Tavarish Drives His Horrible Lexus SC300 For The First Time In 14 Years

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3 månader sedan

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Today, Tavarish takes his horrible Lexus SC300 project out for a drive...the first he's done with this car in 14 years. This may get a bit sketchy.
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Zool Helmi
Zool Helmi 9 dagar sedan
I really hope you recreated the graffiti as closed as the original one.. With wrap or better with fresh paint..
knightrider1545 2 månader sedan
Is a twin turbo techinically a twin charged?
Antoine Cava
Antoine Cava 2 månader sedan
Love the « livery »
Anonymou Decrip
Anonymou Decrip 2 månader sedan
Aezelll 2 månader sedan
14:05 Shots fired. Jared come clear coat his car because Tavarish says you can't.
Mike Schmalz
Mike Schmalz 2 månader sedan
If you have to replace the hood, put the old one on your wall!
Havoc Racing
Havoc Racing 2 månader sedan
Make it cleannn
smash my skull in with my grandma's china set
smash my skull in with my grandma's china set 2 månader sedan
Bet you'll need to paint strip basically everything considering the absolute state of the paint.
George Stefou
George Stefou 2 månader sedan
Where is McLaren we want too see this project so bad !!!!
Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields 3 månader sedan
soda blast the whole shell. i wish you the best of luck! great show. 6266 precision
Alex Souvall
Alex Souvall 3 månader sedan
Keep the alligator skin
ThatZebraDude 3 månader sedan
I love modded cars like this. Like they’re not crazy expensive, they’re not super rare, they’re daily drivers with cool stuff done to them. I would love to see more of this build. I also vote for the wrap idea.
Trenton Welch
Trenton Welch 3 månader sedan
Its a perfect Lexus, but best part is the troll face, mad respect to that bit of internet history
pvman2 3 månader sedan
For now, don't touch the paint. Focus on function and performance. Paint can be a long term project. Gives you time to allow you to meditate and let the creative juices ferment into something beautiful.
Lexus life nyc
Lexus life nyc 3 månader sedan
I ❤ these sc videos thanks keep them coming
Charles Fairchild
Charles Fairchild 3 månader sedan
If you do this route, hire an artist to jazz it up some, clean up the lines, keep the overall aesthetic. But yes, use donor car to replace the shell of it so it has something nice to wrap onto.
rilen sharkey
rilen sharkey 3 månader sedan
I have a 1993 sc300 with 75k miles I'm selling in the Orlando area if your interested
MoonsOfEmpire 3 månader sedan
I’d like to send you some support from the UK, what size bra do you need?
Ameer Daniel
Ameer Daniel 3 månader sedan
Do the half and half paint job.
Mr. Baron
Mr. Baron 3 månader sedan
just gut it, put in two racing seats, cage it, 800 hp and send
CloudyBrains 3 månader sedan
I got a 94 sc400, gonna swap a cd009 someday
sythen alpha
sythen alpha 3 månader sedan
Wrap recreate cos would be lighter and could have a crazy good looking colour and keep the style
Adorable rookie
Adorable rookie 3 månader sedan
Tavarish trying to start his car after some lights came on 8:16 His car : BAZINGA
DJ KNITE 3 månader sedan
Still have the thread link of the build from nycmaximas....lol
Lex Killer
Lex Killer 3 månader sedan
Wait your 33?!?!(????
fontking1a 3 månader sedan
I've got a match. Put the poor thing out of its misery.
Niko Moe
Niko Moe 3 månader sedan
Yo! Tavarsh! That carbon center console is too cool! Can I please have it? My SC would be be happy
gacha Harem series
gacha Harem series 3 månader sedan
Why don't you go get a CD009? It's pretty cheap and it bolts to 1 jz with an adapter
John McKinley
John McKinley 3 månader sedan
Save the graffiti and your image on the hood, but do a dark wrap or paint for the rest of car.
Rotted Monarch
Rotted Monarch 3 månader sedan
half & half is a great idea.
Reggie Reginato
Reggie Reginato 3 månader sedan
Not proposing a wrap, though a wrap def would take care of the looks right way. I'm a fan of carefully photographing the car so that one day down the road have it repainted. I'm really keen on seeing you get the car mechanically fixed back up and ready for racing though.
Ruined _SRT4
Ruined _SRT4 3 månader sedan
I would like to see a you build it how you wanted it when you were younger since your older and more financial secure you should build it how your 19yr self would wanted. P.s anything you remove of the sc that you don’t want post it I would love to have something from this sc on my sc
Mikey Mo
Mikey Mo 3 månader sedan
You gotta keep the paint job, it's the only one in the world. Even with the cracking it's still very unique
P V 3 månader sedan
Has that SL manual swap happened yet?
Michael Lepore
Michael Lepore 3 månader sedan
Wrap it the same look gloss
Michael Lepore
Michael Lepore 3 månader sedan
Wrap it
Joe 3 månader sedan
Hell yes i unsubbed from Tavarish after he sold this car and the other SC. Cant wait to see this car restored
Roland Szabo
Roland Szabo 3 månader sedan
Do like a before and after car. Have one side as is. And completely restore the other side with a new graffiti paint job. To show how much your craftmanship improves over the years. Compared to Originaly :D
bat boy1980
bat boy1980 3 månader sedan
Tavarish, I think you should take high quality photos and wrap the car completely with the graphics you have. It may be outlandish, but you built this car at 19. keep it real from that younger you. look on it with pride when you bring it alive knowing all you know now.
Radikalmeme 3 månader sedan
save the trollface
bojack 2611
bojack 2611 3 månader sedan
Please get a graphic artist, to copy the current paint job and turn it into a wrap , so we can immortalize its greatness
ThatWhiteVolvo 3 månader sedan
i just love cars with the personal touch. nobody has to love it , only you do!
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie 3 månader sedan
Get a salvage title car and take parts from that in put it on the graffiti car(keep the full graffiti on the car)
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 3 månader sedan
I'm sorry Freddie. But just say a goodbye prayer for that paint job and get some paint remover (Industrial strength) and get rid of it all together!!! I'm sure this comment is too late to influence your decision but my goodness it's just way too FAR GONE!! LOL. Paint it a nice blue or something and move on. It will thank you in the end. (So will we IMHO LOL).
E Eller
E Eller 3 månader sedan
I think you should keep the paint it's what makes the car just upgrade everything else and make it better
ImShxdez 3 månader sedan
you should do take HQ picture of the hood and wrap the hood. and do the rest of the car a solid color like the sky blue or something
Giorgio Leer
Giorgio Leer 3 månader sedan
slartbarg 3 månader sedan
reminding me of Austin Powers with that 20 point turn to leave the shop with the car lol
Certified Funks
Certified Funks 3 månader sedan
Turn the hood into a table
Ruurd van Buiten
Ruurd van Buiten 3 månader sedan
I would love a total wrap. Let an artist design in it. Inspired on the paint now
user12122342423422344 3 månader sedan
Burn it
aceadman 3 månader sedan
Restore this car to the aesthetic condition you’d want if you did the build NOW. THEN, you were the guy who’d do it THAT way. Make it the way the NOW you would do the project...NOW.
redsamuraiXIII 3 månader sedan
Wrap or paint, bring back the full artwork that is on it. More vibrant, more color, and updated Tarvish on the front.
Thomas Sinclair
Thomas Sinclair 3 månader sedan
Half and half with different wheels on each side too?
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 3 månader sedan
So this is my preliminary ranking of best "Car SEpostrs that actually rebuild car mechanics" that are one man shows with limited outside help,because Goons Squad is a team,Cleetus is a team,Samcrac be winging it. 1)Junkyard Dave 2)Jared 3)Alex 4)Chris Fix 5)Tavarish 6)Rich Rebuilds(He did a Tesla for christ sake) 7) B is for build that guy I guess ain't seen content in awhile 8) Watch JrGo,though he has a team it appears too. I'm giving them my Corey Score for rankings🤣🤣🤣
Themadoutbacker 3 månader sedan
I'd love to see this car mint. I know its not worth the effort but it would make great content and this car seems to fill a hole in your heart.
C:E Merk
C:E Merk 3 månader sedan
i have a mint 1994 sc300, if you want it just hit me up and we can figure something out
Traver Grandbois
Traver Grandbois 3 månader sedan
The way this videos made makes it seem like motortrend show
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 3 månader sedan
why not just have the body recleared and save the car as is, well save for the hood, as it looks almost like a BMW art car
Jesse Veek
Jesse Veek 3 månader sedan
clean and the clear coat it
Joe Cirillo
Joe Cirillo 3 månader sedan
I'd just take a shit ton of pictures of it and have it professionally recreated. You could just wrap it but personally not my thing, hand pant puts so much more soul into a car. I think that's what gives it such a soul as it sits now.
fredrik stolpe
fredrik stolpe 3 månader sedan
You have the best time lapse music!
therro gaming
therro gaming 3 månader sedan
no you shoukd have a legacy wide body kit
Nugget 3 månader sedan
Honestly the art style looks sick. A wrap would be awesome
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey 3 månader sedan
Take high res pics. Correct colours and textures spacing and other elements of the graffiti, turn into a wrap. Get a more accurate pic of yourself for the bonnet. If you just wipe and restore it to normal it'll be like the other cars you have. Then get a set of wheels that suits it all.
Deth Ride
Deth Ride 3 månader sedan
14 years and it still isn't finished.🤔
Jevaughn Brown
Jevaughn Brown 3 månader sedan
get a wrap sir
G-dub outdoors
G-dub outdoors 3 månader sedan
Id repaint the hole car but the hood
Taylor Hoskin
Taylor Hoskin 3 månader sedan
that opening got me lol
Scott Vanarsdale
Scott Vanarsdale 3 månader sedan
Were is the Supera so excited to see it finished love toyotas.
Scott Vanarsdale
Scott Vanarsdale 3 månader sedan
I would like to see the Lexus restored in all its beauty.
Parker Jurak
Parker Jurak 3 månader sedan
I think a full respray on the car would be nice, make the car something you would have dreamed of making it back when you were 19
ETM 3 månader sedan
Spray dip it yes spray it one solid color then burn it down.
daniel harbin
daniel harbin 3 månader sedan
Murder it out with the graphics ghosted into the wrap. Like matte black with the images gloss. Or vice versa
Bas e
Bas e 3 månader sedan
Keep the art, it’s your personal history. How many people car drive around in ones 19’s self’s past😁🤘
Ruben Suriel
Ruben Suriel 3 månader sedan
I’ll love to see this beast fully restored 🙏🏼
Sterling Smith
Sterling Smith 3 månader sedan
I want to get in in this race. I have a 92 sc400 in FL that im building as well. Maybe we can make a road race build and go terrorize adam LZ and Garret at freedom factory to make a budget build championship
Joe Hargis
Joe Hargis 3 månader sedan
If you do get a parts car how about assembling two of them? You can fix this one how you want then finish assembling the parts car. Have your road course car and then have a drift car.
Creeper Dude1000
Creeper Dude1000 3 månader sedan
When will there be another video??
Jose Carrero
Jose Carrero 3 månader sedan
Just make a come back... lexus reborn!!! Before and after same person different era or mind... just do u thing and surprise us... i just want to see what u can do with a 19 year old mind set vs 33 years old mind ser
Lorcan O'Connell
Lorcan O'Connell 3 månader sedan
Clean paint no graffiti
Jake Green
Jake Green 3 månader sedan
Not making any boost because there is a big hole in the intercooler pipe you showed it on camera.
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 3 månader sedan
Track down the guy who painted it the first time to reimagine and repaint it for 2020.
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 3 månader sedan
Replicate the original. Preserve the original.
RussianZOmBieATTACK 3 månader sedan
Repaint, but with proper paint and remake all the pictures on it
MrCarGuy 3 månader sedan
Sand the shit off. Honestly. You can make a new art car design if you want.
TorqueyHornet24 3 månader sedan
Send it to dip your car and tell them to give u an awesome paint job
Jan Adriaan De Lange
Jan Adriaan De Lange 3 månader sedan
Whats up with the Nissan Exa n13 in the back of the vids ?
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera 3 månader sedan
Mk3 supra all day
Ruggieri Lugo Ortiz
Ruggieri Lugo Ortiz 3 månader sedan
Fully clean respray
Zac Williams
Zac Williams 3 månader sedan
Noooooo don’t say they are cheap! You’ll raise the prices!
Turdburglar 3 månader sedan
Please please please turn the paint into a vinyl wrap. That would be fantastic.
Roamie Romulus
Roamie Romulus 3 månader sedan
Bring this car back to Glory, recreate the paint bomb as a wrap clean up the engine bay make it cool again
logan freedman
logan freedman 3 månader sedan
I can see the dip in your lip
Glendon Bradley
Glendon Bradley 3 månader sedan
Take the hood off and hang it on the wall, along with a picture of the car, as a memorial! Then just replace the hood and paint it something new and current.
Craig Brushie
Craig Brushie 3 månader sedan
Please just paint the whole car, one colour please
Gregory Solomon
Gregory Solomon 3 månader sedan
Take the drive train and build a new one
Dobra Călin
Dobra Călin 3 månader sedan
Paint the car with a single color
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 3 månader sedan
I vote for half and half paint job on the engine I like the idea of a single turbo 👍🏽. This was a good vid
Barry Rhoads
Barry Rhoads 3 månader sedan
Make the art into a wrap.
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