Starting Our Cheap V8-Swapped Sports Car For The FIRST TIME (Sounds INSANE!)

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Today we install a new interior electrical harness in Earl Leeker (our dirt cheap V8-swapped 300ZX) and try to get him started. Spoiler alert: IT HAPPENS!
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james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Andrew, Car Wizards, long lost twin?
Ferrell Mathis
Ferrell Mathis 4 månader sedan
This is just to stupid
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 5 månader sedan
YES I REMEMBER Figure It Out with Summer Sanders!
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty 5 månader sedan
Wow, how many hours did the previous owner spend taking the wire out and throwing it every where.. good job 👍
Ross Stewart
Ross Stewart 7 månader sedan
"It's an older meme sir, but it checks out."
GPowtlaw 8 månader sedan
@14:02 When the project became real
DrFelonious 9 månader sedan
Needs more wrenching, less bullshit.
Mr100duke 9 månader sedan
The new guy is so much better than this bearded moron.
Syncopia 9 månader sedan
"but it's not gonna be turbo" *little did Freddy know, Jared was going to have his way*
Ryan Coldiron
Ryan Coldiron 10 månader sedan
Is that seth Rogan's older brother?
Edrick Bonilla
Edrick Bonilla 10 månader sedan
Im here for Jared's knowledge
Edrick Bonilla
Edrick Bonilla 10 månader sedan
And he is not on this one ...
RetemVictor 10 månader sedan
Is this the car from Off Beat Garage???
D S 10 månader sedan
Todd Wilson
Todd Wilson 10 månader sedan
Guys! I can't anymore!! Enough with the SHTICK!! LMAO
wonfeather 10 månader sedan
Buying Nestle water is far from helping the environment.
SirBudrick 10 månader sedan
I used to have a 1990 300ZX with a VH45DE swap like that, but mine was originally cherry red pearl color (AH3 I think) and I sold to the guy at CIP Motorsports in like 2012 or 13 maybe.
Zach Soanes
Zach Soanes 10 månader sedan
thats not for the starter it looks like the neutral plug.. for the auto that came with that v8 lol
Duane Allen
Duane Allen 10 månader sedan
So like where is the body kit and hold other fun stuff you guys were doing? Or just another car?
Mrpiraterias 10 månader sedan
I came here just for Jared
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Love seeing a 300zx project
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Naming a 300 ZX Earl is very disturbing for me. 300 Z x's are sleek and sexy and voluptuous and curvy and fat ass'ed. None of that brings the name Earl to mind. None of it....
The Sentry
The Sentry 10 månader sedan
too bad its a 2+2
gonzalo salinas
gonzalo salinas 10 månader sedan
Dude you're big as hell and are a huge wuss. I got spider web on me, ughh! 😫
Joey M
Joey M 10 månader sedan
I'll wrench on anything. But good Lord does electrical stuff intimidate me.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
TIP BOOSTER PACK!! stick the positive jumper through the booster handle and wedge it there connect terminal on the other side. Safe and sound, set it in the battery tray.
Gustavo Villegas
Gustavo Villegas År sedan
Completely have a different perspective on why wiring is such a bitch
Nathan Tasker
Nathan Tasker År sedan
“Prepped for the war on Christmas.” I laughed so hard, that I may have peed a little.
Andrew Barnett
Andrew Barnett År sedan
Andrew is sooo Punny!
ShadeTreeChef År sedan
That music sounds like a Kavinsky song. Hahahahahahahaha 80's synth pop.
Jessica Latex
Jessica Latex År sedan
Earl needs a diaper😋😂
Evelyn Rodriguez
Evelyn Rodriguez År sedan
hahaha the puns , i could use those tools to fix my exotic 2006 toyota matrix with 200,000 , but she is my daily driver, i would love to have a newer matrix xrs in red and manual. Dont laugh but i loved my old fairmont that was a manual.
Stuart W
Stuart W År sedan
I thought this segment was called "weekends with moose"
皋磊 År sedan
Bluetooth sway bar. That's gold. LMAO.
皋磊 År sedan
Bluetooth sway bar. That's gold. LMAO.
MBDieselFreak År sedan
this is how automotive entertainment should be done
cobrasvt347 År sedan
Yaya. Vh45de for the win
Todd Smith
Todd Smith År sedan
Sway bar by proxy. 🤣
Alex Brockmeyer
Alex Brockmeyer År sedan
Big Red should stay on the show! He is funny
Andreu Cc
Andreu Cc År sedan
Thats amazing, thst reminded me of the 10 sec car from fast and furious 1 jaha
Frizzophobia År sedan
"This is the garbage pile" WAHAHAH got me good!
RJ Scott
RJ Scott År sedan
Those puns were shocking
rmb9311 År sedan
Could you go through the Supra, make it work (visually, mechanically, safely & reliably) then raffle it off. Buy a T-shirt, get a free ticket.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown År sedan
300zx!!! 😀👌👌
Ramapo River
Ramapo River År sedan
Send that junk to the scrapper
Mr Henry H
Mr Henry H År sedan
the word 'underwhelmed' does not begin to explain how i felt when the car kicked over. :(
8-bit Ed
8-bit Ed År sedan
Wiring harnesses scare the crap out me...
Joshua Suhy
Joshua Suhy År sedan
Garbage people? Have you been running into my ex's?
David Stein
David Stein År sedan
I'm late to the party and will probably not get an answer but I'm interested in what ECU and harness is being used. As this has an extra 2 cylinders (among other items) the seemingly stock harness isn't up to the task.
Black Zeus GARAGE
Black Zeus GARAGE År sedan
I had my doubts but you guys did it! Great video!
FamilyFirstJ År sedan
Glad...I subscribe
Detroit Yugo
Detroit Yugo År sedan
Kinda disappointed that y’all made a misgendering joke...not gonna lie
Pauls To The Walls
Pauls To The Walls År sedan
I get the vibe, they light weight hate each other lol
Spooky Hoon
Spooky Hoon År sedan
Why is this show just “ADHD’s world” but about cars
john Wilson
john Wilson År sedan
That started.. .. WOOOOOOOOOOO 🚘
Byron Morrow
Byron Morrow År sedan
Moar puns!!😂
Jon Gib
Jon Gib År sedan
Not quite insane ... but it’s cool
TheYungcris09 År sedan
I got a 300zx just like that and im wondering can i get some insight to qhat my problem might be. My starter isn't engaging like yours was. But i replaced the relay and still isn't working
TheDirtyDirtMcGirt År sedan
I move that we crowd fund hair replacement for Freddy.
MightandMagic88 År sedan
Focus on this, the Ferrari, and the Supra.
FierceMotorworks År sedan
Best intro sequence ever
ROVER25X År sedan
Sounds MEAN !
His n Her integra
His n Her integra År sedan
That thing sounds like a beast cant wait to see yall drive it.
A.J. Heron
A.J. Heron År sedan
“It’s a Bluetooth sway bar” 😂😂
AK 28
AK 28 År sedan
Name of song at 06:00?
Sourabh Unnikrishnan
Sourabh Unnikrishnan År sedan
There seems to be no better moment than checking whether the engine works and it actually does.
Melih Rides
Melih Rides År sedan
A Bluetooth swaybar 😂
Noah Mccallum
Noah Mccallum År sedan
Do like a rolls Royce inside
Bugricua År sedan
Sounds good, congratulations. On another note, I actually like the Infinity wheels.
Philip Dennis
Philip Dennis År sedan
Going thru and liking every comment saying you should finish this build.
Yusuf Petersen
Yusuf Petersen År sedan
Ok, someone has got to go to Auto zone and ask for a Bluetooth sway bar!!
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars År sedan
Ok, this is descending into a comedy show. I like it!
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
Keon R.
Keon R. År sedan
I'm the 85,000th subscriber!
Manuel Exequiel Zalazar
Manuel Exequiel Zalazar År sedan
That 300zx could be a nice drift car. V8 600hp , a roll cage, widebody.
kylecar18 År sedan
0:47 - 2:55 Song name?
darkherosolidox År sedan
what car is this?
JihadInMyPants År sedan
Its Tavarish and The Car Wizard!
Edward Pfeil
Edward Pfeil År sedan
I felt a bit of resistance to subscribing. But after watching my feeling is quite neutral. Ohm yea!
Tired Oworking
Tired Oworking År sedan
Great job cleaning and wiring. Car sounds great!!!
Alexandre Couture
Alexandre Couture År sedan
Great video! Try to put a lot of Frebreze on the seats and mats. It does help to remove the old car scent.
shartne År sedan
Wire plug is rubbing on the tire.
Marco År sedan
What type of V8 is it
shartne År sedan
Paint the floors and maybe it wont smell so bad. Im sure the seats smell too. Door panels too?
Pussy Monster
Pussy Monster År sedan
He wants to burn a fatty
David Montero
David Montero År sedan
Dudes legs are so pasty white Colgate jealous
Jonas År sedan
If you know it's in neutral why do you keep shaking the gearstick? :D
Matheus Leite Péres
Matheus Leite Péres År sedan
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Andrew is really a good Joker!!! NICE!
seoMIL År sedan
People that don't wrench will never understand the ECSTASY of starting a project's engine for the first time...
Jon Basa
Jon Basa År sedan
Nice 👌🏽
shartne År sedan
Wow that was a surprise. Keep fixing that car up this is very interesting.
S80 m'lady customs
S80 m'lady customs År sedan
Oh my God! Muppet! You look so HAWT in your wife's tight little T-shirt!!!
knight 2000
knight 2000 År sedan
Hey guys put the infiniti v8 in the Ferrari next to you. I would love to see that.
Izzo År sedan
You guys (Tavarish & Andrew) are freakin' hilarious together. Great combo. Funny AF!
Whatdoiknow Smith
Whatdoiknow Smith År sedan
Everything mechanical is female. And we all know why!!!
Barry Long
Barry Long År sedan
Andrew is so punny!
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson År sedan
I believe Freddy traded a Lamborghini For That t-shirt another shrewd negotiation
scott moore
scott moore År sedan
Hey red you should put a warning on those legs!
InPizzaWeTrust År sedan
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt År sedan
Stop giving me ideas please
Athul muttissery
Athul muttissery År sedan
Hey dude u mind if I borrow it fr total redesign?. I have GT some pretty propper ideas.. do get back
Ray Amoranto
Ray Amoranto År sedan
Now you gotta get that nissan as a project. A V8 too!!
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