Our New Dirt Cheap Sports Car Was Hiding Some RUSTY Secrets (WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT)

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A Ryan
A Ryan 21 dag sedan
So whatever happened to Andrew
Jesse Alleman
Jesse Alleman Månad sedan
Do a street car drag car two turbos and a ls in it
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Andrew the Car Wizard's Long lost twin?
Hanif Muhammad
Hanif Muhammad 5 månader sedan
Way too much trivia for my taste. And don’t disrespect the Z
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 7 månader sedan
Make it trans axle.
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 7 månader sedan
Yes. Instead of a PT Cruiser you should have a Prowler, You'd still be satisfied with it.
monstrous raccoon
monstrous raccoon 9 månader sedan
Get a widebody kit 😉😜
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
No terminal then next best thing is vise grips
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin 9 månader sedan
needs a lift kit... Its time for a battle 300sx... =D
Drew McGillicuddy
Drew McGillicuddy 9 månader sedan
Build Earl 2.0 as the original project and take the leftover crud and build a Lemons racer.
Weskin Wet
Weskin Wet 10 månader sedan
MaxSpeed År sedan
Coming back to watch this video yet again, and I get hit with that beautiful Vincero ad. Normally I don't pay much attention to sponsored ads, but Holy shit this ad is as high quality as it gets! Comedy, cinematics, phenomenal audio, punny jokes, it has it all. Time to buy, using that nifty 15% off code. Now I'll have more... Time
Wayne Sissing
Wayne Sissing År sedan
U went to see Freddy working on his cars... this is waste of time
Chris Sims
Chris Sims År sedan
Build and single turbo the VG, because no one does. Everything is swapped a million times over. It's actually more interesting to see the original engine built than seeing the same kind of swaps on every channel.
Travis Wurz
Travis Wurz År sedan
Kshitij Pingulkar
Kshitij Pingulkar År sedan
wiremu Nore
wiremu Nore År sedan
I enjoy this channel
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne År sedan
Put a manual in the Mercedes.
David Maye
David Maye År sedan
Don't trash it!
dart5722010 År sedan
Why does that exhaust system remind me of Bender.
Da D
Da D År sedan
would love to see you 600+ hp out of that VG but keep it NA
Leo År sedan
skyline motor swap, but keep/make it turbo, add stock rear deflector back on, vert doors, air bag susp, keep the "hicas" system for fun donuts, digital gauge cluster in stock dash, standard trans YAY
Baloney Justice
Baloney Justice År sedan
Ok... so you yank the working bits off the chassis and put it all into a home brew Ariel atom. Now you got this empty shell that smells bad but that's ok.. You Febreeze bomb the chassis, and then go about Fix all the rust, mold and maybe actually planting a lavender tree so it will smell good inside.. Once you got a safe chassis, that can be habitable by people with noses... You go shopping for the biggest truck motor you can find and stuff it between the rails like your making a american egg roll! Japaneses sports car egg roll outside... Mutant big V8 thunder chicken flavoring on the inside!
Federick Quinola
Federick Quinola År sedan
4:15 got me dead af
AJ Brown
AJ Brown År sedan
Thumbs up for the watch advertisement!
Augusto Cerrutti
Augusto Cerrutti År sedan
Id personally love to see a GT3 style 300zx, itd be epic. Imagine a 300zx with a big wang, a complex roll cage, about 450hp, fat tires, a splitter and a stripped out carbon fiber interior.
Cjmitt År sedan
get it running lmao
mat Sottile
mat Sottile År sedan
TT stock motor lower the car with some new paint same color though
ScrappyMtZ .-.
ScrappyMtZ .-. År sedan
In the rear put the spoiler from the turbo version
OffensiveTomato År sedan
Restore earl 2.0 with the first earl
Willbryan Medina
Willbryan Medina År sedan
Drop a lambo motor in it.
Alex Alexandru
Alex Alexandru År sedan
Ok, this was funny as shit, when dude tried to connect negative terminal the episode hit gold.
Stanisław Kulig
Stanisław Kulig År sedan
please, do something smart. trade this fake 944 into real 944 :)
Average Floridian
Average Floridian År sedan
Cut him some slack. Sometimes you can start a car before you buy it, but it stops starting once the title is signed. Also, can y'all do advertisements for everyone else's videos?
Bhramjot Notay
Bhramjot Notay År sedan
I wanna see it clean lol
Francis A
Francis A År sedan
Maybe cut some skits next time
Gary k
Gary k År sedan
put an LSA in it
Kadhiravan G
Kadhiravan G År sedan
Twin turbo this car and It would be awesome
ralph longo
ralph longo År sedan
Love the fun banter, I love Tavarish's channel and I enjoy this one more. Great job guys, I figured this would be a throw away thing but it definitely isn't.
Alex Ripstein
Alex Ripstein År sedan
Put the spare Bentley motor in it.
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson År sedan
A clean oem style example of a VH swapped Z. Mostly because the VH will never be stupid fast.
Ben Welker
Ben Welker År sedan
When the right time came
FullM3talJack År sedan
I'd go full restomod. Gut it, make the shell and frame rust-free and clean, then paint it. Find a copart 370 and retrofit the drive-train and suspension to the 300.
XXXLonleysoldier XD
XXXLonleysoldier XD År sedan
Stuff the driveline from 1.0 into this, full bodykit and paint, restore the interior, coilovers and big brake kit.+ turbos
News Flash
News Flash År sedan
Smash it!
Abraham Orozco
Abraham Orozco År sedan
2jz swap 🔥
Mr100duke År sedan
I had two of these a turbo and non turbo, both were fragile and garbage, my first one grenades the auto box and jammed the rear wheels and we had to drag it up tyres screaming onto back of recovery truck. I also had a 200sx where the timing belt jumped it's guide wheels and screwed 8 valves. Never will I buy another Nissan.
TheZmt325 År sedan
Build a jet car with it.
Peter L
Peter L År sedan
Sequential turbos, big brakes, restore interior and exterior to stock
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers År sedan
paint it candy apple red
flyingIrish År sedan
2jz engine/wide body kit/coil-overs /big brakes
changalo !
changalo ! År sedan
or wait, are you just helping him get his channel up by appearing on it for a while, then handing the reins over and going home?
changalo !
changalo ! År sedan
idk Tav, this guy just doesn't fit you and your style, even tho ppl say opposites attract, it just doesn't work! you did spool much better w your O.G. channel. RHATS what put you on the map! whyd you need to do this charity work by letting someone in that tries to be the "star" of the thing when that's not at all what your thing/channel is?
rudy silver
rudy silver År sedan
make an exterior roll cage for the car
Jonas Risberg
Jonas Risberg År sedan
A few jokes is ok but at least myself I can hardly stand the jargon you have adapted. It totally overshadows the car stuff that I thought was the aim.
supastr33t År sedan
Put the Ferrari engine in it
Joseph Rojas
Joseph Rojas År sedan
Turbo the NA motor www.zshackperformance.com/blogs/news/in-depth-guide-to-turboing-your-na-compression-vg30de-motor-300zx
Stan Belyakov
Stan Belyakov År sedan
Kim .W
Kim .W År sedan
Make it a drift car
3:56 FOR GOD SAKE!! wat the frick! (-_-)
Farrell Hamann
Farrell Hamann År sedan
I made an ancient looking vase and carved "Caesar" on one side and "bump him off" on the other. Forgot my reason for telling you this.
Farrell Hamann
Farrell Hamann År sedan
In Latin
Wolphy År sedan
When i go full screen in my phone (s9) i can see your youtube icon in the video constantly unless i pause the video..explain please
sunil s
sunil s År sedan
can u guys just wrench and not try to be funny? its really corny
Bryce Kelly
Bryce Kelly År sedan
So I'd love to see you guys actually do a black and Tweed interior. Find a good blend of the two, do some heavy duty cleaning and odor elimination. The V8 swap should be a thing still and run a side pipe exhaust. For paint a nice dark grey with bronze wheels would tie it all together nicely.
SykoDj År sedan
Rhd convention
Darren Coull
Darren Coull År sedan
Restomod - strip it back to shell, fix the rust, rollcage, add some quality suspension & brakes (keep it classy!), retrim interior with modern fabrics/leather, put in the V8 from 1.0 and enjoy!
Jose' Rodriquez
Jose' Rodriquez År sedan
this video sucks
CorwinINaDSM År sedan
all the things tavarish mentioned
Connor Leyland
Connor Leyland År sedan
Get the twin turbos workin’ nice.... scrap them things AND PUT IN BIGGER ONES. In all seriousness though do a proper job on the engine, intake, injectors, tunes, turbos bigger/single turbo conversion. aim for 400-450 hp nothing nuts because those cars get boring .
Connor Leyland
Connor Leyland År sedan
Do not put a V8 in it
Steve Dynan
Steve Dynan År sedan
you need a vq30 det with this mod as a base...www.turbocare.co.nz/nissan-vq30det-400hp-bolt-in-turbo-upgrade/
Chris Angulo
Chris Angulo År sedan
I didn't know car wizard had a brother???
Luv Machine
Luv Machine År sedan
Get it running 1st, but then give it a respray/wrap, a set of wheels, suspension, breaks, etc. and make it a Drift Car!
Annette Bray
Annette Bray År sedan
This episode had me laughing I couldn't breath at some points. How about a 2JZ swap? Is that possible?
Caraholic كاراهوليك
Caraholic كاراهوليك År sedan
Pro charger?
Soulfire320 År sedan
I think it would be cool to see you guys take one episode to get the vg running, if it does yank it and stuff it into a Nissan pick up or a 240. Then take the v8 stuff from earl 1.0 and stuff it into this new body. Personally I would do some quality bucket seats and black interior, with some jdm projector lights and some nice wheels and paint. A turbski would be cool too
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter År sedan
LS swap! Lol
Alwyn Brown
Alwyn Brown År sedan
strip it down toss a 5.3 in it. single turbo and have fun
ginyama År sedan
I wanna see you guys turbo the v6 it came with :)
Bence Bényei
Bence Bényei År sedan
Offroad mods!
Chromemustang FWP
Chromemustang FWP År sedan
just drag this car bro! turbocharge cleetus style"though the hood" and throw some slicks on it!
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson År sedan
Wide body v8 turbo
slipper409 År sedan
You connect battery terminals like a fat bearded bitch
slipper409 År sedan
Youre a negative terminal.
jacob sharpe
jacob sharpe År sedan
In this video we are going to get the car on the lift. Car does not reach the lift until almost 9 minutes good job buddy way to pad the run time
R Plagnic
R Plagnic År sedan
Scrap it and get something in better condition
Jeff Perrault
Jeff Perrault År sedan
Junkyard 5.3 LS swap!!!!
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes År sedan
Drop a turbo diesel in that pig!
Cory Britt
Cory Britt År sedan
That part with the battery....bahahaha
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira År sedan
anthony ilax
anthony ilax År sedan
V8 millen imsa replica
john År sedan
Alright lads 2 things: 1. You need a sponsor from the dollar shave club. 2. Find a LS7 motor and shove it into the Nissan 300.
Too much screwing around.
sticK&Clutch År sedan
Can you put a Dodge caravan minivan engine in the front and a Dodge caravan minivan motor in the back inside the 300zx
Alen Petrusevski
Alen Petrusevski År sedan
Throw it in the junk jk dont
nizar razzouk
nizar razzouk År sedan
Front Bumper, one big fat turbo,nice sounding exhaust system, nice wheels, racing seats,taillights,duck wing, suspension, wrap :Matt red😍
This channel went from good to worse ....wtf ??? Those jokes are so bad elvis is turning on his grave....
K Solo
K Solo År sedan
Do you guys are finishing in cars?
Nile9063 År sedan
Get it running, maybe turbo it, do some rust repair and a cheap paintjob...
Xxjr89xx År sedan
First person to suggest LS swap gets bitch slapped.
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