Here's What NO ONE Tells You About Doing A "Cheap" Junkyard LS Swap (NOT EASY)

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Wrench Every Day

5 månader sedan

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Today, Jared takes on finalizing the mid-engined junkyard Corvette/LS swap in the International 1010, and unlike what you'd see on a TV show, not everything goes as planned.
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David Windsor
David Windsor 4 månader sedan
Check out the SEpost channel the skid factory. Al makes up exhaust headers. When nothing fits. Worth a look. 👍👌
George Dimitrov
George Dimitrov 4 månader sedan
would love to see a video on how you build the wiring harness for this LS? i think people who are curious about these LS swaps (which i think there is lots of!) would also appreciate that
George Dimitrov
George Dimitrov 4 månader sedan
i love this build Jared! it's nice to see people building stuff with scrap yard parts, not ordering $3000 titanium stuff! excited to see more of this!
xKuivs 4 månader sedan
did i just see a yugo??!
Jamison Timberfalling
Jamison Timberfalling 4 månader sedan
"Slip it in the hole, see how much of a struggle it is to get it in there, and see how much wiggling you have to do." Lol
Cole DeSantis
Cole DeSantis 4 månader sedan
I hate when you can’t get it in the hole without struggling and wiggling.
Rock Crusher
Rock Crusher 4 månader sedan
Love the channel but you repeat yourself too much, with all respect. Why not fender wall headers?
Jay Johnston
Jay Johnston 4 månader sedan
Hmmmm You Should have Gone Big Ole Diesel in that @WrenchEveryDay Much ore fun than a Petrol burning electronic thing Excellent Work Jared Really Enjoying the build
Nick Steele
Nick Steele 4 månader sedan
Hey Jared why not run the manifolds through the wheel wells like have them come sort of straight out then down and out the sides or if you want them to come out the back then you could just run them down the frame rails and that might actually fix your header problem but I do know I'm pretty late on this and you might have figured it out already but thought you might like that idea and could use it but great job man it's looking awesome stay safe man
Bogdan Rzeźnik
Bogdan Rzeźnik 4 månader sedan
About QOTD - polish mechanics have better version of it - If you can't make it just throw out your SIM card and move out. Customer will forget after few years.
CoreyO 4 månader sedan
You could run a high ram intake without even clearancing the hood, let alone putting a hole in it.
Sam the artist formerly known as s4l
Sam the artist formerly known as s4l 4 månader sedan
Bringing jared on fulltime was a great idea!
CrazyAssPotter 4 månader sedan
Site A needs a fuzzy judgemental supervisor like what site B and C have.
GrimJackien 4 månader sedan
I don't know if this is the worst idea in the world, but as the engine is so low and far back, would you be able to fit a manifold upside down and back to front (i.e. flow going up and towards the front of the truck). I know it would not be a straight pipe but could fill up the engine bay a bit.
Craig Walker
Craig Walker 4 månader sedan
Would you not go over the top of the rail and then under the car. Plenty of room
D C 4 månader sedan
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 4 månader sedan
Cut the frame box it in
Cykauski Naranj
Cykauski Naranj 5 månader sedan
JAred how do you make money to do all this stufff
Bruce Everett
Bruce Everett 5 månader sedan
Why don’t you notch the frame I’ve done it twice now and as long as you box it you will be fine
michael kidd
michael kidd 5 månader sedan
I thought I was watching a infomercial!!!! But wait there's more......
eddie yocom
eddie yocom 5 månader sedan
Where these broken with hand tools?I know you should not have to but?
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 5 månader sedan
Weld on a washer then a nut wrks better for the ones broken off inside deeper.
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 5 månader sedan
Interrupted the video for a 2MIN AD...ffs. Jared from the future indeed.
okie4ever 5 månader sedan
I wanted to watch but SEpost put too many ads in. Sorry
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 5 månader sedan
I love my Kove headphones
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado 5 månader sedan
What is the reason to put the engine so low ?
nick alexander
nick alexander 5 månader sedan
Turbos for days best thing said on the internet today
Maksym Petrenko
Maksym Petrenko 5 månader sedan
'Talking care of small things' - achieve more in 5 days than me in 5 months!
Steve D Wong
Steve D Wong 5 månader sedan
Just for the sake of nit picking, exhaust manifold = O.E.M. exhaust piece that starts bolted to a cylinder head. A Header is an aftermarket product designed to boost efficiency of exhaust gases that leads to potential horsepower & torque gains.....right? Cheers's from East-Van B.C. Canada.
Bryce L.
Bryce L. 5 månader sedan
Hey man I'm not the person to go out of my way and type a comment and especially one like this but you are one of the very few people on SEpost that is true to your work and authentic. I really like the fact that you and tavarish work together to. Once again man you're my favorite SEpostr and I would love if you could like this comment
William H.
William H. 5 månader sedan
You could use short headers. Maybe those would work.
Tom Judson
Tom Judson 5 månader sedan
Soo, now I’m invested in two builds Earl and Johnny Reb , any estimate on new videos? Love to see one finished...
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 5 månader sedan
Jared just finished an episode’s worth of work and I’m editing now.
Chris Craven
Chris Craven 5 månader sedan
u should do like 8 tinny turbos since u have sm room for activities
Seth Jones
Seth Jones 5 månader sedan
I worked at a Vette shop for a few years in college. And one of the easy upgrades for the cast engines is swapping the ls6 heads on.(243) Definitely worth the time to swap the heads away from the 317 heads.
Ryan Hard
Ryan Hard 5 månader sedan
+1 on I used them as reference for making an ls1 work with everything in my 95 camaro. I was surprised just how many changes I had to make.
Jeremiah Anderson
Jeremiah Anderson 5 månader sedan
Make your own headers
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith 5 månader sedan
Small block Mopar engine swaps used to be common for old I H vehicles. Now I know why.
Deksam101 5 månader sedan
Some wireless headphones like the ones l had killed my wifi to my computer, took me a week to figure that out. I thought my internet provider was limmiting my internet. Nope! Headphones!
Dirk Fromhein
Dirk Fromhein 5 månader sedan
Ummm... you do realize the headphones use Bluetooth not Wifi? If they are impacting one another you have more serious issues 🤣
Tommy G
Tommy G 5 månader sedan
What's the story on the yugo? Man they are fun little car's.
owerseer 5 månader sedan
Hahahahah, why is there a Jugo in the backround?
chris hunter
chris hunter 5 månader sedan
Nice hair cut
Trumps still your president
Trumps still your president 5 månader sedan
Weres earl leaker?
sparkplug1018 5 månader sedan
What no one, except Jared tells you is, theres no such thing as a cheap OR easy LS swap! It still amazes me to this day hearing people spout off this BS that all you need is an afternoon at the junkyard and you're good to go. Great video Jared, fun project, keep these coming man.
Larry Baker
Larry Baker 5 månader sedan
Try some finderwell headers. Route them over the frame then back like they are going to side pipes.
gmugrumbach 5 månader sedan
Custom headers out of the side? :)
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray 5 månader sedan
Great job.....but Tesa tape for the harness please.
Jomarlin Montilla
Jomarlin Montilla 5 månader sedan
Why not just get custom headers made ??? I don’t get it , you have the tools and if you don’t know how too, I know you know some one who does.
TenHeadLife 5 månader sedan
Man it seem ridiculous the motor sits sooooo far back when there’s so much space in the front
Kevin Sukdolak
Kevin Sukdolak 5 månader sedan
You should put a decal on the sides of the bed that looks almost exactly like the original Johnny Reb except substitute the confederate flag for say if you're from ga...the ga state flag
zack hamel
zack hamel 5 månader sedan
I hope this thing goes to SEMA..
Shade Tree Dad
Shade Tree Dad 5 månader sedan
Also, Jared needs a badass mullet...I can see the turbos spoolin’ and hair flow in’ now!
Shade Tree Dad
Shade Tree Dad 5 månader sedan
PLEASE Twin Turbo that thing! Two turbos, don’t touch the paint=ultimate sleeper!
Benjamin Kamben
Benjamin Kamben 5 månader sedan
Nice haircut Jared!
ty Co
ty Co 5 månader sedan
The holley headers for the 1st gen s10 ls swap headers are probably best hope same tight area like s10s
tonyrod86 5 månader sedan
Two jarod's don't break the internet😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jon A
Jon A 5 månader sedan
Jared,would it be possible to run the exhaust outside of the frame rails?
EFEZZE6280 5 månader sedan
Sorry but Jared you're so hot 🔥
Lych Rose
Lych Rose 5 månader sedan
A supercharger would look better since it is a muscle truck
Steve Gee
Steve Gee 5 månader sedan
When you start to look for the IH parts, one of the best sources is Coonrods International truck parts in Grant, CO. (Outside of Denver).
Curtis Carté
Curtis Carté 5 månader sedan
When he took the earphones the doggo was like “HEY! I was listening to that!” 😂
Josh H
Josh H 5 månader sedan
nice haricut
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez 5 månader sedan
Maybe you can use a set of headers like they use in gassers, they go up the frame and out to the sides
989x 5 månader sedan
Jared , look into schoenfeld 1302ls1 headers
Michel te Braake
Michel te Braake 5 månader sedan
If it had been easy, you wouldn't have started. Anyone can do an easy job.
Chris Brooks-west
Chris Brooks-west 5 månader sedan
Ls engines are shit. Barra engine is the way to go
Danny Meijer
Danny Meijer 5 månader sedan
Why not flip the headers? Plenty of space above the engine.. and since you are planning to run turbos anyway - I think you can make that work
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 5 månader sedan
Jared- "Let's slip it in the hole, see how big of a struggle it is and see how much wiggling we gotta do"
Joe Ireland
Joe Ireland 5 månader sedan
Supercharged and turbocharged? 🔥Enough room
bosqueboys 5 månader sedan
2010 Camaro exhaust manifolds tuck closer to the motor than the truck manifolds
MasterBolitz 5 månader sedan
Build your own exhaust manifold that goes over the frame rail
Golden Sim
Golden Sim 5 månader sedan
SoooOO... whats going on with the 300zx ? (o_O )zZ
o Rebelo
o Rebelo 5 månader sedan
Jared is constructing. A kick ass scout 👍 he’s making sure the truck doesn’t lag power
Mark Renn
Mark Renn 5 månader sedan
Why in the heck is there a Yugo sitting there?
James. 5 månader sedan
Can’t help but think the engine is just too low and too far back. Everything would work so much easier if it was just up and forward a bit. And that bay is huge, still plenty of room for spoolies
Red Rolo
Red Rolo 5 månader sedan
"What do you think Pyrrha?" Heck man I don't know, I'm just dog!
David Nuckols
David Nuckols 5 månader sedan
You had the same.idea I did. A header kit and run them straight out over the outside of the frame. This thing is going to scream!
S. H
S. H 5 månader sedan
Not trying to be a ass but, I enjoy Jared more then Tarvish. The guy is just awesome!
Chris McCammon
Chris McCammon 5 månader sedan
Nice job guys
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 5 månader sedan
Got an Idea, since I saw you have a Yugo, put the Corvette motor in it, just an idea.
Bret Linford
Bret Linford 5 månader sedan
GREAT haircut! 😀👍🏻
Cyopolis 5 månader sedan
Here I was hoping you were rebuilding a 396 international motor and needed a stock holley 4 barrel carb for it... just cause I happened to pick one up on the cheap side... never the less... I found this 4 barrel carb unpriced in a flea market, wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box and the owner said he pulled it out of a house he rehabbed. I asked what he wanted for it... he replied "I 'unno... 20 bucks"... I said "Take my money!" and now I have a 4 barrel holley for 20 bucks... turns out it wasn't anything super special but it does happen to be an original part or at least replacement for a 396 international motor from a pickup truck... it only moves 350 to 450 cfm or something like that so I am not going to use it for my camaro that I am building (which currently has an edlebrock on it from a previous owner)... so I am just sitting on it until I find someone that needs it...
Ian xydias
Ian xydias 5 månader sedan
Are you going to "notch" the firewall over the other valve cover to allow maintenance access ?
Dan and Yong
Dan and Yong 5 månader sedan
Ok, run custom headers directly over frame rails in front of firewall, and run the exhaust down on the outside of frame rails... appears to have room
Charles Carter
Charles Carter 5 månader sedan
And what was the reason for the LS being in so far and low? Just can't rember why.
4x4 play
4x4 play 5 månader sedan
sorry, meant subframe not crossmember duh.
4x4 play
4x4 play 5 månader sedan
it is where the crossmember of the suspension sat as far as low. the setback is so the shifter will be in a normal spot.
Randy Booth
Randy Booth 5 månader sedan
Flip those headers around for the turbos
cHilLz0Ne 5 månader sedan
Pleeeease more Phyra Camshots 😍
robert caldwell
robert caldwell 5 månader sedan
Ok,how many things did you kick while you were brainstorming? Lol... Stay after it. It's a car. What could go wrong?
Stephen Moncrieff
Stephen Moncrieff 5 månader sedan
Just curious why if you have the all aluminum Corvette engine you would rather use a regular old 6.0L iron block one??
John Schindler II
John Schindler II 5 månader sedan
Can you mount the exaust manifolds to go on the outside of the frame like a gasser drag racer?
chedons91 5 månader sedan
What are you doing with Yugo?
Aaron Damron
Aaron Damron 5 månader sedan
The wisdom to step away and come back obviously comes with experience! Keep at it man, this is a great series!
Iceever 5 månader sedan
Supercharge truck?
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Would you be so kind as to give me a how to guide after I shred 4 bolts @8pm on a weekend without a mig welder would greatly appreciate your guidance during these confusing times
Axel Rubio Carrillo
Axel Rubio Carrillo 5 månader sedan
The batwing is Texas shaped
madmunki creations
madmunki creations 5 månader sedan
personal opinion I would go with a set of twin spooly boiz it would be pretty kool.
grantyells 5 månader sedan
No one: Jared: Ol' pan
Patrick McCrime Dog
Patrick McCrime Dog 5 månader sedan
I don't know a whole lot about structural rigidity issues, but that frame looks like it has a whole lot of real estate to take from and still retain stiffness. Cut and box the clearance you need for the headers and call it a day.
Paul Robert
Paul Robert 5 månader sedan
Shouldn't have skipped the welding of the bolt stuck below the surface. Should have zoomed in.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 5 månader sedan
Our editor is still learning what super technical to leave in versus what to cut. This originally was about 45 minutes! When you are trying to weld a stud below the surface you want to carefully start center and just build some length to it before attempting to weld it to the nut. You may need to retap the threads once it is out but it works 85% of the time. And there is more boxing of the frame to come, everything has to come out at least once more so the frame will get painted!
Paul Robert
Paul Robert 5 månader sedan
You should be painting the inside of that frame and engine bay before putting anything in it. Come on you guys have money now.
pkt1213 5 månader sedan
You know what would fix your exhaust and other problems? An LS swap. You can LS swap it for under $1000 with no issues. 🤣
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