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9 månader sedan

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Today, our cheap 1990 Nissan 300ZX, known as Earl Leeker, leaves the shop...because something AMAZING HAS HAPPENED!!!
Also, Jared gets stuck. A lot.
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STICKS *-* 22 dagar sedan
Flash to the future Maserati
DJ TinyTim
DJ TinyTim 4 månader sedan
Dear god, the number of ad interruptions
derek laveau
derek laveau 6 månader sedan
I would like to see you guys work on a XK8 jaguar --
david slacks
david slacks 7 månader sedan
Good ole Georgia clay
Alex Graham
Alex Graham 7 månader sedan
15:45 As usual a Toyota comes to save the day...
Christian Myers
Christian Myers 7 månader sedan
Did the 300 happen to be sourced from Oklahoma City? I used to drive by a 300z in my neighborhood that looked alot like this one.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
Jared winch mount fail.....how many hours did u lose? Mussel truck just junk the whole front end set up for a Corvette front end
Addicted2Youtue 7 månader sedan
I would definiately have gone 1,9TDI 130/150bhp ASZ/ARL with 6 speed manual instead, dont know if you have got that in the US, but I had one here in Denmark, with a GTB1756VK, intercooler, exhaust, intake, chargepipes, 4bar map sensor and sachs performance clutch and flywheel, making 240bhp and 380ft lb of torque. injectors, head and bottom end stock no problems driving it for 20.000miles
Shark Fang
Shark Fang 8 månader sedan
Anyone else notice the lexus they ripped the 2JZ from sitting in Jared's garage, despite them saying it was gone? Hmmmm....
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 8 månader sedan
It was picked up by one of Jareds friends who has since gotten rid of it.
trevor jaster
trevor jaster 8 månader sedan
Hell yeah 4runner to the rescue
Tim Gibson
Tim Gibson 8 månader sedan
Great effort and I commend you guys for sharing the struggle! Rock on gents!
Ronny Marchini
Ronny Marchini 8 månader sedan
We do have to thank Tavarish for giving us Jared 🙏
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 8 månader sedan
It’s official, Jared is my fave. “Always make questionable decisions, and send it into the creek.“
YelloEye 9 månader sedan
Osillius 9 månader sedan
What car is in front of Jared at 6:10?
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie 9 månader sedan
Wow, that was great fun to watch! A little steadier on the camera and you’ll be making perfect videos! Good work!
sunil s
sunil s 9 månader sedan
Is it just me or this channel gets absolutely nothing done? JARED NEEDS HIS OWN CHANNEL
joe stryke
joe stryke 9 månader sedan
Isn’t Earl now a different z32 shell and different motor /trans ? Sooooo not earl at all?
ajval98 9 månader sedan
Where can I find the previous dudes focus st videos? Trying to reference a few
OG TroyBoy
OG TroyBoy 9 månader sedan
Thats why you bring a chevy
ED Bon
ED Bon 9 månader sedan
man man... what a mess we have here!! cheers, go for it!!!
Jevano pillay
Jevano pillay 9 månader sedan
Damn im all the way in South Africa but i do hope to meet this awesome and intelligent piece of gem Mr Jared
BugS202Eye 9 månader sedan
Jared can u sell front bumper from that 240sx ?
Randy Cotton
Randy Cotton 9 månader sedan
Does the Scout qualify as “Jerad, don’t break my car”? 😂😂
Silver Tounge
Silver Tounge 9 månader sedan
We see tavarish is the angel on Jared's shoulder, u guys need each other!! Other wise jared will always be in a mud hole or tavarish projects will always have something incomplete. Lol
Ray Blome
Ray Blome 9 månader sedan
You know I knew Jared had a big commute to Tavarishs shop but watching in a time lapse... wow.
mart728 9 månader sedan
3000GT, 300zx, Supra..I see a pattern here. FD RX-7 lurking somewhere?
David Wilson
David Wilson 9 månader sedan
Finally will start really seeing this car come together! Can’t wait!
BMORE _ MONEY 9 månader sedan
You guys never finish anything smh
Dale Hall
Dale Hall 9 månader sedan
Jared, consider getting an old farm tractor. My grandfather had a 1954 Massey Ferguson that still runs beautifully today. The tires are filled with water. This gives it tremendous amounts of weight. Or at least a bobcat. A tractor would have pulled you out with no problems. Damn that was fun to watch.
Bruno Marques
Bruno Marques 9 månader sedan
Jared is the best thing that happen to us!!
Dan Hammond
Dan Hammond 9 månader sedan
Goddamn this is some fun content!
nicole maltz
nicole maltz 9 månader sedan
Does any one have any interest in a diesel Honda Accord limo?....I didn’t think so.
Adriel Geronimo
Adriel Geronimo 9 månader sedan
love the 300zx
Wayne Feldman
Wayne Feldman 9 månader sedan
A bullshit channel with so many "projects" and not one looking like being completed. A whole video about moving a car.......... Head over to Goon squad if you actually wanna see a project completed.
Johabe Franco
Johabe Franco 9 månader sedan
“So that Earl can run. Make fire. ” jared is the most capable caveman mechanic
mike ply
mike ply 9 månader sedan
Thank you for the epilepsy warning, was wondering if this video is safe...
Dilyn Karlsson
Dilyn Karlsson 9 månader sedan
Omg the hat trick. This was the most entertaining video in a while. I'm dying 😂
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 9 månader sedan
I watched 3.27min and it sounds like a breakup will continue watching to see who gets custody. Obviously there will be an edit on this.
Alex T
Alex T 9 månader sedan
This man drives from Georgia. Tavarsh could be the luckiest man.
Alex T
Alex T 9 månader sedan
Jared can adopt me as a son so I can inherit his garage.
ShitMagnet 9 månader sedan
4Runner for the win...
Lorenzo Cabason
Lorenzo Cabason 9 månader sedan
Did anybody else chuckle at the "That's the thing about Internationals, they just work"
Lorenzo Cabason
Lorenzo Cabason 9 månader sedan
Jared needs to move to Florida
Vega Motor Werkz
Vega Motor Werkz 9 månader sedan
😱😱😱😱 MR2s! Too bad they arent yours :(, I miss mines...
ronrush89 9 månader sedan
Jared Is the best!
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 9 månader sedan
They didn't get rid of the Lexus I don't know why but I love that damn car like literally if I had money I would try to buy it
Lehel Zelenka
Lehel Zelenka 9 månader sedan
Please consider using a different aspect ratio format more suitable for stretched phone displays.
jezzatenn31 9 månader sedan
Best channel out there
Clapton 316
Clapton 316 9 månader sedan
Jared walks around the woods like a hillbilly. 😂
XB Rod
XB Rod 9 månader sedan
Well done jarred .need mud tyres for the Scott and the other truck what ever it is .no see one of those before but I’m in Australia so not surprised
gus parra
gus parra 9 månader sedan
16:51 is my new Instagram profile pic
André Baron
André Baron 9 månader sedan
@15:26 - Got a song for you Jared: sepost.info/dev/video/s3bJvN6Ec5jZldM.html
Andrew Gendi
Andrew Gendi 9 månader sedan
4:33 *Tavarish:* "I'm very fastidious about that stuff. I have fire extinguishers everywhere. *YOU* on the other hand..." *Jared:* "Fire" 🙂
Pineapple 3Dprinting
Pineapple 3Dprinting 9 månader sedan
Why did you have to give me a heart attack 😅
Scott Ryman
Scott Ryman 9 månader sedan
How are those Procar by Scat seats? Comfortable? They're one of my only bolt in options for my current project, but I don't know anyone who actually has some.
Darren Swails
Darren Swails 9 månader sedan
"Good thing about internationals is they work" "here in Jonny reb everything is shot"..
Rider Made
Rider Made 9 månader sedan
Who’s tavarish
jose zuniga
jose zuniga 9 månader sedan
17:55 your roof is also leaking
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 9 månader sedan
Legend has it he is still in warp speed. All we know is he’s called Jared.
Joe Rains
Joe Rains 9 månader sedan
If you need a diesel guy, I'm local, but I don't have many tools.
Peruvian Devin
Peruvian Devin 9 månader sedan
Why didn’t you show us you driving the scout I wanna seeeee
Donald Mills
Donald Mills 9 månader sedan
Lee Quesada
Lee Quesada 9 månader sedan
I plan on going on my first DBR in April, hope to see you there. :D
Kalepsis 9 månader sedan
Earl is such a huge missed opportunity... you should've put an LS7 or LT4 in it and called it the 300Z06.
Keiffer Meyers
Keiffer Meyers 9 månader sedan
Click bait click bait click bait click bait
Average Floridian
Average Floridian 9 månader sedan
It's good to hear someone other than myself say "cocked up." And yes, that winch is thoroughly cocked.
Jacob Rippey
Jacob Rippey 9 månader sedan
Toyota to the rescue!
Marc John
Marc John 9 månader sedan
nice episode ;) diversified... thank you Jared
Peter Bornius
Peter Bornius 9 månader sedan
Jared is really a fantastic guy, he is humble and always happy. I think Tavarish should be very happy to have him as a friend.
Max McKibben
Max McKibben 9 månader sedan
Can't wait to see more work at Jared's shop, I love all of the knowledge he brings to these videos!
Alex510 9 månader sedan
Why does Jared have a California flag in his garage in georgia?
spo wyatt
spo wyatt 9 månader sedan
Could you please please please do a MAZDA MX-3(PRECIDIA) REBUILD!??? At one time it was the smallest but highest output per liter v6 out there and it accepts a KLZE swap that can make crazy power in a small car. I would love to see it done! It was my first car and it got totalled and I never got to do it myself!
DundaBluebone 9 månader sedan
i hate to be the one to say it. i love this channel but i'll be glad to see that 300 gone for good. there's just something about it that just rubs me the wrong way. starting with that 4K$ body kit that looks cheap as hell.
bina12834 9 månader sedan
I feel like we'll never see a completely finished project ever again.....
Humanity First
Humanity First 9 månader sedan
i see a certain lexus.........;)
Randy Hammond
Randy Hammond 9 månader sedan
Can you guys just walk us through a project? I keep watching to see some wrenching, but it hardly happens.
punchdb 9 månader sedan
Jared needs its own youtube channel, unless he already has one
C-had The single dad
C-had The single dad 9 månader sedan
I love scouts, my great grandma had one and I would pretend to drive it when I was a kid. I remember it had a twin stick transfer case
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 9 månader sedan
There is a savage in that mind. Eager to see it happen.
Priyanshu Sharma
Priyanshu Sharma 9 månader sedan
Chair's to send it 🤘
Derrick Farrar
Derrick Farrar 9 månader sedan
When Wrench Every Day turns into Dirt Every Day
Wrenchettes 9 månader sedan
hey you live in GA too? many creative peeps now live in GA. interesting since GA is one place im thinking of moving to. i also have SC, NC and FL as options. need good schools though. any tips anyone?
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane 9 månader sedan
GoalieLife 9 månader sedan
Jared, your vehicles are so full of character and so interesting. They’re also really really awful 😜
240sam 9 månader sedan
Good job Jared. Very entertaining video. I see you have a gs300 sport design in the back ground. 👍
Michael Frog-Man Bourne
Michael Frog-Man Bourne 9 månader sedan
Where is the off roading footage!!!!!! Dang :(
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Lost many cars by making wonderful comments on how trustworthy my vehicles are, so now I don't say a anything now.
Hookah Phene
Hookah Phene 9 månader sedan
Jared seems like such a genuine, nice person. Glad that he’s on the channel
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson 9 månader sedan
HOORAY FOR JARED 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Danner rrr
Danner rrr 9 månader sedan
Yeah, now I've got a crush on Jared. It was the 3 stuck trucks that sold me.
Jon Tomlin
Jon Tomlin 9 månader sedan
Jareds face off reading was amazing hahahaha
stormtrooper 1
stormtrooper 1 9 månader sedan
Jared is awesome. It would be cool to work with him.
Mateo Morizio
Mateo Morizio 9 månader sedan
Glad u got all 3 trucks out jrod
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 9 månader sedan
Can't wait to see her running
Jurgen Moens
Jurgen Moens 9 månader sedan
Jared brings this channel to another level, keep it up guys!
Momo 9 månader sedan
Nothing like that Georgia mud 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
Doug's Cars
Doug's Cars 9 månader sedan
Johnny Reb sounds great!
Preston Watts
Preston Watts 9 månader sedan
As much as I love Jared, my ocd kicked in when he was showing his shop. I'd have to spend a week clearing crap out before I could even function. I had to skip that part lol.
João Pedro Nascimento
João Pedro Nascimento 9 månader sedan
Hi... Is Tavarish his real name. Everytime he speaks his name sound much like an american saying "Tavares" (a portuguese surname).
fnordpojk 9 månader sedan
No, his real name is Freddy Hernandez. Tavarish comes from the Russian "tovarisch", "friend". Freddy is of part Russian descent and speaks Russian.
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