How To Properly Jack Up Your Car Without DESTROYING It (And Why You're Doing It WRONG)

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Wrench Every Day

3 månader sedan

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Today, Jared explains how to jack up your car without destroying it, as well as why you've probably been doing it wrong the whole time.
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Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 3 månader sedan
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Motihation Inc
Motihation Inc 3 månader sedan
You and tavarish have inspired me to start my own channel. Ive started automotive engineering classes I, got my trans torn apart atm. Thank you all for doing what you do!!
Yuvaan Motilal
Yuvaan Motilal 3 månader sedan
Idk how to fix my Mercedes... Its leaking transmission oil... We've did the new seals but it still leaks... I give up
Chris Barnhart
Chris Barnhart 23 dagar sedan
thank you man. my mechanic doesnt use jack stands and even the pistons on his jack get stuck but he still trusts it alone.. i just went with it when i got under my car to do the oil and i'll never do that again. thank God nothing happened. im not even gonna let him work on my car without stands anymore
Labtec A
Labtec A 2 månader sedan
Video starts 3:10
TheOnlyPenguin 2 månader sedan
The Hydraulic Press Channel just did a video testing some Jack Stands and I felt it was fitting to link it here..
Stevie P
Stevie P 3 månader sedan
22:45 😁
Osborne Lorenzo R Huggins
Osborne Lorenzo R Huggins 3 månader sedan
Hi man I been playing raid for few months it good
Aleister Mountford
Aleister Mountford 3 månader sedan
I totally respect how serious you are about making sure that things are done safely... all it takes is a 1 second mistake and things can drastically change in a dangerous way. really useful tips :)
Kizashi Wellness
Kizashi Wellness 3 månader sedan
Even though I know all of this, I love not only watching but listening to both Jared and Tavarish. I'm here cleaning my room, just listening to it all. Keep up the excellent work!!
Gabriel Mendez
Gabriel Mendez 3 månader sedan
Thanks for a very useful information.
Javin Salzer
Javin Salzer 3 månader sedan
I mean none of us are proud of it but I'm sure we have all put a car in the air with some sketchy methods.
Chuck Hawes
Chuck Hawes 3 månader sedan
Sorry about your friend. I lost a friend that way too. His brother found him several hours after it happened.
Vincent Bertolini
Vincent Bertolini 3 månader sedan
Love the stuff, love this channel. FYI not a brick, that is a concrete masonry unit (CMU) or concrete block. Keep up the good content!
Bottle Jack Buddy
Bottle Jack Buddy 3 månader sedan
Thanks for sharing the video.
Trimble Epic
Trimble Epic 3 månader sedan
One thought I had that I don't know if you covered is this: You need TWO sets of strong lift points... One set of lift points for the JACK, and a separate set of lift points for the JACK STANDS. You can often find the official jacking points in the owner's manual for the car, but you have to remember - if you lift the car with a jack at a given point, you WON'T be able to put a Jackstand at that SAME POINT. Also consider that the jackstand's footprint will interfere with the jack's footprint, so there has to be an ample amount of distance between the jack point and the jackSTAND point. Personally, I like to LIFT from the center (diff, subframe, etc) so that both sides go up evenly, and the place the jackstands at the official jackingpoints. NEVER use just one jackstand in the center.
Head in the shed
Head in the shed 3 månader sedan
The first step is to jack up your car
Dave 3 månader sedan
Jacking up a Supra by the differential is questionable, but something like an Escalade or Expedition can cause damage. The differential in a live axle like Johnny Rev is part of the suspension. An independent rear end differential is designed to resist torque, not support the weight of the vehicle. The differential may handle it, but crossmembers, links and bushings can get damaged.
Joshua Meeks
Joshua Meeks 3 månader sedan
20:40 there I saved you 20 minutes of fluff
La Cai
La Cai 3 månader sedan
10:07 i think ya should said aswell that asphalt is pretty soft, specially if its a bit hotter day, real hot day and those jacks are inside it :D
usp211816 3 månader sedan
I may be guilty of using a woodblock for grip on a factory jack point when the puck on the jack was not catching well causing the vehicle to shift. wood deforms a bit and grabs the pinchpoint and puck reasonably well.
Daniel Dreyer
Daniel Dreyer 3 månader sedan
i jack the car up and i put wood blocks or cobblestone under all 4 wheels. probely not safe but i get to do my oil change
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 3 månader sedan
Red cl65 in the back?
Will Rocks
Will Rocks 3 månader sedan
I welded 1/8” plates on bottoms of my 6ton jack stands
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough 3 månader sedan
Geeze, the next time you do a "how to video" it would be nice if you'd get to the point a little sooner please? Good advice all but none of us are getting any younger and don't really care what you drove to your wedding. Just say'n.
Bearded Texan
Bearded Texan 3 månader sedan
What about a high lift jack...they can kill you if you don't do it right!
Shad Pulley
Shad Pulley 3 månader sedan
You know, a lot of what you say in this video is common sense, but so many people just don't have any of that. The one thing I regularly have problems with is finding good spots on the unibody cars to both lift and then support.
CSG 3 månader sedan
My dad was working under a van on cinderblocks once and right as he came out from under the blocks gave out.
jason spitzley
jason spitzley 3 månader sedan
Highly recommend these. Have been using my two for years.
ranmacman 3 månader sedan
AND.......always put your manual transmission in neutral when the drive wheels are on the ground. Heard story of a guy working under his Chevelle and his metal watch band arced across the starter contacts and it engaged, launching the 4-speed car forward and collapsing the jack stands. I believe he survived, thankfully.
J M 3 månader sedan
What happened to earl leaker?
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 3 månader sedan
Stay tuned! An update is coming...
Bill Wasylenko
Bill Wasylenko 3 månader sedan
Thats was funny when he said he uses 2 hands while jacking! Hilarious!
BM W 3 månader sedan
Michael Ray
Michael Ray 3 månader sedan
I built wood ramps. I trust them better than metal and plastic ramps. I used 2x10 wood an built it up to the height I wanted. Then cut it to an angle I want.
Chuck Zamzow
Chuck Zamzow 3 månader sedan
Always spend the money period. Safety is key
Joe schmoe
Joe schmoe 3 månader sedan
I once used plain ramps, and drove right off the end! Dont do it guys! Its not fun. Also my grandfather died from a car falling off jacks a long time ago, so just be careful, it can happen to anyone
ggeimer 3 månader sedan
Premature extension of jack stand at 16:45. You also don’t want to use your forearm as a lever on a 4x4 to to get the transmission to mate with the engine. I had a severe bow to my arm as the last bolt went in. No harm and actually my bone is probably stronger now after all the stress fractures healed. I actually had a Tr7 lean off the rear jack stands as I freed a seized emergency break cable. Fortunately I didn’t have gas or engine/transmission installed at the time. I was able to lever it back up and secure the jack stands, while my neighbor continued to tell me how his day went, pausing to ask if the car fell on me and if I just picked it up and put it back in the jack stands.
Carl B
Carl B 3 månader sedan
I need to return my Jack stands from harbor. Then I need to upgrade them. What about the blue roller Jack stands you get as the package from harbor?
Rudradev Arya
Rudradev Arya 3 månader sedan
What happened to earl ?
Rudradev Arya
Rudradev Arya 3 månader sedan
@Duane Harms wow !! Thx 🙏🙏
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 3 månader sedan
Hang in there! An update is coming...
mbsnyderc 3 månader sedan
The problem with drive on ramps is the car has to be running,if I have the wheels on the car I put wood blocks under the wheels and let enough pressure on them so the car can't fall free of them if the tires are of the car i put the under the vehicle were they would stop it from falling.test what ever your using before you get under to see how stable it is.
Mentalit y.
Mentalit y. 3 månader sedan
What would tavarish do with the supra nose? Its plastic and so different from a lot of the other body and fades first!
Mentalit y.
Mentalit y. 3 månader sedan
More supra!!
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 månader sedan
Just weld the plate to the bottom of the jack stand. That’s what I did, if you over size it a inch or two it helps with some stability.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 3 månader sedan
I think you need to turn those exhaust pipes down so they are not trying to burn a hole in the floor
K Lowenstein
K Lowenstein 3 månader sedan
Thanks!! You saved me some potential headaches
KeenCrafting 3 månader sedan
Call me crazy but isn't a jack stand something you probably shouldn't heap out on? Harbor Freight is nice for things but would i risk my life on their stuff? Nope!
stompah 3 månader sedan
I always leave the jack under the car unless I need it to lower or raise something else while the car is in the air. Always use a jackstand, two if I will be pulling hard on a wrench. Also, I always toss a wheel under the car as another line of safety in case everything else fails. Great educational video, for those who don't know and those who need a refresher.
plageran 3 månader sedan
Thanks Jared, some much needed info i was looking for
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo. 3 månader sedan
Im trying to figure out who he is talking to, because noone watches this channel to learn. We watch cause we know what your doing butyour doing things we didnt think of. Lol
David Riezinger
David Riezinger 3 månader sedan
I had a set of metal ramps about 10+ years ago. Put my old truck on them one day, smashed them like grapes. Had those harbor freight set too, 2 sets. Returned them for the replacements, never took the replacements out of the box. Already knew about the weld issue before i returned the originals so i figured there was no point in pulling them out of the box cause they'd end up being recalled too
daniel carter
daniel carter 3 månader sedan
Man every time I Jack my car up I get so sketched out Had a bad experience with someone who said they knew what they were doing and they almost went through the floor
grand04gt 3 månader sedan
One tip i always use.....when i lift my car to work underneath after taking off the tires i always slide them under the car that way should something happen and it does fall i would have a bit of a buffer and hopefully it would be enough. I have had my car fall off jack stands before but never when i was working underneath. Always be safe and if you question it even a little give the vehicle a shake first
Osillius 3 månader sedan
Been a bit since I ran into anyone willing to take Raid Shadow Legends on as a sponsor. They got some pretty bad press a while back.
Aaron Vargas
Aaron Vargas 3 månader sedan
The other day my buddy came over with his girlfriends Sentra to do an oil change. I told him wait a sec while I go check the jack points on my phone. Walked away for like 30 seconds and he thought he found the jack being the radiator support. He lift the car on jacks and when he put it down the hood was bent upwards along with the the grille which cracked in multiple places. The hood barely latches closed. Lots of damage for not taking the time to find the proper jack points.
Nick M
Nick M 3 månader sedan
Be careful jacking up the rear differential, some models (ford 8.8) have covers that extend below the jacking point. If you’re not careful you can bend the cover, just make sure the jack pad is on diff, no part of it is hitting the diff cover.
Matthew See
Matthew See 3 månader sedan
I know how to lift a vehicle, but this is an excellent video. I wish I would have seen this 20-plus years ago. It could have saved me a lot of butthole puckering situations. Thanks for what you do
jamesread11 3 månader sedan
Mate, stuff the other cars, you gotta get your wedding car back to glory
802 Garage
802 Garage 3 månader sedan
Good tips all around! Even on modern cars with pinch weld jack points, I much prefer to jack them up by the frame, differential, subframe jacking points, or member mounting bolts which go directly into the frame. Just like you said. I will use the factory jack on the pinch weld spot, but just when it's the only option. Jacking up by the pinch welds is just always asking to bend them or introduce some flex which will later allow moisture in and create rust spots. Floor jacks especially will tend to pull out, away from the car, and try to bend the pinch weld out with them, then you get a flattened spot. Don't want my pinch welds to end up like that damaged body spot on Johnny Rev! I also don't put jack stands under the pinch welds, since it can damage the rocker. It also doesn't give a very large surface area on many stands. Some jack stands have the nice V shape in the pad though, and that tends to slot around the rocker panel jack points well. Be safe out there everyone!
Gerrit TjaardA Marinus
Gerrit TjaardA Marinus 3 månader sedan
Supra shell looks great !
Chris Cars
Chris Cars 3 månader sedan
If that brick comes out at high speed it could kill someone. Smh
B A 3 månader sedan
Ever since i lost a friend while he was working under his car, i will not get under, no matter what. I’ll pay a shop instead. By the way, what’s the story with the white MR2?
F1 #44
F1 #44 3 månader sedan
Years ago I was working on a rear engined car outside I had it on 2 jack stands everything was safe chocks on the front wheels the wind was getting up but not bad but the car started to fall lucky for me I was at the side not under so I rocked back and kicked it and it landed away from me It was a bitch to get the stands out from under the car. P.S I thought you put a gear box in your Supra and had it running?
Tom Lindo
Tom Lindo 3 månader sedan
Personal pro tip, after lifting the car and placing on safety stands, get out another set of stands and place them as backups. If crap stand fails, you will be saved by the second set. Also before you get under it try to rock the car and see if it will fall off. Make sure it’s 100% rock solid. Getting pinched under a car to death I heard is one of the worst ways to slowly die. Also place a block behind the wheels staying on the ground to help keep it from rolling back.
aries 3 månader sedan
moral of the story: get decent jackstands and don't buy things that could potentially be death worthy from harbor freight
Michael Frog-Man Bourne
Michael Frog-Man Bourne 3 månader sedan
I use stainless 3/8 metal plate welded to the bottom on my back and I always go up a size. Great video Jared
UnWrecked 3 månader sedan
Yeah I'd be pretty embarrassed if somebody walked in on me while I was jacking...........
Subdubbin 3 månader sedan
Jared Technical Tips TM
Eric's Workshop
Eric's Workshop 3 månader sedan
Jared: Make sure you use quality equipment. Also Jared: Uses mostly Harbor Freight jacks. I love it. I just exchanged my recalled 3 ton stands for the second time and I still haven't taken my replacement 6 tons out of the box yet. I'm too afraid to use them. Anyway, Keep up the good work!
The Anti-Nowhere Lane
The Anti-Nowhere Lane 3 månader sedan
As much as I love the J-Rev build, and I DO ... I've been wondering why you want a work truck with such low front end clearance.
Daniel Pugh
Daniel Pugh 3 månader sedan
What's happening with the widebody 300zx???
Jorge Antonini
Jorge Antonini 3 månader sedan
A few thing I have as personal opinion relating to this: 1. Never been a fan of differential or front subframe centerpoint lifting, if done incorrectly the vehicle could potentially tip over to one side. It’ll be dangerous if you have to reach way in to set stands like in the case of the truck where Jared had to basically slide to halfway under the bed to set the stands. IMHO it’s easier and safer(not quicker) to lift up one corner at a time and set the stand then move to the next one. 2. Be careful using pinchwelds, I’ve seen and had MANY good condition looking pinch welds being used in the factory approved location fold over like a soft taco when used to jack up a vehicle. I personally prefer to use the subframe mounting location as a jack point and set the jack stand under the pinch weld after(even tho sometimes its like a puzzle to get one in after the other so they’re not in each other’s way). 3. You didn’t show one but Vw and some other euro brands are famous for these - the half scissor jacks. The deadliest ever design for a emergency jack. They have a tiny footprint and basically a letter v that spreads open as you lift ÜBER SKETCHY. 4. For rhino ramps(as the called plastic ramps are generally referred to), the best things to do for them is to get some skateboard grip tape(get online or buy at a local skate shop) and apply it to the driving surface. I can’t say how many vehicles I’ve had not want to start up the ramp or start up and then start sliding on them because they’re usually very smooth, even with good tires or the “diamond plate” pattern or whatever “grippy surface” they may have from the factory. I suppose applying some bed liner to them could help too but the tape is easier and much less likely to just flake off(since the problem is they’re usually too smooth in the first place). I’m sure I may have missed something else but for now that’s my $.03... Also good thing that Supra doesn’t have an engine, those tires look like they need replacing if it was driveable...anybody else catch that?
Josio1301 3 månader sedan
Maybe not the most exciting video, but very important to prevent injuries and damage to the vehicle. You gotta love this guy’s knowledge.👍🏻
Cody Heizler
Cody Heizler 3 månader sedan
I just use my quick jacks 😉
ChopStick Pony
ChopStick Pony 3 månader sedan
Pro Jacking
Adrian Hinds
Adrian Hinds 3 månader sedan
Awesome Jared
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Anthony's Malawi Predators 3 månader sedan
I don't care how boring the subject. This man is a great teacher! Thanks a million for wanting to spread your wealth of knowledge to all of us shadetree/backyard mechanics. Happy wrenchin =)
David Lee
David Lee 3 månader sedan
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David Lee
David Lee 3 månader sedan
Email see you either dukku so hp
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David Lee 3 månader sedan
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David Lee
David Lee 3 månader sedan
With everything rtuygifuutfudyrjudyiy series we still to rt+5557
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Anthony's Malawi Predators 3 månader sedan
If my truck doesn't try to kill me I didn't really work on it!
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 3 månader sedan
Can you teach me to tune my carb? Great video, thanks!
Da Canadian man
Da Canadian man 3 månader sedan
Paul Baillie Thanks. I know how hard it is to find a good video on tuning carburetors, I needed one since my 84 foxbody 5.0 was slightly temperamental. We (My dad and I) put the idle at 750-800 rpm and everything was perfectly fine with the carb. It was a normal Saskatchewan winter which can get to -60C/-76F, (Saskatchewan’s weather is horrid the temperature gradient of where I currently live is enough to turn ice into steam) so we left it alone for a month or two. My dad was hours away working and I just wanted to listen to my car run again. So I fired it up only for the carb to lack an idle and the engine would bog hard any thought of pushing the throttle faster than 5% a second. I kept it running for a few minutes. I thought maybe it was not getting enough air but no revved it high enough to disengage the choke, didn’t get better. So, I just turned the engine off and tried to figure out what was wrong, not that I ever did (It wasn’t the temperature the garage we have my car stored in is heated and was probably 20C/68F) because when I went to show my dad what was wrong after he got home it just worked perfectly fine right after starting it I took my foot off the accelerator idled perfectly didn’t bog or anything. So tl;dr carb wouldn’t have a tune unless my dad was there So what is your car/truck and how is it going along, hopefully it’s doing at least better than how my fox went.
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 3 månader sedan
Da Canadian man, you da man, thanks.
Da Canadian man
Da Canadian man 3 månader sedan
Have you checked out thunderhead289’s series on carbs? If not I’d recommend you do so. I hope this helps!
James Weaver
James Weaver 3 månader sedan
Lukas Stasytis
Lukas Stasytis 3 månader sedan
9:40 what i underneath my jacks is cooking tray
Sumner Kinney
Sumner Kinney 3 månader sedan
This was great information. I am glad I watched the whole video.
Douglas Chaney
Douglas Chaney 3 månader sedan
Cribbing is a safe and cost effective way to support a car especially if its a long term project. These can be made using 2x4 wood. Just check out videos on youtube on making them
Art Pereira
Art Pereira 3 månader sedan
Watching your videos makes me feel like I am your apprentice
MoFBox 3 månader sedan
I always use bricks as Jackstands but the ones I use are 100% solid and don't have these big holes in them. It's all I have and a hell of a lot better than just having the floorjack under it. It's never really high off the ground so for subframework and stuff I'd have to use my cousins lift. But for any work going that far I need assistance anyways.
Dewald Grobler
Dewald Grobler 3 månader sedan
Thanks boss, very informative.
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan 3 månader sedan
so basically kids, this video is rated pegi 18 because Jared prepared alot of jokes about... uhh.. no wait I can't say that to the kids... never mind
fmH Accord
fmH Accord 3 månader sedan
If you Wrench everyday, you will Jack everyday, so be safe when Jacking and use 2 hands just like Jared :D
Aezelll 3 månader sedan
I won't get under a car on any kind of jack stand. Those things are widowmakers. There are any number of ways those things can fail by tipping, mechanical failure, someone hitting the release accidentally, etc. Once I realized I liked working on cars I just got a lift. Best $5,000 I ever spent. Something may still get me in life but it won't be a car squishing me.
aSlap4You 3 månader sedan
This is very helpful, thanks
Tony the Shadetree
Tony the Shadetree 3 månader sedan
I've been around long enough we used air jacks to lift from the bumpers (when vehicles actually had bumpers). An air jack on each end was better than a lift in some aspects; nothing under the vehicle in the way and you didn't have the posts on each side to work around. Great for raising one up to do body work or just to detail. They lifted quite high too. I really miss those days.
Tony the Shadetree
Tony the Shadetree 3 månader sedan
The air jacks also had a locking mechanism built in, so no need for jack stands.
Matt Jordan
Matt Jordan 3 månader sedan
I flat out refuse to use those factory scissor jacks ive had 2 collapse on me just while changing a tyre
FlipnKraut 3 månader sedan
What do you think of safejacks.
Twisting Terrain
Twisting Terrain 3 månader sedan
Who's white 4Runner?
Mark Tanner
Mark Tanner 3 månader sedan
John Olander
John Olander 3 månader sedan
Watched the whole video though with me you were preaching to the choir. Hope it help with your algorithm. Jared is a boss.
Alex Dc
Alex Dc 3 månader sedan
Thank you! Great advice!
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge 3 månader sedan
I just found out my jack stands are garbage! Thank you Jared!
Joe monroe
Joe monroe 3 månader sedan
Great information, always worth making a good instructional video for.
Gilbert Semidei
Gilbert Semidei 3 månader sedan
I always jack with someone with me in case I need an extra hand or injure myself.
Phil B
Phil B 3 månader sedan
The 38 people that downvoted this video obviously wants a vehicle to fall on them.
DAW 75
DAW 75 3 månader sedan
Video starts at 4:00
Jon B
Jon B 3 månader sedan
If you only jack up the front of the car when changing the oil won't that leave some old oil in the pan because the car is not level?
Jon B
Jon B 3 månader sedan
@Tempsho 👍
Tempsho 3 månader sedan
Jon B depends on the shape of the pan and location of the drain plug. Most vehicles the drain plug is at the back, so jacking it from the front actually helps.
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