One Stupid Thing STOPPED Our Diesel Honda Accord Limo Project From Happening...

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6 månader sedan

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Today, Jared makes a ton of headway into Honda Rousey, our 1984 Honda Accord limousine that we're outfitting with a 1.9 TDI engine from a VW Jetta. The only issue is...everything.
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Overland Germany
Overland Germany Månad sedan
TÜV sagt nein.
Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage 3 månader sedan
Color should match/contrast with the rest of the car. If the car is going to stay white, maybe a Navy Blue or German Flag Colors (because VW). If it's going to be repainted something darker, then maybe a grey? Or you could just chrome it all out regardless of color, because 1985 Honda Accord.
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
One man Demolition Derby this Jared. Glad he knows where everything goes. Or does he?
Aget Oficial
Aget Oficial 5 månader sedan
Jimmy 6 månader sedan
Magic Mirror, on the wall, who has done the oddest engine swap of them all?
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats)
Priceles$ (A.K.A WaySydeBeats) 6 månader sedan
1:27 jared might have some access to secret tools i never seen😦
Thawk Garage
Thawk Garage 6 månader sedan
You have a Nissan Titan and you use Makita da man!!
Shuja UrRehman
Shuja UrRehman 6 månader sedan
Will this fit your Honda?
Konstantinos Mazarakis
Konstantinos Mazarakis 6 månader sedan
click bait, dislike.
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 6 månader sedan
man this things gonna be a damn beast
John Wski
John Wski 6 månader sedan
So.... click bate title cool cool cool cool
Thomas Dusynski
Thomas Dusynski 3 dagar sedan
Well, it's been 6 months since we last heard anything about this project, soooooo.... maybe not so much.
Nikbawker 6 månader sedan
Geez one of the more complex hand crafted cars.
Reggie Reginato
Reggie Reginato 6 månader sedan
Color...Well, if your feeling gutsy, paint just the head red. Paint the valve cover, block, and oil pan in another color (perhaps black to make the red head stand out). But head should be red given name of project. ;-)
DerSchoermbro 6 månader sedan
I'm always wondering, how this is legal? In Germany you can't even change a halogen bulb in a head light with a LED replacement without the paperwork or otherwise your car is not legal to drive...
Roops007 6 månader sedan
Pink engine, black engine bay, that colour combo will pop
Crsdawg 6 månader sedan
Engine color=Pink...Jared Pink....the car is named after a woman...perfect color.
Steve Hesketh
Steve Hesketh 6 månader sedan
This looks like the biggest pain in the butt hope it’s worth it in the end
mobilemowers 6 månader sedan
Couldn't find set of Accord 3 pedl setup ? Really. A lot of work just for an engine swap.
Gerald Bell
Gerald Bell 6 månader sedan
I love you Man`~
Jayson Bucy
Jayson Bucy 6 månader sedan
It's Honda Rousey, you should paint it plaid to match her ring attire
noisynerdman 6 månader sedan
neon pink
Khalinaar 6 månader sedan
Black and gold are always classy colors for an engine =P
Tom Photobenzman Dahlqvist
Tom Photobenzman Dahlqvist 6 månader sedan
FAIL First Attempt In Learning
chris 6 månader sedan
If it wasn't for the color in the hair, i wouldn't be able to tell Jared or Brandon apart.
crazy box
crazy box 6 månader sedan
"silly" does not begin to describe this project ..
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 6 månader sedan
Edison failed over 1,000 times before he succeeded in making a working light bulb. Perseverance.
Vincent Bertolini
Vincent Bertolini 6 månader sedan
Are you nervous working so close to the Bentley without a cover on it?
Jon Frostbite
Jon Frostbite 6 månader sedan
I can't wait for some more rear action!
Kristaps I
Kristaps I 6 månader sedan
Engine paint: sadly, the only way is black.. when you start pushing such power from those engines, they start to develop some blow by, which results in oil coming from crankcase ventilation, valve cover and manifolds, so If you paint your engine in some bright color, you will see the oil spots everywhere and the engine will always look much dirtier, than it actually is.
Lars Brodin
Lars Brodin 6 månader sedan
wouldn't have been esier to stretch the VW?
martin clark
martin clark 6 månader sedan
Paint it red with a white play triangle in the middle, as a thank you to youtube
XprettylightsX 6 månader sedan
Great vid!
Me007Gold 6 månader sedan
Did I just hear Jared say the Bentley is done?
willjam465 6 månader sedan
I would go with gold for the color for the engine.
el natural
el natural 6 månader sedan
I see a missouri plate on the windshield. This is an interesting sign maybe ????
Old Circuit Gaming
Old Circuit Gaming 6 månader sedan
I'd say paint the TDI in wrinkle red like the honda tuner motors XD
G.E. 6 månader sedan
Jared you looking to teach your long lost nephew aka me?
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 6 månader sedan
hey Jered is Brandon you twin brotherfrom another mother
Milan Cruz
Milan Cruz 6 månader sedan
Comrade Tavarish has trained Jared well, and Jared is now ready to fly with his own wings. This channel has had me hooked up very hard, and I can't unhook myself. Cheers
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta 6 månader sedan
So its a silly car, thats badass as hell, so paint the motor a silly color. Like Hot Pink, Emergency Orange, etc...
Mr E.W.
Mr E.W. 6 månader sedan
Jared is a true master mechanic, love these videos man
Phillip Priestley
Phillip Priestley 6 månader sedan
Really not interested in the Honda
Mr Curtis
Mr Curtis 6 månader sedan
Honda is the shizz nizz
Me... 6 månader sedan
Still wondering why such a good mechanic as Jared is still working with trash?... Tavarish must be laughing his ass off! 😂😂😂😂😂
Falyssa Mayhew
Falyssa Mayhew 6 månader sedan
Heh. I just bought a 99 Civic LX on the 4th and I am about to start working on the interior... Refresh. Yanked out the dirty old headliner and have a really cool fabric waiting for install. Just need staples or headliner spray or both. It is getting engine work done Monday and a new windshield in 2 days. Not mechanically inclined enough to rip apart the top end and replace everything. Including the timing belt.
Skaggthebassman 6 månader sedan
80s Honda project progress reminds me of a fitting 80s song, "One Thing Leads to Another" - The Fixx Love the channel, you're the bestest Jared!
VIP854 6 månader sedan
chop the roof on the muscle truck
chemxfan 6 månader sedan
Maybe one inconvenient thing stopped you - nothing stupid has happened from what I can tell. Yeah, what's going on outside is a real mess...and it's going to take time to remedy - so it's a good thing that you were able to lend a hand elsewhere.
Dan D'Aurora
Dan D'Aurora 6 månader sedan
Why not just limo the Jetta? Seemed like that would’ve been easier...
Thoringer 6 månader sedan
The United States, where you have 4 different 220 V plugs - for no parent reason other than they sell you a clothes dryer WITHOUT a cable, you know, because they don't know which of the 4 plugs you have. Kitchen stove? Same thing!
Ian Merriman
Ian Merriman 6 månader sedan
Pink seems like a natural color choice for Honda Rousey's new heart.
A white, soft fluffy thing
A white, soft fluffy thing 6 månader sedan
On that pedal assembly from the Jetta... Did I see a piece of material that runs from the brake pedal to in front of the clutch pedal? Presumably to clutch in during heavy (emergency) breaking? I've never seen such a thing before, so that's my very best guess.
Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear 6 månader sedan
Immobiliser chip can be stuck to the reluctor ring, and just shoved behind the dash. Keep it all connected to the ecu. WAY cheaper I've done it loads of time with vag engine swaps
Confessor X
Confessor X 6 månader sedan
I like the blue for Honda Rousey's engine.
Joey M
Joey M 6 månader sedan
Silver would be a sweet color for an engine.
Jason Jarvis
Jason Jarvis 6 månader sedan
In case you run in to a similar situation in the future (and happen to read this), Summit Racing sells a limited selection of DOM in UPS-able sticks, I think 7'. The price really isn't bad either. It ships to me out of McDonough to the Athens area usually the next day.
Doctor Smith
Doctor Smith 6 månader sedan
So have the custom half shafts been done yet and if so how did you jig those together?
M K 6 månader sedan
Go with yellow because why not and its different fir a different kind of vehicle.
Aleister Mountford
Aleister Mountford 6 månader sedan
the engine needs to be pink, to how how luxurious your limousine is!
Ty Jeffries
Ty Jeffries 6 månader sedan
I think rebel red on the reb
Matt Sivad
Matt Sivad 6 månader sedan
Jared is the Man, This channel is all Jared!! One of the best of SEpost right here.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 6 månader sedan
I'm excited for the truck build. That truck is way cool. This is the most entertaining thing on SEpost right now. Great job. I can't wait to see Honda Rousey all fixed up & ready for the fight.
Tyler Milton
Tyler Milton 6 månader sedan
For this build, on engine components, only one color is acceptable. Hugger. Hugger orange.
Reptar 6 månader sedan
is Brandon the new Jarred?
Puntstar 6 månader sedan
Love watching this and I know it's an excercise in creative engineering just because you can and why not its super entertaining but theres always that part of me that thinks...should of stretched Jetta Thumberg :)
Dale Hall
Dale Hall 6 månader sedan
Jared, There's a lot going on out there in the USA these days. Being stuck at the house, your videos have been therapy for me. I can't tell you how much I look forward to these videos. It's amazing to watch you do this when I barely get windshield wipers on. lol.
Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens 6 månader sedan
Shocker green. The name is fitting, and it would definitely stand out.
•••Synapse•••Suicide••• 6 månader sedan
Jim Colangelo
Jim Colangelo 6 månader sedan
Paint it whatever color you have around the shop! You know like in The Dukes of Hazzard where they only had Orange paint so .. boom.. orange. Maybe GOLD..
J. E. M.
J. E. M. 6 månader sedan
Paint it gawdy gold. Trashy limo, trashy gold paint. It makes sense.
Vic Anthony Leriorato
Vic Anthony Leriorato 6 månader sedan
Jared, please make a video on how to change oil.😁 with explanation also with warnings😁 thanks in advance
Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham 6 månader sedan
When all other colors fail. Orange! Paint the engine orange.
gael coffey
gael coffey 6 månader sedan
engine cover should be matt white and rest of the engine structure gloss black... would look really nice with the colour of the honda jetta thurnburgs colour scheme
Stijn Wouters
Stijn Wouters 6 månader sedan
Aaargh that title 😂😂👍🏻
Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander 6 månader sedan
Your helper looks happy to be there lol
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy 6 månader sedan
I woulder could he have but a new civic type r engine init or a European diesel honda engine in
Dave Plays
Dave Plays 6 månader sedan
It's the engine out of Jetta Thunberg, there's only one sensible option. Paint it green.
BlueTrane2028 6 månader sedan
I'm getting flashbacks to when we were building our Lemons car, a L67 Buick powered Chevette. Lots of tube this, that looks like it will fit, etc. Thing is, our car has dozens of donors, not just one. Very interested in seeing this completed.
Stefan Netsov
Stefan Netsov 6 månader sedan
If you are taking this on a long drive make sure you have few spare lower control arms or get some aftermarket ones. The original ones are made from pinch welded sheet metal and when I used to own a 1.9tdi I had them split in half(the area with the hole in the middle) few times from just going up a small curb.
James Lennon
James Lennon 6 månader sedan
Paint it turd brown
wt martin
wt martin 6 månader sedan
Of course the parts from Jetta Thunberg should be GREEN.
Louie Goon's
Louie Goon's 6 månader sedan
Question? this engine is PD engine or with bosh pump? PD engine is not that reliable maybe to 120k miles then start burning oil like crazy!!
Brodie Haward
Brodie Haward 6 månader sedan
Paint it red with vtec logos, because why not. This is already an abomination, so you may aswell keep going 😂
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 6 månader sedan
So You want to paint the engine? What about a mint or light green? That sure is a questionable choice. But it would cool.
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 6 månader sedan
I know this car doesn't need to be fast it just needs to be efficient, but I'd like to see a big turbo high horse power Honda limo
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 6 månader sedan
The banter between these 2 is almost as funny as rich rebuilds & samcrac
J R 6 månader sedan
More MK3 stuff, all i'm saying...
Just another Matt Smith
Just another Matt Smith 6 månader sedan
Jared I’ve really grown to enjoy your videos, you’ve definitely become more comfortable in front of the camera and you have a wealth of knowledge! Well done man
Charlie Denbigh
Charlie Denbigh 6 månader sedan
It's good for you that Honda was ahead of Toyota for easy interior removal. I've taken a lot of cars apart, mostly American, so when I got my 84 Toyota Celica GT parts car I told my mom it would be in the driveway for at most the weekend.... Well two weeks later mom was pissed, and the car finally left the driveway lol
Voevoden 6 månader sedan
paint the engine perriwinkle
Cee Gee
Cee Gee 6 månader sedan
Whatever colour Honda put on their tricky motors (red?) Should accentuate the Hondarousie's engine bay I reckon
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 6 månader sedan
Be flexible Best bit of advice As Forrest said life is like a box of chocolates I don’t remember the rest 😍😍👍👍
Phil Trumble
Phil Trumble 6 månader sedan
Paint the engine bubblegum pink
Joshua Hutchins
Joshua Hutchins 6 månader sedan
Cringe click bait title!
4200time B
4200time B 6 månader sedan
Smh ..
João Pedro Nascimento
João Pedro Nascimento 6 månader sedan
I would be easier to strecht a Jetta .....
James Lionheart
James Lionheart 6 månader sedan
So, your Honda is about 3 different cars in a trench-coat all pretending to be one car. (Limo, Accord, Jetta) I think its fitting to paint it red white and blue...
Jan Martens
Jan Martens 6 månader sedan
For me, after master Milo, the best automotive construction vids
euric1 6 månader sedan
Paint the engine pink for the Jared Pink built edition. Besides pink is a questionable choice.
uzivatel56 6 månader sedan
Pink would be a power move.
michael jordan
michael jordan 6 månader sedan
Im sorry this episode was kind of lame.... 19mins and nothing happened except couple cuts of some metal. :'(
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