Surprising Tavarish With The Insane Lexus He Built When He Was A Teenager (HE COULDN'T HANDLE IT)

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8 månader sedan

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Today, Jared goes and does soemthing very silly. He buys a car that Tavarish thought was lost forever...a Lexus SC300 that he built when he was 19. Oh boy.
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photondebuger45 3 dagar sedan
Anyone noticed the panel gap between the driver fender and the hood kept opening and closing lol
Bible Gamers
Bible Gamers Månad sedan
Now its crushed lol
Dorin Bugnar
Dorin Bugnar 2 månader sedan
Thumbnail, I am from the future and he was right, it is lost forever
derPetunientopf 2 månader sedan
Those Headlights definitely need a semi-proffessional cleanup.
passingchampion 2 månader sedan
RIP this car
Melissa Cavallo
Melissa Cavallo 3 månader sedan
Андрей Киселев
Андрей Киселев 3 månader sedan
Ab F
Ab F 3 månader sedan
Y'all know at some point y'all wish you had a friend like Jared 😍
Michael Falsetti
Michael Falsetti 3 månader sedan
What part of Florida?
ItzKiwiz 3 månader sedan
iS tHaT a SuPrA
Kryptic Cyborg
Kryptic Cyborg 3 månader sedan
Is that timthetatman
Miguel DelaCruz
Miguel DelaCruz 3 månader sedan
Kove audio is no joke. They make great car speakers too
DatJap Lachie Gibbens
DatJap Lachie Gibbens 3 månader sedan
Me and a few mates actually did this our one of our best friends a couple weeks ago, bought him his dream car. A 1987 ke tx3 turbo awd Ford laser. It was one of his first cars but the NA FWD model. And he regrets he sold it so we couldn't pass the opportunity up
Tommyxp420 3 månader sedan
I love those model lexus. One of my favorite man I'd love to have this lol
TorontoSupraMan 4 månader sedan
That is awesome great friend and so cool to have ur first project back
jake tynan
jake tynan 4 månader sedan
It's cool to see your first build come back. Jared is right you needed it back lol. I bought my first truck back 2 years ago and slowly piecing it back together lol but it's been fun fixing what 17 year old me screwed up
Urban Mods
Urban Mods 4 månader sedan
I want that thing. I'd drift missile the $h!t out of it
Charles Foster
Charles Foster 4 månader sedan
So his building taste hasn't changed...
AAAciD !!
AAAciD !! 4 månader sedan
Whats the word on that blue 3100 stepside over the fence? My dad left me one when he passed away but my uncle sold it from under me when i was only 11
AAAciD !!
AAAciD !! 4 månader sedan
Daniel Schulze
Daniel Schulze 4 månader sedan
Ill gladly daily that. 😂😂
WesMoran 4 månader sedan
Freddy looks so uncomfortable at the end... Just like “...o k a y...” like “wtf am I suppose to do with this bucket.”
Michał C
Michał C 4 månader sedan
RCF seats!!!!
Mark Mawson
Mark Mawson 4 månader sedan
Well it's got the correct abbreviated licence plate FKH standing for FooKing Hell coz thats what i said when i first seen it lol
Shaun Redneck kid
Shaun Redneck kid 5 månader sedan
I saw same truck like 5 times
bojack 2611
bojack 2611 5 månader sedan
I really need to see this rebuild
GamingWITHPvPKING 5 månader sedan
Bruh tavarish should keep this paint, build the car out to be a full drift car, and make it the ultimate sleeper.
GamingWITHPvPKING 5 månader sedan
Even better, redo the paint the same way but with good paint and a clear coat 🤣🤣
plaidjoker1321 5 månader sedan
Aint this the dude that screwed over Rob Dahm? Or am I trippin?
tommy atwell
tommy atwell 5 månader sedan
I wish my homie would randomly give me back my 1991 Honda accord lx with over 480k
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 5 månader sedan
Definitely Rebuild
SuckMyPing187 5 månader sedan
I think you should take a picture of all the paint then completely redo it and use the pics and get it wrapped with that paint job
Kaine Brigando
Kaine Brigando 5 månader sedan
last time i watched the channel he had that car 😂
Rassanji Gaming
Rassanji Gaming 5 månader sedan
Why did I hear at 17:12 “I don’t want to touch anything to get corona.. This isn’t Mexican beer!”
dry reality
dry reality 5 månader sedan
Wath a feeling this guy must have, 1 from the car where he learned allot from, and from his friends to do this. Nice job man
Mikahl Lawless
Mikahl Lawless 5 månader sedan
I wish someone would surprise me with my old 71' Mercury Cougar......I miss that car so bad.....
MyJunker Travels
MyJunker Travels 5 månader sedan
I built an insane Plymouth fury 3 from 66 into a wild muscle rat custom. It had a 440 TNT big block bolted to a Alco 5 speed stick. The car could hit 100 mph in 3.20 seconds. It was built fer street racing. It ended up being sold to a collector in Chattanooga Tennessee, an ten years later it now resides in the Lead foot Outlaw Street Racing Museum in Rossville Tennessee. I never thought a car I built fer under 2 grand would become a piece at a museum.
uniqueone2731 5 månader sedan
I really enjoy your channel. But way too many adds bro
Chriis SKYWALKER 5 månader sedan
Yoo its TimTheTatMan 💕
sonicx059 5 månader sedan
Where is his wife?
Andrew Barnett
Andrew Barnett 5 månader sedan
Got an ad for new Lexus RX. LOL
nikko reintar
nikko reintar 5 månader sedan
Id strip everything, but retain the hood and maybe apply some clearcoat on top of it.
Chris Bowers
Chris Bowers 5 månader sedan
Take it to the freedom factory.
GoingEvenFuthur 5 månader sedan
shit... y'all don't want it? i'll come get that 1j tomorrow!
Nicholas Laws
Nicholas Laws 5 månader sedan
Pit viper glasses >>>>
James Kinmond
James Kinmond 6 månader sedan
That time lapse went for way too long
David Randolph
David Randolph 6 månader sedan
passed my exit in the time lapse!
Writative 6 månader sedan
Is he gonna do anything with this??
Jose Harbar
Jose Harbar 6 månader sedan
DRIFT MISSLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GinoGamesNL 6 månader sedan
Points to passive radiators ThE sUbWoOfEr
4x4 play
4x4 play 6 månader sedan
get that same paint job in a wrap please!
Black Cobra
Black Cobra 6 månader sedan
Please clear coat that legendary paint job!
Brenden 6 månader sedan
You need to build this car again Tavarish. This time go all in a do it justice.
NoQuemaLIVE 6 månader sedan
Austin looks like vice grip garage
UnytaryWharf 689
UnytaryWharf 689 6 månader sedan
Hey tavarish can you make a video going thro you Lexus in detail (engine)
ItsBrianSteve 7 månader sedan
ItsBrianSteve 7 månader sedan
tresslure gaming
tresslure gaming 7 månader sedan
Id love to have that car has lots of potential sucks there r probably gonna fix it up really nice and let it sit
jet Knight
jet Knight 7 månader sedan
He got his 10 sec car back. .. restore it like Paul walker's supra. . As a Tribute. ..
Chris v F
Chris v F 7 månader sedan
Hey Jared; Thanks for the code. The Quality of the Speaker is insane. And its perfect to split the Speaker, so we can hear different Music in our "Shop". The Lexus is nice.. Sure, it's a tuning sin, but it's nice to get something like that back. Greetings from Germany. Chris
TheNoobGamer 7 månader sedan
The people who disliked are still finding their Teenage built Lexus
Anonymous Anton
Anonymous Anton 7 månader sedan
Id totally whip it.
MR_ JZ_12
MR_ JZ_12 7 månader sedan
Normally not a soarer fan, but, i'd fucking drive the shit outta that thing! :D
SPOOK3MS Online 7 månader sedan
I want to see this being restored / upgraded with the original paint it has on right now except the hood that can be changed and be made ready for the track
Hendrickx Willem
Hendrickx Willem 7 månader sedan
not to be an ass or somthing, but i kinda wanted to stop watching after i saw his reaction at the beginning soooo,..... next time,.... ok bye
darknight7777777 7 månader sedan
That whistle from the BOV was my memory when I got my driving license.
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 7 månader sedan
That fender hood gap open close open close lol
Ronald Chow
Ronald Chow 7 månader sedan
This time, get your face done in low poly.
Nury Ruso
Nury Ruso 7 månader sedan
I have the JDM version of this, Toyota Soarer! Epic car. Shares so many parts with mk4 Supra. Great Find
negima112 7 månader sedan
Robert Lamont
Robert Lamont 7 månader sedan
Vinyl wrap it with the original design. The crazy paint is pretty cool. Not as cool as my 10 second Corolla. Thats right boys and girls, 10 second,......0-60(down hill)!🤣😂🤣 bigger the hill, harder the pull🤣😂🤣
Laeadern 7 månader sedan
Its so cool that these guys are really just great friends and car enthusiasts. Always a treat to watch these.
bryan ignatius augustine
bryan ignatius augustine 7 månader sedan
2 option 1. Drag car 2. Proper show car
killercivic2001 7 månader sedan
rename your show French Every Day and I'll subscribe ;) You KNOW, we are better drivers, don't you ? ^^
PandaIsKawaii 7 månader sedan
what type is it ?
John Wiles
John Wiles 7 månader sedan
3.58 subaru!
Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss 7 månader sedan
I raced that in my twin turboed grand am gt
Daryl Ogle
Daryl Ogle 7 månader sedan
Pop455 7 månader sedan
The paint job reminds me of something from Need For Speed ProStreet, would make a cool drift car in my opinion
Master Tonberry
Master Tonberry 7 månader sedan
That's the filthiest soarer I've ever seen
ZedNinetySix 7 månader sedan
That moment when you realise this Lexus was the last car he finished building
Zeus_tripple6 7 månader sedan
I don't know the history of Tavarish and this car but id like to. Please do a part 2. I personally depening on his level of attachment to the car, would just fix everything thats there. Replace brakes and whatever else but beyond that keep it the way it is just cleaned up. It'd be like a drivable time capsule into the past.
RMF 7 månader sedan
Good video, but the speakers are a scam. A very well known scam. No one buy them, they're terrible.
Chris Himself
Chris Himself 7 månader sedan
Please fix this car!
boulder40 7 månader sedan
I really hope you guys get this fixed up! I’m super excited to see how it ends up
BIG D'S GARAGE 7 månader sedan
Who is the guy he got that junk car from? Wssnt he on vin wiki
Beard Man
Beard Man 7 månader sedan
You drive a little fast with a car and trailer in tow.
phat retard
phat retard 7 månader sedan
Dear kove audio the little thing that moves on the top and bottom of your speakers is not a subwoofer it is a passive radiator
Matthew Birkett
Matthew Birkett 7 månader sedan
oh jeez, 60% is a really good deal
Stove Apple
Stove Apple 7 månader sedan
I would like that car and it would be scary but it would be fun.
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련 7 månader sedan
Aiden Moore
Aiden Moore 7 månader sedan
dude that was nice
Jim Colangelo
Jim Colangelo 7 månader sedan
I feel like Tavarish didn't seem like he wanted it ..
RAINBOW DASH6 7 månader sedan
Nathan'sLife 7 månader sedan
this car is nicer than most cars people have for the rest of their lives. in my opinion of course. here im sitting with a citroen c4 1.4 cause you know, EU and some of their stupid laws over here... but soon ill have a decent car. hopefully.
momo 123656
momo 123656 7 månader sedan
edward Twem
edward Twem 7 månader sedan
is there a follow up to this from anyone? Kinda want to see this ting get cleaned up....
Kevin Volney
Kevin Volney 7 månader sedan
Jared is a great addition to this channel one of the best decisions Tav made. You need a team to build the dream. Keep building guys 🙌🏾
Elle meno
Elle meno 7 månader sedan
The blowoff is sooooooo freaking good
Jacqueline Myers
Jacqueline Myers 7 månader sedan
Shinigami 7 månader sedan
Rip all the carpets out, Rhino line everything on the interior, tune it up, blast that spraypaint off, vinyl wrap it and drift that lexi at the Freedom Factory!
Shinigami 7 månader sedan
Repaint it and make it a drift car!
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