Tearing Apart Our Cheap "500 HP" 2JZ Engine Was A BAD IDEA

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10 månader sedan

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Today we rip apart the new engine going into Earl Leeker, our 1990 Nissan 300ZX. It's a cheap 2JZ-GTE that is capable of 500 horsepower. Yeah, right.
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Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations 2 månader sedan
We're still gonna be hating on prius's when we're 60 years old and the same one still pulls out in front of us as the one 30 years before. Some cars need to be made to die sooner. I've been being cut of by the same prius for 12 years...and he's gotta have half a million miles on it...why do they keep running? And why do people hate them.so much. I have since day one and they're probably the most efficient and reliable car on the road. I just wish they went away though...but we all know, the prius isn't ever going away...lifetime angst
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez 2 månader sedan
Love these two! Great combo and just found out that they have a dedicated channel together. Can’t wait to binge watch all their videos.
zildjian6a 6 månader sedan
22:57 I want a t-shirt with that quote, "You need all of the boost".
satan em
satan em 6 månader sedan
Jared is the Modfather
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 7 månader sedan
I am gettin a little confused. Didn't You already have another Earl Leaker with a Lexus V8?
SnuglWith Strugl
SnuglWith Strugl 7 månader sedan
I have a 92 Firebird with a 388 stroker in it on nos. It doesn’t run anymore because teenage me didn’t take care of it. Anyway, watching your videos both on the mutual channel and both of your personal channels, make me want to finally fix my car. It needs a new transmission new rods and a few other things and I think I’m gonna try to do it.
Mike Gorelyy
Mike Gorelyy 8 månader sedan
They can take the 2j valley heat
Mike Gorelyy
Mike Gorelyy 8 månader sedan
R8 Coils as well
LIFES TO SHORT 8 månader sedan
Happy to see you two, Calaborating on a new venture. I think that Tavarish brings Jared out of his shell, And Jared teaches Tavarish how to "Actually work on cars"... LMAO
mcliffordgoo 8 månader sedan
You need to adjust the date on your scope. Unless you're time-traveling backwards.
Josh R
Josh R 8 månader sedan
You guys are my favourite gay couple.
Nomad Unbroken
Nomad Unbroken 9 månader sedan
I'm lovin it, caught your community post Tavarish, I have a cold and air headed, sorry. I love this whole thing
L B 9 månader sedan
The SawZall @10:00 under the Ferrari 355 is so disturbing it makes me cringe
Deepin210 9 månader sedan
Should of build that motor and put it in the Supra....
MoonYachts 9 månader sedan
Its a no to the yellow gloves
MoonYachts 9 månader sedan
Wow this guy knows his stuff
o Rebelo
o Rebelo 9 månader sedan
That what she said sometime her tip gets 🧖‍♀️ ⚡️ sparkie 🤪🧚🏿‍♀️ professor 👨‍🏫 Jared
RideThe6 9 månader sedan
Jared knows his $h1t.
Terran Talsma
Terran Talsma 9 månader sedan
I simply feel bad for the coils
Nate Fantetti
Nate Fantetti 9 månader sedan
Jared is so knowledgeable about 2j’s. And Engines in general. He’s a good teacher too.
Charley George
Charley George 9 månader sedan
Hey why don't you partner with Haltec. They are great an literal geniuses in engine tuning and engine computer management. If you watch Mighty Car Mods you can see they are buds with them and use all their stuff in their cars.
Cheerful Charlie
Cheerful Charlie 9 månader sedan
This is like watching a wise uncle and his annoying nephew.
Marshall Howard
Marshall Howard 9 månader sedan
R8 coils...just sayin.
Ronin 9 månader sedan
Confirmed. This channel beats Tavarish's own channel. Tavarish's humour is the best and it comes to life when he's got company!
Ted Sealey
Ted Sealey 9 månader sedan
I like Jared but its getting super Techy, I think most people will love it but Im one of the folks who skip thru this particular video, good work guys
Kim W
Kim W 9 månader sedan
Oveida Sinclair
Oveida Sinclair 9 månader sedan
A lot of Japanese leave their cars outside 24/7 and Japan has a harsh climate , you live in a harsh climate you have to garage your car at night, if you don't your car and engine looks like this engine. That engine looks like a late teen, early 20 something kid was jerry rigging everything, looks to me you should rebuild the entire engine. If this engine has a new tensioner on it, with only 75000 miles on it, Speed Racer was dogging the shit out of it
AY BEH CEE 9 månader sedan
he says sometimes "as we seen" did they see this engine run?
Adam Hulmes
Adam Hulmes 9 månader sedan
Jared is the best addition to this channel by far!
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal 9 månader sedan
Put an ls6 in the 300zx
Up to my nuts in guts
Up to my nuts in guts 9 månader sedan
We know what a wastegate is.
Tyler Milton
Tyler Milton 9 månader sedan
I just notice in the timelapse that Jared gets the entire intake side, wiring harness, and started in on the valve covers, all before Freddy gets the turbo off.
Parker d
Parker d 9 månader sedan
I listen to Jared when I want to sleep... Bam... out in a minute
Jeri Rich
Jeri Rich 9 månader sedan
Mechanics w/ communication skills .. . Crrazy. :) Looking forward to your VG video.
Moto Flash
Moto Flash 10 månader sedan
10:52 tavarish almost got his hair sucked the rest of the way off
Harry Nazarian
Harry Nazarian 10 månader sedan
Great video, great explanation, well done! :) Keep em coming! The anticipation on seeing Earl all done is killing me! Woooo!!
Chuck Hawes
Chuck Hawes 10 månader sedan
We see everything bahaaahaaa 😎
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo 10 månader sedan
I LOVE Jareds commentary!! You learn so much! The combination of these two talking is priceless!!
Mr E.W.
Mr E.W. 10 månader sedan
Jared is awesome dude, really awesome see him in the videos more often
tvdetectivefan 10 månader sedan
Loved the Lexus but not what was done to it. I agree that no one asked yet, it was applauded which made what was done that much worse because Jared is now making subtle clues that he'll do it again. Not good. Bye.
G Clan Hawaii
G Clan Hawaii 10 månader sedan
This guy is the best thing to happen to your channel. The chemistry is MightCarMods level. I didnt learn anything new but its still entertaining to watch.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson 10 månader sedan
You boy's are a hoot but dude, trim that nose hair, lol.
Game Of Morphs
Game Of Morphs 10 månader sedan
rattle gunned or torqued to spec, tight is tight!
Александр Краснов
Александр Краснов 10 månader sedan
After viewing, there was a strong feeling that starting this project was a very bad idea!
carnage6ar 10 månader sedan
can we get jared on audio book lol
BoostedMPLS 10 månader sedan
Tavarish you should invest in some airpods :)
Lance Anderson
Lance Anderson 10 månader sedan
You guys are fun to watch.
Damian Fuller
Damian Fuller 10 månader sedan
Jared is a fountain of knowledge. The more I watch the more I understand how these things work. Thanks to you both. The date on your borascope may need changing.....
James Huynh
James Huynh 10 månader sedan
Love your videos, fellas. Always staying tune for your 2JZ swaps
kshitij tulsian
kshitij tulsian 10 månader sedan
Though I love this channel I would love to see the gallardo and the merc update you were talking about on ig
MentleGan 10 månader sedan
Me: eating my delicious biryani. Jared and Tavarish: putting the camera up Jared's nose. Me: ok.....
Danner rrr
Danner rrr 10 månader sedan
10:52: Jared vacuums Tavarish's hair. Frown face activated. Good job Jared.
TheLabyrinth60 10 månader sedan
the borescope says 2/6/11. 9 years to get a vid out? you guys need to step it up lol. seriously tho, love these videos and jared is such a solid addition to the channel.
Povl Rueger
Povl Rueger 10 månader sedan
Nice gloves, yall working on cars or washing dishes?
Pete The Meat
Pete The Meat 10 månader sedan
I haven’t a clue what Jared is saying but he adds a different dimension to Freddie’s channel. It’s a bit like Laurel and Hardy!
Kameleon Kustoms
Kameleon Kustoms 10 månader sedan
I'm with Jared on the Prius parts. Heck I swapped an entire Prius engine in my 85 MR2. Swap the cams for some Scion xB ones and you have a 13.1:1 beast that is more powerful than the stock 4age and weighs alot less! sepost.info/dev/video/rmzc06icY4qX0bU.html
Eduardo Rodrigues
Eduardo Rodrigues 10 månader sedan
What happened to the original channel?
gigolettis 10 månader sedan
Jared master class
wimby 10 månader sedan
10:01 uhh a rotor ferrari spoiler
Winston Beck
Winston Beck 10 månader sedan
Like watching a dubbed asian movie
Winston Beck
Winston Beck 10 månader sedan
Is it my phone acting up or is the audio off?
Hristo Dimitrov
Hristo Dimitrov 10 månader sedan
Jared: "Every import engine has between 40000 and 60000 miles" yep sounds like the used car market situation here in Bulgaria where every second hand car has between 80000 and 120000 miles regardless of it's age or condition :D
Jay DKB Games
Jay DKB Games 10 månader sedan
AK Whetstone
AK Whetstone 10 månader sedan
Josh Desourdy
Josh Desourdy 10 månader sedan
Ever thought of putting the gate right on the back hosing? That way you could block off the manifold and never have to worry about it boost creeping
FlpDaMattress 10 månader sedan
Be really cool if you linked what music you use during the timelapse.
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 10 månader sedan
Hey, what about VNT technology? I know the VNT T3/T4 hybrid is outdated, but wasn't there an upgraded version? That would take care of boost on demand, then you could focus on the high end if theres a top end power/boost dropoff. Jared, what is your opinion on this idea?
T1. Trizzla
T1. Trizzla 10 månader sedan
Why does it always sound like Jared is teaching Tavarish
Skythes 10 månader sedan
Should of just rebuilt the v6 lol
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe 10 månader sedan
According to Turbo Yoda, AKA Al, there is nothing wrong with a log manifold in most turbo applications.
sofo 10 månader sedan
Prf. Jared at his best. Give him a faculty position for f shake... Jared you rock doode. Tavarish made the "youtuber's best transfer"...
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos 10 månader sedan
Tavarish, now you go on a toyota parts store and get the prius parts because they are efficient.
Zephairein 10 månader sedan
when they actually bought the Lexus purposely to swap motors but play it off for videos entertainment ;)
JuanTool's Do Work
JuanTool's Do Work 10 månader sedan
Talk about water ports and oil lines for the turbo next video and show in the camera ✌
Brian Bromfield
Brian Bromfield 10 månader sedan
How old is this video?(scope screen)
Nick Torres
Nick Torres 10 månader sedan
Jared is the best thing to happen to this channel LOL "Nobody asked you to do that Jared!" I just fell out
DundaBluebone 10 månader sedan
anything that gets a prius off the road, i can get behind.
Justin Bolilan Jr
Justin Bolilan Jr 10 månader sedan
Its a good day when tavarish turns into a dumb coil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Syncopia 10 månader sedan
"You didn't have to do that." ... *begins rebuttal* "AAAA"
racerx8410712 10 månader sedan
Jared start your own channel. Fred get back to Lambos, Ferrari, Bentley....
Kevin H.
Kevin H. 10 månader sedan
When Jared speaks, I break out a note pad. He is the favorite uncle I would hung out with when I was a kid, because he was always under the hood.
CyBoT 10 månader sedan
"Torque to spec" .... is this 3 or 4 PrrrrPrrrr? :)
Mario Legend
Mario Legend 10 månader sedan
Best engine ever made.
Mket Design
Mket Design 10 månader sedan
Yes tell us more about the Toyota spark plug coils. I like to tune my gli, sounds like good improvement.
Nef 10 månader sedan
Right about now am feeling like Nemo's dad when he was listening to the little turtle giving instructions ...I don't know what they saying but it sounds so nice.
Michael Wormald
Michael Wormald 10 månader sedan
Love these guys so much but the sarcasm overuse is getting old quickly...
Nef 10 månader sedan
Very fancy Ferrari table.
Nef 10 månader sedan
So, in other words Over work and under paid.... Just like Jared, got it !!
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan 10 månader sedan
9:55 I mean you talked to us in the beginning of the episode so idk what you're on about
Ocean City
Ocean City 10 månader sedan
You 2 are reinforcing stereotypes that mechanics are dumb. Quit with the dumb jokes, know your target audience and give good info as you did. The dumb jokes are so annoying
Howard Davies
Howard Davies 10 månader sedan
Antilag great for no lag but the best way to kill a turbo £5000 group A Turbo on average last 500-750 miles
Jonny Rocket
Jonny Rocket 10 månader sedan
Jared you are a cool guy! Tavarish, please be less Clowny...
Dee Zet
Dee Zet 10 månader sedan
This is quite educational indeed.
Toni Biočić
Toni Biočić 10 månader sedan
"loosely stick it into the hole"
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 10 månader sedan
Good episode! Great ending advice. "Always Torque to Spec". But I don't understand why it was a "Bad Idea" to tear the engine down. Seems to me like that's exactly what you did want to do. To correct all the problems and bring it up to spec.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 10 månader sedan
Freddy should definitively grow a Afro!!
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard 10 månader sedan
"Always torque to spec" Good advice after seeing that bolt.
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard 10 månader sedan
This was very informative and has a lot of value. Thank you for uploading this.
charley kurlinkus
charley kurlinkus 10 månader sedan
Jared explaining things is the best thing on any of your channels.
Tech Noir
Tech Noir 10 månader sedan
When do you guys start on the Ferrari and or any new Lamborghini projects coming? You should buy a real Countache and start on that. Just a suggestion.
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