Here's How Much Horsepower A 220,000 Mile Lexus IS-F ACTUALLY Makes (Driven HARD For YEARS)

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Wrench Every Day

25 dagar sedan

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Today, Jared finds out how much power his 220,000 mile Lexus ISF really makes.
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Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 25 dagar sedan
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Joel Wachter
Joel Wachter 12 dagar sedan
Do u know a good tuner in Georgia?
Nick Do
Nick Do 24 dagar sedan
I have a rhd corona mark2 with a swap 1jzgte auto vvti but it was poorly done. None of all the gauges work even my gas gauge can you please help? My wires get so hot that it burned so I put a fuse in it but sometimes it shorts n everything shuts off. I see how knowledgeable you are when u built Tavarish supra so can you please help i dont mind you vlog the whole repair, I will pay for the repair. Im thinking either changing to 5sp or change to the z350 trans like tavarish. Please help i will trailer to you im from north dakota n would love my car done by you personally. You can email me thank you so much
Sunny K
Sunny K 24 dagar sedan
Paul Robert
Paul Robert 25 dagar sedan
Y'all gonna save SEpost with these smooth transitions. Now if youtube will stop interrupting videos that'll be great.
B Kopp
B Kopp 25 dagar sedan
What’s the ballpark price for a good tuner to tune a car? I understand that there is a lot of variables, just a ballpark. Just so I know what to expect. Thanks, Jared. BTW I’m just south of Rockford. Close to your old stomping grounds. Have a great day!
spf1218 3 dagar sedan
Thanks Jared, I learned a lot! I've watched so many dyno pulls over the years but never saw anyone get into as much detail on all the dyno options available for optimal tuning.
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin 9 dagar sedan
You forgot hub dynos
mrflippant 10 dagar sedan
Jared, I had a rough afternoon at work today. I came home miserable, had something to eat, and then watched this video. Just the other day, I finally found the time to replace my upper radiator hose, and I have been joyfully noticing each morning that there is no longer a puddle under my car. Thanks for reminding me that today was a good day!
Hananiel Arrocha
Hananiel Arrocha 12 dagar sedan
Jared find me a good ISF
GnarDope__ Radington
GnarDope__ Radington 16 dagar sedan
Smoothest Segway into a sponsor ad I’ve ever heard in my entire life 😂😂🤣🤣
Zitamin 17 dagar sedan
I just beat a bolt on and tuned 8spd ISF the other day in my 2018 GT 10spd all stock aside form x pipe. I thought he might have got me tbh but those 10spds are something else. Video on my channel
cubonenineO 17 dagar sedan
*on God* *that was a KING like Segue*
SwaffyX 18 dagar sedan
I agree it's good to have sponsors, but Raid isn't the way to go. The game is a literal money grab to the point of being a scam. And they are spending all that scam money on advertising. Save your dignity and drop the Raid ads. It is tainting your great channel.
Steven1walsh 18 dagar sedan
Great job mate explaining things. You should put the orange Lamborghini on it
Bbearhug Thomas
Bbearhug Thomas 18 dagar sedan
Ever since I found out about the channel I have enjoyed it. But I think we need more videos from this channel on a more regular basis. That is all and thank you for all you do Jared.
Richard Cabreezy
Richard Cabreezy 18 dagar sedan
This car was rated for 416 hp and 371 lb-ft from the factory, at the crank. How is it making significantly more power at the wheels ?
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper 18 dagar sedan
Great info Jarred, more so than our fuzzy haired mate with the shinny workshop🤣🤣🤙🏼
CLC III 18 dagar sedan
Great job Jared!
Mnosliw 19 dagar sedan
I just love how Jared "talks himself" into justifying the supercharger add-on.
Bernard Wong
Bernard Wong 19 dagar sedan
Now I want a Lexus
CMDR Boom 20 dagar sedan
Vid idea: Top 5 of when to walk away from a tuner. My first ice breakers: 1. Tuner is watching a how-to on arrival 2. They ONLY work over the internet 3. You show up and there's already a mess in the dyno cell but it wasn't 'their fault' 4. The tuner starts all tests in first gear 5. looks like Tavarish =)
Cory Miller
Cory Miller 20 dagar sedan
I just put a deposit on an 08 IS-F with 66k miles because Jared convinced me it was better than a 3rd gen IS350.
Yusuf Dawoud
Yusuf Dawoud 20 dagar sedan
We need to see the other projects finished! Please!
Rick Gale
Rick Gale 20 dagar sedan
Should the rear tires of the car be on the 'top' of the rollers? It looks like your car is almost off the rollers.
K5 Daily
K5 Daily 21 dag sedan
My anxiety is at a thousand from those rear wheels being soo close to the base, even though I know this is proper seating lol
Lowkey Ferny
Lowkey Ferny 21 dag sedan
Thanks for all the info
Richard Salmore
Richard Salmore 21 dag sedan
Jared, great classroom on tuning! Love the channel. FYI: The waves on your monitor are frequency interference. Either RF from the 60 hz florescent lights or the difference between monitor refresh 60/120 hz and camera shutter setup. Video of a screen is as tricky as tuning 😉
Northerners Yankee
Northerners Yankee 21 dag sedan
Very good tips before Dyno 👍👍👍
EUGENE _Eugene
EUGENE _Eugene 21 dag sedan
69 dislikes🤣🤣🤣
HDR _TX 21 dag sedan
This was a great video Jared! Bookmarking for the day I get to use a dyno.
Nathaniel Gritzman
Nathaniel Gritzman 21 dag sedan
sir, you're a super star. These videos are fantastic. Keep em coming please.
Peter Mackenzie
Peter Mackenzie 22 dagar sedan
After a video on how to optimise your dyno. You then parked the car almost off the dyno and touching the stationary metal box?
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 22 dagar sedan
Awesome video thank you. The world of tuning shows be shown more! I am now subscribed since I am now a lexus man.
I taint mistaken
I taint mistaken 22 dagar sedan
Omfg seriously youtube keeps unsubbing me from channels and what do u know this was one of them
Super Karibou
Super Karibou 22 dagar sedan
Nice video, your isf engine is stock ? My 2000" IS200, stock engine (just k&n filter in airbox) with 210 000 kms (+- 131 000 miles) on dyno = 147.8 hp for 155 hp at the base , japanese engine vs the rest of the world !!! :-)
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 22 dagar sedan
I thought mustang dynos were inconsistent or rather lesser than dynojet. What's the story with that.
WHAT THE HELL 22 dagar sedan
paid promotion plus multiple ads .. Jared letting me know how the tuner feels when ppl pester the tuner after every pull .. after raid shadow legends I was out .. I can't do this 😞
D Palmer
D Palmer 20 dagar sedan
It is easy to skip past the in video promotion part and the ads almost all let you skip after 5 seconds, so it is a minor imposition. Plus Jared is teaching you at no cost to you, the least you can do is let him make some ad revenue.
Zamsonite B
Zamsonite B 22 dagar sedan
Skip to 16.47..
R-Spec 22 dagar sedan
But you bring your shitty running car to a tuner for a good diagnosis lol
lars van veen
lars van veen 22 dagar sedan
I'd almost buy a one way ticket to the usa and beg Jared and Tavarish to be their apprentice
TinMan Garage
TinMan Garage 22 dagar sedan
Glad to see you took over for Freddie. He's kinda gone by the way of Richard Rawlings, which is unfortunate. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
CaptainFancyPants 22 dagar sedan
you forgot ab out the dynos that you take the tires off and connect em up to the hubs
Landon Kupfer
Landon Kupfer 22 dagar sedan
Comin2gtcha 22 dagar sedan
Talks like Vince Vaughn
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 23 dagar sedan
Tip 1, leave your tuner alone, tip 4, ask your tuner
Space MC
Space MC 23 dagar sedan
Makenna Whitlock
Makenna Whitlock 23 dagar sedan
His voice sounds like tavarish
Vincent Witjes
Vincent Witjes 23 dagar sedan
dont forget to refill your blinker fluid
BjornFSE 23 dagar sedan
love it, very informative on the Load Bearing aspect and how that works and why. Very interesting sidenote on the correction for power due to "weather".
River Sharp
River Sharp 23 dagar sedan
That tire dont look like it's on that roller good enough its deff not center on the roller
Mr Khan
Mr Khan 23 dagar sedan
this thing sounds so menacing .. such a beast !
Steve Cox
Steve Cox 23 dagar sedan
Altitude/air pressure will not affect your tune if you have a turbo. At lower air pressure/density the turbo spins faster and compensates. This was discovered in the 1930's when they started fitting turbos to aircraft engines. Drive your car on the flat, then take it up Pike's Peak :-)
Dale Anderson
Dale Anderson 23 dagar sedan
Nice vid dude. should include a "dyno day tips" in the title. this video is 10% lexus 110% golden how to info.
Nick Adkins
Nick Adkins 23 dagar sedan
What was your KCLV?
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam
Poovaneswaran Supramaniam 23 dagar sedan
Cool video Jared
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 23 dagar sedan
Smoke some Amg's for your recent subs!Good video! Btw 💪💪
Dave Gallagher
Dave Gallagher 23 dagar sedan
Good stuff ! Keep your fluids where they belong 👍
Cuban Legend
Cuban Legend 23 dagar sedan
wait.. why in the world would your dyno measure the crank/eng HP and not the wheel HP, especially when you arent even running on an actual hub dyno? whut
Nasim Wehbe
Nasim Wehbe 23 dagar sedan
This was very helpful. Great video.
Øystein Garmo
Øystein Garmo 24 dagar sedan
You forgot the best type of Dyno! A HUB dyno, no need for straps and more accurate.
T. Shaw
T. Shaw 24 dagar sedan
What lip and side skirts are those?
ThEASbO888 24 dagar sedan
Omg this is a video I never knew I needed to watch. Thanks Jared! So much makes sense now.
KevBot 24 dagar sedan
Liked the walkthrough
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo. 24 dagar sedan
I know you new and learning on a dyno. So ill give you a pass. Hope you get a "friendly" help that you really need to become a beast that you are! Keep up the good work!
Rev Lexus
Rev Lexus 24 dagar sedan
Cool video, I thought my SC430 at 134k miles way high lmao
chemxfan 24 dagar sedan
Now, when you mention "fluids not coming out where they shouldn't", you're speaking of the car owners too, right? Because some guys shed tears when their so-called supercar can barely outperform a Ford Pinto - I know those aren't made anymore, I'm just using it for comparison purposes. And I don't like Fords, so there's that. :)
noah tramposh
noah tramposh 24 dagar sedan
jarrod spent 8 minutes telling you to not tune your shitbox if it is in fact, a shitbox lol.
Dave Kaylor
Dave Kaylor 24 dagar sedan
So, what would a dyno tune end up costing? If the tuner is spending two-four hours tuning your car, that is] probably going to run around $400 plus dyno time.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 23 dagar sedan
That is a hard question to answer. You can rent dyno time and tune yourself and that varies between $90 and $150 a hour. Tuners generally charge $105 to $175 a hour. Sometimes they charge flat rates of $600 to $1200.
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 24 dagar sedan
Great question! Jared...?
Ahmed Elchamaa
Ahmed Elchamaa 24 dagar sedan
This video should really be title with something about dyno tips. If someone is looking for what they should know on their first dyno visit, theyd never click this title.
killthedead1 24 dagar sedan
Damn that was one smooth advert transition.
David Proctor
David Proctor 24 dagar sedan
Thanks for the guide Jared! Quick question regarding your strapping. All of my previous tuners have always strapped the car so the drive wheels are slightly in front of the rollers (not at the top or behind like in your vid) in order to allow the car to best squat into the rollers. Is there a reason you skew behind the top position on the dyno?
Sunny K
Sunny K 24 dagar sedan
Dan Mosqueda
Dan Mosqueda 24 dagar sedan
Jared, you are really great at walking through things. You also did a great job on the game spiel. Keep up the great work!
Automotive Dynamics
Automotive Dynamics 24 dagar sedan
just put a 2 stage fogger system on it , call it a day.......and save the talking for the end of the much blah blah = hard to follow.......Next video you should do is how dyno tuners inflate your cars numbers.......and i obviously didnt wait til the end of the video to make that comment
Justin Langley
Justin Langley 24 dagar sedan
yet another Brilliant and informative episode Jared! You Truly are a Fountain of Knowledge! . look forward to the next video.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 24 dagar sedan
Very interesting thanks Jared 👍👍
turntupmoody 24 dagar sedan
Tavarish lost me with all the ads. Hopefully this channel doesn't do the same
Marcus Lindsay
Marcus Lindsay 24 dagar sedan
What mods are in this IsF?
William Banuchi
William Banuchi 24 dagar sedan
Jared@wrencheveryday! Sooty sent you msg ended up All jacked up into 3 places!! Forget order merch no haha!! Hope your well 👍🏻👍🏻
William Banuchi
William Banuchi 24 dagar sedan
Hey Jared another great episode! I love watching your channels you’re genuine knowledgeable and you don’t get that you tuber big head thing ever going on… You always seem to stay yourself and really want to help people out with their daily projects and things like that. It is much appreciated. I have always loved the Lexus I S lines I had meant 08 I S3 50 love that car I don’t have anymore but I am loving the car my only complaint is you got rid of the stack set up I know those wheels and tires are shot but just the way the car sits now it looks like it looks like one of those
William Banuchi
William Banuchi 24 dagar sedan
Car is it that some kid had that could be really cool but he ended up putting the wheels on it and then nobody ever cared about it… I am not saying this to be mean I think you had a function reason why you were going to go same at all fours but in my opinion just looks a lot better when you’re wider and back and skinnier in the front and also lowered lowered is a big thing so just my two cents glad to the town doing well this is Bell
Will Bennett
Will Bennett 24 dagar sedan
Was it just must that noticed the sat nav showed him driving in the middle of a field
NoteSmoking 24 dagar sedan
I feel every person anywhere should watch this before going to a tuner.
Anom Amos
Anom Amos 24 dagar sedan
Spark plug temperature ranges. A hot plug is called that because the ceramic around the electrode is allowed to get hot in order to burn off deposits to clean the plug. The electrode will extend far out and there will be a lot of space between the metal surrounding and the ceramic with a deep well before the ceramic and metal touch. You do not want a hot plug if you’re expecting high cylinder temperature etc. A cold plug runs a lot colder as the ceramic is very shallow and comes into contact with the metal as quickly as possible without falling to insulate the electrode so that the spark can jump anywhere other than the tip. A cold plug may need cleaning regularly. You want a cold plug in a high temperature turbo charged engine to help control knock.
Jake Lannetti
Jake Lannetti 24 dagar sedan
I love that car but man those wheels looks terrible
Eraun Petry
Eraun Petry 24 dagar sedan
SEpostr really need to understand we don't need 15 minutes of talking and 3 minutes of action.
Im sorry but way to many ads....
iRdMoose 24 dagar sedan
0:53 I heard "Disappointment on the Dyno" was Jared's dancing name in College. 3:13 if you want to skip the Raid Your Wallet Lootbox Legends crap
jason mitchell
jason mitchell 24 dagar sedan
THANKS Jared. Nothing is more frustrating than someone missing the small things. Especially a dyno day situation.
ALEXANDER MONDAY 24 dagar sedan
You remind me of Goss Garage on MotorWeek you do a great job of explaining things in detail. You would be great on a TV show, someone will notice you and you will get that call. ✌🏾
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 23 dagar sedan
Goss garage would spend twenty minutes explaining what a dipstick is and talk to you like a child. Hated that!
David Teo
David Teo 24 dagar sedan
Jared is that an IS300 In the background 🤩
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 24 dagar sedan
Thumbs up for detailed explanation Jared. Awesome informative video
Kris Nicholson
Kris Nicholson 24 dagar sedan
Be careful where you're putting those tyres on the rollers or they'll go bang and rip the wings clean off. They should be on the crest of the roller. 1 dead horse per 1000 miles is pretty good.
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 24 dagar sedan
Love the proper wheel placement. Power wheels should be climbing the rollers👍👍
John Ulicky
John Ulicky 24 dagar sedan
LMFAO raid shadow legends. Shits a fuckin meme on other channels 😂😂
Garth Howe
Garth Howe 24 dagar sedan
Always a great video from Jared!
jeffrey house
jeffrey house 24 dagar sedan
Amazing over 200k it’s that healthy
Дмитрий Сауэр
Дмитрий Сауэр 24 dagar sedan
I had the same problem with mirror on my Lexus ES 250 ))
Dave Tires
Dave Tires 24 dagar sedan
frederic rike
frederic rike 24 dagar sedan
Thank you , Dr. Jared! Having read up on the dyno and "what does it mean", I can attest there is much BS on the street on the subject. You cleared up a couple of my questions and both opened the door to some others and promised to tell more later. Brav- freakin' O!
Jake 24 dagar sedan
Watch out LTT, you got a new sponsor lead-in competitor.
P barny
P barny 24 dagar sedan
I believe the tires are supposed to be between the 12 o clock and 1 o clock area on the rollers not the two or three o'clock positions.
Kyle Kersey
Kyle Kersey 24 dagar sedan
Do you know what your KCLV numbers are?
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 24 dagar sedan
Generally 25+
Fred B
Fred B 24 dagar sedan
Interesting, informative, positive, non-political content - much appreciated.
James Barisitz
James Barisitz 24 dagar sedan
Great points man. I won't ask about the Barbie Pink tool boxes in the background. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Right? 😂
James Barisitz
James Barisitz 24 dagar sedan
I'm dumb. Mr Pink. Gift boxes, right? Holy face palm.
my message to KSI. lmao.
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