Our Cheap Widebody Nissan 300ZX Was Hiding A NASTY SECRET (Worse Than We Thought)

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Today we rip the engine out of Earl Leeker (our 1990 Nissan 300ZX) and see what damage it's hiding. And boy howdy, is it a lot.
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Bus12103 4 månader sedan
Thank You.
Snogard 6 månader sedan
Ooo...A plastic fan. Also used by Humvees. I know this because when I was in Kuwait in the army, we were just driving along when a hose disconnected and ended up bouncing around the front of the engine, punching a hole in the radiator and just ripping up the plastic fan. Yeah, the connector was fine. We actually just reconnected before sending off to be serviced...which involved completely taking off the entire front half of the vehicle. So, yeah, plastic fans are crap.
Brandon Goberdhan
Brandon Goberdhan 7 månader sedan
I can't waittttt to see the finished product also I love these videos
Shark Fang
Shark Fang 8 månader sedan
"I'll just keep stealing engines, we'll run out." Priceless.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 8 månader sedan
i know im late with this video but thank god they went with the 2jz instead of the v-8
Woodrow Delozier
Woodrow Delozier 8 månader sedan
Red and black won't harm my friend jack. Red and yellow will harm a fellow
ImGranPaPi 9 månader sedan
“Cheap widebody” only cost $3500!!! Lmfao
Asle Fjeldstad
Asle Fjeldstad 9 månader sedan
What ever you do, don’t listen to 7:36 - 8:25 with no visuals. The pictures in your head will be... interesting.
Brodoswagins 9 månader sedan
I like the idea of a informational video with the old engine.
Grum Pee
Grum Pee 9 månader sedan
Grum Pee
Grum Pee 9 månader sedan
Jared the mechanic God sending vehicles to car heaven.
Martin Metz
Martin Metz 9 månader sedan
so glad yall got rid of that dumb lexus and kept focusing on the nissan.
Kody Grabowski
Kody Grabowski 9 månader sedan
Had my z32 for 3 years....... still a shell Dx
o Rebelo
o Rebelo 9 månader sedan
Jared strong 💪 like bull smart like Einstein as he moves the transmission LOL
o Rebelo
o Rebelo 9 månader sedan
What happened to Jared’s Isf
Spoth Ra
Spoth Ra 9 månader sedan
Tavarish reppin' the Demolitia!
nullpup - salvage rebuilds and projects
nullpup - salvage rebuilds and projects 9 månader sedan
did anyone else notice tavarish owns a trash company
ZABUZA BOSS 9 månader sedan
Blasphemy you guys should be using a skyline RB30det
Chris FPS
Chris FPS 9 månader sedan
Mark van Velsen Photography
Mark van Velsen Photography 9 månader sedan
It's sooooo informative and relaxed to listen to Jared. Sir you're a master in your work and a pleasure to watch and listen to. You guys as a team are perfect for these kind of projects. Thanks for all your work and education. I actually learn a lot from these series.
chris jamieson
chris jamieson 9 månader sedan
Will you guys do a video on timing? Advanced/retarding ect. I have a pretty good knowledge base of most things automotive, but i have never been able to learn about how/what/why about anything involving timing. Thanks from your Oklahomie!
mbsnyderc 9 månader sedan
The biggest problem with the VQ30DE is they left very little room in the car for a turbo.
will rogers
will rogers 9 månader sedan
it's a shame nobody likesbto build vg30dett. unopened will make as much or more than an unopened 2jz
Rodrigo Carrillo
Rodrigo Carrillo 9 månader sedan
Tavarish what happened with your channel ??? are you only going to be using the Wrench Every day ?
peter müller
peter müller 9 månader sedan
Yes! I'd absolutely love a "Professor Jared" series about cars!!
Ronin 9 månader sedan
Suddenly the lifts multiplied! :O
John L
John L 10 månader sedan
I have a 90 300zx 2+2. the vg30de was a bitch to learn the first couple times taking apart. Literally no room to work. I plan to take mine out as well.
Michael Singleton
Michael Singleton 10 månader sedan
"The v8 has no aftermarket support" whaaattt?😂😂😂😂
UPbuild 10 månader sedan
Really enjoying this channel, looking forward to this project developing 👍👍
Robert Archbold
Robert Archbold 10 månader sedan
I'll just keep stealing engines lmao!!!!
motorised1 10 månader sedan
jesus what bullshit excuse's for not getting a 350-370Z motor
Tim Van Briesen
Tim Van Briesen 10 månader sedan
Want to change the anti sway bar location on the car? I would suggest a Universal anti sway bar kit. It will be a torque tube design. The Upside: Torque tube designs are lighter than stock, and if you shop around it will cost as much as a performance replacement anti sway bar. Torque tube designs are easier to adjust the stiffness on. The down side: You have to make room for the torque arms, and some assembly (engineering) is required.
XOZ Industries
XOZ Industries 10 månader sedan
LOJ LS Swap keeps the AC, watch sloppy mechanics build. I like the 2JZ swap because it's different
SuPreme OpZ
SuPreme OpZ 10 månader sedan
Put a 370z engine in it
Joshuah Prokes
Joshuah Prokes 10 månader sedan
please do an engine series
ZakUddz 10 månader sedan
Keep stealing engines we gonna run out LOOL love this guy man
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY 10 månader sedan
red too black wont hurt jack red to yellow will kill a fellow red to silver its a heat wrap you dummy
GRE 3NE 10 månader sedan
Oh yes Jared, teach me your ways ;)
Hayden McCain
Hayden McCain 10 månader sedan
"they don't hold a lot of power" ..... I mean. 750+ stock bottom end, and 8.xx 1/4 mile capable. Could hit your power goal, with less fabrication. But to each his own I guess.
Johnny Americano
Johnny Americano 10 månader sedan
And how about Bentley?
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 10 månader sedan
LOL Jared with the trans. Tavarish is like "I've found my Hodor"
Aidan MaKinster
Aidan MaKinster 10 månader sedan
Do professor Jared
Aidan MaKinster
Aidan MaKinster 10 månader sedan
I want the clutch.
Aidan MaKinster
Aidan MaKinster 10 månader sedan
Javarish is the best couple on the internet!
Tyson Bailey
Tyson Bailey 10 månader sedan
How bout making it electric?
FYA 10 månader sedan
Really like to see more detailed engine education 👍
Mystuff 10 månader sedan
These two are the best, most funniest... :) Love all their work!
Jaffar jaffar
Jaffar jaffar 10 månader sedan
Yes please we will support you all the time
K Branch jr
K Branch jr 10 månader sedan
My 9yr old son and I would like to see you go through the eng
rubbishcar 10 månader sedan
Waiting for a new episode with Professor Jared.
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard 10 månader sedan
Aw, yeah...learning about engines, I wanna see that. This is some real man stuff.
DroneTime FunTime
DroneTime FunTime 10 månader sedan
Clutch pls i wanna make a clock
Jared Reader
Jared Reader 10 månader sedan
The car lifts seem to be multiplying...
camarocanam 10 månader sedan
v8 too long, 6 inline fits better? wtf
Al Elezi
Al Elezi 10 månader sedan
Ask Kalvin Malli. He did a 300z with a 2jz swap. He has his own channel where he did it on. It’s awesome 👍
Brett Walker
Brett Walker 10 månader sedan
You should definitely put Diablo headlights on it.
Diogo Almeida
Diogo Almeida 10 månader sedan
Jared, you look thinner. Lost weight?
Cristoffel Bonorand
Cristoffel Bonorand 10 månader sedan
Super nice content, I'm glad I came over here from tavarish's other channel.
DMAC 10 månader sedan
Im interested in Professor Jared.
Joel Kupiainen
Joel Kupiainen 10 månader sedan
am i the only one who really would have loved to see that lexus project :((
Bryan B
Bryan B 10 månader sedan
You guys must be green to the z32 chassis. factory block vg30de engines can handle near 800hp on ethanol and a turbo. Also, as someone with a 355sbc in a 91 z32 it fits great and really wasn’t that labor intensive to fit in the car, there’s so many people selling mounts for LS swaps and adaptors to use the factory z trans that it’s pretty much plug and play at this point.
Leslie Hayward
Leslie Hayward 10 månader sedan
Do it Jarrid... He's the real gem in the garage! Engine show
John Suddeth
John Suddeth 10 månader sedan
I got it! there needs to be a you tube car science channel were the science guys from cleetus and Jared do things together. we need more you tube collaborations. also they can have Freddy be there too. they are both in Florida.
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson 10 månader sedan
The banter is getting old...
Brian Andrickson
Brian Andrickson 10 månader sedan
I have a z and I’m going through the same thing. However an i6 gives you space to put a big ass turbo, but an ls is smaller then a vg because the head is WAY smaller. You can turbo an ls in there from underneath or by the mufflers.
Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner 10 månader sedan
jesus, toss the frame 10 ply, get a hold of yourself. The frame is juice tin and ducting bait.
XEFairmont 10 månader sedan
20B for the 300 and JZ for Ferrari... Simple.
Karel van Voorst Vader
Karel van Voorst Vader 10 månader sedan
This is a challege: how about delivery in the Netherlands?
David Tupper
David Tupper 10 månader sedan
2JZ Bentley would be better
del trotts
del trotts 10 månader sedan
Let's get another project car......... Yeah.!
Zdude1987 10 månader sedan
www.performancevh.com/ Ehh?
Tony K
Tony K 10 månader sedan
I need a new clutch in my Dodge Ram 1200, could you make that clutch fit? I'm over in the middle East
William Carr
William Carr 10 månader sedan
Please leave that awful body kit off and transport it to the dumpster
Kyler Peddy
Kyler Peddy 10 månader sedan
please take apart the vg
Parker Kouse
Parker Kouse 10 månader sedan
I’m an automotive student rn, I would love a professor Jared series
Tom Ingebrigtsen
Tom Ingebrigtsen 10 månader sedan
I don't remember Tavarish buying the R8 on the lift in the background...
ArtiCat 10 månader sedan
Jared is going to keep pushing more projects out, Tavarish rarely finished projects before Jared came around.
scott moore
scott moore 10 månader sedan
Build a sand rail out of the v6.
joe2fresh 10 månader sedan
Hey freddy I've been watching for some time started with your other channel and now the wrench ever day channel and I just have to ask with all the cool cars / builds that you have, why this car. when you have all the other cool cars ....? This build is just not working for me as what I envisioned from you ( some thing like the red " lambo" ) is more what I envision but not this.... so I'll be back when u get back to the regular program schedule. 🤞🏻✌🏼
FLOYD HAYNES 10 månader sedan
Jared is the man.
chemxfan 10 månader sedan
just HOW many channels do you have, anyway?
marty Charron
marty Charron 10 månader sedan
Im going to be that guy. A VG30DETT would fit perfect. in fact a proven race motor capable of tonnes of power with the right mods. Prove me wrong please.
Erik Lawson
Erik Lawson 10 månader sedan
I've been watching this as a big 300zx fan boy. It was my most wanted car in the 90s in high school. So much I got a job at a Nissan dealer as parts guy. Sadly I drove a 87 Nissan Pulsar NX. Hate to see such a car left in neglect and hope you guys give it a great new life. Kudos.
TwoFoot Giant
TwoFoot Giant 10 månader sedan
jared's parting words are the best thing on youtube. please...say something about using blinkers
Kari Rissanen
Kari Rissanen 10 månader sedan
That’s a vq35hr, you can tell by the dual plenum intakes, the Vq35de has a single plenum intake. 313hp so it’s not exactly a slouch... the 2jz is however “much” more adaptable to high horsepower mods The vq’s aren’t However I could use the old vq35hr for my 350z roadster (pretty please?) Grin
Undergroundiron Entertainment
Undergroundiron Entertainment 10 månader sedan
LS swap the world
Joe Goins
Joe Goins 10 månader sedan
🐰 just keeps goins and goins / I can't stop 🎶
spook show
spook show 10 månader sedan
Damn he’s strong!
Thomas 10 månader sedan
Jared will personally hand deliver the clutch to you.... "international only" lol XD
Naum Stojanoski
Naum Stojanoski 10 månader sedan
I think you should make a professor Jared, and send that video to DDE they need to learn the basics lol
Enrique Martinez Agra
Enrique Martinez Agra 10 månader sedan
Hi Jared. I want that clutch delivered to Spain . And yes ! Let’s have some professor Jared sessions . We want to know more !
Jason Kenneally
Jason Kenneally 10 månader sedan
How about delivering that clutch to Ireland 🇮🇪 Jared?? 😆
Gabe z32
Gabe z32 10 månader sedan
Just so yo guys know. There’s been two VG30 STOCK ENGINE 300zx running 8.9s in 1/4 with +780 hp.
Neo Blitzktrieg
Neo Blitzktrieg 10 månader sedan
"How many pounds was that?" "All of them" 😐
Martin Addison
Martin Addison 10 månader sedan
Probably should took the twin turbo 350z i was offering you 🤣😂
jeffrey macasaet
jeffrey macasaet 10 månader sedan
What's with the R8 at the back?
mcrspeedemon 10 månader sedan
What's with the R8 in the background
Arash Panahi
Arash Panahi 10 månader sedan
I'd put the 2jz inside a ferrari and the rotary inside that nissan...that's just me though
TheZmt325 10 månader sedan
2 letters Important in florida..? Dang.. i thought it was V.D.
S. H
S. H 10 månader sedan
I guess the "Tavarish channel" is done?
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