Starting Our Cheap 500HP 2JZ Nissan 300ZX For The FIRST TIME (SKETCHY)

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7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared gets our cheap 2JZ 300ZX running, and it sounds GLORIOUS! But it is a little sketchy. OK, a LOT sketchy...
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Marty G
Marty G Månad sedan
Jared, why is the car a 300 "ZED" X, and the engine is a 2J "ZEE"?
Samuel Valeriano
Samuel Valeriano Månad sedan
vibes on vibes on vibes earl finally runs
Postboi 3 månader sedan
Ground in my #twocentz
Josh Neilson
Josh Neilson 3 månader sedan
That passenger front tire is on backwards FYI 🙂
preprodigy 4 månader sedan
More 2j z32!!!
Manuel Tomas
Manuel Tomas 4 månader sedan
Put it near the exhaust so it does more bang bang and so you get more flow
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 4 månader sedan
Keep in mind Jared's a 2JZ wizard, that's why he was there the first time for Freddy's supra
Jorge Velazquez
Jorge Velazquez 5 månader sedan
We need more 300zx
Ashiu Walker
Ashiu Walker 7 månader sedan
Seems like a good way to burn valves, with no wastegate.
SnuglWith Strugl
SnuglWith Strugl 7 månader sedan
You wanna fix my 92 firebird softop? Lol I wish. Now I gotta figure it out myself.
Zach Laraquel
Zach Laraquel 7 månader sedan
Can i fit a sr18/20 or a chevy 350 in this car?
Scott Spangler
Scott Spangler 7 månader sedan
Through the side by the exhaust with the same curve to it!!
Björn Christianus
Björn Christianus 7 månader sedan
Haircut ist better after lockdown then before.🤗
Sam Vincent
Sam Vincent 7 månader sedan
I am doing a 7mgte turbo conversion on a 87 Cressida you are knowledgeable about these motors I got all the stock Supra parts but don’t understand the oil lines can you help me I’m in Jacksoville so Florida boys unite
StumpyBuilt 7 månader sedan
That is a badass pink toolbox
リバイアライアン 7 månader sedan
The cheap engine can’t define its own VG30DETT engine which is inserted into these 300ZX or known as “Z32” in Japan.
Manmeet Tomar
Manmeet Tomar 7 månader sedan
Sadman1471 7 månader sedan
Jared is the best
Stylez 7 månader sedan
I love how the car is called “Earl” and Jarad literally talks about it like it’s a full on person 😅
offroader 69
offroader 69 7 månader sedan
Would taking the pipe of the wast gate and add it to the dump pipe from the turbo work
hadiTHEgreat87 7 månader sedan
I wish u can do wastegate shoot to side and up like Paul walker skyline fast n furious. I think it's cool.
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver 7 månader sedan
I'd run the waste gate pipe along the under side of the side exit exhaust. French em together as they exit the fender and do an extremely angled baloney cut/tear drop cut....
Brandon Glenn
Brandon Glenn 7 månader sedan
Where the double thumbs up? Jared, you're doing great! Loving the content and watching you accomplish these challenges! Keep it up! You're doing great brother! And we need more shop doggo! Your Pyr is beautiful!
Kz Z
Kz Z 7 månader sedan
Are you guys going to clean it up?
TOMMY Oconnor
TOMMY Oconnor 7 månader sedan
I remember when I was younger my brother had a xr3i with a dump valve I loved that noise so much lol
R-Bee Media
R-Bee Media 7 månader sedan
*Jared says 300ZedX* [Canadians liked that]
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman 7 månader sedan
Gate out the side.
TheLabyrinth60 7 månader sedan
I wish Jared was my Dad.
Jay Vee
Jay Vee 7 månader sedan
Mad scientist!
Axel mulya
Axel mulya 7 månader sedan
easy many rust in the engine
Chandrick Walton
Chandrick Walton 7 månader sedan
I had the biggest grin when earl started up. Any Skepticism in his abilities are gone.
MrMairu555 7 månader sedan
You missed a trick there... you should've said "Phil Leaker"! 😉😜
Dave Greener
Dave Greener 7 månader sedan
Tie in the waist gate dump to the exhaust! Lots of flames, and a little different.
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 7 månader sedan
jetta's barrel o monkeys, just with gator clips
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 7 månader sedan
Frankensan is alive!!!!
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate 7 månader sedan
what is up with the pink tool boxes. however cheap those were, it wasn't enough. lol
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 7 månader sedan
Chuck abbate you do know that Jared’s last name is Pink, right?
William Schmidt
William Schmidt 7 månader sedan
You are a heck of a cool guy Jared!
Jordotour 7 månader sedan
Ur the man jared
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 7 månader sedan
2J Sketchy
raceday 2424
raceday 2424 7 månader sedan
Just great.......
Noah Lehman
Noah Lehman 7 månader sedan
Can't wait to watch the Honda Rousey series.
jerdobi 7 månader sedan
Classy trashy
lincoln cwynar
lincoln cwynar 7 månader sedan
Sketchy is right.
White Fangz
White Fangz 7 månader sedan
When will the 675LT start
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason 7 månader sedan
I literally just figured out why his tool boxes are pink...
Super SLo
Super SLo 7 månader sedan
ydlog5 7 månader sedan
I don't like the fact that you guys call the car Honda Rousey because I cannot stand Ronda Rousey at all she was too cocky until she got her ass kicked. Once she lost the first time it was a rap she was no more good she was broke mentally
Ovi 113
Ovi 113 7 månader sedan
I really wish yall dropped the ls in there. That in line 6 sounds like 75% toasted
Navjot Chaggar
Navjot Chaggar 7 månader sedan
11:30 RIP Headphone users
Kayne Jones
Kayne Jones 7 månader sedan
yyay jared
Brian Heiden
Brian Heiden 7 månader sedan
Fuck this build, real original idea, lets do a 2j swap like nobody has done that before.Build a z engine it was a great motor capable of way more than 500hp. Not impressed.
ROGER Heller
ROGER Heller 7 månader sedan
hey there @Tavarish hows it going bro just wanted to wish you and your family and friends a very happy Easter may you and your ever growing family always stay blessed and stay safe and that goes for @Tavarish and @Wrench Every Day chat and family
Samuel Foote
Samuel Foote 7 månader sedan
You should buy a set off SS Harley twin pipes. It'll be cheap,look custom, and they sound good. you only need to knock a hole in the center baffel of each muffler.
SuperiorCustomGarage 7 månader sedan
I kinda love the new look of the channel and how they split to sight B .... I don’t mind watching someone that is down to earth and loves what he does ...
wonfeather 7 månader sedan
OMG, that car brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to see it do some donuts.
Brutal Fates
Brutal Fates 7 månader sedan
Is it bad I much rather watch Jared.... O_O sorry freddy....
Sam Cregan
Sam Cregan 7 månader sedan
Sounds great I think should have dump come out under the exhaust might look cool with an oval tip joining the 2 together just at the outside of guard
Steve Fu
Steve Fu 7 månader sedan
sounds like tractor :)
Great work my man! Btw, You use way more interesting music than Tavarsh imo.. Just saying 😏
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 7 månader sedan
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 7 månader sedan
You guys love international rigs right
Robert Gray
Robert Gray 7 månader sedan
That turbo sounds like teeth grinding😂
calambres 661
calambres 661 7 månader sedan
Ummmm yeah that's a GTR in the intro 👌
terry kelsay
terry kelsay 7 månader sedan
run the waste gate pipe out by the exshate
Bobs your Uncle
Bobs your Uncle 7 månader sedan
Jared is probably not the guy you want to make fun of for having a Pink Matco workbench. Oh what the heck, "nice box man"!!!! 😂😂😂
ThisIsPointless 7 månader sedan
Does anyone have a link for a good wiring diagram or info for the z32 tt?
blunts and bullets
blunts and bullets 7 månader sedan
What would I watch on SEpost without Jared? Surely not tavarish.... Hahahaha
Jp Enrique
Jp Enrique 7 månader sedan
If your 2jz has 500hp, it probably sounds like an old pickup truck😂
The300ZXGuru 7 månader sedan
you do realize that turbo cars are a closed system. I dont know how it is on supra motors but 300zx motors wont run unless the MAFs are being read and the turbo piping in installed
Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe 7 månader sedan
Run the dump line along side of the exhaust. Rob Dahm did it with His 4 rotor and it looks sick.
Alan Holland
Alan Holland 7 månader sedan
Anyone else not care about Honda Rousey???
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay 7 månader sedan
What race with covid 19 everything's canceled!
Jon Tomlin
Jon Tomlin 7 månader sedan
Jared need to see racing at Cleetus next freedom 500
1 2
1 2 7 månader sedan
Cool project. Side exit exhaust is stupid though
JuicyFruityify 7 månader sedan
A1 for the mechanics but it's such a mess. Like surgery with blood and guts everywhere. Could we not clean everything up, paint etc. You know your stuff.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 7 månader sedan
Epic work Jared You have motivated me to work more on my own cars.
1blisslife 7 månader sedan
Enjoyed the Knight Rider partial tune that you played at 4:06 ;)
Chrad Walters
Chrad Walters 7 månader sedan
jared, you need to talk freddy into getting this to do the countach body project.
James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson 7 månader sedan
Sounds like it’s down a cylinder or two
Pengajim 7 månader sedan
Nice knight rider knock off music!
Nathan Westerfield
Nathan Westerfield 7 månader sedan
Brian Oil Spillner?
Logical Engineering
Logical Engineering 7 månader sedan
I really wanna see that Honda Jettaccord build it should be awesome, just remember to clean the interior before the rally
Logical Engineering
Logical Engineering 7 månader sedan
I really wanna see that Honda Jettaccord build
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 7 månader sedan
Jared, I never cease to be dumbfounded by your expertise and knowledge in the world of turning wrenches! I always thought I was a pretty good mechanic, but I humbly lay my crown at your feet! You are da man! Thanks for the clean content, great videos, and super knowledge base! Good job, bruh!
ROKIM AUTOMOTIVE 7 månader sedan
Jared's knowledge is mesmerizing
Clell Biggs
Clell Biggs 7 månader sedan
All those wires nearly caused me to have a panic attack.
fanatic26 7 månader sedan
The exhaust and holes in the hood thing is so played out already, please dont do it
boostcreeps 7 månader sedan
i see a gtr🤔
Joe Sytsma
Joe Sytsma 7 månader sedan
I'd daily this full send haha
Daily Driven Commander
Daily Driven Commander 7 månader sedan
Sounds like the ford v8 boss engine!! Sounds pretty good
Benjamin Sarajlic
Benjamin Sarajlic 7 månader sedan
Hey @Jared whos R35 Nismo is that in fromt of earl
Mumbling E
Mumbling E 7 månader sedan
Pink(?) Tool box? Did I see a pink tool box or are my eyes giving out?
fatty mcpp
fatty mcpp 7 månader sedan
Both should go out the hood, that side pipe looks like booty
Reuben 7 månader sedan
What an awesome host. Everyday dude getting stuff done. For the waste gate dump, I’d go up and put a flapper on it.
ronnyinwaxhaw 7 månader sedan
My vote is for the waste gate pipe to follow the exhaust pipe through the fender.👍
adison hermiz
adison hermiz 7 månader sedan
Jared thank you for taking over wrench 🔧 everyday channel I’m making more questionable choices.
Fazekas Szabolcs
Fazekas Szabolcs 7 månader sedan
Make it spol
MrDeepzek 7 månader sedan
All new Back to the Future 5 - this time Jared in his 300ZX goes back in time to save the world from Corona virus...
tom ashton
tom ashton 7 månader sedan
Hey dont make sparks near the batter run a connector wire about two ft long, hook your alligator clip to that, when a battery explodes the results can blind you, or worse.
Ateeq Syed
Ateeq Syed 7 månader sedan
"Behind me there's a... Nissan 300ZX" No jared there's a GTR behind you
Hero14ish 7 månader sedan
So much love for you Jared! Jared wrenches every day ;)
skiingrocks00001 7 månader sedan
Jared is what convinced me to stick around. I was mainly only a fan of Tavarish during his gallardo series
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