Restoring A WORTHLESS Mini Cooper S [Part 1] - Art Of The Flip

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Wrench Every Day

År sedan

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Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
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Mnr. Weed
Mnr. Weed 10 månader sedan
can we see this again with jared?
Nhyiraba Latif
Nhyiraba Latif År sedan
Good morning Wrench Every Day, great video. please i need your help by recommending a Mini parts dealer that ships any Mini parts world wide and also a great all in one diagnosis tool for control units & key programming, calibrations and daily diagnosis thanks.
haris Abd
haris Abd År sedan
what is the spec of the rims ?
Malovon År sedan
I'd like to, but I just cannot support Patreon as a platform, they have shown themselves to be anti free speech.
Austin År sedan
You should do a 99 honda accord that would be interesting like a v6 they made those
2good4u yt
2good4u yt 8 dagar sedan
take tavarish out and this may be a good video
ExTrumpet Månad sedan
Surely I'm not the only one that prefers the black to the chrome?
Diesel Monster
Diesel Monster 2 månader sedan
Wow this channel was garbage without jarred the real mvp
Enrique Buenestado
Enrique Buenestado 2 månader sedan
I hate the music
edgy 2 månader sedan
My boy got the smoothest legs I've ever seen I wanna rub em
Joe Milcic
Joe Milcic 3 månader sedan
Forgot to show on hood scoop there is a screw under the hood you need to remove first before you pop the thing off.
Pedro Caue
Pedro Caue 3 månader sedan
It Definatelly looked better before. Just fix the lights and put the stock exhaust on. Sold!
marcos g
marcos g 3 månader sedan
Wait is this the car Wizard from another channel😂. Then I see the 1 year tag couse i didn’t know he ever did this.
hellbilly818 3 månader sedan
what happened to andrew? he was funnier than tavarish haha
DEADPEDAL 2 månader sedan
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
BUG EYED MINI, Now I have seen it all. From the days that Tavarish used to actually work, and post videos.
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Andrew: Car Wizards Lost Twin?
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 4 månader sedan
I kinda want one of these. Andrew feels in this, like Tavarish feels when Jared gets around his old lexus. 😁
Gustavs Švalbe
Gustavs Švalbe 5 månader sedan
Did he just teched us how to steal a mini couper back taillight?
Coach Carter
Coach Carter 6 månader sedan
fix the exhaust... keep the mods
Sirens Of Robloxia
Sirens Of Robloxia 6 månader sedan
How dare you say a mini sucks. It's my favorite car, and it is nice to see you guys fix one!
Marlon Furyan
Marlon Furyan 6 månader sedan
How do you put a car back to stock? Two idiots.
Jakey June
Jakey June 6 månader sedan
No one Special
No one Special 7 månader sedan
That's just nor what I expected from Tavarish. It's awful....
Poop Feast asmr
Poop Feast asmr 7 månader sedan
How has freddys nose bigger than now
Monsour Saleh
Monsour Saleh 8 månader sedan
Why does this show give off some nerdy and children show vibes 😂😂
OkamiMZ 8 månader sedan
R56 Mini Cooper S . the exaust is nice but here in germany the police would take the car away xD ( JCW Muffler sounds nicer and also has popcorn ) i wrapped my Minis Chrome in white . My Mini looks like a Smurf xD thats why i call him Racesmurf
Dayne Cakerri
Dayne Cakerri 8 månader sedan
Dude that mini was absolutely perfect at the beginning of the video, I’m not sticking around to watch that poor machine get castrated 😂
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad 9 månader sedan
A clean mean machine😁😁
Larry Cassar 1999
Larry Cassar 1999 9 månader sedan
How's it not attractive I really don't understand I mean Scott real nice Wheels heck here to be a cool idea a turbocharged 4-cylinder to let you know Turbo 2 turbos in one horse owner in a fusion how would that would work that's what I wanted to do my mom's car but I'm afraid to do it because well I don't want to break it and well they probably wouldn't be good if I break the car will you do inspire me to want to work on them I mean I wear my body work I know I do my body works stuff mechanical not the mama not a lot I mean I know I change oil believe it or not my grandma was in Tampa so I was curious what part of Florida you were at believe it or not I'll just kind of curious
Stephen Cooney
Stephen Cooney 9 månader sedan
I don't get the point of this video, what a waste of a nice car. Why put it back to stock there are loads of them!!! I only got to 11.31 carnt watch this any-more.
tidelliK 9 månader sedan
not frogger
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Be glad you didnt kill that frog in California, you will go to prison Lol but in S.F. tou van crap and pee on the sidewalks.
Syzo 9 månader sedan
2:28 *froggy chillin' lmao*
Lukas Čiesna
Lukas Čiesna 9 månader sedan
What year is this Mini Cooper S?
Mechannel 10 månader sedan
What happened to Andrew? No goodbye video?
deadprivacy 10 månader sedan
i do many repairs on these, they are fucking awful. a total shit to work on and the dashes go mad.
Joe Velazquez
Joe Velazquez 10 månader sedan
Art of the douche
J_ Spool
J_ Spool 10 månader sedan
Sad moment for this r56
The Peoples James
The Peoples James 10 månader sedan
Love the mini coopers personally
Michael Nugent
Michael Nugent 10 månader sedan
It's not Florida unless you drive around with dead frogs in your grill
Anthony Hampson
Anthony Hampson 11 månader sedan
Send me those bits you took off please. Been with you quite a while now great blog
Stephen Gonzales
Stephen Gonzales 11 månader sedan
Stephen Gonzales
Stephen Gonzales 11 månader sedan
not what i was expecting ...... NEXT!!!
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez 11 månader sedan
So we remove just about every upgrade that every Mini owner is going to do too it as soon as they buy it??? lol
LE BASS År sedan
fa cagare
Gabriel Carvalho
Gabriel Carvalho År sedan
Thought this channels logo was the target logo
Adam År sedan
ya'll ruined ya kool mini!!!
batbitten År sedan
So basically, you lost in the outcome of 3 years. How much did you spend on the mods that needed to be undone to sell the car? How much time involved?
Dr. V
Dr. V År sedan
That viper tho!
Roo Tehconqueror
Roo Tehconqueror År sedan
just bought one. I love this car!
freksho År sedan
what size tires where on the xxr 537?
Not just because of the sound but if I seen it with a towing hook I would be suspicious as to why it would need a towing hook if it’s completely working I know it is working and he just likes it being there but for potential buyer looks concerning
King Brilliant
King Brilliant År sedan
Sgt Rock 68
Sgt Rock 68 År sedan
So a show about undoing the types of things I've always done to my cars trucks bikes and even my boats for 40 years? Now I'm not a mini guy I'm a muscle car guy but it's the same spirit. More recently I'm a classic guy(I'm old). But even classic means a slammed 54 Chevy with black on black on black, a hot I6 with 3 one barrels and split header ....point is it's still modified. So I'm not understanding this show and somehow it feels a little offensive. I know that's not reasonable but that's how it is. It turned me off. Well guys I'm putting electronic ignition on my 54 today so, I guess I'll get on with it. Sorry you messed up your Mini.
Brian Weir
Brian Weir År sedan
Yelling "Can you turn it down??" "What's that? Burn it down? Why?"
Mohamed H
Mohamed H År sedan
Title: how to take a piece of art to "normal".
Dustin Martin
Dustin Martin År sedan
Basically, take a unique and attractive car that needs a deep detail job and turn it into boring stock like the 1,000s of other Mini’s on AutoTrader 😂
Issac Clarke
Issac Clarke År sedan
*starts video* "Look at this piece of shit absolutely awful what person would have the nerve to drive this." "anyways let's make it stock" "awe yes so beautiful"
navarrouk34 År sedan
Wheeler dealers?
Joe Seibert
Joe Seibert År sedan
You make finding a 10 mm seem so easy 😂😂
RED 7218
RED 7218 År sedan
snap-tite model
Klay Beck
Klay Beck År sedan
The car looks ugly now!🤣😂🤣😂
bill holland
bill holland År sedan
That intro reminds me of mcm
Dean's Garage
Dean's Garage År sedan
how much did you spend on the OEM parts? Must be quite a bit!
Andreas Elf
Andreas Elf År sedan
Seeing that the lights would have been illegal in some countries I understand that beeing changed to stock. I mean, if the car comes with halogen it has to stay halogen for example. I can also understand the towing hook and the exhaust sound. But for the love of spaghetti monster, add the after market trims back after you've cleaned the car.
Zainab Ahmad
Zainab Ahmad År sedan
Poor frog
Jack Toomey
Jack Toomey År sedan
What wheels are they??? Anyone know???
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
They were XXR 537's!
John Merlino
John Merlino År sedan
this was the biggest waste of my time
Lizzy Rainbow
Lizzy Rainbow År sedan
Just give me the car for free please. I fucking LOVEEEEE mini coopers
Jeff Locuson
Jeff Locuson År sedan
This car fits 2 big and sexy individuals comfortably.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
Comfortably and effortlessly.
carsane23 År sedan
Can I have it I promise I'll drive it on SEpost I want to draw on it
P1an0Freak År sedan
Mighty Car Mods - Esque theme?
Michael V
Michael V År sedan
I have a mini it’s not worthless 😂
mary mulligan
mary mulligan År sedan
Looks more classy.... when you are done.... and tacky mods removed.....
Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard År sedan
can i get those Rear led lights?
firebolt År sedan
Looked so much better before
Don Gonzulman
Don Gonzulman År sedan
I loooove those wheels!!! Remind me of the Initial D 86's wheels :D
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz År sedan
i need a little help guys, i bought a 2005 mini cooper just like that one there, has a few minor issues but very duable especially i got it for dirt cheap price. one of my issue is that one of the rear door hatch hinges broke in half, so i ordered 2 new ones to replace them but realize that they are not easy to replace and i can't find a video anywhere, even on youtube to help me on how to remove the hinges bolted on the inside frame, please help, thx.... email add:
Why would u put ur car back to stock when it took time and money to modify it and it actually looked nice! 🤦‍♂️
Gary Paul S
Gary Paul S År sedan
Totally bummed me out!
Justin McKamey
Justin McKamey År sedan
I can’t watch anymore. This is terrible. Why would you do this? I’ll tell you why... it’s because you don’t understand what it means to be MINI!
j8rr3tt År sedan
Way to ruin it. (Part 1 and 2)
Adam Madden
Adam Madden År sedan
Got some major Mighty Car Mods vibes from that intro
Bandit År sedan
It looks so much better, with the mods.... Why you remove? The frog is outstanding. Greeez from. Germany
andrew domenitz
andrew domenitz År sedan
Glad I bought the 2006 first generation. They gave me a loaner once and I did not like it at all.
Jermaine Jansen
Jermaine Jansen År sedan
i was done watching after you said, "all you gonna need is a 10mm, which is right here" We can't start this relationship on a lie.
Jakub Salaba
Jakub Salaba År sedan
Honestly I think the black wrap is way nicer then the stock tacky chrome trim because it was matching the black roof and mirrors
The MINIac
The MINIac År sedan
That particular model year was one of the most reliable of the R56 generation.
Robert Roach
Robert Roach År sedan
Not gonna lie, why would you change it back to stock. You have ruined it. Ruined it. Again
moriah martinez
moriah martinez År sedan
Mini coopers are not worthless
Christian Koppl
Christian Koppl År sedan
The mods were great! Why would you go through all that to make it look "basic". I agree with the sound but the look was better before. Just my opinion.
tim År sedan
Its just making it look like a women's car again. Wouldve been better to just give it a good polish and add a muffler to the exhaust. Now you made it look like shit.
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins År sedan
It looked way better with aftermarket headlights and the wrap
Night Owl
Night Owl År sedan
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick År sedan
I like the Idea of the series but honestly you guys seem to be too fixated on making it completely stock instead of making it as unique as it was but in a more crowd pleasing way. You replaced LED headlights for halogen ones for fucks sakes.
You might know me I DON'T GIVE A FLUCK ABOUT YOU TWO...
BRAD LYON År sedan
Never heard such a loud Mini..
Lil Boo
Lil Boo År sedan
Tav the type to buy a expensive car thats already fast instead of actually putting aftermarket parts on. Anybody can restore 👎👎 car was better before
Random Guy
Random Guy År sedan
That wheel fitment 😍
J.A.Ratt85 År sedan
...I've never heard of someone un-modifying a car before... weird idea.. but yes that was obnoxiously loud.
Arley López
Arley López År sedan
I like the wheels
Ahmad Qurt
Ahmad Qurt År sedan
Mini Owners: They're so cool Toyota: Scotty Scotty Kilmer: Hold my Beer
Zakiry År sedan
Fr why
Robert Geier
Robert Geier År sedan
I'm 6ft 4 and still want a mini s
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