Here's How You Can Get BRAND NEW BRAKES For $10 (Without Screwing Up)

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Wrench Every Day

5 månader sedan

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Today, Jared explains how you can completely overhaul your brake rotors for $10 apiece - the right way. Yes, really.
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Abdullah Sahyouni
Abdullah Sahyouni Månad sedan
Do you need safety googles/equipment for these tools?
Mostly OUTDOORS Månad sedan
Jared, tie some old rubber wiper inserts around the perimeter of the disc, sooooo much quieter.
AnythingGasoline 2 månader sedan
Is there anything Jared can't do?? :D
YoutubeComments _MD
YoutubeComments _MD 3 månader sedan
I mean rotors go though a lot of heat stress. Don’t cheap out get some new metal
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 3 månader sedan
I've seen guys use a disc sander to knock down those ridges.
Pierre Roberge
Pierre Roberge 3 månader sedan
Jared and Freddy are awesome together
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂ 3 månader sedan
no way that's 15 to a 30 dollar out here in the Netherlands. a mechanic will charge you a minimum of 90 an hour to start with.. then it could be 30 to 40 apiece to finish them... its cheaper to take new ones
Adriatys 3 månader sedan
Lets say i changed the brake pads and did not change the rotors, drove like that for 9 000 km. Now the new pads have adapted to the old rotor. Is it posible to buy a new brake rotor, and trim a milimeter or two from the pads, so the pads have an even surfice? I am asking that because the pads have a lot of meat left on them, so I would trim them ao there is no groves or anything.
ClericChris 3 månader sedan
$70 rotors? Where's this guy getting them? Maybe from the dealer but they are more around $30 from regular parts store or Amazon.
Ricardo Reynoso
Ricardo Reynoso 3 månader sedan
Mad chatter...
The Warped Gasket
The Warped Gasket 3 månader sedan
Unfortunately you can't go to any old parts store like you used to be able to in my area :-( hardly anyone offers rotor turning services anymore
What you mean Thirsty?
What you mean Thirsty? 3 månader sedan
Without a chatterband. Too much percussion my guy
Ron Alexander
Ron Alexander 3 månader sedan
my Mercedes mechanic refuses to turn any rotor, they all come back a month later warped due to metal fatigue
Teemu Uusitalo
Teemu Uusitalo 3 månader sedan
Of course it depends on if you just resurface it because pads had uneven wear and you don't exceed the minimum thickness
Teemu Uusitalo
Teemu Uusitalo 3 månader sedan
Also turning rotors can be hazardous if you have worn pads and the pistons travel too much, not likely but for sure possible
Teemu Uusitalo
Teemu Uusitalo 3 månader sedan
So to refuse is better just due to rotors already being ruined
Teemu Uusitalo
Teemu Uusitalo 3 månader sedan
Main reason for rotor warp is overtorqued wheel lugs/bolts and a warped rotor is likely to warp again.
Laura Stanley
Laura Stanley 3 månader sedan
Jared you are wrench everyday.....looking forward to seeing you take on projects and them finish them in a timely fashion . Please get a highmileage f150 evoboost EcoBoost give it a tuneup excettra a make over cowboy style....gotta be a kingranch.
Simon Abbott
Simon Abbott 4 månader sedan
In the UK we used to skim our brake discs (rotors), but now it is frowned upon and new ones are fitted.
Anakin DB
Anakin DB 4 månader sedan
He went to Jared 😂😂
Zack Schulz
Zack Schulz 4 månader sedan
This is a great format for people who need the background knowledge of these issues. Seriously, "Brakes for Dummies," and other similar series. Good job in the presentation!
Marty G
Marty G 4 månader sedan
Turning a rotor makes it more susceptible to warping and cracking. That is why shops don't want to spend the effort.
Top 10 Everything
Top 10 Everything 4 månader sedan
Great explanation, so that's why my bike doesn't have brakes after cleaning it lol
Gillaflinz 4 månader sedan
Elcangri 13204
Elcangri 13204 4 månader sedan
To bad in New York they don’t do this anymore been years since this been banned
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 4 månader sedan
With most cars rotors are so cheap its a majority of the time cheaper to replace than turn anyway. Fewer and fewer shops turn rotors anymore, and its safer anyway. On some cars it makes more sense to turn them, especially rotors that are harder to find.
CoreyO 4 månader sedan
My local machine shop charges $35/rotor! It makes more sense just to replace them.
Richard E
Richard E 4 månader sedan
Brings me back to auto shop.
DublR81 4 månader sedan
IDK why every time I see the Wrench Everyday logo think Target..There's gotta be a motto joke in there somewhere...maybe "wrench more, work less"
A. B.
A. B. 4 månader sedan
He's so SMART 🧠 👍🏾👍🏾
Random Internet User
Random Internet User 4 månader sedan
I love you so much for showing old tricks of automotive mechanics.
Kajun Lattimore
Kajun Lattimore 4 månader sedan
This place was trying to charge me 600 for this with adding brake pads
Jeffrey Robinson
Jeffrey Robinson 4 månader sedan
You all forgot about tray
travis woods
travis woods 4 månader sedan
Let's take a used thinned rotor and make it thinner. Just spend the extra 10 dollars and get a new one.
Carlos Laboy
Carlos Laboy 4 månader sedan
I have to use that machine in my high school it looks complicated at first but it’s actually pretty easy
David 5 månader sedan
I've caught jared almost mispronouncing words like if hes about say them in a different language in 2 videos now. Or maybe I'm just imagining things 🤔
sinned96 5 månader sedan
The biggest issue I see here is the the cups or Bell clamps is the correct term for them are too small. You should use the largest Bell clamps that you can. That will help with vibration.
epic_ruler01 5 månader sedan
So I just became the proud owner of a 1986 corvette that has been sitting for 7yrs only catch is I gotta get it from it's current home 1100 miles away and it was parked 7yrs ago after the starter died I have been watching alot of this channel to help me as I am a novice mechanic and have never owned something like this so I wanted to know if there was any tips or ways I could get some help being a fellow central Floridian like tavaris idk if I'll get a response but the car has alot bigger story if u guys want yall can reach me @mr.brightside_0.o on instagram
cmorano71 5 månader sedan
I have a question, how come the discs aren't perforated to dissipate the heat? Do they only do that with higher performance cars?
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 5 månader sedan
With today's tolerance there's not much you can turn off on a disc, and price of a new one isn't a fortune these days.
Mohammed Mulla
Mohammed Mulla 5 månader sedan
Is this the same as skimming your brake discs?
Joao Resende
Joao Resende 5 månader sedan
Can you do it in a lathe?
Joao Resende
Joao Resende 4 månader sedan
rob b thanks for the info!
rob b 1
rob b 1 4 månader sedan
Yes. What he used is actually considered a lathe. It is just specialized for brakes and has an attachment to cut both sides at once. A common lathe a machinist would have would cut one side at a time, unless they have an attachment for doing both sides at the same time. Most of the brake lathes are rather light duty and not very accurate compared to a decent lathe. With a regular lathe it often takes more setup time to get it aligned as they are rarely setup for brake rotor work. I have both types of lathes and rarely machine a rotor. And would probably never use my regular lathe as the cast iron is rather dirty and abrasive, and would require covering parts of the lathe along with a good cleanup. About the only reason I would machine a rotor, is if the rotor is fairly new or actually new and not running perfectly true, or I'm changing the pad type. And its on a performance car that might see the benefit. Some rotors are hard to find new that are not a little out of true. Then I might take off a very light cut to true it rather than using tapered shims.
Mehmed Mehmedov
Mehmed Mehmedov 5 månader sedan
Save money. lose life
Bertlins Herbert
Bertlins Herbert 5 månader sedan
Can you do this on a cross drill and slotted rotor?
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 5 månader sedan
You can, but most shops do not like turning them as it will likely damage their cutting bits and they need to be turned very slowly.
iron monkey
iron monkey 5 månader sedan
just slap them on rusty in a week or two they will be shiny
Joy Lng
Joy Lng 5 månader sedan
Oreilys does it or $10 each rotor
TheBlackestBrian 5 månader sedan
piaa2570 5 månader sedan
please don't play with brakes ... put new rotor and pads if u don't want crash ur 10000 car for 100box ...😂😂😂😂 improve brakes with pagid rotors and ebc pads... if u want safer :STAY AT HOME 😂😂😂
sinned96 5 månader sedan
It's not playing with brakes it's normal to turn rotors that's why they put a minimum machine to thickness on them. On your normal street car it doesn't decrease your braking ability at all with the machine rotor now on a race car or a truck that's hauling 40,000 lb then I worry about it a little more
Uncle Todd's Garage
Uncle Todd's Garage 5 månader sedan
Only because I like Jared did I watch a video of him turning rotors.
Bramble 5 månader sedan
Just out of curiosity, would grinding away the lip not be sufficient enough? I don't see the gains out of cutting the whole rotor if there's no damage to it.
Louis Dilley
Louis Dilley 5 månader sedan
Lol, just replace the rotors. They are hardly "that" expensive. Especially if you warp rotors...please.
01V70T5 4LIFE
01V70T5 4LIFE 5 månader sedan
Naw, shops would rather sell new parts, and scrap your old ones for cash. Plus, all the setup, running back and forth, isn't productive.Our parts manager will turn rotors for carry-out service, but techs at my shop don't machine rotors.
refusefntk 5 månader sedan
Do you have a relative named Breanna?
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez 5 månader sedan
LOL @ Tavarish. "I'm f'ing hot. Bye guys..." *Waves*
Lonnie Mcclure
Lonnie Mcclure 5 månader sedan
I need to check the specification on the thickness of the rotor and make sure that it's not too thin I have been certified as a brake mechanic
David Jeffries
David Jeffries 5 månader sedan
i luv the teaching aspect of this channel... i know of how most of the components on a car perform, but only book smart wise, so to actually see it performed with explanation is very helpful to a novice car lover like me, & it gives me a bit more confidence to work on my own cars, up till a point obviously... but thanks 2 jared, & can't wait for more classroom episodes in the future
GTV GTV 5 månader sedan
I've probably done about 20 brake jobs over the years and have never once had a rotor turned.... i might have replaced one or two but never turned... Just sayin...
Richard R
Richard R 5 månader sedan
who is tavarish?
Pete Davis
Pete Davis 5 månader sedan
Can you suggest well known places that do these jobs? How long would all four rotors take to do this process correctly?
gwEm’s gwEmbassy
gwEm’s gwEmbassy 5 månader sedan
It’s nice to have Tavarish as a guest on Jared’s channel
John Ditch
John Ditch 5 månader sedan
yes I used to just put new pads on my 83 reliant till i could see the out line of the rotor cooling fins thru the braking surface. ah but with new rotors the pedal was high and braking was solid at that time rotors could come off after wheel removed and new rotor was $20 410 to have them turned so new was the best choice.
Justin Stein
Justin Stein 5 månader sedan
Thanks for the practical insight, I liked this very much.
W210 Garage
W210 Garage 5 månader sedan
Do not go more than min. thickness!!! Safety at first ;)
Jim Colangelo
Jim Colangelo 5 månader sedan
Turning rotors has never really worked for me. You might get 5000 more miles out but they warp again pretty quickly, plus as others have stated, a shop that'll do it is near impossible to find. I just put brand new ones on when it's time to do brakes.
thesampson 5 månader sedan
holy shit that shop is even more cluttered than freddy's
Chris McGee
Chris McGee 5 månader sedan
Do parts stores still turn rotors or am I just that old?
Jacob Groezinger
Jacob Groezinger 5 månader sedan
On-car lathes are superior. Most "warping" (It's thickness variation) is from excessive runout caused by the hat/hub/bearing. An on-car lathe makes the full assembly true, assuming your wheel bearing isn't defective.
housesteinernz 5 månader sedan
Btw runout(warping)and thickness variation are two different things, rotors can have one without the other or both.
housesteinernz 5 månader sedan
@T&T Auto You offer to match machine the rotors, but i bet you dont match machine every set of NEW rotors you fit to your customers cars? Off car machining is the same as on-car as long as you follow correct procedure checking for hub and rotor runout etc. If i can be within oem tolerance for runout with on or off car machining, how can you say one is better then the other?
housesteinernz 5 månader sedan
That's not correct about the on car lathes, or else it would be standard practice to on car machine new rotors once fitted, which never happens. If the car has a runout problem with the hub or wheel bearing replace that part.
chris bullock
chris bullock 5 månader sedan
Safety glasses Jared. Metal shards in the eyes very painful
Corazon Fears
Corazon Fears 5 månader sedan
They still turn drums and disc?
sinned96 5 månader sedan
Yes sir. I'm a brake lathe service technician. I probably can count about 10,000 brake lathes in the Dallas-Fort Worth North Texas area. And I sell about 20 to 24 of them a year. So yeah they're still out there
Jon Silverstein
Jon Silverstein 5 månader sedan
I have had many rotors turned at my shop and a number of them have come back due to warpage. Ive had to stop turning rotors all together because of the loss of profit. The material isnt what it use to be. I dont know the exacts of the compound, but its definitely not good. I'd lean more towards brand new 100% of the time given the price of rotors nowadays
Peter Canarelli
Peter Canarelli 5 månader sedan
I couldn't find anybody on Long Island to do this anymore I was looking and looking and looking the last shop I know of closed down 10 years ago nobody wants to do it the price of rotors has gotten so cheap they just throw them away and get new ones
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 5 månader sedan
I have a friend with a brake lathe, pretty nice tool to have.
sinned96 5 månader sedan
I have about 40 of them give or take a few but I'm a brake lathe service and repair technician
Jason Day
Jason Day 5 månader sedan
What about heat warping due to the thinner metal?
sinned96 5 månader sedan
Not a big issue on a normal street driven car. Now on a race car or a vehicle hauling 40,000 pounds behind it then I'd worry about it
FiveMadNess 5 månader sedan
So is this tavarish channel anymore? What happened?
Andrei 5 månader sedan
Great thumbnail. One rotor before and a different rotor after 🙃
Charles Burke
Charles Burke 5 månader sedan
The old Amoco brake and drum lathes we used to use in the Midas shop I worked for back in the early 90's had adjustable rubber wheels on stalks that we could ride on the rotor during the initial rough cut to stop the harmonics.
Frank Abbott
Frank Abbott 5 månader sedan
Dangerous? Or dirty?
disgustapated 5 månader sedan
They aren’t exactly warped, the molecular structure of the iron has been altered by the heat cycles. Also, put some damn PPE on.
Pewdipie triggered me
Pewdipie triggered me 5 månader sedan
Guy's i think tavarish or aka freddy own this channel and boy he knows how to fix super broken cars
Great channel and enjoy your knowledge and hard work. If you ever need a unique 90’s vehicle for future content, look me up, I am local. You inspired me to get going on my garage project, but I need to find an honest shop like yours to pay to get me over my hump. Keep the videos coming. Thank you.
Mackenzie Cohen
Mackenzie Cohen 5 månader sedan
Used to be a daily routine for me and why is jarred not using a vibration band
Paul P
Paul P 5 månader sedan
You really should make good practice of using a die grinder with a cookie to sand down the inside of the rotor hat that way you don't get vibrations and get a bad cut. Same goes for the on-car lathe
Rafael Laureano
Rafael Laureano 5 månader sedan
Ah the good Ole brake lathe
Don Heston
Don Heston 5 månader sedan
It cost like 30$ to get em turned an most of the time it only cost a little more for a brand new one
Daniel 5 månader sedan
Can “warped” rotors be turned assuming end result is still in thickness spec?
Viraqua 5 månader sedan
Yes. It's one of the main reasons to turn a rotor.
Scott O'Doherty
Scott O'Doherty 5 månader sedan
Is that a mk3 golf in the background with an intercooler?
Adam McAllister
Adam McAllister 5 månader sedan
we don't get to see the whirlwind Go Pro footage on the end of the lathe??
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 5 månader sedan
It sadly ended up unusable.
InappropriateVideos 5 månader sedan
Most places around here charge $40 per rotor. So I just end up buying new ones every time.
sinned96 5 månader sedan
$40 where do you live
nauthizzz 5 månader sedan
That's a great "We really don't want to do it, but will if you insist" price.
Keith Spencer Sr.
Keith Spencer Sr. 5 månader sedan
Haven’t seen that done on brake rotors years, outstanding video
Marviken plowing and racing
Marviken plowing and racing 5 månader sedan
my dad,s old BMW 1800 cs had from factory non-cooled front roters and drum brakes in the rear, but now it has the brakes form the BMW 3.0 csl which is cooled disc brakes front and rear.
Mike Power
Mike Power 5 månader sedan
Good video
Dennis-steven Moffit
Dennis-steven Moffit 5 månader sedan
Last time I tried to have this done they wanted a full hour of shop time which was $60. Given that 2 new rotors were $60, I oped for new ebay rotors. It's too bad this isn't done more often, lots of wasted rotors. Good content, make me want as brake lathe.
Nighthawk12 5 månader sedan
I wished I could find a shop where I live to turn rotors for $10-20 all the shops around me charge just as much as a new set would cost me.
Phil Regent
Phil Regent 5 månader sedan
When does edd China who does all the work, I mean Jared leave and get his own gig
The Fixer
The Fixer 5 månader sedan
Place I take mine will sand. Last them too... they look new when done!!
Franz Bernhard
Franz Bernhard 5 månader sedan
I'm lucky with part prices on my little old car: a set of good quality rotors in the front will cost only 24€, but they are also tiny solid rotors. Way smaller than normal rotors on the rear axle of a new car. Drilled Brembo's are about 58€ for the set. It will help when the car only weigh 780kg or 1720 pounds, parts get cheap :-)
Chance White
Chance White 5 månader sedan
Keep in mind that bench lathes are inherently not true and will always machine a small amount of runout into a rotor. This will cause vibration under braking in any performance car or really any car made around or after the year 2000. Use an on-car lathe or replace your rotors for the best results!
The guy with the Truck
The guy with the Truck 5 månader sedan
So glad Jarred brought up the Pulsar... it was the first car i thought of too because I used to own one
Good Ol Boy #76
Good Ol Boy #76 5 månader sedan
Well you answered the only question I had LOL. I use the slotted rotters on my truck.
Falyssa Mayhew
Falyssa Mayhew 5 månader sedan
I had to take my car to my mechanic because my roommate put my pads on wrong. Passenger side was correct but rotor hadn't been turned. Driver side was incorrect and chewed my rotor to the point that I needed a new rotor which cost my $40 for that piece.
Newbies Work on Cars
Newbies Work on Cars 5 månader sedan
Most the cars i have it cost about 100 for brakes, rotors, shims, and kit comes with brake cleaner and brake fluid. So doing this is not an economical choice.
Dipesh Patel
Dipesh Patel 5 månader sedan
Did anyone else notice the white 300zx on the lift?
bbotelhoHI 5 månader sedan
Idk where you’re finding someone to resurface rotors for $10. Last time I inquired about resurfacing, it was between $40-60 each. Unfortunately parts are now cheaper than labor, so skills like this are being lost, because it’s more economical to replace rather than repair.
BLISSFUL FAPPER 5 månader sedan
I just bought two new rotors on ebay for 45 dollars for the pair and at the auto parts store wanted 79 each rotor.
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