 😂🤣
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 4 månader sedan
At least you are improving with age That’s all that matters
Ben Kroko
Ben Kroko 4 månader sedan
tavarish looks oddly similar to seths bike hacks circa 2017
Nathan Crouse
Nathan Crouse 4 månader sedan
Alfredo Portillo
Alfredo Portillo 4 månader sedan
bro this whole thing is so funny
Chris Behrens
Chris Behrens 4 månader sedan
The more I listen the dumber he sounds. His "explanation" of jacking a car up is absolutely absurd. Jared needs to run into traffic
adict3 4 månader sedan
I’m so excited to see this restored with that custom paint job
Wolf444 4 månader sedan
Lol, Jared made you look like an incompetent boob...
Danny Soufi
Danny Soufi 4 månader sedan
You guys could really use a new mic, the audio is terrible, has that washroom/toilet bowl effect to it...
eric Hopkins
eric Hopkins 4 månader sedan
I dont think your younger work isn't something to be embarrassed about no one does a perfect build not even people that's been doing it for years the main thing is that you learn and strive to do better cause you'll never get better by not tring. The most important part is to always keep your head up and never give up. If you wouldnt have given it a shot back then knowing it might not be as good as you want has lead you to building some of the cleanest builds on SEpost
Gilbert Herrera
Gilbert Herrera 4 månader sedan
"It hasn't done it yet so we're fine." Well said. That's how I live my life.
zXCrackersXz 4 månader sedan
I glad that this SC is getting fixed, it's the reason I started watching Tavarish. I've owned an SC300 since I was 19 and was my 1st car. The goal was to restore it on a budget, I used to go to the pull yard every time one was listed, the big plans were to go with an N/A build with ITBs on the 2J instead of the usual turbo route. Those plans crashed and burn when the mechanic I trusted pretty much destroyed the car. Now I'm 23 on my 2nd car, a newer SC300 with a 1.5J swap. I enjoy the platform even though it hasn't treated me the best. I think Tavarish's puddle light idea was cool, I have my puddle lights built into the bottom of the side mirrors and the use of the key hole for the backup camera was interesting. The SC pretty much only has 2 good jacking points from the factory the front cross-member and rear diff, the 4 points on the side are just for the spare tire scissor jack and stands. Can't wait to see this thing, back to it's formal glory.
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez 4 månader sedan
Poor Tavarish looks like he's been forced to film this video with his pants down while wearing a thong. He looks so uncomfortable. LOL!
Evol Nom
Evol Nom 4 månader sedan
I think paint the body glossy black but keep the hood the same
Alex W.
Alex W. 4 månader sedan
The frame rails definitely aren’t a good idea, we had taken the side skirts off my 94 mustang to replace the clips since they probably never were changed since the car rolled out of the factory and the previous owner had tried to life the car on the unibody and had big dents in it
Oleur Rahman
Oleur Rahman 4 månader sedan
One of my favourite cars of all time the build and the technology in them day is robust. I hope he fix like new and have show car. Nice to see another 90's cars.
mega catares
mega catares 4 månader sedan
the car is well done especially for 19-20 years old. Except the interior wiring :)
Jerell Holland
Jerell Holland 4 månader sedan
You guys are the New Odd Couple
aaron71 4 månader sedan
Reminds me of the weird mods I did to my Camaro back in high school! Wired red neon to come on when you opened the doors, newer mirror with the temp & compass in it, PSone and a 5" color CRT TV in the console for the back seat... hah, good times.
Baller Bro
Baller Bro 4 månader sedan
My god you can tell it was built by a kid
SUB TO ME AND I WILL SUB TO U!!! Sub to me 4 månader sedan
Look at my name
Honky Tonkinson
Honky Tonkinson 4 månader sedan
I'm guessing these solutions were partly a result of lack of your current SEpost money.
Landon Lorenzo
Landon Lorenzo 4 månader sedan
I've always preferred Jacking up by the frame or subframe rather than a pinch weld doesn't matter the car never had any issues 🤷🏼‍♂️
Garth Macdonald
Garth Macdonald 4 månader sedan
If 2010 was a car
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 4 månader sedan
You guys shouldve put PB blaster & WD-40 on every bolt right now
K5 Daily
K5 Daily 4 månader sedan
I died at "mommy and daddy are fighting right now? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Agustin Cesar
Agustin Cesar 4 månader sedan
Tavarish... Need for Speed Underground 1... style?
Vro18 4 månader sedan
Different fuels have different “golden ratios” (as I call them). Instead of memorizing all the different ratios 1 lambda is always that golden ratio, regardless of fuel type. Is that right?
Clif Bradley
Clif Bradley 4 månader sedan
My 19 year old wouldn't know a turbo from an alternator. No desire to learn about cars. None
LowSlo 92
LowSlo 92 4 månader sedan
I’m glad my first car wasn’t rigged together this bad 😂
LowSlo 92
LowSlo 92 4 månader sedan
This car needs to be clear coated 🤪
Ronald Poon
Ronald Poon 4 månader sedan
After 9:00, I'm just pretending to understand what Jared said.....
jackie chan
jackie chan 4 månader sedan
Wow! Tavarish is a real mcgyver!!!
Kenneth Velazquez
Kenneth Velazquez 4 månader sedan
What do you do if you have t bolt clamp that is too small and the next size up the ends are touching?
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 4 månader sedan
20 years ago when I helped my friend install his first "system" we knew the hatch of his trans am leaked so we thought it would be a good idea put the amp in a ziplock produce bag expecting that it would let the moisture out but not in... years later we removed it, the amp was soaking wet but it never stopped working.
Casey Renner
Casey Renner 4 månader sedan
That a Aston Martin DBS under that cover?
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 4 månader sedan
Why powdercoat the valve cover? You could dip the entire engine in chrome and it won't matter when it is inside an engine bay that looks like that.
Timothy Hodge
Timothy Hodge 4 månader sedan
Jared is definitely Daddy.
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