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Today, we take a look at Jared's projects, coming to the channel. We have the Muscle Truck, a International 1010 Johnnie Rebb edition, and a 1985 Honda Accord stretch limousine. Yes, you heard that right. This will be fun. Get your tetanus shots ready!
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Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley Dag sedan
1:05 would look good just as is only slammed to the ground !
Shark Fang
Shark Fang 17 dagar sedan
4:53 anyone else notice that random piece of metal go flying on its own? Is Site B haunted?
Martinez John&Kristy
Martinez John&Kristy 2 månader sedan
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall 3 månader sedan
1.9tdi gang here, get an ASZ or BLT motor (the 96kw one), 2260 turbo and big injectors for that limo, you won't regret it, SRtuned software free...
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 4 månader sedan
Tavares is just frigging spoiled.....rotten.
Zak Styers
Zak Styers 6 månader sedan
I have a buddy that drives a tdi Jetta wagon 5 speed everyday and I've never seen him breakdown once he also has a spare engine with a blown head gasket and 5 speed trans
Lewaaolislam Ghanem
Lewaaolislam Ghanem 6 månader sedan
That waz somthing, 1985 jap honda, the nice era, when japan was the 1&only
chad Liston
chad Liston 7 månader sedan
Love how UTAH is represented.
TheSlipperyBrick 7 månader sedan
This is my favorite car out of every car Tavarish/Jared has
Mini Cooper Nation
Mini Cooper Nation 7 månader sedan
Who else saw the video on VinWiki?
flaagan 7 månader sedan
It makes me so happy and relieved to hear someone like Jared say "I hate carbs, I'm not good with them."
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Love it. Honda Rousy
•••Synapse•••Suicide••• 7 månader sedan
That truck is either cursed or possessed. I had a Saturn Aura that would act up if someone was talking bad about her. I mean miss the windows and locks would act up until I "petted" her dash and told her she was a good little car and that I loved her
Mathew Martin
Mathew Martin 7 månader sedan
I so want to see this limos journey lol
gary wilson
gary wilson 8 månader sedan
Nice pink tool box lol
Nenu Marius
Nenu Marius 8 månader sedan
The second Jared said ALH I lost it. That engine is a PD legend.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 8 månader sedan
99 to 2003 Jetta's have the ALH engine.
Addicted2Youtue 8 månader sedan
I would see if i could get a 150HP 1,9TDI with a 6 speed manual (gives you a bigger flywheel and clutch, that is better for holding torque), they can make around 195HP with no problems on just a tune. I put a Garrett GTB1756VC, straight pipe exhaust tubo back in 2,5" (3" downpipe reducing to 2,5"), 3" intake, 2" pressure pipes and a FMIC with a 4Bar MAP sensor on my Golf MK4, stock injectors (ran at 87% duty cycle if i am not wrong), cam, head and bottom end with a Sachs Performance ZF flywheel and clutch kit. It made 240HP and 512NM of torque (max torque at 2100rpm) at the wheels at 2,3bar. It its still running today with over 50.000km on that setup and its a FUN car to drive that still gets 18km/l at 140km/h
Lord JeSith
Lord JeSith 8 månader sedan
Honda rousey Needs a rear mounted k20a
Lord JeSith
Lord JeSith 8 månader sedan
Sweet racism truck!
William Gonder
William Gonder 8 månader sedan
End of April LOL Notice he didnt say what year it would be ready.
Ian Former
Ian Former 8 månader sedan
This is my kind of build... Looking forward to seeing more!!
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 8 månader sedan
Love Hondarousy!!!!!
Payton Agnew
Payton Agnew 9 månader sedan
So honda rousey vs sradmans and burlacker rolls royce limo in a race across america ??
royster211085 9 månader sedan
gotta love the limo, thats an ace project!
John Doe
John Doe 9 månader sedan
Swap tavarish' new civic drive train in the civic limo, lol would be amazing. Ps Jared is the man!
Old Greggs Creamy baileys
Old Greggs Creamy baileys 9 månader sedan
I can’t wait for you guys to crack on with this project
robert walters
robert walters 9 månader sedan
Jared Setting Carburetor is very easy I learned by turning your fuel mixture screws all the way in then turning both of them 1 full turn then a half turn Your pretty much a close to where you want it
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Hate Hondas, had 4 and each one blew head gaskets
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
My Dad had an international Travelall 1010 to pull a 25 trash el trailer, did good for many years then when retired it ended up in a farm in S W. Virginia.
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch 9 månader sedan
1:57 hahahahahahaahahahaahahah
Howard Torch, CSR
Howard Torch, CSR 9 månader sedan
Don't go VW... Run a B22 or something from an Element.
D C 9 månader sedan
1.9 tdi ftw :D
kenneth Miller
kenneth Miller 9 månader sedan
I want to see that international restored and modified tastefully and become the wrench everyday truck.
MACAVELLE50 9 månader sedan
No comments about the pink toolbox?
Schnitzer325ci 9 månader sedan
Honda Rousey.. killd it. 😄👏🏾
Scunekt 9 månader sedan
These are two projects I can't wait to see more of!
VampyrMygg 9 månader sedan
We're working on a '74 IH truck in our shop (though more a heavy-duty version,) making a shop truck pretty much, ours started as a fire truck and is very rusty... Norway's not kind on cars, salty air. Big V8 and a manual transmission, twin rear wheels, it'll be interesting running about picking up parts with that. Gonna look forward to seeing what y'all do with yours, as it'll be going in a way different direction, and it's awesome.
TheSoloAsylum 9 månader sedan
I had to quit the moment he said the words steam punk...nope I'm out.
freakymrq 10 månader sedan
Really would love to see how to use donor car parts to fix rust that bad! I can do a panel or two but that looks rough! Looking forward to more Honda Rousey
Frankie Raffaele
Frankie Raffaele 10 månader sedan
I can't wait to see this limo when it's done
Chips Neeson
Chips Neeson 10 månader sedan
I love the resto idea for the Honda Rousey. It's a rare car, and regardless of it's pedigree, it should be saved and enjoyed for years to come.
Oscar Walton
Oscar Walton 10 månader sedan
Love the old international
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 10 månader sedan
Jared, you are a legend. The truck looks rad. That limo is just... the best. SO cool. :D
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 10 månader sedan
Personally I think a Honda k swap with a turbo making stupid power would be awesome!!! Can you imagine Honda Rousey with 800hp beating Ferrari 360s and early gallardos. The literal super car beater!
murcroadster 10 månader sedan
I live in el paso and I've never heard of this rally
ryry998 10 månader sedan
Fun fact: That limo was used by the band Spinal Tap back in the 80s.
steven craig
steven craig 10 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see this. Own several alh cars and love them. Bought a $1500 5 speed wagon 285k sight unseen and drive it 1700miles home with very little issue last year. Owner was super honest and told me everything wrong with it. Fun trip!
ohmy Roy
ohmy Roy 10 månader sedan
Nice motor m8. I'd just clear coat it and put a decent lump in it.
Oldschoolmasters 10 månader sedan
Oldschoolmasters 10 månader sedan
This thing is amazing
Daveskater 10 månader sedan
Please don't post Accord updates before JR's Project Rolls Smoke is finished, I don't think I could take that much excitement 😆
Pyronious520 10 månader sedan
Jared is the coolest man!
Stuart Myers
Stuart Myers 10 månader sedan
"Now this is in "as raced condition" LOL!!
AUSTIN 10 månader sedan
"i guess for a little steampunk VIVE maybe?" how in the fuck do you mispronounce "vibe"?
Mr Happy
Mr Happy 10 månader sedan
Idk about everyone else but I really wanna see that limo restored piece of history
towrecker 10 månader sedan
good old Johnnie Reb international , used to be one around here when I was a kid , never knew it was a factory model , figured it was someone and some stickers ...either way did some legwork , and found a video of an unrestored one here on the youtubes ... I don't remember the stars on the hood , so they may not be correct , but the decals on the bed sides are , here is the link , someone wants to see it I know , it's not my video , just sharing it for the ones that are curious
J-ANT 10 månader sedan
Does "Donated" = Pulled out of their dumpster??
Robin Hadley
Robin Hadley 10 månader sedan
You can tell Jared is a.proper car guy and Tavarish is just in it for the views and status.
Tommy Foekens
Tommy Foekens 10 månader sedan
i dont know how high up you guys are about a parts car. but here in the netherlands there is a '84 accord up for sale for €500. looks in oke condition. you guys only have to ship it over....
Nathan Adams Cars
Nathan Adams Cars 10 månader sedan
This excites me and I don’t know why
BongInaJar 10 månader sedan
I ❤ Douchebags ctfu lol
Jeff Kumler
Jeff Kumler 10 månader sedan
"Keep your pets spayed and neutered." Does stuff grow back and it has to be redone? Asking for a friend...
yahhboyd 10 månader sedan
Totally ignored that carb comment 😂
Lifesabishi 10 månader sedan
The I ❤️ dbags sticker 😂😂😂
DJ-H 10 månader sedan
Oh wait did he say he wants to fit a vw lump in a honda 😂😂😂😂 🤔 is that the pumpe duce lump
absolute madlad
absolute madlad 10 månader sedan
We need torque to move her girth He's line ever
Aget Oficial
Aget Oficial 10 månader sedan
That truck tho 👌 and what an unique limo lol
Bill Hart
Bill Hart 10 månader sedan
Jared-where did you get that Scout sweatshirt?? That's a must have item.
John-Paul Silke
John-Paul Silke 10 månader sedan
I’ll give you $86 for that limo. I’m kidding, I definitely won’t give you that much money. 😊
blunts and bullets
blunts and bullets 10 månader sedan
Thanks to Jared I just got my pets spayed and neutered
Poffelicious 10 månader sedan
14:35 'I love douchbags'
Chad Varnell
Chad Varnell 10 månader sedan
That thing will be ready for the 24 hrs. of Lemons soon!
Steve Waller
Steve Waller 10 månader sedan
I see and hear Jared and all I can think of is the talking bear from TED the movie with Mark Wahlberg, oh and in a complementary way of course.
Joe Crancher
Joe Crancher 10 månader sedan
Please please please do a full as-new restoration! The car deserves it!
Andrew Gates
Andrew Gates 10 månader sedan
Re-Pimp my Ride
Justin Abby
Justin Abby 10 månader sedan
Epic ending!
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer 10 månader sedan
They made five; Too many...
Boosted Tv
Boosted Tv 10 månader sedan
Shes carbureted, she'll smooth out. Lmao
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer 10 månader sedan
If you clear coat it, to "preserve it", I'll unsubscribe, there's no such thing as shiny rust...
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer 10 månader sedan
Love the truck, if you want to sell, let me know...
Chopper Marc
Chopper Marc 10 månader sedan
Pickup with exotic twist Ferrari seats European engine 4 wheel drive..lowered but not too low.
RJ Scott
RJ Scott 10 månader sedan
That is the worst limo ever! It would be better to get to the "red carpet" using mass transit, or a plastic big wheel. I look forward to your insane transformation plans, because JDM, right? VTEC? Rice is nice? I need more to do.
Tdl Australia
Tdl Australia 10 månader sedan
Whats with the huge pink tool boxes. Did you get them for cheap or did you actually order them like that.
Tdl Australia
Tdl Australia 10 månader sedan
@Wrench Every Day fair enough. I just figured there had to be a reason. I buy cars and other things in unpopular colours for the discount.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 10 månader sedan
If you noticed Jared's last name, they seemed fitting. He ordered them during the only month Matco ever offered them.
nikos sicks
nikos sicks 10 månader sedan
Jared let the videos of this crazy Honda free. You are the man i am a big fan now keep on rolling.
Uber Adventure
Uber Adventure 10 månader sedan
I'm a big Honda fan and the limo restoration would definitely be amazing to see
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 10 månader sedan
The "I
Patryk94 10 månader sedan
If it helps you guys out, the same generation Golfs had 1.9TDI engines as well
kaminoshi713 10 månader sedan
I liked video based off of Jared’s logic
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen 10 månader sedan
I remember Honda Rousey from Vinwiki lol
P44LAI 10 månader sedan
Can you paint it pink and put Ronal Teddy wheels on it? Would be hilarious
jason birch
jason birch 10 månader sedan
Those are the worst handling cars ever made. But I'm sure turning it into a limo fixes all of that.
BogardA4 10 månader sedan
As a Honda guy...I'd daily that limo! ❤😂
Miguel Morganus
Miguel Morganus 10 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see more of this!
ezdfiant 10 månader sedan
Shows him the rust after he takes him out for a joy ride 😂 ahahaha Cool as fuck that Honda he's got some great plans for it too I totally get it 👌
Freeman Alba Woodtink
Freeman Alba Woodtink 10 månader sedan
Put a pop top from a vw campervan on it !!!always wanted to do a limo camper van ..
ezdfiant 10 månader sedan
Bit trying to be disrespectful but Tav really isn't a "proper" car guy is he? Compared to Jared (who I could talk to all day) it's like he really tries but just doesn't have the knowledge base to Keep up! It's actually part of a bigger problem, non car guys getting better car guy lives then real car guys cos they get/use the media and advertising that real car guys couldn't learn as they were busy learning about cars! anyone else kinda see what I'm on about? 🤔
Loki Moki
Loki Moki 10 månader sedan
It’s a great idea Jared effing love the car
GeekGirlKatie 10 månader sedan
I can't wait to see how the Accord Limo works out! My first car was an 84 Honda Accord and I loved that thing so seeing this excites me.
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo 10 månader sedan
Im actually excited to see what happens here.. Id love to see that limo come back to life.. I think its super cool that it has under 15,000 miles on it.. I wish the original power train would suffice, but I understand why it wouldn't.. But hell yeah.. Im anxiously awaiting its come back! Awesome! Also.. That racist truck looks badder than hell!! Love that! Make that truck even more bad ass!!
Phil Atkins
Phil Atkins 10 månader sedan
Oh my GOD I need to see this Limo made happy asap
Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!!
Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!! 10 månader sedan
Why is there a GIANT pink tool box in the background, am I the only on that noticed
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