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10 månader sedan

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Today we finish our crazy widebody kit for our ugly Nissan 300ZX, and it looks...well, crazy. The PMZ-K body is manufactured by KBD Body Kits, and you can buy them on PakManZ's site►
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GAURAV ____ 2 månader sedan
Trying to be funny or rude. Ahmm
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
This car was revolutionary in it's time. Not this particular one thou.
Jim Hill
Jim Hill 4 månader sedan
really not a fan of the vents on the front fenders
John Burton
John Burton 6 månader sedan
Noooo leave rear bumper on
Kevin Vitug
Kevin Vitug 6 månader sedan
Everyone needs a friend like jared😄
Louis Castro
Louis Castro 7 månader sedan
we all just gonna ignore the audi r8 on the lift?
DelusionalDameX 9 månader sedan
Why is the Pimp My Ride van back in your shop? lol
sean munoz
sean munoz 9 månader sedan
Love the "new" channel!! First off JARED! pacman'z and of course....who is the third guy? Love you all!
Bze Media
Bze Media 9 månader sedan
Something about it reminds me of the bat mobile
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 10 månader sedan
5:44 that random Andrew cameo 😅
Chuck Zamzow
Chuck Zamzow 10 månader sedan
Better off getting rid of the engine in it, did a few recalls on the injector harness for fire issue's
Brian Heiden
Brian Heiden 10 månader sedan
Tardish decisions here poor z.
model nutty
model nutty 10 månader sedan
don't know if it applies to the 300, but old 240Z were much better off shortening the firewall about 4" to move the V8 engine+trans back further, better weight distribution. with the crazy power available from 4 cylinders now, might be a nice choice for it too.
J&S Moore
J&S Moore 10 månader sedan
You guys do neat videos, wish they were a bit longer though. For the 300z I think it would look so much nicer with an after market bumper that ties into the body kit on both sides with a small defuser on the bottom.
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 10 månader sedan
not serious enough, like why Freddy, your videos aren't like that... I'm kinda sad
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean 10 månader sedan
noooo don't destroy the body make a kit car out of it infinite restore and resurrection
RPM 10 månader sedan
Great work! When completely installed, clean and buff the polyurethane then paint the remaining parts of the car a matching satin black.
les sharratt
les sharratt 10 månader sedan
Those louvers on the front fenders are hideous. Lose that junk.
Mr Rob
Mr Rob 10 månader sedan
Where is Jared’s part 2. From his “day not at the shop”
NeoGeoThai DJMarkGyro
NeoGeoThai DJMarkGyro 10 månader sedan
Why killing that beautifull 300Z !!!!!????? Awfull bodykit....
Kenneth Machielsen
Kenneth Machielsen 10 månader sedan
That civic EK under the blue tarp tho :D
Diego Recalde
Diego Recalde 10 månader sedan
May of Astora
May of Astora 10 månader sedan
How do you get/afford all this cars? Its an actuall question
Ryan Hawthorne
Ryan Hawthorne 10 månader sedan
Because one more Z32 needs to fall victim to a god awful body kit.
Keith Mackey
Keith Mackey 10 månader sedan
It's so sexy
Joe S
Joe S 10 månader sedan
Titles video "Finishing Our INSANE 300ZX DIY Widebody Kit" Doesn't actually finish the widebody kit.
Phillis Whitedyk
Phillis Whitedyk 10 månader sedan
I just got a 300zx I'm trying to remove the fenders but the bottom is creased any tips hot to fix that without cracking
Matt Constantino
Matt Constantino 10 månader sedan
Would have been the project I would put the rotary in...
Friis Torben Tappert
Friis Torben Tappert 10 månader sedan
They said it was very important to weld the gap in the wheel house together after cutting before putting the body kit on. I don't think they did did they?! Well maybe they'll just do it later. Many steps to go.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 10 månader sedan
No rear bumper looks like shit.
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards 10 månader sedan
Do a duck bill wing instead of a chassis mount.... Looks so much cleaner in my opinion
David 10 månader sedan
Besides the Lambroughni and his Hoovies Van does he actually finish vehichles he purchases???? He always starts projects but never finishes them besides the odd exception.
Shadohorn 74
Shadohorn 74 10 månader sedan
You're not gonna leave those rivets exposed like that, are you?
Bryan Klaus
Bryan Klaus 10 månader sedan
This body kit looks even worse than the replica countach did
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley 10 månader sedan
Bryan Klaus I’m nervous because I’m thinking this isn’t the greatest kit. To each his own I guess
BMWLegion 10 månader sedan
Make a custom steel metal rear diffuser
fmdof 10 månader sedan
Poor 300zx. What did it do to deserve this?
Tim Van Briesen
Tim Van Briesen 10 månader sedan
Paint job: Paul Newman 300zx! Engine: Nissan VK50VE Nismo makes some great parts for the VK50VE because of LMP3!
Goku Sayien
Goku Sayien 10 månader sedan
Man WTF do you boys know about the Z32 Fairlady 😉
Joel Rubio
Joel Rubio 10 månader sedan
Tavarish, lock your doors hobos will take anything...
Guy Last
Guy Last 10 månader sedan
OMG dudes. Watch this video on mute with some Nirvana or some sh1t playing. Itll go much better.. Don't thank me.
TK Gus
TK Gus 10 månader sedan
Didn't Hoovie give that van to a museum? Why is it still in the Tavarish shop?
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 10 månader sedan
Jager 10 månader sedan
Man I swear I've seen Jared Pink before IRL and on Television
Thomas C
Thomas C 10 månader sedan
That, looks surprisingly amazing! I have never been a fan of wide body kits, but wow! It's so nice to see the fairlady getting some love. Thanks for doing this 300 some justice.
jamiefty 10 månader sedan
No bumper? Yuck. You're better than that Tavarish.
jermaine cozier
jermaine cozier 10 månader sedan
lol a supra wing would look crazy on that car if it lines up
BA 10 månader sedan
This is one of those projects I really don't give a hoot about.
Linxx P
Linxx P 10 månader sedan
Do you not treat or do anything to the panels the Polyurethane is on top of? my car as a PlyU kit and I did work to the panels before the kit went on just wondering.
Thomas Daniels
Thomas Daniels 10 månader sedan
Looks like a Bugatti eb110 super sport... super badass guys, keep up the good work!
MurderMostFowl 10 månader sedan
I’m hoping there’s a lot more work that happens to this car because right now it’s feeling really ghetto... like kit car lambo ghetto
D Thirteen
D Thirteen 10 månader sedan
Jared "I'm not a big 300 guy"...I would be willing to guess you close, maybe a 280lb guy??.👍😀
jat240 10 månader sedan
Who the crap decided Z32s look better with no rear bumper?
n84434 10 månader sedan
5:43 That fat Ginger is back!!!!!!
Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!
Gokarts, Minibikes, and more! 10 månader sedan
Never seen nor heard of these being bumperless and looking good without one
CarOnTheWall 10 månader sedan
You guys are slurring your words a lot. I mean this seriously: do you have a carbon monoxide detector in there?
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
CarOnTheWall 9 månader sedan
@davidmurphy1974 thanks! i think it was an autocorrect error but i fixed it.
davidmurphy1974 9 månader sedan
CarOnTheWall your! You’re means you are!
Maximum OverĐrive
Maximum OverĐrive 10 månader sedan
If you guys want something different and cool then move the tank filler up to the rear side window and hide it behind a louvers. Maybe some home made rear ghost lights.
Christopher Finch
Christopher Finch 10 månader sedan
Why not a flush fit bumper
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry 10 månader sedan
Could you use panel bond instead? Not a fan of the tape or rivets....
Bobby B
Bobby B 10 månader sedan
Nice body kit transforms that car for sure ..don't forget to weld up those seams and seam seal them where you cut those quarters ..
cookiez chipsmore
cookiez chipsmore 10 månader sedan
Cant wait for the big bang...!!
Coleman G
Coleman G 10 månader sedan
Thank you for inspiring me to motorize a wagon with a 6.5 HP lawn mower engine.
97JoMiller 10 månader sedan
looks like shit, sorry can't win them all I guess
Jason300zxTT 10 månader sedan
Out of alllll kits for the 300zx you all chose the one that looks completely unfinished and the most hated in the z community. Sorry to see this. Could have made the car look so clean.
Mo Doza
Mo Doza 10 månader sedan
I need to know more about that R8!!!!
David Lindsey
David Lindsey 10 månader sedan
no welding the wheel well wtf.. u even said u need tooo
charlie morris
charlie morris 10 månader sedan
That repulsive body kit paired with abhorrent v8 engine swap makes me question their mental aptitude as inadequate to handle a 300zx! You clowns destroyed a Japanese classic faster than atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
andoletube 10 månader sedan
Yeah, this project is making me cringe. They're destroying a classic car to fit a hideous body kit.
ろいぼん 10 månader sedan
dion bast
dion bast 10 månader sedan
do an rebuild to alfa romeo 159 the most beautiful sedan
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz]
[DJ NADJIB - Beatz] 10 månader sedan
8:02 reference to kendrick lamar good kid m.a.a.d city album cover.
Austin Batista
Austin Batista 10 månader sedan
More of all of this.
gidaniels87 10 månader sedan
i miss Andrew
tuber 10 månader sedan
The maths: body kit is 6x the value of the car!
Dolan Kang
Dolan Kang 10 månader sedan
Gross body kit. You can tell the guys just a designer not an aerodynamicist. Is somebody going to measure the drag coefficient? I seriously doubt it. And then these rookies took off the rear bumper so now no chance of a diffuser
beware gravity
beware gravity 10 månader sedan
Dude wtf the channel BLEW UP!
herculesrockafeller 10 månader sedan
Did you make a reference to a Mitch Hedberg joke at around 1:22?
Speed is gain02
Speed is gain02 10 månader sedan
Hey what about the Toyota spura are you still give it away to one of your subscribers if your could I get it please!!! _!!
marty Charron
marty Charron 10 månader sedan
Alright guys, you have my attention. I will be following this build till the end.
Collier 10 månader sedan
Looking forward to the rest of this series, I hope you don't put a big ass spoiler on it. 300s look so much better without a riced out spoiler, unless it is actually functional it is just funky.
Er Sl
Er Sl 10 månader sedan
And positive vibes to reach Nakai-San level.
MrTry 10 månader sedan
5:44 SPOILER ALERT!!! The Ginger Legend ANDREWWWW!
Da D
Da D 10 månader sedan
would much rather see you build the vg30
Joules Kelvin
Joules Kelvin 10 månader sedan
Water cooled muffler bearings were introduced on this Z. You'll need a special left-handed Stucko wrench to remove it. 🏁👍
brutus 10 månader sedan
Me and pakmanz went to high school together. Didn’t expect to see him in this vid!
Craig Marvin
Craig Marvin 10 månader sedan
Did you buy a Range Rover from Samcrac?
Matt Adams
Matt Adams 10 månader sedan
Itasha graphics wide body kit big wing tube rear bump slight bozo exhaust, drift or tarck it will look mad
Paul Castro
Paul Castro 10 månader sedan
Admittedly there is part of me that feels a bit guilty about watching you guys butcher at 300z
Jose Albino
Jose Albino 10 månader sedan
Are you guys in Lake County? Or Marion County?
Mrflash222006 10 månader sedan
More rice than a paddy field
Ultra Joe
Ultra Joe 10 månader sedan
Who that Idk he just came in lol
Nesta M
Nesta M 10 månader sedan
We need to see some burnouts in this car done by Jared.
Water Lover
Water Lover 10 månader sedan
Skip this video, skip this build no bumpers are wack
HoustonCanuk 10 månader sedan
Car Wizard at 5:43
Matt T
Matt T 10 månader sedan
You forgot the main way to install overfenders!! SELF TAPPERS
daredevil7442 10 månader sedan
better be installing the Ferrari motor in that 300Z!
That Black Dude
That Black Dude 10 månader sedan
I would love to see a replica of mad power from outrunners which is across between a Diablo and a 300zx
Paul Robert
Paul Robert 10 månader sedan
Make a crazy diffuser for the back
ZUnobtainium 1ofakind
ZUnobtainium 1ofakind 10 månader sedan
Glad to see the progress-and the intention of keeping the car rust free after the work! The Widebody kit looks very will thought out!
Michael Penney
Michael Penney 10 månader sedan
I am a bit confused - what is meant to be the difference between the Wrench Every Day channel and Tavarish's usual channel?
Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf 10 månader sedan
Sad that you’re going v8. Would have been nice to see the twin t setup.
L Rodger
L Rodger 10 månader sedan
To be be honest I find Tavarish’s sarcy jokes pretty cringeworthy and little boring now.
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Nissan 300zx twin z side splitters
Jacob_ Francis
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diggin' hole and rollin' coal.