Installing A Cheap 2JZ-GTE And It DOESN'T FIT (And Leaks A TON Of Oil)

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Wrench Every Day

10 månader sedan

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Today we are installing our cheap 2JZ-GTE and it doesn't even come close to fitting. Not to mention, SOMEONE forgot to drain the oil...
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Mark Dennehy
Mark Dennehy 7 månader sedan
"The rest of the year is going to go smooth" Dude, did you have to jinx the entire planet with a pandemic? :D :D :D
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman 7 månader sedan
Do a tear drop exhaust tip.
Ali Usman
Ali Usman 8 månader sedan
Does anyone know the name of the background music ?
RcFrenzy 9 månader sedan
I wonder if the transmission tunnel would interfere if you shifted the engine back farther? At that point it would be easier to just go cd009. Trying to take notes for my build.
CrazyChemistPL 9 månader sedan
Frankly, with side exhaust and no hood, I kind of lost interest in this project. I mean, why even bother with the body kit at this point? Strip it to the frame.
Sean Walters
Sean Walters 9 månader sedan
For any problem I have in the future - "fitment"
The WilderSide
The WilderSide 9 månader sedan
*explaining radiator setup* Me: is that the fucking Bentley!!??
alf_17 9 månader sedan
You may need to change the name of the car to Earl Gusher 🤣
L Johnson
L Johnson 9 månader sedan
I wish they sold Jared's somewhere.
Robert S
Robert S 9 månader sedan
I can't wait to watch this build because the 2jz is a much better engine than the v6. Not sure why they went to a v6 except to shorten length and add 2 turbos to a dog of an engine.
cygnusx555 9 månader sedan
good team
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch 9 månader sedan
9:59 "all right let's take that out of context" xD xD
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch 9 månader sedan
Jared's undying sense of sarcasm brings out the best in Tavarish. This chemistry is so awesome.
Vladimir Mishin
Vladimir Mishin 9 månader sedan
Excellent channel
Matt B
Matt B 9 månader sedan
Gotta love that 75/25 weight distribution to make handling extra interesting. ;)
Mose ISDN 9 månader sedan
Nina Blatchley
Nina Blatchley 9 månader sedan
A rear sump oil pan maybe work better 2js come with front and rear sump
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 9 månader sedan
You can tell you're actually friends by stuff like "You did that on purpose to make me look bad." 😂
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 9 månader sedan
Vk56 turbos
Goltzhar 9 månader sedan
Where is parts listing? Price? Where to buy? This is pretty important if you are gonna be able to wrench yourself, is it not? Or is this just a demonstration of how the people you hire to wrench, puts parts/things together?
John Weeks
John Weeks 9 månader sedan
I would definitely just move the motor back seems to me that would make the most sense
Adam Peeples
Adam Peeples 9 månader sedan
Working on a car with Tavarish is like a group project with the class clown. None of his jokes hit and you end up doing all of the work.
Michiel Kobussen
Michiel Kobussen 9 månader sedan
More like wrench once a week....
Morgan h
Morgan h 9 månader sedan
I am Having Jared withdrawals [neeeeeeed daily] Jared fix lol he's so entertaining
John Doe
John Doe 9 månader sedan
Id like to see them build a '99 r34. Keeping the original motor and trans, just rebuild both to handle more ass.
BamBamsflow 9 månader sedan
Do you have any idea on how heavy is that vg30de you guys took out or if you could weight it thanks in advance,
Speed Academy
Speed Academy 9 månader sedan
Looks like you guys need a $200 5-spd BMW gearbox and Collins adapter & coolerworx shifter. You can move that sucker back to where you need, replace the front sump with a rear one and you're GOLDEN! Skip building all that complicated nonsense up front.
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 9 månader sedan
FFS just shorten the driveshaft and save yourself the extra effort
CorwinINaDSM 9 månader sedan
Jared is still so much better than the old guy. Atleast he doesn't JUST complain
Travis Layson
Travis Layson 9 månader sedan
We’re gonna need a bigger bag of cat litter...
Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge 9 månader sedan
That is going to be so freaking cool!!!
Theodore Cox
Theodore Cox 9 månader sedan
go straight to 7:59 rofl
Jeffrey Retana
Jeffrey Retana 9 månader sedan
A fellow Z buddy got their Z done by these guys and the 2J fits perfectly! They are also the ones who finished Pakmans 2J.
Kenny duarte
Kenny duarte 9 månader sedan
Really digging this channel and Jared’s knowledge of 2J’s is impressive. That being said, I would love to see a build involving Japan’s OTHER inline 6, the Nissan RB.
Ronny Marchini
Ronny Marchini 9 månader sedan
i hope this channel grows and keeps the setup as is right now ♥️
elvetost 9 månader sedan
dont be silly chaps, move the motor back...
Not J
Not J 9 månader sedan
I still don't get why they're doing this with that.
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 9 månader sedan
So when is Andrew coming back on the channel?
Dez Morgan Films
Dez Morgan Films 9 månader sedan
Why don't you just follow the tried and true method that gets 2jz in the z32 like the 50 other people that have done this swap? Notch the subframe. Front sump oil pan and z32 trans. Custom mount brackets and driveshaft. Fits under stock hood and everything.
Robert Metcalf
Robert Metcalf 9 månader sedan
My bust have to restart
Robert Metcalf
Robert Metcalf 9 månader sedan
Love the video but no audio
DFB58 9 månader sedan
Its common for 2JZ's to leak oil.
EMF Audio
EMF Audio 9 månader sedan
The secret word of the day is: "wonky"
Ed S.
Ed S. 9 månader sedan
Jared knows his stuff.
Kim .W
Kim .W 9 månader sedan
it feels strange hearing someone with grey hair say "Wide thicc boys"
Elijah Maurer
Elijah Maurer 9 månader sedan
I know you guys are diy nuts, but you really should take more pride in your work and thoroughly clean everything for your project before starting. Don't be instructors for messiness. It's more fun to work on pristinely clean parts anyway. I always 100% degrease and "polish" up all my nasty crusty parts. It makes it better to work on.
RJ 9 månader sedan
Recess it into the firewall.
MR Islandtime
MR Islandtime 9 månader sedan
Does Jarred own GTA 5 online and have the arena 350z with the exhaust in the same spot that he want!? Well mine looks BA lol
Baloney Justice
Baloney Justice 9 månader sedan
7:58 this whole episode in a nutshell...
Juan Productions
Juan Productions 9 månader sedan
😬 yikes
paul medero
paul medero 9 månader sedan
Starting think u dont know shit about cars.
paul medero
paul medero 9 månader sedan
Stop Wasting your time with the jZ swap and that car and just Ls swap it can be done.
viscountalpha 9 månader sedan
Integrated engine top/hood. Make the hood look like it melts into the block.
Max Tokmin
Max Tokmin 9 månader sedan
dry sump will bring it down in the engine bay
Lester Piglet
Lester Piglet 9 månader sedan
If you had a ton of oil in the engine no wonder it leaked. Use the manufacturer's recommendations , usually measured in litres.
Jensen and Vanessa
Jensen and Vanessa 9 månader sedan
Zac Larkby
Zac Larkby 9 månader sedan
How did you guys acquire this channel?
NECRO 69 9 månader sedan
Stock end to the show should be some burnout's
sofo 9 månader sedan
I got there now... Jared is more gripper than a sleeper!! Omg give us more of that stuff!!! lol
sofo 9 månader sedan
Prf. Jared on his bearings he hopped that were bushings... lol Tavarish is "the youtube scouter" with Jared' s add on...
plageran 9 månader sedan
How about: " Jared needs his own Channel" Dude your killing it!
Kevin Takeda
Kevin Takeda 9 månader sedan
These two are some of the fine examples of best friends out there.
Jan Trojan
Jan Trojan 9 månader sedan
I dont know shit about cars but yours video is always the first I will watch 👍
samuel lopes
samuel lopes 9 månader sedan
I would have loved to see a built and boosted KA24DE thrown in there, They damn near give those engines away. I've seen a few that made serious power.
Johnny Americano
Johnny Americano 9 månader sedan
When will you continue working on Bentley?
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia 9 månader sedan
I want to see mr2 content!
David Martin
David Martin 9 månader sedan
Well done, really enjoying this channel!!
BCs300z 9 månader sedan
For the Radiator solution, I used a similar front (ahead of core support) setup when I swapped in my RB26. Not to self-promote, but if you check out EP17 of my swap vlog, I show the rad that I went with. It was a C&R Racing dual-pass rad that is approx 13x24, which fills that entire front space perfectly. And SPAL supplies the electric fan and cowl in the kit. Lemme know if you have any additional questions. Here or IG.
Bernie Cruz
Bernie Cruz 9 månader sedan
Why not just put the radiator in the back of the car? Like a rear engine? that would solve the problem!
chad rathbone
chad rathbone 9 månader sedan
So excited to steal your engine.. He forgot to drain the fluids. hahaha
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo. 9 månader sedan
So if you go with the 6speed then you wouldn't have to cut up the front of the car and you'd only have to weld some brackets in the back? Ok I think I got it. Don't use the adapt kit and it will be simpler.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo.
Rowrowgo Rowrowgo. 9 månader sedan
You know power washing everything before you put stuff back in would be great
weedwizzard420xx 9 månader sedan
Wouldn't it drive kinda bad if you have too much weight in the front
0 O
0 O 9 månader sedan
You can contact John Vigil in Denver who probably has a kit for this. He makes the best Engine mods in the industry. He is on Facebook. Vi. Engineering.
willjam465 9 månader sedan
Shoulda had a V-8...
Tanto069 9 månader sedan
Other people managed to do it🤷🏻‍♂️
InspirePerfect 9 månader sedan
Umm its a yes from me tavarish & jared
feminism is cancer
feminism is cancer 9 månader sedan
Way way WAAAAAAAY too many adverts guys....
Galaxy Defender
Galaxy Defender 9 månader sedan
This project makes no sense.
Rumor HasIt
Rumor HasIt 9 månader sedan
I can’t wait to make some questionable decisions today and probably not have enough time to check my work
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 9 månader sedan
There’s an “E” in Nissan!
Ben Reynauld
Ben Reynauld 9 månader sedan
just push the engine back further instead off notching the front support for the pulley lol going to be so un balanced sitting that far forward lol why why why
Vic Anthony Leriorato
Vic Anthony Leriorato 9 månader sedan
just like us😂
IGotzPotatoAim 9 månader sedan
You can use a Twin Turbo clutch in the NA Trans, You just gotta Grind a little and i do mean just a tad bit at the bottom of the NA trans! And BTW, You Said that backwards, The 6 puck is the DISC and the other is the pressure plate! Not disc!
RichieBoomBatz 9 månader sedan
That engine placement is way too forward. Set that thing back and put a 6 speed in the car. I feel that trans is going to be your week link.
Cory Brown
Cory Brown 9 månader sedan
Mark Hedges
Mark Hedges 9 månader sedan
Make the front longer, cut the front off, remount the lights etc, make custom hood.
Aytakta 9 månader sedan
i just cant watch Tavarish without Jared anymore,its just doesn't work like that...
lacossa nostra
lacossa nostra 9 månader sedan
why not put un a VQ or a VR engine in it !?i really cant understand why people swap engines with different manufactory brands( its against my laws) !!
The Nut
The Nut 9 månader sedan
I thought you gave up on vlogs Freddie. But I see the "Wrench Everyday” podcast channel is now the "Tavarish” channel? Glad I found you again!
James Luke
James Luke 9 månader sedan
So Tavarish is saying Jared has a short chubby like himself? LMAO!
Fax Paws
Fax Paws 9 månader sedan
With all the fabrication, why not stretch the front end 6 inches? After the frame rails, it would be just some sheet fab - Easier than the current plan and a cleaner look at the end
James Luke
James Luke 9 månader sedan
That's what she said Jared. LMAO! 😂
Detroitblue 9 månader sedan
I would like a hood.
OkiStyle 9 månader sedan
Push it back for weight distribution too much weight over the front wheels and use an adjustable shifter
Da D
Da D 9 månader sedan
hey Travarish/jarred please check out malvin malli on youtube. he's just finish last year a z32 2jz build which is fekking mint. get some ideas see how he got around janky hoodscoops/no hood. really hope you guys don't jank this build
clydereV X
clydereV X 9 månader sedan
The curse of earl...... leaker.........
Kilo Lee
Kilo Lee 9 månader sedan
*pulls pressure plate out of box* Jared: "here's the clutch disk and alignment tool..."
Henry C
Henry C 9 månader sedan
😂 one year later 🤦🏽‍♂️ with may have to change the transmission 😂
rodrigo smith
rodrigo smith 9 månader sedan
You guys are very informative and hilarious all in one
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