Installing An INSANE DIY WIDEBODY Kit On Our Ugly Nissan 300ZX (EARL LEEKER IS BACK!)

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Wrench Every Day

11 månader sedan

Get the PMZ-K V2 widebody kit here►
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WE ARE BACK! Starting the new year off RIGHT by installing an insane new widebody kit on our Earl Leeker 300ZX project, thanks to a new friend named PakManZ! The PMZ-K body is manufactured by KBD Body Kits, and you can buy them on PakManZ's site►
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pakmanz 10 månader sedan
It was great meeting and working with you guys! I can’t wait to see this thing running 🔥
ARIELO 9 månader sedan
Wow it's pakmanz i truly admired the bodykit you design for 300zx
Kid Speed
Kid Speed 10 månader sedan
Why this guy sound like my boy chrisfix
Johnny 10 månader sedan
@N1sm0 __ in the Florida sun I doubt it's going to last I seen polyurethane literally sweat in the heat
Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson 10 månader sedan
Yeah I also saw you in Jimmys channel a while back when he was down is Cali right? Nice to see ya around again mang! Nvm you just mentioned Cali right after I posed this lol
oldschool mtg jm
oldschool mtg jm 10 månader sedan
Pakman do u think you'll come out with more kitsch for other cars?
Suzete Almeida
Suzete Almeida Månad sedan
Nissan 300zx tt twin
Preda R6
Preda R6 2 månader sedan
u guys really think the stock 300zx is ugly?
Aurimas Maldzius
Aurimas Maldzius 3 månader sedan
looks like its the same stuff batmans costume is made from lol, looks garbage, put some fiberglass on jeez....
slyonerz 4 månader sedan
My name a jeff
Sergian Hoy
Sergian Hoy 6 månader sedan
Glad to see some Modern 300Zx content.Just picked up an N/A 1990 so im learning😋😋😍😍😍
Thomas Creighton
Thomas Creighton 7 månader sedan
Anyone else bothered by Pac-Man Z’s finger nails ?
Ignorant White Male
Ignorant White Male 8 månader sedan
I hate these soft body kits hardbody or nothing
A Dade
A Dade 9 månader sedan
ғιrѕт тιмer on yoυ gυyѕ new advenтυre cнannel.... enjoyed! #SALUTE
justin bouy
justin bouy 9 månader sedan
I like Jarred
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch 9 månader sedan
Penta 9 månader sedan
Abflug bodykit only worthy kit for the z32
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 9 månader sedan
Dont let the channel die again plz love you and Jared I get why you stopped buy this is a winning pair
Kori Thomas
Kori Thomas 9 månader sedan
Love this channel and so happy to see yall doing a 300zx. Thanks Tavarish and Jared for making these videos. I've watched everything on wrench everyday and will continue to watch. Great stuff
Toni 10 månader sedan
thats extremely fugly
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 10 månader sedan
I think I remember this guy from jimmy oakes channel
henry06x 10 månader sedan
dont care for the fender loovers or whatever they are called. pretty ugly when i looked up the body kits.
andoletube 10 månader sedan
I don't like this body kit. It's too overdone. I prefer the original panels.
trevor jaster
trevor jaster 10 månader sedan
God the 300zx is such an ugly car it has not a single nice looking panel or curve to it and it looks so cheaply built! I have tried to give it a chance but the best thing i can find is you can get a T top ig
Lukeorish 10 månader sedan
You should chop the roof and hatch off lower the windscreen and build a role support and sloped hump behind the seats, like on the old school race cars like the w196 in 1956
Leon Nottingham
Leon Nottingham 10 månader sedan
Damn those cars are ugly
mx 5
mx 5 10 månader sedan
Haaha coolbi recommended this kit
Jonas85 10 månader sedan
make the first nissan 300zx widebody offroad car!
Benny Lin
Benny Lin 10 månader sedan
Body kit looks horrible !
valentin manso
valentin manso 10 månader sedan
Damn it’s lookin sexy not a fan of 300s but this one has me turning lol super great look awesome kit!!
MrDoobes 10 månader sedan
Honestly would love yoo see yous completely strip the engine bay and then have someone tub it, then slap an rb26 in it
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 10 månader sedan
Have to go now you just said pick up some tools and do something That I am got only two cars to build so I’m off 👍👍
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 10 månader sedan
What happened to the travanish channel
Yoboizee /////
Yoboizee ///// 10 månader sedan
300zx drift car
Mömus 10 månader sedan
Is the chassis on the Bentley crooked yet?
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 10 månader sedan
Too many fuck around jokes imo
Zach Soanes
Zach Soanes 10 månader sedan
honestly looks sick just as it is.. 300z as a widebody trashbox.. the black poly matches the paint quite well..
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer 10 månader sedan
Dude needs to use that grinder on his nails
JONBEE1212 10 månader sedan
Big wannnnng
本尼·加西亚.: 10 månader sedan
papakfmcnados king
papakfmcnados king 10 månader sedan
You could make it look like a Japanese highway police vehicle and you probably won't get in trouble even if you replicate it accurately
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 10 månader sedan
Black and white also add some red.
Handskemager 10 månader sedan
Is that rigid enough to not flop around?
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 10 månader sedan
Why did U mount the air outtakes in the front bumpers on top instead of fixing them from below?
Benjamin Sarajlic
Benjamin Sarajlic 10 månader sedan
VR38DETT swap it, keep it RWD, Huge chassis wing, make it a drift slut in pearl withe with matte black Louvres etc
CJ Manning
CJ Manning 10 månader sedan
Seriously... Jared is a freaking gift to this channel. Don't ever let that guy go!
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 10 månader sedan
Similar to a honey do project & what your wife will say. Finish one project b4 start another. As a viewer would like to see complete the Bentley, 300zx, Mercedes convertible, Ferrari 355 etc......enjoy the show......JFI....Just Finish It!
Even Stevens
Even Stevens 10 månader sedan
Tri-Coat Pearl White paint would look sick. But since it was black maybe just a nice black!!!
DanDan503 10 månader sedan
If there's gonna be a chassis mount wing and those fender louvers, you gotta air the suspension out all stance hotboi style.
Brent Truchot
Brent Truchot 10 månader sedan
Please, NO ridiculous rear spoiler!!!!
Shastri Ramlal
Shastri Ramlal 10 månader sedan
Looks ricer 🧐
Azbo Fieldway
Azbo Fieldway 10 månader sedan
Get rid of the v8 idea and add a RB into the car
Lukasyee 10 månader sedan
Thought that was an EB110
MrKittyRaver 10 månader sedan
Alex Carrasco
Alex Carrasco 10 månader sedan
Put the spare Lamborghini engine in it 😂
Scott Peters
Scott Peters 10 månader sedan
*Track car/Time Attack
Biohazard667 Productions
Biohazard667 Productions 10 månader sedan
bitchez make it look like Paul newmans Trans AM 300ZX, or the IMSA ooorr the Le Mans version
Julek Michalski
Julek Michalski 10 månader sedan
I was wondering how much heavier this front is than the stock one. It looks super heavy. Plus where are this pacmanz guy nails clipper? Geez, that was not fun to see :D
Greg Stewart
Greg Stewart 10 månader sedan
Ferrari motor hmmmmmm
SouPNaZi 10 månader sedan
Rhinoliner the whole car
stevenlee92833 10 månader sedan
RHD mail delivery/drifter
x and t-dog gaming
x and t-dog gaming 10 månader sedan
Ruined a beautiful lady.... honestly I love the 300zx, but there is some kits I like on them. This one isnt bad tbh
Adriel Geronimo
Adriel Geronimo 10 månader sedan
love the 300zx look
Tim Van Briesen
Tim Van Briesen 10 månader sedan
Paint job: Paul Newman 300zx! Engine: Nissan VK50VE Nismo makes some great parts for the VK50VE because of LMP3!
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 10 månader sedan
Tofu 300ZX?
mike thrash
mike thrash 10 månader sedan
I have 1993 twin turbo for you T if you want to abort the rust machine
John Smith
John Smith 10 månader sedan
looks like Batmans nipple costume
Adam R
Adam R 10 månader sedan
IMSA? lol
gunit 010
gunit 010 10 månader sedan
Why is hoovies van there
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 10 månader sedan
Crazy kit cant wait to see the rest
sean thomas
sean thomas 10 månader sedan
Make it look like a japanese race car please
Russell Duncan
Russell Duncan 10 månader sedan
No airbags
Wise Guy
Wise Guy 10 månader sedan
do a Paul Newman Esq livery, and make it for time attack competition.
lprteam 10 månader sedan
You should do a widebody offroad 300zx :)
Bernardo LaCosta
Bernardo LaCosta 10 månader sedan
So did he start a new channel or something ??
Thomas C
Thomas C 10 månader sedan
Yes! Thank you for doing this 300 some love.
Jonathan O'Hagan
Jonathan O'Hagan 10 månader sedan
do it green
Adam Throop
Adam Throop 10 månader sedan
Please paint this in bed liner 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
James K
James K 10 månader sedan
Funny on that “don’t break that that’s a rare piece of plastic” sarcasm part. Any of your main Z part distributors price that stupid shit like it’s made of gold, this is why I quit bothering with my z32. The stock stuff is not worth messing with at all, I’m glad y’all are swapping it.
Ian French
Ian French 10 månader sedan
This is a terrible way to treat leaky Earl. Even leaky Earl looks better than ugly overdone bodykit Earl. A simple restoration would have been so much better
Jai Singh
Jai Singh 10 månader sedan
1000hp z32 is what I think you should do with it
Daniel Pickell
Daniel Pickell 10 månader sedan
Nice I loved my 91 Fairlady TT
Extreme 360
Extreme 360 10 månader sedan
Red + white wing and stripe and front & rear diffusers, I think that'd look sick, or alternatively black accents on the wings, stripe, and diffusers?
Staetik 10 månader sedan
Wrap it or plasti-dip. I am a fan of panda as well!
Robin Loveniers
Robin Loveniers 10 månader sedan
Pls keep rear bumper it looks dumb without
Richard R
Richard R 10 månader sedan
A gulf blue & orange would be interesting
Fox Die
Fox Die 10 månader sedan
Twin turbo drift build!
Luke K
Luke K 10 månader sedan
ill take the signed bolts,do you ship to eu 🤣
Thomas Dusynski
Thomas Dusynski 10 månader sedan
You know what would fit behind that massive bumper? A MASSIVE intercooler....
DeVito410 10 månader sedan
had no idea there was a second channel
ろいぼん 10 månader sedan
The Broken MTB
The Broken MTB 10 månader sedan
Drift car!!!!
Metalution 10 månader sedan
Not Great at Gaming
Not Great at Gaming 10 månader sedan
16:12 So, this was filmed last month? It was apparently the same time the Caravan was being re-pimped (Hoovie's Christmas present).
taylor bruce
taylor bruce 10 månader sedan
Z31 please
The Tuned Tank
The Tuned Tank 10 månader sedan
Oldschool Gulf orange/blue
radames alvarez-rivera
radames alvarez-rivera 10 månader sedan
So who broke the passenger side fog lamp lense? Its was fine when you guys took the OE cover.
Brian Crabtree
Brian Crabtree 10 månader sedan
B is for Build recently done a V8 swapped widebody car which was also black and white...
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 10 månader sedan
hmm a polyurethane bumper, so like a 71' GTO then, and the optional painted bumpers they sometimes had on Cuda's back in the day.
Eric O'Shea
Eric O'Shea 10 månader sedan
TUBE FRAME CHASSIS. Goodbye rust and hello drifting
Wayne Ihamaki
Wayne Ihamaki 10 månader sedan
The best bad ass, sinister, 2 @#$s not given look would be to not paint anything.
Lych Rose
Lych Rose 10 månader sedan
Drift build
justin j
justin j 10 månader sedan
Nice kit but such a crazy kit should of used a modern headlight to make it look new.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 10 månader sedan
YAAASS! The 300zx is one of my all time favorites and I'm glad you guys are doing one! Do it up!
George Cramer
George Cramer 10 månader sedan
am i the only one that can hear the cove commuter speaker trying to pair in the background?
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