Finishing A Cheap 500HP 2JZ Swap Is MUCH Harder Than You Think (NOT EASY)

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7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared finished work on the budget 2JZ on our Nissan 300ZX called Earl Leeker, but since everything is custom, it takes three times as long as it should. Fingers crossed that this all works!
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Graham Desinor
Graham Desinor 19 dagar sedan
Sloppy work don’t like it..
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Lots of manual labour there, Son!!!
R Dehart
R Dehart 4 månader sedan
Yay Earl!
Nega_Weeb 4 månader sedan
dont forget to lubricate your spark plugs guys
Lewaaolislam Ghanem
Lewaaolislam Ghanem 6 månader sedan
Jared, you are one of the most wonderful people I ran into...many many thanks to Tavarish indeed
Jeri Rich
Jeri Rich 6 månader sedan
You rock !
StraightSkaters 7 månader sedan
Were you able to get more than three bolts in, if so, what else did you do to get a few more in? Thanks
Outcast_2017 7 månader sedan
instead of using the handle of the one gallon jug of oil try it form the side makes less of a mess if no at all sometimes
MrCrusader173 7 månader sedan
I was wondering iv seen a few things saying the the worlds best t5 came in the turbo 300zx and a few things that don't. even the collins adapter has a seperate turbo model that doesent have a flywherl setup for sone reason until you go to the clutch setup and it doesent bring up the fact they say somewhere else that the fltwheel wont fit but the point is what about a t5 bolted to the 2jz???
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
that fly wheel is crazy thick
Alex Graham
Alex Graham 7 månader sedan
7:30 Turbos 101, all you need to know is: "Exhaust gases go in, witchcraft happens, and you go faster."
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter 7 månader sedan
Alfredo Portillo
Alfredo Portillo 7 månader sedan
I love that house music man
Jonathan Shell
Jonathan Shell 7 månader sedan
Love Jared. Love the Channel. So many good things to say! And one constructive criticism: the Techno loop track during the Prof. Jared segment almost had me flipping the channel.
Travis Ryan
Travis Ryan 7 månader sedan
LOVE that he explains it so well!
Tobias Dolton
Tobias Dolton 7 månader sedan
custom high performance parts fast do you want to go??
A1 Gass
A1 Gass 7 månader sedan
Awesome vid
brian d
brian d 7 månader sedan
Way cool. But why not clean and paint parts when they are out?
Erik Lizarazo
Erik Lizarazo 7 månader sedan
What's the story of the pink toolbox?
qu4ttro 7 månader sedan
more holes than a fine swiss cheese.
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 7 månader sedan
It seems like a lot of work for something that will never be completely right. If it runs and drives to some extent I would call it good and move on. That Honda limo will be a much better project to engine swap and fix up.
JayDub And the Family
JayDub And the Family 7 månader sedan
Great content
Gary 7 månader sedan
Aren't you supposed to use a different pivot ball? I think it sticks out more and places the fork closer to the slave rod.
Joseph Pastoressa
Joseph Pastoressa 7 månader sedan
that turbo explanation was amazing!, you should deff do more explanations like that!
Crown 7 månader sedan
Background song?? 🥰😅😅
D C 7 månader sedan
Cant wait to see honda :))
TheAnalXylophone 7 månader sedan
Pink tool boxes as SO COOL
mccutchphil 7 månader sedan
At 3:50 what is that car in the background! That looks fun.
Beowulf 7 månader sedan
Kalvin Malli did it first.... well, before this guy anyway.
ifgezroxy 7 månader sedan
Jared seems like such a cool guy. Very knowledgeable and just very pleasant person. He could make an hour long video about manure and I would still watch it gladly.
Alex Kabus
Alex Kabus 7 månader sedan
“Every day”
22bwooley 7 månader sedan
Jared you are the best thing about SEpost!
DINO Bus driver
DINO Bus driver 7 månader sedan
Take care
joe stryke
joe stryke 7 månader sedan
Why do we keep calling it Earl leaker.. not the Earls original shell, not Earls original Infiniti v8 soooooooo
Fugitive 805
Fugitive 805 7 månader sedan
Hard to beat Borg Warner for price reliability per performance. It always surprises me how few gassers run them, diesel world they are the go to.
Ibrahim Allam
Ibrahim Allam 7 månader sedan
Mate - please get a tripod, love your explanations but you need two hands.
Zach Yurkus
Zach Yurkus 7 månader sedan
Omg I laughed so hard when you said “it’s not about how you start, but how you finish...” And then proceed to spill a little more right before the very end! Thanks for that!
zimba599 7 månader sedan
Niiiice coloured Rolls in the background :o)
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 7 månader sedan
Dat. Sweet. Lift. :)
Brodoswagins 7 månader sedan
Nice we got more Earl leaker content keep it coming
HOT TOPIC VLOGS 7 månader sedan
should of gone closer before starting to pour so it had better chance of not spilling over
Phil Janeiro
Phil Janeiro 7 månader sedan
Jared is very clear on explaining... And knows how to keep a good flow..and keep it interesting.. He would be an amazing teacher.. Nice going.
Tom Budin
Tom Budin 7 månader sedan
Been through all of this with my 1jz is200 it's a love hate relationship
Harry Nazarian
Harry Nazarian 7 månader sedan
Well done, Jared!! Can't wait to see Earl screaming to life!
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas 7 månader sedan
Nice pink tool boxes!!😂
Johabe Franco
Johabe Franco 7 månader sedan
I feel a lot of sexual tension in this video
SteveRodgers 7 månader sedan
I've no idea what you're talk about but your skill and knowledge is incredible!!! 😁😁😁
WorkHard.PlayCars 7 månader sedan
Good episode. I like how much you got covered in such a short amount of time
tom f
tom f 7 månader sedan
is it not an option to cut of the ring of the transmission and weld on the adapter plate on to it ? would be a pain in the but to aline it but would be a mutch nicer solution.
UnWrecked 7 månader sedan
Substantially sized shaft......
m k
m k 7 månader sedan
I think , tavarish give him this Channel. Pretty nice
Now it only has to be taken out again to be properly cleaned and painted... It looks dirty AF and man you could have done this before putting it back in...
Tomme boy
Tomme boy 7 månader sedan
A little tip for you. Round the corners of the slot you cut out for the throw bearing. Sharp corners will create a stress riser and will crack
Rizwan Misbah
Rizwan Misbah 7 månader sedan
Jared have you been dieting? Looking slimmer
Tyrone H
Tyrone H 7 månader sedan
What county are you in?
A_ Person_747
A_ Person_747 7 månader sedan
Put yellow tint on Earl’s front lights! Pls! Cause Racecar!
A_ Person_747
A_ Person_747 7 månader sedan
I thought he was going to put the bigger turbo on the car! )-:
Elevated Minds
Elevated Minds 7 månader sedan
From somebody who's done a 2jz swap into my Lexus I got a kick out of this because it's hard ass work. As much as people try and pretend it's a easy swap it's not most people quit and sell half done projects
Samuel Blair
Samuel Blair 7 månader sedan
You need more SAE in your life.
2j HallidayZ
2j HallidayZ 7 månader sedan
Hey I could only get 3 bolts In mine as well. Can you make a video on what you did to secure the trans better? Also join jz swapped z32’s on face book!
A Hernandez
A Hernandez 7 månader sedan
Wrench dirty every day.
DJRustla 7 månader sedan
5:24 Nice crack on that starter mount!
Francisco Banchio
Francisco Banchio 7 månader sedan
I was missing you Jared!! Great video 👋🇦🇷
Michael Mackaman
Michael Mackaman 7 månader sedan
george obongen
george obongen 7 månader sedan
Clean everything about that engine before u finally set it back in the engine bay
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 7 månader sedan
Love Jared. Always make questionable choices.
B Oche
B Oche 7 månader sedan
My process for Jared videos: Like>Watch>Comment
Arun999 7 månader sedan
I wish you put a RB26dett engine. Instead of a Toyota engine
Roxkis 7 månader sedan
Sounds like you need on of those head mounted cameras, so you can be hands free and record
Chris Broadbridge
Chris Broadbridge 7 månader sedan
Finally back to some good content!! Freddy is putting out dog shit atm, can't watch the fake top gear thing he's doing.
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 7 månader sedan
Jared is the true hands on wrench. He has and shows the small problems that us home garage mechanics really have when doing a project. Keep up the good work Jared. You are someone that the everyday guy can relate to. Everyone needs to subscribe and hit that like button om every video so he can afford to keep putting these out. Just for the record, I am not related to Jarod or Freddie, I just like their no BS channels
Jonathon Banyon
Jonathon Banyon 7 månader sedan
Should have just stripped the car and put an up to date drive train in it
Nicolas Boivin
Nicolas Boivin 7 månader sedan
Great advice at the end Jared that’s why we love you!
Shane Livesey
Shane Livesey 7 månader sedan
What was that music track you was playing ?
Deejay Mercado
Deejay Mercado 7 månader sedan
Thanks for the knowledge professor pink.
Shane Kumar
Shane Kumar 7 månader sedan
So good you use both zed and zee
Evil Ash
Evil Ash 7 månader sedan
Whatever happened to that other guy you had on your show for a couple of episodes? Freddy was it?
anonymous bosch
anonymous bosch 7 månader sedan
Pink & the boost creeps... great band name!
T C 7 månader sedan
Upload more!!!! I wanna see more of earl
BA 7 månader sedan
When Jared's one handed open pour looks netter than your two handed funnel pour.
TheWaanas 7 månader sedan
So Jared likes big shafts. Good to know.
E Rock
E Rock 7 månader sedan
Love that you showed what you did during the porting, but why not just clean up the whole path if you've already got the bits out?
Danny Ali
Danny Ali 7 månader sedan
What song is that @ 14 min??
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 7 månader sedan
Margara by Alex Dovo
Lance Washington
Lance Washington 7 månader sedan
I wanna say I really hate you but that's not nice my dream car all my life well a TT 300
matt cassel
matt cassel 7 månader sedan
Top Notch build so far .keep up the good work
cripsnblood 7 månader sedan
A very puny vid.
Vladimir Mishin
Vladimir Mishin 7 månader sedan
Nice job! Really enjoy the progress! Another great project I found:
Wrenchettes 7 månader sedan
A oil bottle is poured upside down. the design is to prevent less spills than if you do it how you did it. #justadvice
komokaziboschetti 7 månader sedan
Dat pink tool box tho
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 7 månader sedan
great video buddy
Clifford Gallagher
Clifford Gallagher 7 månader sedan
Amazing customization! Good job!
C Breeze
C Breeze 7 månader sedan
Shoulda made that manifold look better atleast pressure washed it
Ed Poell
Ed Poell 7 månader sedan
Free pour? Why not take the opportunity to use your brand name on a mechanic grade spout and funnel kit for automotive fluids.
rags707 7 månader sedan
GJ jared!
Sev 7 månader sedan
Great work Jared
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 7 månader sedan
Better coronavirus advice than the president
802 Garage
802 Garage 7 månader sedan
The drill press lathe is my new favorite garage hack. Wow!
Scott Boyer
Scott Boyer 7 månader sedan
That is the cutest damn hammer I have ever seen
Tess 7 månader sedan
00:20 - Jared, you REALLY got more comfortable in front of the camera, and it's a true joy to see you be yourself :)
Mark Underwood
Mark Underwood 7 månader sedan
You can forget about Honda roussey, we won't mind!
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