JOHNNIE REV STARTS FOR THE FIRST TIME (Mid-Engined Corvette-Powered Muscle Truck LIVES!!!)

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Wrench Every Day

5 månader sedan

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Today on Wrench Every Day, Johnnie Rev fires into life, and we celebrate passing 200,000 subscribers by partnering with Hp Tuners to give awap a MPVI2 Pro with 2 credits, a $650 value.
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emerybryant 7 dagar sedan
your playlist is backwards. i cant be the only one to notice...
NeedForWeed 3 månader sedan
is it just me, or jarred kind of popped up in your youtube car recommended and hes just naturally a favorite to watch?
Harron jones
Harron jones 3 månader sedan
We love watching your videos keep up the good work
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 4 månader sedan
Philip Koller
Philip Koller 4 månader sedan
Love the truck, but I have one question: so why didn't you use the ls1? You said it had a front accident, but you took the accessories from the front, so it couldn't be that bad that the engine was hurt, right?
Andrew Kiefer
Andrew Kiefer 4 månader sedan
Got the camera bra on
veqlargh81 4 månader sedan
Yugooooooo. Work on that one! :)
don donks
don donks 4 månader sedan
SOUNDS like a fukn TRACTOR💣💣💣🍻
Josh Vaughan
Josh Vaughan 4 månader sedan
My wife wants the pink cabinet now. #thanksforthat lol
Edward K. A.
Edward K. A. 4 månader sedan
Where is she pulling air from? The intake looks like it has plug in it to me.
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 4 månader sedan
Most likely the security was exactly what was causing it to fire and die like that. Chevy security system does that. Had a friends spare key resistor go bad and his truck would do exactly like that. Got his original key back and it ran fine.
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson 4 månader sedan
you guys are clickbaiters the one thing that's not a mid-engine build for another thing that's just ridiculous what you're doing I can't believe you're wasting the money
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson 4 månader sedan
@Wrench Every Day I give you props for what you trying to do but mid-engine it would have been behind the seats in the middle of the vehicle mid engine is in the middle of the vehicle okay
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 4 månader sedan
Look up the definition of what mid-engined is. The truck 100% is mid-engined by industry definition.
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 4 månader sedan
Seeing Honda Rousey in the background makes me happy. Loving Johnny Rev, too.
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson 4 månader sedan
It is Reb not Rev
Dwayne Martens
Dwayne Martens 4 månader sedan
Lol it's ok I don't mind
G S 4 månader sedan
great vid!
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 4 månader sedan
No coolant in the block. Are you premature? It irritates when people do that since it s just pointless. We all seem to understand oil is required but coolant gets second rated.
Zach Kenny
Zach Kenny 4 månader sedan
James R
James R 4 månader sedan
Jared. Let's put an ls with auto in my 93 f150!
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 4 månader sedan
You not supposed to give it throttle when trying to start
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 4 månader sedan
Where are the marker lights on the cab
V LM 4 månader sedan
That’s not a mid-engine C8 corvette motor, you should call it chevy truck motor with corvette accessories.
Steve Prestek
Steve Prestek 4 månader sedan
Gotta say, that engine is a looooog way down there.
Amy Tempus-Doom
Amy Tempus-Doom 5 månader sedan
Jared, you are just so relaxing to watch, and I love how you explain things that others might just gloss over, and you do it without making me feel dumb. Keep up the great work, I wish I could just hire you as my mechanic. ❤️
Chris Beverly
Chris Beverly 5 månader sedan
Great job 👍....... P.S. I saw your suggestion on what car to buy for 150,000 dollars. I'm not a Ford man but your pick was spot on.. I love that car!!!!! Sorry different channel but had to give you credit for your pick🙂👍
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 5 månader sedan
This is a type of tool alot of car thieves use reprogram to remove all security and start push button cars: audi, bmw, vw, Bentley, ford most modern cars.
Ron Buckner
Ron Buckner 5 månader sedan
Jarrod, Love ya buddy but quit swaying!
GTO Judge
GTO Judge 5 månader sedan
During that first start attempt the was the intake capped off?
Mick Krussow
Mick Krussow 5 månader sedan
Subscribed! I bet you have to turn down offers for TV with that natural voice. Looking forward to more.
James matthew
James matthew 5 månader sedan
I love this type of stuff and I love when a old looking car looks like it's not fast at all and it turn out being bad ass and. I watch you guys all the time. I have seen just about all your videos over the last year and thank you for this video
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 5 månader sedan
Jared would be the most fun to wrench with.
Gabrijel Pezelj
Gabrijel Pezelj 5 månader sedan
no way, you have a YUGO in the shop! PLEASE DO SHOW MORE
619guy202 5 månader sedan
Shut up
Razakov Obelov
Razakov Obelov 5 månader sedan
👍👍👍Prof Jared
Justin Busching
Justin Busching 5 månader sedan
Sounds amazing
Good Ol Boy #76
Good Ol Boy #76 5 månader sedan
Winning one of them might be able to help me figure out what's wrong with my truck.
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock 5 månader sedan
I was like... pull the choke out. LOL
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte 5 månader sedan
0:24 a Rolls-Royce 60's- 70's.
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte 5 månader sedan
@John Powell Thank you.
John Powell
John Powell 5 månader sedan
Bentley S3. 1962-65.
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson 5 månader sedan
Nice! Glad to see it running!
maxst2 5 månader sedan
Itsss allliivvveee
Miles Rains
Miles Rains 5 månader sedan
Too many commercials, too often. Sorry.
sandflesh 5 månader sedan
hey bud. if your not gonna use all those dark side TDi parts. I got a 2003 tdi golf that could use them.
TheAdventure bro
TheAdventure bro 5 månader sedan
Thumbs down for the name. No need to glorify confederate culture
TheAdventure bro
TheAdventure bro 5 månader sedan
@Lua Dipa oh ok how was the confederacy not racist?
T J 5 månader sedan
Cool IH😎
Logical Engineering
Logical Engineering 5 månader sedan
Keep the great work, love your work. When is the rally your going to do on the Honda Limousine?
Racers Junkyard
Racers Junkyard 5 månader sedan
The MAF screen is happy to see you!
Jorge Antonini
Jorge Antonini 5 månader sedan
So what about the people like me who don’t care to istagram...We’re also locked out of the drawing...😭😭 O well, I did just pay $400 A few weeks ago anyway to have my Vw apr tuned. On another note, great job w the channel Jarred. I definetly like your style of videos now on this channel than this channel’s previous life and Tavarish’s channel. Seems like he’s just jumping on a bit too much at one time and really just dragging them out a bit too far to be enjoyable watch to watch anymore. I know this video also is about the ls swap truck but I still can’t quite understand why Instead of doing a Vw diesel conversion, you couldn’t do a Honda v6 swap from a newer Accord or Odyssey or something(definitely suited more for long drives and pulling a lot) or something. Probably woulda been about the same fab work(although I guess that might be not quite questionable enough of a decision). Don’t get me wrong, I love Vw’s and think the diesel for your purpose will be great, but I just hated to see a still save-able Jetta get chopped up like that. I had a mk4 Jetta before, it had problems and I needed something bigger so I sold it, but they’re probably one of my fav 2 looking cars I’ve owned - so I may be a bit biased.
rjs2005 5 månader sedan
This channel has become one of my very favorites due to Jared.
Elliot Simpson
Elliot Simpson 5 månader sedan
Definitely a fan of the perspective/body cam; Needs a little "tuning" (pun intended) on positioning and/or motion stabilization, but a good addition overall! Bummed HPTuners product doesn't support my bimmer, though.
Mammoth-Puppy 5 månader sedan
Dude you are a wizard. I was just imagining myself trying to take this on, and where I’d be if we started at the same time. 😂😂
Dakota Landis
Dakota Landis 5 månader sedan
i followed on instagram on both by the way keep up the great content
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith 5 månader sedan
Gone are the days of a first start when, you'd set timing, have timing light ready, prime the carburetor, check the dwell in the distributor, check spark and then hit the key. Tech today is cooler!
Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey 5 månader sedan
Jared seems like a humble down to earth guy, enjoyed the video!
Grünkohlaktionär 5 månader sedan
Please restore the original paintjob!
Swan Donovan
Swan Donovan 5 månader sedan
"mid engine" is a bit of a stretch. Front mid, sure
Timothy Ball
Timothy Ball 5 månader sedan
I love the body style of these trucks.
FaTaL NSG 5 månader sedan
Does he blink ?
Shaun PC
Shaun PC 5 månader sedan
Awesome job getting the truck up and running and of course teaching us how to do things right.
Tyler Bramblett
Tyler Bramblett 5 månader sedan
I like the build hell I daily an ls3 but I came for earl lol #bringbackearlleaker
shamshe 5 månader sedan
Jared, you are a beast!
Justin Lapointe
Justin Lapointe 5 månader sedan
Imagine how could it would be to cruise the town in this truck while listening the song International Harvester by Craig Morgan.
Rudradev Arya
Rudradev Arya 5 månader sedan
Hey guys what happened to project Earl and Honda Rousey???
cubonenineO 5 månader sedan
2:24 *am i just really blitzed.... or do i hear seagulls in this music edit*?
Michael Hart
Michael Hart 5 månader sedan
Great show . Can't wait to see it driving...
Phillip Andiloro
Phillip Andiloro 5 månader sedan
Great Work Jarred! and HPTunners for great tech!
Grant Tour
Grant Tour 5 månader sedan
It's going to be a killer truck
Aaron Tompkins
Aaron Tompkins 5 månader sedan
Z32%MK3 Dope
Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer 5 månader sedan
"Mr. Former Bachelor" lmao why you gotta do my boy Rob Dahm like that
kolideoskope 5 månader sedan
From the title I thought this was going to be an LT2 engine but it's just an LS
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 5 månader sedan
Jaheim James
Jaheim James 5 månader sedan
John Pulgarin-Angel
John Pulgarin-Angel 5 månader sedan
i love jared
D krise
D krise 5 månader sedan
You need to get wheels like that was on it
forresttm 5 månader sedan
Jerreds come a long way since he started helping tavarish. His presenter style is spot on.
nikpoljanec 5 månader sedan
Man I still love to see the Yugo in the back.. I'm from the country where it was made..
Mohsien Hyath
Mohsien Hyath 5 månader sedan
Where’s that Instagram link? Love your guys videos...
J G 5 månader sedan
Jared you rock! P.S. the lanyard is for the flash drive. Don’t lose your program bro :-)
Kymberly Pray
Kymberly Pray 5 månader sedan
Hi, Uh, quick question ... When will my truck be ready? 🚛 💛 💙 🚚 💚 🧡
Devon Kirkham
Devon Kirkham 5 månader sedan
done. That kit is sick af
yodaistheone 5 månader sedan
3 wires......500 wires later.......bring the thunder. :-)
Gatescaper 5 månader sedan
Wow! what I could achieve with that tuner! Be awesome!
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 5 månader sedan
shes coming along great bro keep it up
dylan willyams
dylan willyams 5 månader sedan
If this is a mid engine build so Is my car
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar 5 månader sedan
Jared next project V12?
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 5 månader sedan
The FPP really gets the work done😉
dave1135 5 månader sedan
When you first tried to start it and it's only run until the key was released, it was like either the ecm wasn't flashed or it didn't have the anti theft disabled. Then when you hooked the laptop to it, I thought, oh, it will go now... I was a g.m driveability tech for 25 years, had a customer bring a Buick in on a no start, turned out he bought a new ecm thinking it would run when he plugged it in. I flashed the correct software on it and it ran fine.
Tech Explained
Tech Explained 5 månader sedan
Kinda think you should stay here and do your own thing with your own projects I enjoy the projects but you know I think tavarish should probably work on tavarish'es cars
docgramps1 5 månader sedan
There's a new Binky out and I came here instead. High praise indeed :)
Liudas Jagminas
Liudas Jagminas 5 månader sedan
Congratulations of getting it to run. Enjoyed the process tremendously. Great idea and execution
kwedog2373 5 månader sedan
Now that sounded good. Inspires me to take on a project with a late model motor and computer.
Frostback 5 månader sedan
Please consider doing the rad 1978- Volkswagon Rabbit I think is in the back ground.
tokuzumi1 5 månader sedan
Bet Jared takes over the McLaren build from Tavarish
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 5 månader sedan
Hope I win
Dino 5 månader sedan
Don't think Jared ever thought on becoming a SEpostr but here he is making money like a champ. Hopefully Freddy pay him pretty good
Colin Blankenship
Colin Blankenship 5 månader sedan
nice job
armando patane
armando patane 5 månader sedan
EVAN O'Bryant
EVAN O'Bryant 5 månader sedan
I love the pov cam
RacingfortheSon 5 månader sedan
I'm I alone on how much I hate time lapse?
adam Hunter
adam Hunter 5 månader sedan
I am honestly really loving Jarred doing these videos, and that truck is just a little nuts!!!
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 5 månader sedan
This guy is the last human being I would ever let in my shop, can he talk any slower FOH
Traceur Snow
Traceur Snow 5 månader sedan
That first start, after all the work put into setting everything up, on top of all the work that went into actually putting in the engine, must be so satisfying.
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