NO ONE Does This After Changing Their Brakes (But EVERYONE Should!)

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4 månader sedan

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Today, Jared shows us one trick that makes cleaning your wheels super effective, and he also does some much-needed maintenance on his daily driver Nissan Titan XD.
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0 O
0 O 22 dagar sedan
I am surprised that you didn't repack the wheel bearings.
J Bettis
J Bettis Månad sedan
air gun? dry wheels or leaf blower?
J Bettis
J Bettis Månad sedan
is it under warranty?
acceler9 Månad sedan
@7:24, brake springs ALWAYS tear my gloves as well!!
Justin Månad sedan
I don't know why I never thought to press the brakes after each wheel to prevent possible overflows, but that makes a ton of sense to me after hearing it.
Docmanny Quiambao
Docmanny Quiambao Månad sedan
What did you use in bathing the brakes?
arcanask 3 månader sedan
A little heads up on brake pistons. On Hyundais and Kias at least. The brake pistons needs to be turned in. They've got tiny notches where you slot in a specific tool, or a suitably sized set of needle nosed pliers, to turn the piston. If you try to push it in you will ruin them.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 3 månader sedan
On some cars the whole job is easier if you compress the pistons back into the caliper before you disassemble anything, as soon as you remove the wheel, compress the pistons.
Ed 3 månader sedan
When did Freddy get a Suzuki Cappuccino?
Jay Vengeance
Jay Vengeance 3 månader sedan
Must be really nice to not have a vehicle rust to hell in a year.
Nate Panek
Nate Panek 3 månader sedan
good info
Corky K
Corky K 3 månader sedan
Jared can fix anything but a tripod :P
Adrian O.
Adrian O. 3 månader sedan
Maybe use a pump spraying bottle instead of break cleaner cans those are way to inefficient and uneconomical.
Danimal Juan Feather
Danimal Juan Feather 3 månader sedan
I just did my rotors before watching this, FML. But they seem to be fine.
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 4 månader sedan
What's up with earl leaker?
Marc Anderson
Marc Anderson 4 månader sedan
Can you give any info on the plans for the Pulsar?
mobilemowers 4 månader sedan
Boring .
Panic Farts
Panic Farts 4 månader sedan
the factory rotors are thicker and designed to be machined... why buy thinner crappy china steel uncoated ones?
Sean Schmidt
Sean Schmidt 4 månader sedan
It looks like you're reading a script. Look at the lens not the monitor please.
Harmonica Dude
Harmonica Dude 4 månader sedan
5:32 previous owner didn’t use enough never seise.
Thomas Brasse
Thomas Brasse 4 månader sedan
Thin layer of anti-sieze on the back of the rotor makes it easy to remove them next time. ;-)
Sean Kamrath
Sean Kamrath 4 månader sedan
I've dealt with similar things to that rear window motor with robotics. input and out put sensing remembers positioning when an error occurs and so you must manually move the robots position before it will re home. same thing goes with a lot of stuff that's automated.
360Diablosport 4 månader sedan
What brand is the wheel cleaner?
nick h
nick h 4 månader sedan
Just did my calibers, rotors, and pads about 2 week's ago hear in Michigan. Took about 3 times as long as it should have. Lol
Mississippi Waterswatters
Mississippi Waterswatters 4 månader sedan
Jared!!!! Hoist and you can’t use it??!! Come on!! Lol
maxman1602 4 månader sedan
Jared, are you related to Larry Vickers?
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 4 månader sedan
Or pipe grips on the old pads to push back
Saleem Hoosen
Saleem Hoosen 4 månader sedan
How's the performance on the ceramic coating so far?
Steven Piaia
Steven Piaia 4 månader sedan
Thought you were going to season them.....
Enrico Jesus
Enrico Jesus 4 månader sedan
Here is something else no one ever does. Peel the dust boots back with a pick, and spray silicone spray on the pistons before you compress them. You will never ever have a leaking calipre if you do that.
Masoud Rahshani
Masoud Rahshani 4 månader sedan
This guy is using brake cleaner like it’s water lmao
P. Enisenvi
P. Enisenvi 4 månader sedan
You shouldnt need new rotors after 75k
boyce1204 4 månader sedan
That means your motor has a bad coil, and your issue will most likely comeback, unless you replace the motor.
Ethan Petersen
Ethan Petersen 4 månader sedan
Your truck is the worst example of a diesel
Gabriele Delù
Gabriele Delù 4 månader sedan
Does AvalonKing works on motorcycles fairings too?
Meryl Pelosi
Meryl Pelosi 4 månader sedan
Didn't the fact that the outboard pad was wasted, and the inboard pad looked like new alarm you to a stuck caliper a little?
Mike Norris
Mike Norris 4 månader sedan
What wheel cleaner did you use ?
Woody Woody
Woody Woody 4 månader sedan
I was told before you squeeze the piston back. Open the bleeder, get rid of old fluid that has been in the calipers going thru the heat and cool cycle. Top off master with fresh brake fluid. Like a mini brake fluid change for the calipers.
the_shell_magnet 4 månader sedan
DO NOT WIRE BRUSH INSIDE the WILL DAMAGE the rubber dust seals around the brake pistons ❤️👈👀
George Daws
George Daws 4 månader sedan
When I replace brake parts, I ALWAYS clean everything related. Nothing worse than working in filth and putting brand NEW parts on a filthy vehicle. I also make sure the centre of the rotor is painted and that the Hub is CLEAN. I like how you are doing this.
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe 4 månader sedan
Also worth noting, a lot of the anti-rust shit they put on new brake disks will NOT be removed fully by brake cleaner and a rag, you have to use soapy water. Check the instructions.
ninjabongtoker 4 månader sedan
it's funny those calipers look like the same ones on my g35
Jorge Antonini
Jorge Antonini 4 månader sedan
So....title says “nobody does this”.... Umm...he means clean the wheels? Because I sure don’t... If he means pump the brakes and set the pistons out, personally I do that after 2 wheels because i don’t top off the fluid in the reservoir. In fact usually I suck down the reservoir in my personal vehicles and flush them after(or customer’s vehicles when Ive sold a flush as well)... Also a tip for cleaning the rotors is hang them on the hub backwards and that allows you to clean them up easy not on the floor, just flip them to install correctly(use gloves or the cleaning rag or clean hands to handle them) And another tip too is to use a lugnut to help hold the rotor flat on the hub so it doesn’t flop all over on ya. Depending on the lugnut design(if it’s open or not and/or long enough) you may need an oversized nut or some washers to work as a spacer since there’s no wheel on. Btw Jared you got one wheel clean and reached your desired effort, I watched you and that reached my desired
David G
David G 4 månader sedan
So many mistakes were made. Nobody follow this guide.
XxChainLionXx 4 månader sedan
The reason why the engine has sae bolts n stuff on it is because that's the Cummins engine
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 4 månader sedan
great info bro keep em coming
QBallRacing 4 månader sedan
the engine is made in america..... it is a cummins diesel....
beernutsonline 4 månader sedan
7 double commercials for a 26 minute video, YT is not nice to me today.. :p
MostlyWeed 4 månader sedan
My brakes are awesome but my handbrake light comes on about once a year (wired on the brake fluid sensor circuit) and asks for a small top up... car is a 1993 Nissan. One of the cheapest cars to keep on the road, if you don't mind exchanging safety features for something fast light and nimble and has that 1990s double overhead cam scream when revved.
MostlyWeed 4 månader sedan
think you need a small gopro or knockoff you can mount on a cap or hat
cpt awesome
cpt awesome 4 månader sedan
Fail. You should never push brake fluid back through the system. That bit of fluid right behind the piston takes a lot more abuse then the rest of it in the system which means it's dirty. Always crack the bleeder with a vacuum pump attached and suck out the fluid from the caliper while pushing the pistons back. Then top it up if your fluid is relatively new. Otherwise do a complete flush.
jamewakk 4 månader sedan
I'm a nongay man but still have a small crush on you Jared. Gave me confidence to change my brakes.
Pierre Bell
Pierre Bell 4 månader sedan
James Penner
James Penner 4 månader sedan
whats up with the chino?
Floortile83 4 månader sedan
I think everyone should have a grilled cheese sandwich after changing their brakes.
Off Dat Go-Go
Off Dat Go-Go 4 månader sedan
Going to an automotive trade school after highschool was a decision I've never regretted. Although I no longer work as a mechanic I still save money doing the vast majority of services on my own vehicle to this day.
Russell Johns
Russell Johns 4 månader sedan
Johnny Rev, Johnny Rev, Johnny Rev,
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 4 månader sedan
From Duane the Editor: It's coming! Stay tuned...
Patrol 2012
Patrol 2012 4 månader sedan
so what is the thing that NO ONE Does This After Changing Their Brakes (But EVERYONE Should!)
crisismcnoodle 4 månader sedan
Smells like clickbait to me... The only thing I can see is that he cleaned it..
El Queso
El Queso 4 månader sedan
Ooh, I am a sucker for a brown vehicle! That's a shiny, shiny Titan, Jared; great work!
Eternaly Random
Eternaly Random 4 månader sedan
I open the bleeder valve when I compress the caliper. So I get rid of the old fluid in the caliper instead of pushing it back into the lines.
banga8080 4 månader sedan
Glad to see somebody doing something different The Titan looks pretty cool
Private Party
Private Party 4 månader sedan
Oh ffs. I thought I was about to see a popular video about the importance of bedding in brakes. fucking nope? No it's the importance of cleaning the inside of your wheels or something? Fuck's sake.
Chuck Hawes
Chuck Hawes 4 månader sedan
What part of Illinois?
Eric Currie
Eric Currie 4 månader sedan
Excellent love the TItan content... Cause I have one... 😂 Jared you rock
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies 4 månader sedan
I was sure the thing EVERYONE should! Do after changing the breaks was bedding them so they don't squeel and skt skt skt skt skt skt
Bobs your Uncle
Bobs your Uncle 4 månader sedan
Jared "Hammerhand" Pink! 🤛
Dekoth-OGN 4 månader sedan
Jared, do you happen to know of any good detailers in the Hall county area? If you could shoot me their info, I would appreciate it. Actually glad you did this video as it reminded me I need to find a good detailer. Just bought a car I'm doing and there is really nothing I hate more than doing a deep clean and detail.
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 4 månader sedan
its also a good idea to remove the cap off the reservoir while pushing the pistons back to stop back pressure build up in the reservoir
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock 4 månader sedan
You need a strong magnet video pole.
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock 4 månader sedan
I grew up in Illinois too... I live not in Illinois now.
isaac shively
isaac shively 4 månader sedan
Hundreds of dollars!? I installed Ceramic Pro and we charge $1200 for a gold package
Green Achers
Green Achers 4 månader sedan
I think your window stuck with doggy licks. Once the seal to window glue was broken, the motor appeared to be fixed. Same thing happens when pine sap hits my windows (on a Ford), which gets fixed by a hot carwash.
BRX 4 månader sedan
Jared: "Doing it one handed for SEpost because it's what you do." Chris Fix: Puzzled look
Central Midwesterner
Central Midwesterner 4 månader sedan
5:44 excuse you Jared!
peter müller
peter müller 4 månader sedan
What's up with the shitty clickbait titles recently?
Dave Cassidy
Dave Cassidy 4 månader sedan
Those window regulators look suspiciously similar to renault ones they're famous for stopping working everyone assumes it's the regulator but usually it's corroded plugs or like yours a stuck motor.
Trashkov 4 månader sedan
I'm still not sure what the title is referring to. Should we all be coating our wheels? Did I miss something?
mike STOMS
mike STOMS 2 månader sedan
It’s called clickbait because this idiot is thirsty for views
John Lynch
John Lynch 2 månader sedan
I was expecting a tutorial on bedding the pads. THAT is something that one should do after changing brakes.
Rich Case
Rich Case 4 månader sedan
Brings up another thing I typically do is use never seize on there as well to help with next time...
Tdfries 4 månader sedan
He's referring to the cleaning of the hub where the rotor interfaces. I guess it's common to just throw new rotors on without cleaning the grit off the hub.
Rich Case
Rich Case 4 månader sedan
I do believe he is suggesting to clean the rims with Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing with a special $25 discount, which probably isn't a bad idea to clean the back of the rims while they're off. Probably doing the ceramic coating might help to keep dust off, or make it easier to keep clean. But I also had/have the same question.
Stephen R
Stephen R 4 månader sedan
Damn you were able to break those caliper bolts loose just with the ratchet...?
Ian 4 månader sedan
But, what did he do to get the wheels so clean? Leave out the important stuff
Anton 4 månader sedan
21:00 is that awful tint job real?
Creative Innovations
Creative Innovations 4 månader sedan
Why change the rotor? It didn’t appear to be under minimum spec. or physical damage(rust, cracks, etc. When you installed an un-needed new rotor, you forgot to check for lateral runout after installation. Happens from stacked tolerances(bearing,hub,rotor). Easy way to fix it, match them by using a ProCut OCL. Look it up, best brake job period! And you will have better brakes for the life of the pad. No pulsation guaranteed. The cleaning and proper lug nut torque is also very important.
EnglishTurbines 4 månader sedan
That Nissan Truck is so vulgar....
skuz34 4 månader sedan
was on a job site with an electrician who went through 2 of these trucks his last one he was driving down the highway and all his air bags went off, needless to say he fought with nissan and i think finally got them to take the truck back and he said he'd never buy one ever again, he had nothing but problems with both those trucks...i suggest anyone thinikng of buying one stay as far away from those trucks as possible
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 4 månader sedan
I keep a couple of large syringes in my toolbox for removing excess brake from the master cylinder reservoir. There cheap and you can get them in and agricultural farm store where they keep medical supplies for livestock. Just the syringe you don't need any needles. I've found them to be useful for all sorts of jobs.
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green 4 månader sedan
Cleaning the mating surface behind the rotor and around the hub centric area is very important. Years ago I did a brake job 3 times on my wife's car (in 2 months) and kept getting SEVERE vibration during high speed braking. Took me a while to notice the debris and rust causing the rotor to not sit dead flat. Scotch bright or wire brush the area ALWAYS, just in case
Dave Halden
Dave Halden 4 månader sedan
Could anyone tell me what that thing is? I won't watch 30 minute video just to find out..
Andy Andeeee
Andy Andeeee 4 månader sedan
Jared eye color: Motor oil
MrGoat 823
MrGoat 823 4 månader sedan
Jared The Beast #underrated
Brandon 4 månader sedan
Jared what bed cover do you have on your Titan?
Howard Torch, CSR
Howard Torch, CSR 4 månader sedan
When possible I like to pry the calipers over with a screwdriver to compress the pistons before I take them off.
PoorBoyRider1 4 månader sedan
I don't top up my master cylinder, if it looks low and I don't have any leaks, I change the brake pads and the level comes back up. another indicator of brake wear if you will.
F165 4 månader sedan
Nissan did not put grease on the pad or the brackets. Never put grease there because brake dust will mix with it.
Alazio 4 månader sedan
Yup exactly how Illinois is 😂
Fjord 4 månader sedan
Did not expect the regulator to go bad because it is relatively a new truck. What if it was the same year truck but a GM? Would you expect it to be bad or assume it lol
Gary Ashdown
Gary Ashdown 4 månader sedan
Just one way a dealership will top you off, if you have a pad and rota change. They have set times for each job so for argument sake 1 hour to change pads on each side =2 hrs then 2 hrs to change a rota = 4hrs which ends up 6 hrs, that's seems fair you think but what you don't know is to change a rota includes taking the brakes off anyway so you are being charged twice for pad removal because they list each job separately. $50 per side =$100 and that just one of many ways you can be ripped of....☹️
cybertiger6891 4 månader sedan
Has that red Cappuccino been featured in a video?
Robert Good Rob Smith
Robert Good Rob Smith 4 månader sedan
A ex girlfriend of mine had a Pulsar just like that. Some great memories😏
Robert Good Rob Smith
Robert Good Rob Smith 4 månader sedan
@Marc Anderson not sure. Will be cool what ever they do with it.
Marc Anderson
Marc Anderson 4 månader sedan
I am very interested in this as well, as I owned one many years ago as well. What is the plan for that thing?
217_NickO 4 månader sedan
How the hell did you get lucky enough to get out of Illinois? I have literally had to change cab corner/rockers and besides on 2016s Chevy trucks. The rust is real here in Illinois
Mike R
Mike R 4 månader sedan
Wire brush on the rubber dust boots, ouch..
Mouse Mota
Mouse Mota 4 månader sedan
Wow...did you use brake clean on the brakes ?
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