STEALING A 500HP 2JZ From Tavarish's New Project Car BEHIND HIS BACK (Teaching Him A Lesson)

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10 månader sedan

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Today we teach Tavarish a lesson - NEVER lie to Jared. His new project Lexus GS300 is getting its 500HP 2JZ ripped out to put into EARL!!!
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Thaief Ahmed
Thaief Ahmed 2 månader sedan
Thats a good punishment for mr. Unfinish
mmmlinux 5 månader sedan
i mean, z cars are supposed to have inline 6 engines anyway.
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty 5 månader sedan
Thats absolutely amazing!! Jared, you’re a genius, and Tavarish has to deal with it!! 😂😂
David Ferguson
David Ferguson 6 månader sedan
Finish what you start.
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Good job jared.. haha ..
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell 8 månader sedan
Obviously the whole thing was just an act, but I still appreciate the effort.
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 9 månader sedan
Your the freaking man Jared! Bravo good sir. Bravo!!! Lmmfao
Fifth Wheel
Fifth Wheel 9 månader sedan
Fredy, You really asked for it....😂
Sean Walters
Sean Walters 9 månader sedan
Jesus... The air pressure in my right rear WAS low... Jared's a damned genius.
Nathaniel dunford
Nathaniel dunford 9 månader sedan
Put the v8 in the gs
taino 20
taino 20 9 månader sedan
Trans jacks are for girls! manhandle that trans Jered.
William Larsson
William Larsson 9 månader sedan
i never watched a wrench everyday video untill Jared came along!
Darrel Gonzalez
Darrel Gonzalez 9 månader sedan
Can I the Lexus from with wheels
Mr100duke 9 månader sedan
2 post lifts always look super dodgy to me, I watched the Chinese guy get squashed when a rolls fell off one and I wouldn't stand under one that's for sure.
Fowle Jonathan
Fowle Jonathan 10 månader sedan
Best thing to happen to that Lexus. No more unfinished projects or it will become like his other channel !!
kenneth rayford
kenneth rayford 10 månader sedan
Jared..A real mechanic. I bet his handshake is like a vise grip
Nick Triplett
Nick Triplett 10 månader sedan
Are any SEpostrs plan on buying the hentai I8 Lot # 26905960
CarS2drive 10 månader sedan
Don't see where u r going on this channel, lol, every vid is about a different project !
CaptainCanada780 10 månader sedan
Jared.... sell the Ferrari
albert Lees
albert Lees 10 månader sedan
Engine!!!! what engine you mean the one on the floor ? nah just a door stop.
Jake Mcewen
Jake Mcewen 10 månader sedan
How long did this actually take?
victorpuiatti 10 månader sedan
Who wants to bet that he bought this car for this purpose the whole time and all the rest of this is just theatrics for the channel
loaded potato
loaded potato 10 månader sedan
How did he know i have a small leak on my right rear tire?
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 10 månader sedan
Carcain is helluva Drug
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 10 månader sedan
Did Anybody else know since the last video that this engine was going into earl ? 🙋🏾‍♂️
Andrew 10 månader sedan
Was the comment about passing directed towards that silver car a few min from the end?
DoctorLarry 10 månader sedan
Jared is the MAN! He did all the work on my MKIV at SFS. He knows everything about these cars and is a good guy, as well!
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder 10 månader sedan
Strong like bull! Almost as smart. Jk
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder 10 månader sedan
Really fucking bummed about this. I’ve seen enough 2j builds. I was pumped about that v8.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 10 månader sedan
Jared is my hero.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 10 månader sedan
When Tavarish said, " Jared is mad I bought another car and there's nothing he can do about it." , didn't he come across as a prick? Like more than just being a smart ass, more like an unappreciative prick who uses his friend for mechanic work. Ok, he apologized, but still a dick. Thoughts?
David Moon
David Moon 10 månader sedan
Good move!!!!
Larry Jones
Larry Jones 10 månader sedan
I got the most ads ever on this video damn
P44LAI 10 månader sedan
This is so much better than those crappy american ”reality” car shows seen in television
STARZ NATION 10 månader sedan
turn the aristo into a drift car
B is for Broke
B is for Broke 10 månader sedan
swindlebot does car stuff
swindlebot does car stuff 10 månader sedan
Dont steal peoples engined
Dennis-steven Moffit
Dennis-steven Moffit 10 månader sedan
I don't know what Freddy did without you Jared. Priceless content. Oh and thanks, My right rear tire was low.... Safety first guys
henry06x 10 månader sedan
2jz 300z :) :) :) soooo happy you made that executive decision! Lol
Cj Hill
Cj Hill 10 månader sedan
Humm. My right rear tire is a little low. Bahaha. Thanks dude.
Nate Tamez
Nate Tamez 10 månader sedan
Please put the 2JZ in the Z32, the Z does not need a V8, PLEASE save the Z Edit: (after video) Thank you Jared, we love you.
bob bishop
bob bishop 10 månader sedan
Aahhh, it's the LEFT rear tire. Got a nail in it. I'll fix it some day....
BigBossSantana 10 månader sedan
Just checked It was my fromt driver side tire that was low 😳😂
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 10 månader sedan
Good take
Brian Heiden
Brian Heiden 10 månader sedan
No your going to 2j it? How dare you!
obadel 10 månader sedan
Oh Fuchs Tavarish is suffering from hopties sickness but at least he has better judgement in buying the cars.
fixeuskeane 10 månader sedan
Now im more interested to see what jared is doing in this channel than tavarish main channel... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ tavarish never finish anything.
cubonenineO 10 månader sedan
*freddy* *jared* *"its done, no worries"*
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 10 månader sedan
Let’s see how far you can get with the swap out before Freddie notices something is up 👍👍
Chadtacular 10 månader sedan
Love the channel, love the build, enjoyed the last host but love Jared. Also, would love to see some random IS F content, Jared.
Misqp 10 månader sedan
I love episodes with Jarred :D
Paul Christopher Smith
Paul Christopher Smith 10 månader sedan
Jared is awesome ! Like the new content
Dillon Good
Dillon Good 10 månader sedan
My mom has lexus gs 350 similar to that
TheSpaceGeek 10 månader sedan
Whatever "money for cars" cheat code Tavarish discovered for life, he needs to share. 😂
Abbadon Destroy
Abbadon Destroy 10 månader sedan
You did the right thing :)
steven gardner
steven gardner 10 månader sedan
I hope he's paying Jared enough, Freddy gets to watch Jared alot 🙂
John Smith
John Smith 10 månader sedan
"I'm gunna remind you to check that right rear tire, the air pressures probably a bit low" Actually its my right front and it's just a sensor. Well, with the temp changing drastically here in Missouri, it might be a tad low. But my vehicle has the tpms that mostly work!😁
Andy Lewis
Andy Lewis 10 månader sedan
EXACTLY the right thing to do! I was gonna say. Part the damn thing out and sell what ya can, apart from the engine. Use that!
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed 10 månader sedan
What is the song at 2:38?
Ivar Verwater
Ivar Verwater 10 månader sedan
I could do By Dvine
SkurgeNuuB 10 månader sedan
Despicable M3 Gru: Aw, what is wrong with you? Dru: what's wrong with you. Gru: you steal my engine! Dru: you,you lied to me. Dru: we're no longer brother's!! Gru: 😝🖕
ezdfiant 10 månader sedan
Which video does Tav find out in? I can't seem to find it, he must know by now....
Aaron Cutts
Aaron Cutts 10 månader sedan
Run a Haltech not the stock junk
cole poskarbiewicz
cole poskarbiewicz 10 månader sedan
Tarvish has too many unfinished projects anyway😂
pride2102 10 månader sedan
I can buy those headlights for gs300?
gaming bok
gaming bok 10 månader sedan
Put the v8 in the Lexus
Harrison Hunter
Harrison Hunter 10 månader sedan
This is Gold 👍
Kayden 10 månader sedan
Would much rather have seen the GS build
Eridan Dan
Eridan Dan 10 månader sedan
Oh my, I can really see all that Actors Studio method channeling the old school American Chopper drama we all love so much XD No flying wrenches though, yet.... Keep it coming :-)
Jeremy Montes
Jeremy Montes 10 månader sedan
How do you know I have a slow leak in my right rear tire... creepy...
w.s. corners
w.s. corners 10 månader sedan
How much did Andrew pay to get Freddie punked?
Pietrek L
Pietrek L 10 månader sedan
I hope you would't put that 2J into 300ZX.
plageran 10 månader sedan
*Cough* scripted and premeditated.
terryscott621 10 månader sedan
I love everything about this video!
Alex 10 månader sedan
So which person are you(this channel) in the video? I hope not the ugly guy lol. Edit your intro caught me up and nice job not bein ugly!
VGK30 10 månader sedan
Gonna be a MONSTER !
Scott Grant
Scott Grant 10 månader sedan
Scripted drama Freddie? I don't appreciate your ruse.
Mathaius199 10 månader sedan
put the v8 from earl in this !
BMD #1
BMD #1 10 månader sedan
Savage!!!!! I like it!!
Kyle Dens more
Kyle Dens more 10 månader sedan
I need a 2J for my gs400 ASAP
C Mac
C Mac 10 månader sedan
Yoooooo This will be Lit Jz In A Nissan Body Sick!
andrew lloyd
andrew lloyd 10 månader sedan
Lol, I love seeing you guys, you guys make this channel very hype. Keep it up
nstorm390 10 månader sedan
This is great!! The best part is where he has him on the phone as hes pulling the motor!!🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍 I love you Jared!!
Bryan Chang
Bryan Chang 10 månader sedan
Hope he doesn't see this lol
Gage Stewart
Gage Stewart 10 månader sedan
XD You were right and saved me a couple hundred dollars!!! Had a nail in my right rear tire. YIKES!
Dragonstorm81 10 månader sedan
The internet* It takes 2 to 3 people to remove and lift a transmission safely ...... Jared* Hold my torque wrench
Cristian Guerrero
Cristian Guerrero 10 månader sedan
Jared yur a monster!
kyle wallace
kyle wallace 10 månader sedan
This is the kind of build I wanna see
white boy wayne
white boy wayne 10 månader sedan
Lance LaPrarie
Lance LaPrarie 10 månader sedan
Jared rocks! Great addition to this channel. Plus he’s a good control on keeping Tavarish on task and less is more attitude
Falyssa Mayhew
Falyssa Mayhew 10 månader sedan
Haha... I have 4 right rear tires haha. Bobtail 2019 International LT.
Wonderous1 10 månader sedan
My right rear tire was low
Greg Ward
Greg Ward 10 månader sedan
clickbait crap videos
Keyun L
Keyun L 10 månader sedan
Right on Jared! Way to champion the 2JZ Engine into a proper Fairlady!
Earle Wysong
Earle Wysong 10 månader sedan
Big ups Jared much respect 😊
Steeveo McJameson
Steeveo McJameson 10 månader sedan
Kosmo Nautik
Kosmo Nautik 10 månader sedan
Don't tell me you're actually working on projects with the aim of finishing them??? Tavarish must have lost his focus....on not finishing anything
Scott Button
Scott Button 10 månader sedan
Danish Ahmed
Danish Ahmed 10 månader sedan
like for Jared.
Mark Roderick
Mark Roderick 10 månader sedan
tavarish i think you should find youself a TVR because it's a abreviation of your name and from what i hear they need a lot of repair i.e. wrench every day
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant 10 månader sedan
Fucking love that you did this! Cannot wait to see the reaction video. Bud, you certainly have a great idea putting that engine in that car. Might make so much power now that she will deform the vinyl body kit at high speeds!
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