The REAL Reason Why Our Honda Stretch Limo DIED (Is WORSE Than We Thought)

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7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared takes apart Honda Rousey, our 1985 Honda Accord stretch limousine to see what actually went wrong with it, and so make sure it was ready for its diesel future. Fingers crossed.
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smeds pets
smeds pets Månad sedan
Thanks for using safety goggles wile grinding. I got a small shard stuck in my eye this summer. $1500 + bought a lot of glasses after that
Andrew Kiefer
Andrew Kiefer 4 månader sedan
Brave to be grinding and cutting break lines near that Bentley
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 4 månader sedan
I had many hondas and everytime I think I got a good deal and the mistake is taking it, then blown head gasket, if soneone offwrs me one free, I wont take it, now if its A bike, different story.
Tony Higgins
Tony Higgins 4 månader sedan
When's this getting finished? Why is there no playlists on this channel?
Timothy Lowe
Timothy Lowe 7 månader sedan
Jarrod is fantastic. He has a great way of explaining things and is a great youtuber
On 3 Video
On 3 Video 7 månader sedan
about to be Honda Rousey-Thunburg
Jordan K
Jordan K 7 månader sedan
If you really wanted a torque monster and be reliable you shouldve got an electric engine from a tesla
suh dood
suh dood 7 månader sedan
LMAO @ 1:43 400 HP you ever seen pfi speed and boosted boys? They making 900-1000 on minivans 😂
Chris R
Chris R 7 månader sedan
Love that you called out Samcrc :)
Ariel Velazquez
Ariel Velazquez 7 månader sedan
Why not just make the Jetta a Limo?
Cleveritalian 7 månader sedan
Jetta Thunberg. How dare you
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 7 månader sedan
Jared your a F _ _ KING BEAST you just go go go getting cool shit done I wonder how much coffee or blow he does day haa haaa
plasmar1 7 månader sedan
missed this the other day so now I have to binge 2 videos
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 7 månader sedan
I will never get tired of hearing "Honda Rousey"
E M 7 månader sedan
Change the name to wrench ever 3 to 4 days
BoostedCajun 7 månader sedan
a built Honda J Series would more than take the abuse the limo would see I'd think. But I am curious to see how much will have to change due to it now being diesel. Cool build either way, can't wait to see how this build comes together. Awesome work Jared!
Côme Thiburs
Côme Thiburs 7 månader sedan
that head porting is WEIRD. twin exshaust? 4 lifters? 1 intake valve? wtf?
619guy202 7 månader sedan
Côme Thiburs it’s actually the other way around. Right before he takes the head off you can see the exhaust manifold is on the front side. Plus when he turns the head upside down the charred looking ones are the exhaust valves
Bobby B
Bobby B 7 månader sedan
You are extremely knowledgeable my friend love yourre videos but what you said about a k series not being able to make 400ft pounds of torque is false the tech they have for that motor these days is insane and they are very capable of that maybe not stock rods or block but very capable lol
robert hildebrand
robert hildebrand 7 månader sedan
This could all be fixed with a j swap granted harder but torque reliability 6 speed manual
That One Guy
That One Guy 7 månader sedan
The only thing that sucks is waiting for another video! They come weekly. It should be daily! But Jared is a busy guy I bet
That One Guy
That One Guy 7 månader sedan
Damn, those blocked cooling holes I'm sure were a reason it kept over heating!
Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders 7 månader sedan
Awesome work Jared! Glad to know it wasn't fixable :)
Thomas Meade
Thomas Meade 7 månader sedan
I would have loved to see a rwd conversion
willjam465 7 månader sedan
First...Toyota engine in a Nissan, now VW diesel in a Honda? Breaking all conventions...what’s next? Putting a Cummins in the Rolls?
kamoboko86 7 månader sedan
Love it. Can’t wait to see more!
kamoboko86 7 månader sedan
For some reason, removing the exhaust made me laugh. I’ve been there before so I feel you bro.
That Guy
That Guy 7 månader sedan
Only Jared can remove rusted exhaust bolts without breaking them.. .
xXxZGixXx 7 månader sedan
In glad you're not in the "i bought another broken exotic club" because these obscure builds are more fun to watch then them saying that and then every episode after that being I went to McDonald's in my new cheap exotic and what not craps boring
Cullen E
Cullen E 7 månader sedan
Lemme get that Weber off the a20 for my 87 sedan 😂
Le3eFrereBrunet 7 månader sedan
Jared u need a Bendpack lift in the shop!
Andrew N.
Andrew N. 7 månader sedan
Y’all should get with the BOOSTED BOIZ and PFI Speed while they’re in Florida. They’ll get you guys in the right direction with that old girl.
1chish 7 månader sedan
Now I know you guys are out to make 'content' but I am just interested to know why you don't sit the Jetta engine / gearbox unit in that subframe (cradle in USA?) to see where engine mounts might go? Just seems a lot of work on the front chassis and suspension towers when the Jetta engine will most likely sit on the subframe like the Honda. Its not that much bigger. Either way I think this is called 'interesting'!
robertb2001 7 månader sedan
“We solve problems here”
Patrick Candler
Patrick Candler 7 månader sedan
I like the Diesel idea! It's gunna be sick!
Amar Riza
Amar Riza 7 månader sedan
Looks like the old Honda engine could be salvaged and that's always good news for all Honda lovers out there. Good video. Keep it up!!! And do stay safe 😷
Rafa 7 månader sedan
So it uses a CVCC engine than. Will you open this and carburetor to show us ? :)
wjpreslar 7 månader sedan
So what you're telling us is that your going to strip Jetta Thunberg and show the internet her shame. HOW DARE YOU!
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 7 månader sedan
Can you imagine Jared and James Taal from the Cleetus channel in the same room? The concentrated knowledge would put a dent in reality.
Brad Bozarth
Brad Bozarth 7 månader sedan
I can’t believe you would set the front fenders on the paint without at least laying a towel down first 😝 and I can’t believe Sam thinks that dumping a bottle of head gasket “Fix” in the Land Rover is considered “fixed” and then he gave the headache to someone else to deal with down the road Lol
FATALROTARY 7 månader sedan
Y waste ur time this is 1 ugly not cool build.
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 7 månader sedan
A FWD stretch limo is really astonishing.
Tomi Vainio
Tomi Vainio 7 månader sedan
..."Jetta Thunberg"
Clinton Toney
Clinton Toney 7 månader sedan
How much you want for the old motor ?
Gerson Culbert
Gerson Culbert 7 månader sedan
Oh snap he called him out
Bálint Soós
Bálint Soós 7 månader sedan
Put a semi engine in it!
Radostin Velchev
Radostin Velchev 7 månader sedan
I have an ALH coupled to a 6 speed 02M from a PD engine, single mass flywheel, GT1752VB hybrid turbo and even on the the stock injectors it did 140HP with 370N/m of torque. Now with slightly bigger injectors and PD intake I aim to 180HP which is double the stock power. Considering the investment is ridiculous improvement for not a lot of money. The turbo is capable of more but this is my daily :) Love that engine, even at it's current state with 5 people and the trunk full of luggage it pulls like a train.
Rhd Josh
Rhd Josh 7 månader sedan
Man I want that Weber carb for my Datsun
Sander Van marle
Sander Van marle 7 månader sedan
Does anybody know the outro song?
Wow Garage
Wow Garage 7 månader sedan
You are stone mad doing this project. 😂😂😂
Nasim Wehbe
Nasim Wehbe 7 månader sedan
This is going to be a cool build.
ruffa nuff
ruffa nuff 7 månader sedan
quality with Jared
Why do I have 6 neutrals
Why do I have 6 neutrals 7 månader sedan
Welp this channel officially made me turbo my mountaineer not sure why but $8,000 later she’s done and has about 360 to wheels on 5-6 psi. My 5r55w is crying in the Corner btw
crazy box
crazy box 7 månader sedan
just wondering ... why not just stretch the jetta?
IGotzPotatoAim 7 månader sedan
Did you really just say a K cant handle 400hp daily? LOL Apparently you never seen boosted boiz have you? 900Hp Mini Van K24!
Shawn Darren
Shawn Darren 7 månader sedan
Imagine just imagine they put a v12 in the limo
Slartibartfast 7 månader sedan
I subscribed to Tavarish's channel because of his MR2 (got my own that I'm always working on) & when he moved on to better (??) projects it still entertained me, but it lost the 'connection' with my life. I'm sad to say the 'Car Trek' was such a blatant Top Gear rip off it really turned me off. The format was identical in every way - complete with fake breakdowns & stupid pranks. They even copied the 'How hard can it be' Clarkson trademark! Thank God we have Jared to get things back to the content I can love and learn from.
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 7 månader sedan
Short but good video
Chris Keane
Chris Keane 7 månader sedan
This a great channel. I love watching all the episodes
RedLP5000S 7 månader sedan
Gotta give him credit for committing to such a waste of time. 🤷‍♂️
Futurensen 7 månader sedan
The akward moment when a vw tdi swap is required for a honda to be reliable..🤣
mccutchphil 7 månader sedan
Interesting pink tool boxes in the background.
Chris chris
Chris chris 7 månader sedan
Death trap
cory thatcher
cory thatcher 7 månader sedan
Jared, I love you but come on man, cover up the rolls. Especially if you are grinding on the honda
Dipayan Sarkar
Dipayan Sarkar 7 månader sedan
Jared Pink , Wizard(Hoovies Garage) & Mark Gyver(Gutter Snake). Give me these three chaps and we can concure the whole world.
Salty 6Pence
Salty 6Pence 7 månader sedan
U r a potato
SINcitySEAL 7 månader sedan
You should do a CNG conversion, more power and ridiculous gas milage
Gray Fool
Gray Fool 7 månader sedan
All my choices are always questionable . My wife always asks me "why did you do that?"
Justin Ray Styles
Justin Ray Styles 7 månader sedan
Uhoh vw parts don't let osha know!😂
Laj DIY 7 månader sedan
Right there folks, anyone tells you those head gasket sealer products actually work just link them to this video.
Anthony Romeo
Anthony Romeo 7 månader sedan
🤢🤮 vw junk k series and honda b series can make more hp stock with a simple turbo tune and fuel system..
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 7 månader sedan
This is a great project and I would love to see the exterior and interior done up nicely. Body work, paint and upholstery may not be Jared’s thing but it would be great to have some pros have a go at it and make it into a real limo again. A good stereo and a fridge would go a long way to making things more comfortable on a three day rally and a bar for celebrating at the end.
BIG TRB 7 månader sedan
Great stuff J-man! Cant wait for the next questionable move.
Donald Mills
Donald Mills 7 månader sedan
wanna sell that carb?
iknklst 7 månader sedan
Not napkin math, third beer math. First two it's naw it just ain't gonna go. After the third beer it all becomes clear. It just takes a half mile of welding wire.
Eric's Workshop
Eric's Workshop 7 månader sedan
It's things like this that actually make me think I should swap a 350 Chevy into my Volvo 240
Mark Vinewood
Mark Vinewood 7 månader sedan
This content is Gold
Thomas Knight
Thomas Knight 7 månader sedan
Leave the Honda sheet metal on it it’s possible
Kyle Moquin
Kyle Moquin 7 månader sedan
what is wrong with you 49 people did you hit thumbs down by accident?!?! #WrenchEveryDay
Tony Hsieh
Tony Hsieh 7 månader sedan
This project really is not worth the time, view count and money. This wannabe limo is not inspiring at all. The rolls Royce's would be much better.
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 7 månader sedan
you know I know you gotta work on the engine to get this thing ready, but man I cant help but think that you really need to peel the fabric back on the roof and see how bad it is, as I cant imagine it was terribly structurally sound to being with, also with 5:06, you might wanna move the rolls as I dont think English Lacquer takes kindly to sparks lol
Avant Samdhan
Avant Samdhan 7 månader sedan
Sam doesn't mind using head gasket sealer. It will only cracc his head..
TheBlackestBrian 7 månader sedan
Master_ Churro
Master_ Churro 7 månader sedan
I'm enjoying your content so much Jared. Great work dude
Paul Turner
Paul Turner 7 månader sedan
its Darkside Developments. Should at least get the supplier right!
Grimson's Tuning
Grimson's Tuning 7 månader sedan
I wish I knew you personally brother. Great content cant wait to see what your next video is gonna be like.
jkell42 7 månader sedan
Nice 👍🏼 you are one fast mechanic
Alan 7 månader sedan
5:40 autofocus strikes again.
Bosun Hawk
Bosun Hawk 7 månader sedan
If solving problems means dropping engines, you be the king of gravity 👍
Bryce Newsome
Bryce Newsome 7 månader sedan
Loving these videos with Jared. Feels like Ive popped in for coffee while he works on his projects.
Lord JeSith
Lord JeSith 7 månader sedan
That sticker isn't straight.
Very Black
Very Black 7 månader sedan
i am pretty sure that a k24a2 can do 600hp on stock engine and be daily driven
Old Greggs Creamy baileys
Old Greggs Creamy baileys 7 månader sedan
Isn’t it ‘darkside developments’. Tavarish is going to have the worlds most famous Lambo and Jared is going to have the world most famous Limo
lrc works
lrc works 7 månader sedan
40 knobs disiked simple dont watch idiots, bang em jared, love the content .pussys. love jared man.from uk
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 7 månader sedan
man this is gonna be a beast
Nigerian Hustler
Nigerian Hustler 7 månader sedan
I mean if you gave the honda the same advantage ( turbo charger ) it would make better numbers and do it more reliably than the fagwagon engine so if your talking turbo k24/k20 your wrong jared but if your talking about an NA k series of course you wont get that torque lol you wouldnt even get that torque from ur diesal jetta engine if it was NA
Sharif Smith
Sharif Smith 7 månader sedan
Jared said " So much room for...." Thousands of people said "Activities" out loud..... And he says "for putting Jetta Diesels where they don't belong". Wah wah waaaaaaah
armando patane
armando patane 7 månader sedan
I need you to put oil pump on my95 f150 please help
armando patane
armando patane 7 månader sedan
You go jarad
Jester Craft
Jester Craft 7 månader sedan
I would like to see HondaRosey VS Boosted boys Rowdyssey. The BIG Honda showdown.
ROGER Heller
ROGER Heller 7 månader sedan
right on! Jared keep being a champion my guy
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