How To Keep A Mid-Engined Corvette-Powered Pickup Truck From BLOWING UP (On A Budget)

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Wrench Every Day

3 månader sedan

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Today, Jared shows how to keep your junkyard Corvette LS engine from exploding, in 900 easy steps. Also, it's hot. Very hot.
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John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
Needs waaaaay smaller front wheels, also appears twin turbos could fit down low in that engine compartment
laplantski 2 månader sedan
Is the back of the motor inside the trans tunnel? I hope so...
laplantski 2 månader sedan
Use nylock nuts on everything says the guy with loose nutz...
Robert Craft
Robert Craft 3 månader sedan
Hey Jared, love this build and you ended up steering me to a part I needed for my swap (the American Autowire bulkhead connector) so thanks for that. I was just curious what transmission is going in this. I think you might have covered it already but I did not have time to go back and watch the video's to figure it out. Thanks.
Danimal Juan Feather
Danimal Juan Feather 3 månader sedan
I love the drill sound effect.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 3 månader sedan
Excellent video Jared! Especially interesting to note which lines are output and return on the LS engine since it is such a popular beast to to swap. Cannot wait to see you and your wife out and about in your date night supra!
Kyle Cantu
Kyle Cantu 3 månader sedan
Somewhere in this video is Jared pleading with Tavarish to install A/C at Site B.
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 3 månader sedan
cheers bro hope you have a great day
STimedic1 3 månader sedan
Please add foam tape to the backside of the trans cooler to keep it from rubbing a hole in the radiator. On another note: I'll take that "tiny" p/s cooler.
Da jaker
Da jaker 3 månader sedan
wrench every day trivia: Dwayn the editor is also head of the wrench every day propaganda department.
Dan & Keira Norman
Dan & Keira Norman 3 månader sedan
Curious about the trans cooler. You said nipples never down, but that’s how every GM truck has them mounted.
dachine86 3 månader sedan
Most Ford vehicles have them pointing down as well. Including every F350 4x4 commercial truck I've ever worked on.
عبد الجليل الزهيري
عبد الجليل الزهيري 3 månader sedan
you can use 48" Stainless Steel Radiator Flexible Coolant Water Hose Kit With Caps Universal
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 3 månader sedan
360° Speed
360° Speed 3 månader sedan
Jared is like a walking automotive encyclopedia
cameron bobak
cameron bobak 3 månader sedan
anyone else see the wetness blob fall down when he was about to put test the ss relays?
PedalBox 3 månader sedan
Given the heat, is the shot at 14:02 editing or tripod/grip melting? :) My money remains on melting :D
J Lund
J Lund 3 månader sedan
There are so many people who don’t think about their dogs paws I was at a local lake that has a sand beach it was so hot that day the sand felt molten, So I didn’t bring my dog. Anyways this woman was walking down to the water carrying her friends baby and walking her dog across the sand her dog was whining about the heat and fell over crying and she just tried to drag the dog across the sand. I wasn’t there but my family said this and my dad had to go up and carry the dog because of how hot the sand was. Once they got back from the water to their area they didn’t even check on the dogs paws. It sickens me what people make their pets deal with out of stupidity and ignorance my girl has had her paws burned on cooler surfaces than that, and I also see people walking their dog on tarmac on a hot day if you don’t think that’s a problem walk barefoot on tarmac.
Zaidi Zainal
Zaidi Zainal 3 månader sedan
Pyra is so adorable!
Darren Williams
Darren Williams 3 månader sedan
So what was wrong with the 392? Why does every "hot rod" nowadays have to have a ls motor?
ScottJ175 3 månader sedan
Interesting stuff in the background. The Yugo and NA Miata caught my eye.
milan jokanovic
milan jokanovic 3 månader sedan
Шта се дешава са југом у позадини?
Diarmuid Dallat
Diarmuid Dallat 3 månader sedan
Jared is the new Ed China.
Dyne Hammer
Dyne Hammer 3 månader sedan
I live in Georgia as well and the heat's definitely been brutal as of late. Seeing the random bits of sweat on things or dripping from off camera while he's giving updates is too real haha.
Curtis Carté
Curtis Carté 3 månader sedan
2:57 Strait up first thought was: “Coochie pads?? What’s he gonna do with that?” Then he said what they were and I was like: ”Oh.”
John Crone
John Crone 3 månader sedan
Am I the only one who noticed that yugo in the background...
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
needlenosekw 3 månader sedan
Corvette cornbinder. Hmmmm.
Gary Guiste
Gary Guiste 3 månader sedan
Wherever I go...Yugo!
Oklahoma Overland
Oklahoma Overland 3 månader sedan
Is it actually mounted? That thing sits ridiculously low in that engine bay.
Nathan Ferguson
Nathan Ferguson 3 månader sedan
"Nipples Never down" Somebody put that on a t-shirt please!!
bitgod 3 månader sedan
This video has been demonetized due to too much nipples.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
My very detailed logical post seems to have been deleted. Doing so still does not make this truck mid engine.
smokeydbob 3 månader sedan
So happy to see you back at site B I prefer these videos much more!!💙
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 3 månader sedan
I own multiple eairly model Chevys, that is fucked up, never mind it's the Chevy love basically a 1970s s10
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
Actually an Isuzu.
skunch 3 månader sedan
do radiator cooling fans typically push air out the front grill? I always assumed they'd be in a pull formation rather than push.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 3 månader sedan
These fans are setup in pull, they pull the air through the radiator
BA 3 månader sedan
Lol that is not a big nor a beefy trans cooler. So cute!
BA 3 månader sedan
@Bob Roberts I know what I'm looking at there.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
4:00 is a transmission cooler and is sized pretty big. 15:50 is a power steering cooler and it is plenty for this application, some just use 3 ft of steel line in a zig zag under the car. .
jason noble
jason noble 3 månader sedan
Just to clarify... "Nipples never down, and when you're horizontal, in is on the bottom..."?
jason noble
jason noble 3 månader sedan
@Wrench Every Day offering relationship advice now too huh? Nice
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 3 månader sedan
Thats it!
Samsonian 3 månader sedan
@2:00 I don’t know of a world in which the direction certain nipples are pointing isn’t important...
iRdMoose 3 månader sedan
How important is your nipple orientation, really?
Gothicruler666 3 månader sedan
Hey there! Maybe I missed it, but are you going to add an oil cooler? With the engine nested in there like that, I think it could help a lot.
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
You better go and review the video!
Marcus Schneider
Marcus Schneider 3 månader sedan
nice, keeping cool
sergio ratz
sergio ratz 3 månader sedan
nipples never down!
kamoboko86 3 månader sedan
You should put some old Bentley or Rolls Royce seats in that truck to make it comfy on a long trip.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo. 3 månader sedan
I got extra hands and dont mind the heat! Lol
Atony1400 3 månader sedan
Props on the Dunkin' coffee!
James Weaver
James Weaver 3 månader sedan
Jaheim James
Jaheim James 3 månader sedan
cute doggie
Resurrection Motorsports
Resurrection Motorsports 3 månader sedan
The missing sign was hilarious! And I love how you crack on Tavarish, I love you both, such a great team! We're doing our first LS build very soon as well, It's awesome seeing this International with an LS I love this project! Being in Florida a little bit South of Tavarish and having no AC I totally understand! Just moved my Mach 1 Turbo project to my buddies shop because he installed air conditioning! Totally worth it in this kind of heat!
xTheRenegade666x 3 månader sedan
I usually like nipples sticking straight out, far enough you could hang your coat on them...oh, wait, we're talking about transmission coolers...NVM 😁
David Osborne
David Osborne 3 månader sedan
Cooling and Canines, it's gonna be a good day.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 3 månader sedan
You need some aircon Johnie reb is coming along well 👍👍😍😍
Vic Anthony Leriorato
Vic Anthony Leriorato 3 månader sedan
jared, I hope you read this, or anyone from the community.. I just wanna know what causes ac to fail and loose its refrigerant? thank you all
Vic Anthony Leriorato
Vic Anthony Leriorato 3 månader sedan
yup, what usually causes common ACs' "leak" thanks for the reply
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
I don't want to get too technical, but highly trained technicians call it a "leak".
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses 3 månader sedan
I hope you remembered the steam vent from the top of the engine. It would be sad to put coolant in only to have it puke out there
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh 3 månader sedan
"Nipples never down" is my motto to live by.
Salazar Johnson
Salazar Johnson 3 månader sedan
Im glad you got a chanel
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 3 månader sedan
I haven't seen a Hugo in awhile. Is it getting an LS?? 😂
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 3 månader sedan
@Paul Copeland you got me on spelling... "Yugo" My bad....
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
I have never seen a "Hugo".
piuthemagicman 3 månader sedan
Jared is one of the greatest automotive SEpostrs out there 😎🤘 Greets from Finland!
Mauro Alexandro
Mauro Alexandro 3 månader sedan
Wrench Every Day + Jared = Instant Like!
Jeff Margera
Jeff Margera 3 månader sedan
Is that a first gen Probe I see to the left? The white hatchback
Planted in PR
Planted in PR 3 månader sedan
Ummm, That red cable looks really nice. :D
damfadd 3 månader sedan
42 C° bloody hot! Hi from Oz
Joshua Devers
Joshua Devers 3 månader sedan
Pyra puppy 😍😍😍
damfadd 3 månader sedan
wondered yesterday where you were and what was next
jakob h
jakob h 3 månader sedan
"Mid engine" I am in complete disappointment, and my night is ruined.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
@John Armstrong Is a 1970 Corvette mid engine? This truck has about the same engine setback. Are you saying that GM is lying when they say that the 2020 is the first production mid engine Corvette? Read my detailed post below. I like the work and vid production however, this isn't by any stretch of the imagination a " mid engine " truck. I've provided a breakdown below however would deffer to a definition by the SAE. This truck has about the same engine set back as a Corvette from the 70's , MG Midget , Triumph Spitfire TR5 , Dodge Viper. This truck is front engine with a bit of setback. I judge it like this, take the wheelbase and find the F to R center point. Then take the F axle center line to the center point you have found and find the center of that then the same for the rear. ( There will now be 3 points along the length of the wheelbase that I'll call 1 , C , 2 . ) FA----1----C----2----RA If the forward most spark plug hole ( or injector if diesel ) is ahead of the front axle, it is a front engine. ( like most any American engine in the front, driving axle in the rear car in the past 70 years ) If the forward most spark plug hole is between the front axle and point 1, it is front engine with setback. ( Like a 70's Corvette ) If the forward most spark plug hole is between 1 and C is it front mid engine. ( Like a Panoz LMP-07 , Indy cars from the 40's / 50's ) If between C and 2 it is rear mid engine ( Like ?? ) If between 2 and RA it is mid engine. ( Like a MR2 , 914 , X19) If behind the rear axle it is rear engine. ( Like a 911 )
John Armstrong
John Armstrong 3 månader sedan
Well the engine is mounted behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels so #technicallycorrect
Steve Groark
Steve Groark 3 månader sedan
Good tip about puppers feet.
Watch This Space Car Channel
Watch This Space Car Channel 3 månader sedan
What an awesome channel, love your work, information and tips , Great stuff Jared .
Mercury 02
Mercury 02 3 månader sedan
I enjoy Dwayne the editor jumping in
Chance Goad
Chance Goad 3 månader sedan
Am I the only one whose brain hurts trying to figure out if the truck is massive or if the motor just sits super far back and super low?
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 3 månader sedan
This truck is a standard full sized truck, replacement engine sits low and pretty far back compared to the stock one. They are calling it mid engine but it isn't.
Jon Winters
Jon Winters 3 månader sedan
You keep talking about no air conditioning in the shop with two big ducts visible in the frame? Surely a fan in the area is an A/C technician who can get you fixed up on the cheap.
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 3 månader sedan
AUTOSCIENCE with Professor Pink should get its own spinoff show
Toni Biočić
Toni Biočić 3 månader sedan
7:16 YUGO❤️
mixer621 3 månader sedan
Props for the Jared trivia. What a good guy.
aceadman 3 månader sedan
Can’t get enough Jared. Thanks again! 👍👍😊
notpurple 3 månader sedan
another good one
Arif Prabowo
Arif Prabowo 3 månader sedan
Please make trivia fact about jared's puppy 🤣🤣🤣
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 3 månader sedan
Get this man A/C ,somebody get him A/C, and make a video showing the install
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 3 månader sedan
Next time for the big power upgrade go with an lsa supercharger and port the blower at fasterproms ,im telling you it is going to be worth it
Federico Lavista
Federico Lavista 3 månader sedan
I thought the hose game was cooler lol
David Caruso
David Caruso 3 månader sedan
Very cool brother
Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree 3 månader sedan
Ive had good luck with these relays:
Jared Whitt
Jared Whitt 3 månader sedan
My LS swapped mustang cobra (rip 4v) its using the aftermarket 4 core radiator for the mustang. We found a dodge caravan hose that worked perfectly.
Jakey June
Jakey June 3 månader sedan
That wrench everyday trivia was unnecessary we all know JARED IS WHOLESOME AND PRECIOUS
mariodesmo 3 månader sedan
Whats up with the California state flag? Are you an escapee from the land of Commifornia??? Nice work on that mid-engine pick up truck! lol
John & Mary Stewart
John & Mary Stewart 3 månader sedan
Jared for President!!!
Carson Geye
Carson Geye 3 månader sedan
Hey Jared, with all the fabrication that you’ve been doing so far, have you been using metric or imperial hardware? I know the truck should be all imperial originally but was curious if you use metric with the things you add.
Gabes Reef Tampa
Gabes Reef Tampa 3 månader sedan
That was great info with the paws on pavement. You gained 35 cool points
Ray Seal
Ray Seal 3 månader sedan
Exactly if the ground is hot for u. Then dont walk your dog. I see it all the time
paulcoinc 3 månader sedan
Think if the guys who originally designed this truck could jump in time to see this build.
Steven Veldkamp
Steven Veldkamp 3 månader sedan
The trivia of Jared helping his neighbor, I didn't need to see that. Just looking at the guy, you can tell he's a real good guy.
CAM NEILSEN 3 månader sedan
Are those blades on the fans reversable because they're set up as front mount pushers
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
DC motors are always reversible. BTW, those fans are properly set up to draw through the radiator.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 3 månader sedan
With all that room above the engine you need to put a Holley high rise intake manifold
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 3 månader sedan
Why? Do you believe he has too much power? A "high rise" would take care of that.
Ricky Corp
Ricky Corp 3 månader sedan
Cut-scene of the editor is like seeing the wizard behind the curtain. Not how I imagined they looked.
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 3 månader sedan
Ricky Corp Well, at least you got the part right about staying up all night editing hours of footage that come with each episode. I’ve been involved in audio and video production for my all of my career and when Jared and Freddy needed an editor, I offered to help. And I’ll let you in on a another bit of Wrench Every Day trivia: Jared is married to my daughter :)
Ricky Corp
Ricky Corp 3 månader sedan
Duane Harms I pictured a recent film school grad sitting in a dark room lit by black light pounding energy drinks throughout the night while editing the hours of footage these guys probably shoot. That’s not a knock on your editing skills, but just what I must have imagined in the back of my mind during the time lapse shots dubbed with a mix of techno and metal.
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 3 månader sedan
Ha! What were you imagining??
Dwarfracer88 3 månader sedan
Was it hot there in Georgia?
Chris Pofahl
Chris Pofahl 3 månader sedan
Lookin after the puppers 👍
B VIZZONE 3 månader sedan
Hahaha you make me laugh ripping on Tavarish!!! "We're not all Tavarish, we don't all like fire!"
Meows McDermick
Meows McDermick 3 månader sedan
Come stay in texas for a week in mid August then tell me it Luv u.. no homo.....lmao
Emyr Derfel
Emyr Derfel 3 månader sedan
Texas can be a higher temperature but feel less hot when it has lower humidity.
Zwgrafakhs Andrianos
Zwgrafakhs Andrianos 3 månader sedan
Doing so much work for the COOLING of the car in such a hot day...adding fans to the car but not have one for the shop...NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL PASSION!!!!!
Happiness starts with a smile
Happiness starts with a smile 3 månader sedan
@ wrench, The Truck is coming along nicely. Looking forward to the many steps ahead for it.
Samuel James
Samuel James 3 månader sedan
love jarred and tav..... but works way better together. please take this as constructive
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 3 månader sedan
The 500 miles between them make it tricky
bigkev10101 3 månader sedan
Nice work!
Kayos501 3 månader sedan
Yay Jared and Pyrrah! Love these videos! Hope you had a great time on the Dustball Rally. Can't wait to see Earl Leaker and Johnny Rev in action and I hope Honda Rousey hasn't been forgotten either! Thanks everyone for all the hard work, it is greatly appreciated!
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