Our "Cheap" Junkyard Mid-Engined Corvette-Powered Muscle Truck Is DONE (With A Few Small Issues)

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5 månader sedan

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Today, Jared shows us that the finishing touches that usually take a few minutes on camera, take hours, days, and sometimes weeks in real life, if you want to do it right. This truck is going to be the most sorted International 1010 ever.
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Brad Cappello
Brad Cappello Månad sedan
dude, wheel well headers can still run under the cab
Ford_driving Painter
Ford_driving Painter 2 månader sedan
time for Leroys twin set up. it would probably all fit under the hood
aayan goverski
aayan goverski 2 månader sedan
14:26. This part was hilarious. At first I actually thought it was Tavarish
Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage 3 månader sedan
I'm really glad Tavarish could take some time out of his busy schedule to stop by.
Ommie Rivera
Ommie Rivera 4 månader sedan
Great video, you have a great mix of entertaining and educational. Keep up the good work.
George Dimitrov
George Dimitrov 4 månader sedan
honestly this project is hands down the coolest build of all the cars on youtube, because it's all diy and made with affordable stuff!! amazing work Jared!!
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 4 månader sedan
Your gonna need to cut the fire wall
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 4 månader sedan
Why is the cab so high and the engine so low ?
Craig Mcnulty AKA Dj-Cnice
Craig Mcnulty AKA Dj-Cnice 4 månader sedan
If you go with a cheap twin turbo setup the exhaust will go forward instead of backwards and they all you need to do is one big pipe down the outside of the frame rail on each side
preprodigy 4 månader sedan
Nach passenger side frame rail and be done with it
david brown
david brown 4 månader sedan
fender well exit headers?
Samuel Foote
Samuel Foote 4 månader sedan
Lol put playwood over it and when ur at a car show say its electric LMAO
Stephen Mukwevho
Stephen Mukwevho 4 månader sedan
Covid covid 💉😷 Take the pills>>💊💊
Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider 4 månader sedan
I would just turbo it
1941paco 4 månader sedan
Oh Hell Yea!!! Did anyone think about "Tri-Y" headers? Fantastic Project.
Bob Brady
Bob Brady 4 månader sedan
Triple superchargers?
K9 Six
K9 Six 4 månader sedan
All the fricken adds suck....cool build tho
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 4 månader sedan
As a computer nerd, I appreciate your knowledge of both automotive things as well as computer things.
suntzuwarsword1964 4 månader sedan
Love the mid engine....looks very cool...Great channel...
Krusty Pickles Gaming
Krusty Pickles Gaming 4 månader sedan
on the topic of power cables. recently i did "The big 3" i have 1/0 gauge wire for all my power and grounds. for power i have 1 goin batt to power dist block. 1 going batt to starter and 1 going batt to 200amp circuit breaker and then to the alt. grounds are batt to block batt to chassis and chassis to block. i want to do a ground from batt to alt bracket but i run out of cable lugs. all them big ass wires are very pretty to look at but not only am i running a stand alone ecu but i also have a stereo with just over 4000 watts. i needs my power
MalibuLawyer 4 månader sedan
Another point: you refer to this project as "corvette powered" uding the LS1 engine (LS = Luxury Sport). Yet, what you are actually using is a truck engine with an iron block. How is this not a misrepresentation on your part?
MalibuLawyer 4 månader sedan
Why leave things rusty? Are you coming back in to paint the frame and engine compartment, or trying to restomod this build to seem cool?
HeartFire 4 månader sedan
I so want this to have a huge blower on top. The engine is so far down it would only stick out a little bit with the throttle blades 😂
Randy Hobbs
Randy Hobbs 4 månader sedan
Not such a big deal on your engine placement it’s only moved back 5 to 8 inches. You act like the engine is behind the cab or something talking about mid-engine. C’mon man give me a break.
Brian Irons
Brian Irons 5 månader sedan
Johnny Rebel reference! Yeehaw! Love it.
Reggie Reginato
Reggie Reginato 5 månader sedan
Going to seam silly, but did you put any thought into routing the headers outside the frame as opposed to trying to squeeze them between the frame rails?
Dean Benson
Dean Benson 5 månader sedan
Why font you Jack up a chevy...leave the old Binders alone!
Stephen Paratore
Stephen Paratore 5 månader sedan
Not yet seeing the ending, but could you try mounting the stock exhaust manifolds upside down and then loop them back to the rear?
John Powell
John Powell 5 månader sedan
Since you've used an International Harvester I reckon she's a Cornvette?
hirkimer wilberfart
hirkimer wilberfart 5 månader sedan
Edward Clark
Edward Clark 5 månader sedan
Not a good idea.
Ohiocountryboy 2007
Ohiocountryboy 2007 5 månader sedan
Ls swap chevy s10 headers might work
Delas 5 månader sedan
This is just ridiculous.... start over...
cubonenineO 5 månader sedan
*LOL big shout out \Duane he been ouchea on GOD providing quality*
Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall 5 månader sedan
So glad "Freddie" made it into this one! 🤣
brians48now 5 månader sedan
thumbs down for the clickbait
BLACK GUY 5 månader sedan
5:25 when non-car guys thinks they know everything about cars. What Jared was saying is you need brakes to move forward. Honestly I was confused when I heard what he said at the first time but later I discovered that everything was simple. He was trying to say that you need brakes to slow down when you're moving forward at certain speed to prevent any car crash THAT'S IT.LoL😂😂😂😂
Toni 5 månader sedan
Hi why not just build a set of fender well headers plenty of room for them
EMF Audio
EMF Audio 5 månader sedan
A capacitor acts as a capacitor, a battery acts as a battery. A battery acts as capacitance. Capacitors are used to filter power, batteries don't filter power quality. Signed, the audio guy with 4,000 Farads of capacitance in his car.
Patrick McCrime Dog
Patrick McCrime Dog 5 månader sedan
Should have notched the frame from the start. Could have used the longtubes for a better sound and saved the drive time to and from the store
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 5 månader sedan
Mid engine???
bill dursa
bill dursa 5 månader sedan
Mill the exhaust to head flange at a slight angle for clearance.
marc st laurent
marc st laurent 5 månader sedan
I concur with the outside frame rail comment , that’s how the exhaust runs on my turbo 79 Blazer with big mufflers under cab and angle exit towards back axle , if I didn’t have a beefy four link could have tucked under / over axle out to back
Aither 5 månader sedan
Braking isn´t the opposite of moving forward.
Adam Busby
Adam Busby 5 månader sedan
shit name for the episode though.....
Derek Rogers
Derek Rogers 5 månader sedan
Why didn't you go over the frame run the exhaust on the outside if the frame.
Demon Wheelchair
Demon Wheelchair 5 månader sedan
i love those 12v bus bars best in my opinion! love the project as well lol
Blze001 5 månader sedan
You have more patience than I do, I would've just sent it out the hood with a tractor flap. XD
MrRawalex 5 månader sedan
Answer: Raise the engine a bit. While it will raise the center of gravity, blah blah blah it is way more practical.
BA 5 månader sedan
Tavarish needs a little more sun on his arms there.
Dr. Rory Dixon
Dr. Rory Dixon 5 månader sedan
Would have been nice if the engine bay was painted before putting in the components
Simon Scott
Simon Scott 5 månader sedan
For a second there I was fooled into thinking that Tavarish actually showed up to do some work.
Dugan Kelly
Dugan Kelly 5 månader sedan
International frames....uh uh… not easily modified trucks. Not impossible, but not easy, either
V LM 5 månader sedan
The cheap ebay LS block hugger headers would’ve worked for you.
Chris Popovic
Chris Popovic 5 månader sedan
Good stuff but video waaaaaay too long. 16-17 minutes is plenty. Too many damn ads too.
Lastweld 5 månader sedan
The editing on this video is. on. point.
Olivier B. Ngoga
Olivier B. Ngoga 5 månader sedan
So, you're watching/listening to Tavarish while working!? (19:36) 😁
howtofixbrand 5 månader sedan
Why do you have a California republic flag? Honestly no troll, when you can't register or drive most cars there because of there exhaust laws, why would you be proud of living in such a bad state
Liveordiebyinches 5 månader sedan
Jared ur a monster.
Jeff 5 månader sedan
As a former Parts Pro at an Advance Auto Parts, I find it extremely disturbing that the didn't have bulk brake line. A 25 ft roll of 3/16 PVF brake line is around $26 or so depending on your area. part number is PAC-325. And as for the fittings, that is just plain.....ugh. If your Parts Pro couldn't supply these, you need to find another store. We even sold them at NAPA where I also worked. And that was a very long time ago. So there is no excuse for them not to have them.
Mumbling E
Mumbling E 5 månader sedan
Why not go back to square one and move the engine, etc.forward and up?
Vincent Bigras
Vincent Bigras 5 månader sedan
side pipe like excalibure? :D
T Bone
T Bone 5 månader sedan
Johnny Reb was fine.
Steve G
Steve G 5 månader sedan
You're the dude that suggested a Maserati Bi-Turbo as a car to buy. Can't take a word you say seriously or watch you anymore.
tonyrod86 5 månader sedan
Nice jeans freddie😅😅😅😅😅
tonyrod86 5 månader sedan
Damn freddie came down to help😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brad Moore
Brad Moore 5 månader sedan
So how do the subscribers that don't use Twitter/social media get entered?
ghost 123
ghost 123 5 månader sedan
Run the stock headers upside-down
skiingrocks00001 5 månader sedan
Why not just exit the exhaust out the fender ?
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 5 månader sedan
Build a set of headers with a kit and run them thru the front fender like a drag car.
Merv C
Merv C 5 månader sedan
Love the channel doing a good job keep doing you you're doing good so far keep up the good work
Volvatorn 5 månader sedan
I have maby not wathced enogh, but why dont you put wider headers an let them run down outside the framerail? And put an muffler strait on the the header and let the exhausts out by the bottom of the fender.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 5 månader sedan
yep my bet it HP tuners have come in with some goods.. awesome work
Allen Thomsen
Allen Thomsen 5 månader sedan
On the right side you could actually run both of the cut headers to the back half and reconnect them if you have any questions about it i would be more than willing to explain how.. @Wrench Every Day
Adam F Birch
Adam F Birch 5 månader sedan
Feels like a headache if you're going to put snails on it eventually.. .
iRdMoose 5 månader sedan
Ummm. inverted manifolds? Twin Turbo + Supercharger! And plenty of room in the bed for a MASSIVE intercooler!
Trumps still your president
Trumps still your president 5 månader sedan
Noch the frame
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 5 månader sedan
Why can’t you do straight pipes over the chassis rail and down the outside
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith 5 månader sedan
Straight up through the hood would look cool. Looks like a frame notch. I smell a supercharger.
adict3 5 månader sedan
You tease!!!
Berto606 5 månader sedan
Obity 2? 🤔
Toeslider 5 månader sedan
I’ll bet either stock or aftermarket Trailblazer SS manifolds would have solved all your problems...
Deksam101 5 månader sedan
7:54 Covid is a big freaken hoax on how leathal it is... Dont conform to the WHO hoax. Go back to normal not new normal. Be brave to this big nothing burger.
Deksam101 5 månader sedan
Why not just extend 8 straight pipes straight from the heads to the other side of the frame, and let them hang in the wheel well???
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 5 månader sedan
now we know Jarred is one of those passing lane hoggers
Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder 5 månader sedan
Freddie grew breast'S???
aceadman 5 månader sedan
The education AND entertainment values of this channel cannot be overstated. I’ve said it before, but Jared is such a great presence. Calming and interesting. Great mechanic AND teacher AND entertainer. I always look forward to a new upload. He’s really killing it and 200 grand is just the beginning. Jared, thanks for all the great content! I look forward to watching more builds and to your continued success.
bunsenoverthejunsen 5 månader sedan
Sooooo why don’t you just remount the engine higher? Seems like that would solve so many problems
Albert Cox
Albert Cox 5 månader sedan
Try CTSV Manifolds
Tom Heald
Tom Heald 5 månader sedan
Damn that truck looks like an Australian 1969 XW Ford Falcon at the front.
Donald Simpson
Donald Simpson 5 månader sedan
I wonder how some T Bucket pipes would work
andy slater
andy slater 5 månader sedan
Has he looked at going up and forward with the headers like TVR Griffith. ??
Douglas Burnside
Douglas Burnside 5 månader sedan
Would it have been easier to just modify the frame rails?
Project PITA
Project PITA 5 månader sedan
OMG , so many commercials !!!!!! ARGGGGG!!
Project PITA
Project PITA 5 månader sedan
OMG , so many commercials !!!!!! ARGGGGG!!
Rabih Moumne
Rabih Moumne 5 månader sedan
Your videos are awesome. Keep up the great work
Ron Kegley
Ron Kegley 5 månader sedan
Why not go on 5he outside of the frame? You could always drop a fuel cell in the back. Or since the engine is so low. Build a set of zoomies to come through the hood and use 8 motorcycle mufflers.
pkt1213 5 månader sedan
Could you run the headers or manifolds forward into the big open space? You'd have to do that for some turbos anyways?.
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis 5 månader sedan
I wanna be just like Jared when I grow up!!!!!! (I'm 34.....)
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 5 månader sedan
Thats the secret, never grow up, just work on being wiser
Ben Jamieson
Ben Jamieson 5 månader sedan
Log manifold forward for twin whirly boys
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my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
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Newkid - Starkare - Så mycket bättre (TV4)
Så mycket bättre
visningar 251tn
visningar 133tn
my message to KSI. lmao.
Jake Paul
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