Hiding a MID-ENGINED CORVETTE Under Our Old Rare Pickup Truck Body (Budget SUPERCAR!)

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Wrench Every Day

6 månader sedan

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Today, Jared builds a mid-engined, Corvette powered International 1010. This should be an absolute MONSTER, but there are a few speed bumps along the way...
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phantom walker
phantom walker 2 månader sedan
i hope you paid this guy for his work,he dont look real happy,regardles if this gets him work or not.he should be paid.
phantom walker
phantom walker 2 månader sedan
its not a race car,your just creating work for yourself,. id fit the motor box,upgrade stock susp.job done.keep it simple.
MarkFromSales 2 månader sedan
"Need to change the spark plug on #8" --- ya, that's a cab-off job
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 2 månader sedan
All the plugs are easy to get to, through the wheel well!
Life of Chuck
Life of Chuck 3 månader sedan
Not exactly mid engine, I would call it more engine setbacked,,, but a pretty Awesome ride for sure...
matt vorhees
matt vorhees 3 månader sedan
Where is this mid engine truck? Watched the whole video and didnt see one??????
David Windsor
David Windsor 4 månader sedan
Top fab work by the boys. And Randy. Awesome.👍👌
Todd Scott
Todd Scott 4 månader sedan
Boscos a cool dog.
Barry Elkin
Barry Elkin 4 månader sedan
Let’s get some tape on those intake ports. Nuff said!
me none
me none 4 månader sedan
Nice Scout in the back ground! I have a 73 Scout 2 and a 79 Scout traveler.
Tony the Shadetree
Tony the Shadetree 4 månader sedan
Top notch work! But, "we're tying up the upper control arms so not to put all the weight and stress on the bottom ball joints" followed by letting the bottom ball joints taking all the weight and stress by letting the upper control arms hang.
Mkittredge3 4 månader sedan
Power looked a lot different in the 70's.
Josh Dieffenbach
Josh Dieffenbach 4 månader sedan
That's a international. Youle have to hit it alot harder than that lol.. with the hood on the roof... I think it needs a windshield visor now lol
US4FREEDOM 0U812 4 månader sedan
I take it you are those guys that escape the mental health facility last month .I heard upon your escape one of you bought a 2 dollar power ball lotto ticket and won the jackpot .. Only some insane guys with loads of money Could dream this up and then do it. Great job on practicing Social Distancing. Not easy to do while building a car or truck .but you did it.
Shannon Wyatt
Shannon Wyatt 4 månader sedan
Like my boss would say, don't force it, use a bigger hammer.
Bob Sears
Bob Sears 4 månader sedan
I would put poverty wheels on it.
Anglers Corner
Anglers Corner 4 månader sedan
Don’t keep the rims. That rim would look good as a 20” rims
No.1 4 månader sedan
That is an absolutely BRUTAL steering column angle. SMH
No.1 4 månader sedan
Go to 11:12 and repeat after me: "I AM IRON MAN!" It's your new nickname, bud.
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 4 månader sedan
More room for twin charging 🤷‍♂️ lots of room for a massive supercharger, and a turbo.
David Jeep
David Jeep 4 månader sedan
drop seat to floor ,an get your steering
CoreyO 4 månader sedan
GRC and Jared: Engine and front suspension swap, 3 days Me: remove 1 rounded off nut, 2 days
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 4 månader sedan
What's wrong with Cardboard Aided Design? Don't you watch Bad Obsession Motorsport? 😁
Busters Garage
Busters Garage 4 månader sedan
For crash readiness, anything before 67 has almost none.. post-67 (at least in cars) they got collapsable steering columns. (aka, non-shishkabab type) My 61 Falcon didn't even come with seat belts to keep you from hitting the unpadded stamped steel dashboard... lol!
firecatsrt 4 månader sedan
"budget build" proceeds to use cnc plasma cutter
shartne 4 månader sedan
Real nice work. Mid engine thats really sporty it should handle like a dream?
Alanmony 4 månader sedan
This is not "mid-engine"
Mick Australia
Mick Australia 4 månader sedan
Put a barra in it
Matt B
Matt B 4 månader sedan
Put one of those led Infinity mirrors ontop the engine!
Big Dan
Big Dan 4 månader sedan
Idea ! line a trunk in the spare space . Lift the hood and access the bonnet . BUT , clip the fenders and TILT the front cap , to service the engine ! KA , friggin' BOOOOM ! ! ! ! NO ONE , has that !
James G
James G 4 månader sedan
Well being in Clevland Ga you have plenty of curvy mtn roads close ...i live in Toccoa so there are plenty between here and there also especially headed up towards Hiawassee
Eugene 4 månader sedan
Have you considered hinging the front sheet metal so that it all opens forward to.allow max access to engine bay
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo 4 månader sedan
I'm curious when you say we are building this or that are you actually doing anything other than commentating because it seems to me like those guys at the shop or the ones that are doing everything mechanically oh, I mean I'm just saying there's a difference between Hands-On and paying somebody to do the job. I can say the guys at that job are definitely top notch
Krusty Pickles Gaming
Krusty Pickles Gaming 4 månader sedan
with it that low you could make an engine cover and make a "frunk" if you wanted. make people really wonder
The what
The what 4 månader sedan
Truck is awesome, but keep car wheels on cars and step up to some better Truck wheels for sure.
Ron Son
Ron Son 4 månader sedan
Interesting build but I don’t get the mid-engine reference in the title...
Dinos04 4 månader sedan
Love seeing these old internationals!
Zvark Fitzell
Zvark Fitzell 4 månader sedan
Not mid engine your almost right just you realise it’s not far enough back the Mazda rx7 has its motor behind its front wheel and is that frickin mid engine nooo
steze48 4 månader sedan
OOPS! Steering column too long...Shorten it...
Kurt Bilinski
Kurt Bilinski 4 månader sedan
Everyone twists the definition of "mid-engine", okay, okay. Was really hoping that you'd also be using the Corvette's rear transaxle!
Brad 4 månader sedan
sooo much more room for activities!!!!
Don Davis
Don Davis 4 månader sedan
Does the boy forget hes hitting a 50 year old truck it's made of metal not tin cans
V LM 4 månader sedan
What mid-engine corvette did you get this motor from? The only mid-engine corvette is a c8.
joe Dirt
joe Dirt 4 månader sedan
It's all been done before... Great content.. Keep trying.
After Thought
After Thought 4 månader sedan
Yeah , the weels roll but they look terrible . Please not chrome , simple period 60's 70's , even 5 sloters or even kidney beans .
paul andrews
paul andrews 4 månader sedan
now i seen the whole thing , and it pisses me off . theirs been many proper mid engine trucks , utes , they were first not you . dont ruin your channel , until now have enjoyed it . its a low front engine ,very interesting . thats what your building
paul andrews
paul andrews 4 månader sedan
thats not mid engine , water pump is in front of center line . all mid engines are normally were back seat is . i like your content but rename this video
devin whiting
devin whiting 5 månader sedan
hey we did mthat with an 350 3\4 488-292 cam in a s10
william klein
william klein 5 månader sedan
Why not shorten the steering column to improve the steering shaft angle?
Junior Rackley
Junior Rackley 5 månader sedan
Make the front end tilt for access
eltigreandthewalrus 5 månader sedan
It’s amazing how something that looks so small “engine” can make so much power. Awesome build, can’t wait to see the rest of it.
herb tender
herb tender 5 månader sedan
lots of room for twin turbos Just saying
Dan Frederick
Dan Frederick 5 månader sedan
Not to criticize, but your upper A-frames really should not be running downhill from the frame to the Ball joints. You’re going to gain camber on suspension compression. Exactly what you don’t want
Mark Pascoe
Mark Pascoe 5 månader sedan
I meant 454
Mark Pascoe
Mark Pascoe 5 månader sedan
Always loved and owned Barnyard Buicks. We did sledge hammer adjustments to a 70 Blazer to get a 455 in it. Clutch lever and distributor needed more room
T3nn3ss33 R0ll3r
T3nn3ss33 R0ll3r 5 månader sedan
Supercharge it
julia baldo
julia baldo 5 månader sedan
Nice welds!!
Chuck Lenhart
Chuck Lenhart 5 månader sedan
If your going to swing the beater like a girl swing it like a big girl. lol. Love the concept.
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
Look up custom builds world wide. )
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
To much rules to much safety
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
Go into custom build world wide. 100 percent done there all paper work done there. Make easyer to transfer to other countries. If you do a mod then send impossible. ( here Australia can not do what you guys are doing. The vicheles will never be on the road. Take care guys
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
Nice welds )
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
Never happen Australia ( be safe guys
mick00000000002 5 månader sedan
Crack in chassis rail. Are you guys thinking safety,????
C Erhart
C Erhart 5 månader sedan
Aw, man! You need to build another Binder into a semistock sneaky beast.
REF III 5 månader sedan
15:00 text to Freddy. Hey Freddy I got a really cool idea for a ford model t and a McLaren or Ferrari engine.
berrystrim 5 månader sedan
I would of liked to watch the entire video but the amount of ad’s some of you people run are getting out of control
scott spencer
scott spencer 5 månader sedan
The first one I know of was a mid engine el camino.Had a 540 ci( i believe that's what it was) with a blower in the bed against the back of the cab. But it wasn't an International.
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 5 månader sedan
Shaq has the true supertruck.
Doug at Desert demon garage 777
Doug at Desert demon garage 777 5 månader sedan
Mid engine is behind the driver
David Reed
David Reed 5 månader sedan
So just a thought but you cant run the headers since your frame rails are boxed right? can you fab the headers into the box and out again using flexible connections? That I dont think has ever been done that I know of. I mean that would run the entire length of the frame as your pipes would be the frame rails ! It seems that every build folks do the Exhaust is the last thing CRAMMED INTO the rig and most of the time it screws with heating up fuel and brake lines. I just wonder what it would sound like to I bet Flat BAD ASS no mufflers just boxed frame BOOMING down the road
To much fun with gas
To much fun with gas 5 månader sedan
Not really what I'd call a mid-engine. I read that and thought MID engine. I know, before you jump it is technically a mid-engine design, but I think its more a lowered and setback regular truck. I do like what you've done, just mis titled what has been done. Good work/ wrong name.
Robert Hinkle
Robert Hinkle 5 månader sedan
Love it my brother is putting a 6.0 ls in a 75 ford wedge bed aka ramp truck
Duane White
Duane White 5 månader sedan
Sorry my cousins already done that badass truck though fast son of a b**** with that motor in it I'll say his was a 65 Chevy short bed
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 5 månader sedan
These guys were so fun. I will miss them.
Chloe Hennessey
Chloe Hennessey 5 månader sedan
This needs a ProCharger. Check out the Oldsmobile 400 powered Mazda pickup w/V drive. 😂😂😂
dicky doodle
dicky doodle 5 månader sedan
Weld the fenders hood and front together and make the whole thing hinge forward..it would be cool and easier to work on
tsmall07 5 månader sedan
That's going to be wild!
John geezee
John geezee 5 månader sedan
cast headers... nah you need turbo log manifolds and a couple twins under the hood to fill some of that space
Conspicuous Live Media
Conspicuous Live Media 5 månader sedan
I do sorta love how much effort you all are putting in trying to fit some shabby old shit, into some vastly worse crusty old crap. If you manage to pull this nightmare off, then it's full credit to you.
Spencer Zimmer
Spencer Zimmer 5 månader sedan
Jared I'm really glad you're pushing out the content so quickly to keep us entertained while the country is going through it's trials. I enjoy the great content, your smarts and genuine passion for vehicles and the great video production quality! Keep it up!
Dan Schuster
Dan Schuster 5 månader sedan
Wth all that room there is no question, it needs a 8-1 equal length headers out the pass fender!
Fritz Kocher
Fritz Kocher 5 månader sedan
Insane and complex, amazing
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg 5 månader sedan
..this thing is gonna ripp when she is finished!!!.....is it me or does the angle on the motor seem to be a little straight. ...shouldn't the nose of the motor be pointed slightly up to achieve the 3° drive line angle...........it does look fucking sick though guys...good shit ,about time we see something different
John Willia
John Willia 6 månader sedan
how about long tube headers outside the frame
Neil Perry
Neil Perry 6 månader sedan
Put a fake charging point on it so people think it's been EV'd. .... Then when you start it up you've junked them.
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd 6 månader sedan
You need to body drop that truck and get that frame tucked up. No point putting all that work into lowering the engine if you have that 1000lb body sitting way up high.
Bill Baggins
Bill Baggins 6 månader sedan
I think those wheels are a good look on there!
DeefBass 6 månader sedan
I really hope the red steelies come back. Those wheels just work.
George Cramer
George Cramer 6 månader sedan
i need one of those GRC fabrication shirts those are my initials and i do some light fabrication work.
Jose Briceno
Jose Briceno 6 månader sedan
Twin turbos please please
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. 6 månader sedan
Factory approved adjustments.
Anurup Lama
Anurup Lama 6 månader sedan
Its going to be an awesome build 👍
Moe Green
Moe Green 6 månader sedan
Why so serious to the bearded ... have sime more fun .. yiu love this stuff might as well laugh while its getting done.
Kayleb Bice
Kayleb Bice 6 månader sedan
Gotta keep it ratty on the red steelies for sure, maybe widen the back wheels for more traction but otherwise keep it simple
DaPulsarMan90 6 månader sedan
Jarred… Did anyone say fit a 6/71???? 🤣
hi2meb 6 månader sedan
Put a giant Cletus MacFarlane Ruby style turbo in this thing and then shut the hood. That would be awesome
Muadib223 6 månader sedan
Concerned about handling in a pickup truck?
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 6 månader sedan
i vote for the frunk in the front
Vincent Bertolini
Vincent Bertolini 6 månader sedan
Wahoo! Gotta send love from Ohio!
Carson Huffman
Carson Huffman 6 månader sedan
Who else wants to see a massive 3.0L whipple on this bad unit?
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