How To Do A $2000 Major Engine Service For LESS THAN $100 (Without Screwing Up)

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Wrench Every Day

9 månader sedan

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Today we learn all about how to save thousands of dollars at the dealership by doing a major engine service known as valve stem seal replacement, yourself.
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Project Z
Project Z 4 månader sedan
would love to see more 300zx content in the future
Trap Velma
Trap Velma 6 månader sedan
Does jared have his own channel?
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Jared is awesome
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
always wear gloves, well done Jared. My mate 67 has a medical condition caused by years of oil on his hands, he is very unwell and only has a few years left to live. forced to retire into a live cut short by the cancerous properties oil has. Atsdr you dont have to remove that spot welded pannel that just makes it easier.
CHUDHUCKER 7 månader sedan
Hi Jarred, wondering if you checked the clearances and how much they have changed from spec?
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul 7 månader sedan
This is gold. Fellow Floridian love.
Jean-Claude Van Rooyen
Jean-Claude Van Rooyen 7 månader sedan
Hey Jared & Tavarish... I hope you guys don't mind me asking, but whats happening with the Audi R8 on the lift?
RadimentriX 7 månader sedan
zed = normal pronounciation zee = for the mentally challenged *hides*
Nenu Marius
Nenu Marius 8 månader sedan
One way I keep those valves up, without using shop air, is to slide a balloon through the spark plug hole and inflate it.
mat4288 8 månader sedan
Love the bitch mittens Jared
Meh. 8 månader sedan
I love this format that you guys have going on.
Derek Fish
Derek Fish 8 månader sedan
Put your shims in egg cartons to keep them in order maybe?
Tiger ,
Tiger , 8 månader sedan
Can you do a video like this for the LS or LT?
Peter Foster
Peter Foster 8 månader sedan
My cuties😘
Jason Day
Jason Day 8 månader sedan
I just clean stuff with petrol, I mean, not around the house, but you know what I mean....
Rich Sian
Rich Sian 8 månader sedan
given that you are trying to speak my language, how is it Zee rather than Zed?, this is an ongoing issue for me as my girlfriend is American
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 8 månader sedan
Even cheaper and more reliable than modifying a compression tester is a LONG piece of soft rope. Back down the piston in question a few degrees from TDC, shove all the rope that will fit into the spark plug hole with a tail left to pull it back out, GENTLY turn the crank back towards TDC until you feel the rope compressing against the valves. Downside is you have to get a feel for how much rope is needed, and you need to turn the crank to TDC for each piston in turn, and return the crank back to the timing mark when you are done. Upside is there is no risk at all of accidentally unseating the valve against the air pressure, and you don't need to leave the air compressor running the whole time as the air leaks by. If you need to leave the job half done (if for example you dropped a keeper in the gravel driveway) you can.
Leslie Hayward
Leslie Hayward 8 månader sedan
Jarrid is the best!
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 8 månader sedan
Jared has solidified my love for his best comment. Make questionable choices is and always will be perfect.
Rudradev Arya
Rudradev Arya 9 månader sedan
Hey professor Jared sir I am not able to understand how are you going to prevent the polyurethane body kit from melting please explain
Mark Potemra
Mark Potemra 9 månader sedan
I had an 88' Chevy S-10 4.3L V6 valve seals was leaking. It called for 5qts of oil. I used 4 qts Valvoline max life oil and 1 qt of Lucas oil additive and in recondition the rubber in the valve seals.
Joshua Ratcliffe
Joshua Ratcliffe 9 månader sedan
Has Wrench every day become Jarreds channel? I'm not complaining, I love it
SFF RACING 9 månader sedan
is that a rotary under the Ferarri in the background?
Jason Storm
Jason Storm 9 månader sedan
What about weight transfer? I mean a lot of that engine is setting way in front of the front wheels.
M Rdr
M Rdr 9 månader sedan
Hmmm.... Who's the "HangAround" that Jared has picked up ?? Well at least he seems to have the good sense to stay out of the way when Jared works ;)
Clipserez 9 månader sedan
please do this with an LS sometime in the future
Stildo 9 månader sedan
Jared’s new channel “Commute Every Day” where he drives Honda Rousey from Georgia to Florida and has to deal with how awesome Florida traffic is everyday.
ArminsGaming 9 månader sedan
can someone link me that valve spring removal tool
ArminsGaming 9 månader sedan
Wrench Every Day thank you :3
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 9 månader sedan
Obalit Shamoon
Obalit Shamoon 9 månader sedan
Kudos to Jared! Kickin’ ass!
Jerome Hazelwood
Jerome Hazelwood 9 månader sedan
Tavarish n Jared plz keep the vids coming love watching these
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 9 månader sedan
I still like the Lexus this motor came out of better yes I'm bitter but I don't care still going to watch the video but I'm not going to like it LMAO
Leon Presta
Leon Presta 9 månader sedan
Just bought some new headphones using your code! Thanks!!
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 9 månader sedan
I was always under the impression to not push stem seals over a keeper seat?? Any potential sharp could damage the viton and may... leak again, depending on the stem diameter I’ve used Mcdonalds straws to start them🤷🏼‍♂️
chuckswhip 9 månader sedan
K5 Daily
K5 Daily 9 månader sedan
Hey Tavarish! Hey Jared! Can I come to the shop and wrench everyday?!? I live in FL too lol
802 Garage
802 Garage 9 månader sedan
Awesome video as always, Jared and Freddy! Cool to have Jared take over the camera and vlogging aspect. He is doing a phenomenal job.
802 Garage
802 Garage 9 månader sedan
People who complain about someone wearing gloves genuinely need to reassess their lives.
biro24 9 månader sedan
peelson mandela
peelson mandela 9 månader sedan
Jared is a fackin genius
Ty Jeffries
Ty Jeffries 9 månader sedan
B is for build is “getting their post on” where you at man?
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 9 månader sedan
A SEpost star is born
Hieu Tuning Blog
Hieu Tuning Blog 9 månader sedan
You guys are having a lot of works so don't buy cars
Lion Rumble 81
Lion Rumble 81 9 månader sedan
Jared Brought Me Here! His Enthusiasm And Energetic Approach To All Things Mechanical Are Entertaining And Appealing!
Ahmad Zia
Ahmad Zia 9 månader sedan
Im so greatful jared replaced andrew
Aleister Mountford
Aleister Mountford 9 månader sedan
thanks Jared for pronouncing "ZX" correctly
Brad Mottishaw
Brad Mottishaw 9 månader sedan
Something wicked this way comes...
Eunos Senpai
Eunos Senpai 9 månader sedan
D C 9 månader sedan
JDM Mad Max :D
N0TE 9 månader sedan
From Earl Leeks to Earl Fleek
Dave Skora
Dave Skora 9 månader sedan
Love this Channel!! Thank you Jared and Tavarish!!!
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz 9 månader sedan
Im guessing you don't own a air chisel it would of made fast easy work of that job instead of a hammer and screwdriver
cpfb68 9 månader sedan
Great video Jared! Thanks for sharing your skill! I hope to have a JZ someday with my 11’ F to race them against each other!
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 9 månader sedan
Are we just going to ignore the R8 in the background??
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 9 månader sedan
Are we just going to ignore the R8 in the background??
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 9 månader sedan
Are we just going to ignore the R8 in the background??
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 9 månader sedan
Are we just going to ignore the R8 in the background??
Nitik Singhal
Nitik Singhal 9 månader sedan
3:18 is that a r8 in the background?
jurgen mieves
jurgen mieves 9 månader sedan
hello I have a question what if the piston or valve has a leak then you can't keep the valves closed with air. Keep 100% closed by putting rope in the spark plug hole and pushing the piston up against the valves so that the valves cannot fall into the cylinder chamber !! for the rest I find this very educational !! I hope to see more of these beautiful video.s greetings from Holland
Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn
Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn 9 månader sedan
I gotta do this 32 time on my 1uz...
anonymous 9 månader sedan
300zx should have a vg30dett ..not an inline.
Aaron 9 månader sedan
Jared needs to look at the lens not the display. Still great.
Mystuff 9 månader sedan
Jarred, the modern day Soupy Sales of Utube. If you don't have a parts washer... Your parents dish washer works just fine. Kids, when Daddy goes to sleep tonight, take all the money in his wallet and send it to me!...
Brian Omar
Brian Omar 9 månader sedan
I speak for everyone on this one. Jared is the best thing to happen to your channel. The amount of knowledge he brings is crazy!
Patrick PTMonk
Patrick PTMonk 9 månader sedan
I ordered a pair. We will see if the headphones meet my standards. Glad to support you guys
peter watkins
peter watkins 9 månader sedan
Hey Jared where did Freddie go Thought he was meant to get his hands dirty I mean properly lol
Dolan Kang
Dolan Kang 9 månader sedan
When you put the cams back in they need to be in the top dead center position before you tighten the caps. " turn these around and kind of find one spot where they drop most of the way down" that's sloppy, you can bend valves.
Aki Matthews
Aki Matthews 9 månader sedan
Jared so nervous talking the spout welds haha
Dolan Kang
Dolan Kang 9 månader sedan
Why would you take out a V6 cast iron block and put in a straight 6 cast iron block? When you swap your supposed to improve. How about a J32A2? This car is already nose heavy now it's going to be worse.
Dany60 9 månader sedan
nice job!... ;-)
ethan 9 månader sedan
did u just say wrench69
Jason Kimble
Jason Kimble 9 månader sedan
Those headphones are 68 bucks after discount. Just cause somebody asks 200 for headphones does not mean your discount helps. These are 68.00 headphones that are waaay overpriced!! Sorry guys.
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 9 månader sedan
Jared is the best..
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 9 månader sedan
Sorry, got to go bc the Goonzquad just dropped a new one. Oh...your chemistry sucks right now but keep working on it! Cheers!!!!
Tom_K 9 månader sedan
I’m sure one of you guys already knows this but if you want to weld up those holes in the core support; if you get a piece of copper (plumbing pipe and hammer it flat) clamp that behind the hole and weld to it, filling the hole. The weld won’t stick to the copper and you can just remove it after. Great series 👍🏼 and man am I envious of your shop! it’s 👌🏼
Nitu Stefan
Nitu Stefan 9 månader sedan
Great job man!
zombayification 9 månader sedan
Those dimples on the cams and pointing at 12 o clock is another way to know that it's top center, right?
Alex Air Conditioning
Alex Air Conditioning 9 månader sedan
If You see blue exhaust smoke coming out your car. Your fucked...
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot 9 månader sedan
2:35 - Is that aa Audi R8 on the lift?
Turd Furgeson
Turd Furgeson 9 månader sedan
Jared is the right man for the job. The channel should buy a house for his family. It’s really hard to be away from your family
D A 9 månader sedan
Niss-Anne ZED... The Generic North merican accent isn't the only one in the world...
Lord_Falcon 9 månader sedan
No it’s not a 300cx it’s a 300zx stop saying it like z is a c and c is c it’s dose not make any sense! Just saying
Stijn Wouters
Stijn Wouters 9 månader sedan
Love the content jared, keep up the good work, why tav didn’t wear gloves? He didn’t help 😋🤭
Lepluff Lepsy
Lepluff Lepsy 9 månader sedan
Jared is a really good teacher
ian tobin
ian tobin 9 månader sedan
can jared and oscar from bisforbuild do a build off against chris and tavarish?
Ritish Gupta
Ritish Gupta 9 månader sedan
I lovedddd when Jared started the video:)
Mikk Vaarma
Mikk Vaarma 9 månader sedan
i hope these headphones are good :D
paul solovyovsky
paul solovyovsky 9 månader sedan
valve stem seals on a BMW N63 is $4000, new engine is $4500
Ja Biezel
Ja Biezel 9 månader sedan
So glad Jared became your "official" partner finally. He definitely brings a lot to the channel and after all the things that you would always say he helped you with in past videos, I always felt that you should just bring him in as your full time partner for your channel(s). I enjoy build shows with more than one person, so right now my favorite to channels are yours and goonzquad. Please keep up the good, clean, fun, and entertaining videos, and Thank You for continuing to provide us with these videos. I look forward to them every day, so I'm happy that you have two channels and even more content/videos!! I appreciate the heck out of your videos because they sheets put me in a good mood, and you never feel the need to curse/swear on your channels which I greatly appreciate!
Jeff Cain
Jeff Cain 9 månader sedan
Entire channel suggests Tavarish has no idea how to wrench.
Jonathan Gardner
Jonathan Gardner 9 månader sedan
is it possible to have tool lists?
silverglove2012 9 månader sedan
Wear the gloves it will save you from cancer in your old age.
52chevy3100 9 månader sedan
Wouldn't a cheap leak down tester work too?
John Burkinshaw
John Burkinshaw 9 månader sedan
I'm loving the way the mock up looks with flaking paint etc should keep it like that
Lance LaPrarie
Lance LaPrarie 9 månader sedan
Jared rules
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 9 månader sedan
Most informative vid ive seen on youtube 👌
Ever Note
Ever Note 9 månader sedan
D Realist
D Realist 9 månader sedan
The trick is trade the car in before you need a major service!
Pav McQueen
Pav McQueen 9 månader sedan
I think you should have exhaust coming out in both side
Matt Adamson
Matt Adamson 9 månader sedan
Appreciate the effort, Jared. In Canada we pronounce the letter Z as zed.
Miroslaw Mitera
Miroslaw Mitera 9 månader sedan
Its zed u uncultured swine lol.
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