Restoring A WORTHLESS Mini Cooper S [Part 2] - Art Of The Flip

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In this episode of Art Of The Flip, we finish Andrew's worthless Mini Cooper S by tackling the suspension, exhaust, turbo system, and other bits and pieces. How hard could it be?
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gillywizz 3 månader sedan
The reason the Mini has a big speedo in the centre:
Levi Olive
Levi Olive 4 månader sedan
Finally!!! Someone who can give shit back to Freddy and who's actually..... maybe..... sometimes.... funnier ;)
eamon thomas
eamon thomas 4 månader sedan
Just one question why did that bearded guy call a car a vehicle? its obviously not a taxi or a van which are vehicles.
Darren LeBlanc
Darren LeBlanc 4 månader sedan
get rid of the dead frog thats gross
Edan Ramos
Edan Ramos 6 månader sedan
I miss Andrew!
kyle craig
kyle craig 6 månader sedan
You wanna know why you couldn’t sell it .. maybe because it’s automatic
derek laveau
derek laveau 6 månader sedan
you guys R great ---
Colin Ultramoto
Colin Ultramoto 7 månader sedan
Doug Scholl
Doug Scholl 8 månader sedan
R.I.P. Kermit
Lester Green
Lester Green 9 månader sedan
Please make a shirt that says "Mini, Unkind to People with Hands"
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin 9 månader sedan
Ugga-Dugga - human powered Daka-Daka - the noise electric/air hammer guns make
Goltzhar 9 månader sedan
Just finished watching the first 2 videos, Is this channel directed at 14 years old wrenchers? Because if it is ... you have nailed it!
The Peoples James
The Peoples James 10 månader sedan
Love it guys!!!! Well done
Stephan Holtermann
Stephan Holtermann 10 månader sedan
just that intro was worth a like!!!
Max 10 månader sedan
You guys suck at F ing acting. Double disliking. (Insert defensive and sappy comments after this)
Adam År sedan
Ya'll took the coolness out of that mini !
Zack Feidler
Zack Feidler År sedan
only problem is the faded mini logos. yuck! but those logos are so expensive
Steve Fu
Steve Fu År sedan
love it man!!! super fun and helpful!!!!
Jeremy Wingo
Jeremy Wingo År sedan
I'm looking at purchasing a mini cooper here in a few days... I test drove it.. and I absolutely love it. Crazy how I never thought I would have like it... amazing driving car!!
Brian_2JZ År sedan
can I have that Diverter valve Please ? ^_^
Jordan Montana
Jordan Montana År sedan
I lost interest right away you guys to joke around too much instead of being serious
Battle Subie
Battle Subie År sedan
Doesn’t even lift it from the jackpoints lmao
Shane2982 År sedan
Loved this
911firstman År sedan
and you left that stupid hood extentions. nice...
Lightningfan01 _
Lightningfan01 _ År sedan
At 7:30 in the video I noticed your Toyota Supra in the top left, and that is my favorite most car in the world and it looks awesome. :D
RoadCarReviews År sedan
Wow! 156k miles
Max Cahn
Max Cahn År sedan
arent they losing money at this point with everything their replacing? no one would care if it had suspension or wheels or something
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos År sedan
I deem this ginger LIKEABLE!
Goonwood År sedan
lol this editing is actually better than 90% of other car vids
rmb9311 År sedan
Demuffled. If the aftermarket blow off worked, why change it?
Jack Toomey
Jack Toomey År sedan
Anyone know what wheels they are???
Huo Meicheng
Huo Meicheng År sedan
Scotty Kilmer style starting?
TheNamesDamitz År sedan
“I’m still going to put it in sport mode because that’s the only way to drive this car.” Me everytime I hop into my 2017
Emily Jimenez
Emily Jimenez År sedan
My Mini Cooper needs an extreme makeover my dad got it really cheap just so i can have something to get me from point a to point b but it ended up having so much problems but the only thing we can’t get rid of is the check engine light also i just want it to look nice and pretty as well if y’all can help that would be amazing!
esbekay År sedan
Sell me the intake
aerostal1 År sedan
I'll take the blow off valve please
Bandit År sedan
Why you all remove. The parts are awesome... I like the modded style and parts 🤔
The MINIac
The MINIac År sedan
The front end assembly is designed to go into service mode. You can unbolt the whole front end and slide it forward on rods that go through and bolt into the frame. I’ve watched the dealership do it numerous times.
FarZa År sedan
selling the old muff?
FarZa År sedan
the LOUD muff i mean.
I rate All
I rate All År sedan
where are the power tools? and there is too much light .
heli-man-2007 År sedan
Standard wheels is a mistake most people change the wheels from standard because they are crap
Michael Brunow
Michael Brunow År sedan
When you were Taking off the BOV, I love the spark that shot out when breaking it lose! XD
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins År sedan
Should of left the rims and tyres on it
Xabier År sedan
What wheels are those???
Good Guys..
B3nny Fi3lds
B3nny Fi3lds År sedan
Automatic 👎🏼
dvirxm År sedan
just subscribed. you guys are awesome together. You have now powah here... gold.
J.A.Ratt85 År sedan
with that aftermarket exhaust it sounded like it was having the worst manic diarrhea to ever exist. The Aussies call electric impacts Dak-Daks (Mighty Car Mods anyone?) dakka-dakka is Ork for shooting in Warhammer 40,000.
Drewcifer Mods
Drewcifer Mods År sedan
God your thought on driving the mini is so true, its all about the back road experience. Sucks your selling it tho, I miss mine.
Tyson Alicea
Tyson Alicea År sedan
I would’ve bought it non stock #uninterestedinstockpos
Alex Miller 1980
Alex Miller 1980 År sedan
Hoovies have wizard,tavaris has Andrew,mmm evil twins, muahaha!
Justin Humphreys
Justin Humphreys År sedan
Great videos however if you polished up the after market head lights and sold them along with the de cat exhaust and the after market wheels on Craig’s list for what ever you could get you could further offset the cost and increase the profit
jack juhasz
jack juhasz År sedan
You nailed it ! Do more, please.
paul slocomb
paul slocomb År sedan
You never said what year thls mini was
Bernie Cruz
Bernie Cruz År sedan
Dude, Freddy, you make this channel WAAAY more entertaining!
i.aaa002 År sedan
I got a lot of MCM vibe with this series which is not a bad thing. Good show, man. Good show.
Will Wel
Will Wel År sedan
I freaking lost it when they used squeaky toy noises
szypki_zygi År sedan
Honestly it looks better with the mods. DUH.
Joel Gaston
Joel Gaston År sedan
LMAO you ruined a great car besides the wheels
Peter Soumanis
Peter Soumanis År sedan
Wouldn't it be funny if the car is sold to some other SEpostr who then remods the car .... 😜
Larry Co
Larry Co År sedan
The guy with the beard almost makes it too juvenile to be watchable. Plus, you're not diagnosing and "fixing" anything that's broken, you're just changing some things on your friend's car. So far a big downer.
killerjhul År sedan
Is this MINI still for sale?
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
It is!
Anonymouse År sedan
It's like weelerdealers but mroe fun!
etoomey2 År sedan
Where those Beans at Dog? LMAO, you guys, hands down, have the FUNNIEST car channel on youtube.
Italo Orellana
Italo Orellana År sedan
I am the only one that finds the Intro very similar to Mighty Car Mods?
Pramod Perumala
Pramod Perumala År sedan
I love Andrew and Freddie combo.
Jordin År sedan
Can you do vids of your f 350 on this channel
Muffin Racing
Muffin Racing År sedan
Andrew strutting his stuff? That's just shocking. I'd spring for a blindfold
Muffin Racing
Muffin Racing År sedan
I like how that exhaust is a straight shot back and doesn't have any weird bends and stuff
cjmillsnun År sedan
Not only do you get to sell the car. But you should get a few $ back for the dump valve, struts and springs and the wheels separately, The exhaust is junk though.
Chad Pryce
Chad Pryce År sedan
It’s good but ... if your mini is like 2004 putting it back to original won’t make any difference in value
TheMidgetAcorn År sedan
Make this a series!!!
Mike Dowland
Mike Dowland År sedan
Good job guys
Knight fire
Knight fire År sedan
That beginning was freak'n hilarious..... good job guys...
jimpublictube År sedan
Cool episode guys. Good team with you two. So "WORTHLESS" was really an inside joke, cuz the car was far from it, right? Ok, lets see the next one. Hey, with all of that indoor space why are you suffering with Jack Stands? At least get a portable numi. No, really. C'mon.
jerry År sedan
This is Tavarish's biggest achievement Better than your channel Tavarish more stuff like this would be great stuff like this relates to every one who carnt afford lambos and usefull info for the everyday jo whos just starting out working on there own affordable car
barry manihigh
barry manihigh År sedan
I didn't see you put the bolt back in the hood scoop. Thats how mine flew off on the interstate
Sean H
Sean H År sedan
Am I the only person wondering why after all that, they left the roof bars on?
Harley Walls
Harley Walls År sedan
tvarish needs a car hoist
Make Money Trucking
Make Money Trucking År sedan
Love the opening soundtrack and visuals. so I cant wait to see how much they get out of the car when they sell it. Haha" macaroni pieces "
Anthony Prince
Anthony Prince År sedan
15 seconds in and already busting a gut 😂
neil saich
neil saich År sedan
Them stock wheels are shit
T Rantz
T Rantz År sedan
I recall a previous podcast that mentioned you guys doing a cheap build of a Dodge Avenger. You recalled the 90's car after giving props to the 2 door Gen 2 Mitsubishi Eclipse. So many compatible parts and cheap add on parts. Definitely need a Dodge Avenger Decimator build. (AWD Bi-Turbo charged) :) Body kit? So...future Art of the flip Story Arc.
ohk tg
ohk tg År sedan
Alan Teh
Alan Teh År sedan
Better than the new Wheeler Dealers because both the hosts are actually competent mechanics, not just one of them. I love the content, keep 'em coming.
Alawishes År sedan
Andre Marais
Andre Marais År sedan
Still a pos.
Rocketboy22 År sedan
Same logo as obsessed garage??
Marjan Milosevic
Marjan Milosevic År sedan
I really liked the aftermarket wheels lot more :(
rich_27 År sedan
This was really good fun, great job guys
K Solo
K Solo År sedan
awesome sauce
mds s
mds s År sedan
Couldn't u get more money if u leave that shit on?
Ian Wright
Ian Wright År sedan
Hey I have an idea. Why not call your show... err... Wheeler dealers.... not really a new concept. BUT I agree it can be fun.
Luke Lovett
Luke Lovett År sedan
Mighty Car Mods but with terrible awkward banter...
Raul G
Raul G År sedan
hahahaha the funny side of the DYI
Joey Castellanos
Joey Castellanos År sedan
Yet again, ass cancer and severe depression... my r56 is triggered, my will to live is dwindling... I'm so upset. It was a good mini... gone bland.
trippplefive År sedan
Those aftermarket rims and tires didn't look bad. Why get rid of them?
JSmooVE3990 År sedan
I liked it better before.
Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson År sedan
How you managed to get one of those obnoxious light boxes in every shot was cinematic genius
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
J. J. Abrams did (not do) our lighting.
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