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Today, we begin our Muscle Truck build, by test driving our International 1010 Johnnie Reb. It has some controversial history, but nevertheless, it's a cool truck, and it deserves better, so we're going to rebuild it!
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Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage 3 månader sedan
Growing up, my family had our Working Truck and our "Work Truck". The former was a truck (or SUV) in decent shape that we'd use for travelling, towing if needed, and was generally aesthetically pleasing to drive, with creature comforts. The latter was our truck that was beat on, that didn't really look nice, didn't drive the best, but it was the kind of thing where we could toss garbage bags, dirty metal parts, or paint-scratching bits into it and not worry about it getting scuffed or scratched or dented. The Titan would be a Working Truck, which you'd want to use for hauls and travel, but the Muscle Truck is more akin to the Work Truck.
Jim Hill
Jim Hill 3 månader sedan
So was that battery heaver with all those "electron adams" in it?
Kasper CheyWolf
Kasper CheyWolf 3 månader sedan
Is it just me or does he seem to be walking slower down hill then up hill?
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 4 månader sedan
Looks kinda early jumping the light
daveogarf 4 månader sedan
LOSE THE "MUSIC"! You sound like a bad Power Block rendition. Let the REAL MUSIC come through - the sound of an IH V8!
Medix Forchune
Medix Forchune 4 månader sedan
Imagine being so woke as a car company you won’t acknowledge a vehicle you built 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Gopherchucks Gaming
Gopherchucks Gaming 4 månader sedan
Cool, this will be a nice restore. Or rod when you get it done.
David Windsor
David Windsor 4 månader sedan
Do a rebuild on the motor. Low profile supercharger. Good box diff. And renew the suspension. And repaint. On the international. Would be neat. Nice interior and radio. Umm looking nice. 😉👌👍
Cardboard Sliver
Cardboard Sliver 4 månader sedan
The rant while you carried the battery. I had to play it a few times because I was laughing too hard. Great work, and beautiful truck. Only American trucks I've seen here in the UK are old Chevy square bodies in Ireland, and I once saw a mid 90s Ford F truck in Wales in 2012.
Don Teague
Don Teague 4 månader sedan
That ole girl is a rock! I would love to own her! Never knew international made a shortie.
mecca6801 4 månader sedan
she's gonna be pretty sweet when restored!
JRod 4 månader sedan
I'm Jarred.
James Walls
James Walls 4 månader sedan
While I appreciate the rareness of any vehicle I never liked the International vehicles.
Charles Lake
Charles Lake 4 månader sedan
How much for a scout
Todd Kalal
Todd Kalal 4 månader sedan
How much for the scout????
Russ Hall
Russ Hall 4 månader sedan
I love that truck
Jason Hill
Jason Hill 4 månader sedan
Nissan, really?
Wes Skedelly
Wes Skedelly 4 månader sedan
Why do we have to watch this guy carry a battery across a field? Boring.
groomlakefisherman 4 månader sedan
I had an old International but it was a ‘72 International Combine (a farmer’s truck). Had not one alternator belt but two, I guess that’s for when if one breaks the other one’s there so it doesn’t become stranded. It was really a fun truck to drive. Ended up getting a hole in the muffler so the sound surely brought back old memories and there was no rear glass (thanks Virgil and your hairbrain idea of how to load a box of steel). Really kinda miss it, it was old, rusty, orange (nicknamed The Great Pumpkin) tinny and has it’s own distinctive door squeal whenever you opened and closed the drivers door. Yes, loved that old truck.
Sirena Marie Neblina
Sirena Marie Neblina 4 månader sedan
The international id push uphill before id own a trojan он titan i mean. May аs well be disposable your rearend will always fail on these. Expecialy if not maintained meaning keep and eye on it. Seals do fail overnight on them. And it сан leak out all of it in a typical day. Before you know it you leave афев дайс латер and the мost ugly gear mismatching grind occurs when you put it in r. Had to share. I stole the kids phone haha. Dad
Sirena Marie Neblina
Sirena Marie Neblina 4 månader sedan
Ive changed 3 со far this year and 5 last. Dad
kennethrobinson11231 4 månader sedan
Comp Cams use to make a RV cam for these engines. I got one and put it in a 392 that I was running. I had a 030 over bore and cut the heads a little I used it in a 1700 Loadstar. Grossing 32,000 when loaded. A 427 Chevy truck couldn't pull with it. It was a little hard on gas. I used a 650 Holley. I still run these engines and build these engines today. Be sure to check your dist. The centrifugal weights wear and advance way to much. Check your total timing. 30-32 degrees is all you need to run. If not you will burn a piston or drop a seat. Take that crap off the engine and use a carb. and J-12y champion plugs. Believe me I have tried them all Been doing this for over 50 years with the Internationals. Pulled them a lot in the old days.
Mr Lenny
Mr Lenny 4 månader sedan
I owned a 1970 international 3/4 ton 4X4 345 four speed. It was a good off road vehicle, but was really hard on gas
ken cohagen
ken cohagen 4 månader sedan
I rebuilt one of those 345 in our shop. The block is hard as hell! The machines complained that boring it out took so long. But they were basically indestructible!
David Rutherford
David Rutherford 4 månader sedan
A neat trick to restore some worn out steering cimoinenrs is to heat uo a fiber based wheek bearing grease and pomp it into worn out rod ends. Works beautifully i got a 65 Bug with worn out king pins thru Missouri safety inspection with flying colors. of coutse
Chris v F
Chris v F 4 månader sedan
Some YT Guys in Germany use the Dragy Performance Box too. Its a damn nice little tool. And the difference between a 1970 and a 2017 truck is insane. i never expected this. just this few seconds between the trucks. nice. Thanks for sharing Jared.
John Quest
John Quest 4 månader sedan
Got tired of just watching you drive! Gezz
Folt Airguns
Folt Airguns 4 månader sedan
Hmm and I wish I had the CMC crew cab 1940 military tow truck that had tow parts removed to make room for a regular bed. The coolest old truck I have found online to date. I would like to retomoded it but it looking stock as much as I can.
Phil Lowman
Phil Lowman 4 månader sedan
Did this truck come from a farm off the lake in Gainesville Ga???? If so I know of this truck.
Obi1kenobi10 4 månader sedan
International "Jhonny Reb" is my dream truck.
Wayne H
Wayne H 4 månader sedan
Great truck. What app are you using for the performance testing ?
GayJohnBircher 4 månader sedan
Just restore it don’t change anything beyond the EFI. They are only original once. Some gears and some good brake shoes maybe
fasttruckman 4 månader sedan
The joy of an old truck is it's an old truck. Don't make it something it never was intended to be when it was built. If you want to spend money making it a modern truck then buy a modern truck.
Mississippi Ditch Fisher
Mississippi Ditch Fisher 4 månader sedan
I just saw one of these about an hour away from my home. It was in great condition, considering its age. It was green, not the Johnny Reb. It was still cool.
GayJohnBircher 4 månader sedan
They had short stepsides too
e e
e e 4 månader sedan
A simple Jared forgot would’ve sufficed. The editor sounded like a jerk. Thanks Jared for this great content
Steve Huffman
Steve Huffman 4 månader sedan
International pickups (I had a 1966 2 wheel drive (no positraction) 1100A series with BG241 inline 6 and 3 on d tree) were made to work, not race. What good does it do to go over the speed limit? Why get a ticket, increased insurance costs, and use more fuel? As for handling ... I dunno about yours, but mine came with gactory overload springs in back (14 leaf springs total per side. load capacity was 3800 pounds. Not bad for a "1/2 ton" pickup.) It never felt like it was going to roll in a turn. IMHO the International pickups were the best made. Much better than Ford, Dodge, Chevy/GMC ever produced - then or now.
E S 4 månader sedan
That was stupid no comparison apples to oranges.
Blade Master
Blade Master 4 månader sedan
wow that is a nice truck
Moonlite Girl
Moonlite Girl 4 månader sedan
Wow I'm an old lady but I thoroughly enjoyed watching that I would love to see an exterior restoration at that beautiful old truck
YEET 4 månader sedan
I want to erase the Confederate worship from history just like Germany erased Hitler's Nazi worship from its history.
leepinlepin wingadingdong
leepinlepin wingadingdong 4 månader sedan
Three reasons why Navistar doesn't want to acknowledge that this truck existed.. 1. Low production numbers 2. The pickup division of ih failed and ih was bought out so why even acknowledge it 3. Political Sustainability, Navistar doesn't want any ties to the Confederate image including the name of johnnie reb because it's just not good dodge with the general lee, they are distancing themselves away from any image of the confederate flag...because it's not good business..society changes and auto manufacturers change with it, if they didn't they wouldn't be in business anymore.
Josh Dieffenbach
Josh Dieffenbach 4 månader sedan
If it sparks thier is a load on it... something is draining battery
dmclegg66 4 månader sedan
Did that thing have a chevy Tbi swap I just did one on my 1972 c30.
William Sanders
William Sanders 4 månader sedan
International pickups are SWEET, why erase it!
Core E
Core E 4 månader sedan
In case any of my neighbors think I am just some elderly grump. Think spike strips and shotgun slugs. One waits and the other catches up. If my grandsons are visiting my home and you drive like this. Think, spike strips and shotgun slugs. I got old by being smart enough not to play stupid games at others expense. That doesn't mean I won't make hell to prevent harm to other folk. Especially my babies babies. Don't mess up and find out. #PissedGpa
WARD5KUSTOMZ 4 månader sedan
Now that i know yall mess with the IH trucks im subbed
Levi Tanner
Levi Tanner 4 månader sedan
Where is your friend property I wanna go get something to rebuild
David Christensen
David Christensen 4 månader sedan
It was so easy to hotwire my dads old international.
bruce clothier
bruce clothier 4 månader sedan
I used to have a 1971 IH 1200. 3/4 ton, 345 engine, 4 speed bulldog transmission. Long bed, step side. 2 wheel drive. It was basically capable of carrying a thing that would fit in the bed(over #8000 of crushed stone once, as well as a 12 ft pack of green 4/4 lumber). I loved that ugly ass thing
Brians diecast Thailand Stothers
Brians diecast Thailand Stothers 4 månader sedan
David Riezinger
David Riezinger 4 månader sedan
Thumbs up button smash for the rare piece of history truck
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 4 månader sedan
U of all people should know the atomic weight of electricity is always greater than its gravitational mass...Jared.jhonny is better than the titan any day.
The,Awakened satan within christ
The,Awakened satan within christ 4 månader sedan
Wench every day are you apart of the israeli Black cube 🕋✡️ tefillin cube corporation cult?.. I see your channel uses that symbolism cube..
Merle Morrison
Merle Morrison 4 månader sedan
never saw a 392 - only 304s and 345s.....
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 4 månader sedan
Lead and acid is heavy....
George Earls
George Earls 4 månader sedan
The term work truck depends on the work you do. If your work is a salesman or something like that, then comfort is important, if you use the truck as a tool itself, I prefer the basics
That Man
That Man 4 månader sedan
You should get an old golf cart for around the shop and fields
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo 4 månader sedan
So the hell with the ls swap why don't you throw in the 7.3 international diesel with twin turbos that will definitely give you the power
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo 4 månader sedan
You can't even compare the two so don't even bother trying. The 2016 yeah it's more comfortable it's faster and everything else about it is Grand but will it last the years that that truck has I don't think so it will probably be dead in another five years unless you keep tossing money at it anyway I like the video I definitely like the truck the old truck you stay safe stay well and as always God bless
John Brown
John Brown 4 månader sedan
In the yard I see a 60's model Chev, I I would love to have one of them Scout's cuz they can handle hard off road use.and also your Johnny Rev too
Kangol Yeahh
Kangol Yeahh 4 månader sedan
I always wondered if these guys edited their own videos or outsourced it. What does a video editor get for doing this? Seems like it could be a nice “work from anywhere” type of side hustle.
k9jekyll 4 månader sedan
I have a ‘71 IH 3/4 ton beefed up to 1 ton suspension with a 345 that my Father-in-law bought new in 1971. It has 66k miles. 2 questions: 1. what FI are you using and 2. What app for your 1/4 runs are you using?
automotive addiction
automotive addiction 4 månader sedan
392 looks like a ford motor..I have no clue on international...who makes that motor ?and will it bolt up no prob in a ford ?
Thomas LeMay
Thomas LeMay 4 månader sedan
I drove one a little older than that one working for USFS it was standard 4×4 model in green. No it was not fast. Stop whining about how heavy the battery is or buy lithium.
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 4 månader sedan
It's the lead plates
what you make of it
what you make of it 5 månader sedan
I work for navistar. I can vouch, we have none of those records
keensweep 5 månader sedan
I drove a T1100 in high school and drove another one across country shortly after high school with a couple friends. That truck belonged to one of those friends.
WVbyGraceofGod 5 månader sedan
Love this truck! If you could recreate the original paint and decals would be awesome, of course you would have to stand by it with an AR-15 whenever you were out to keep protestors from trying to destroy it, but it would be well worth it. Keep it southern, boys!
Bubba Ray
Bubba Ray 5 månader sedan
I'm glad I watched this video. People are going to have this video deleted because it mentions Johnny Reb, and that's considered racist.
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez 5 månader sedan
Where's your camera guy ?
danny Meinberg
danny Meinberg 5 månader sedan
Dude, your commentary cracks me up in a good way though. Awesome to see the truck isn't being returned to earth.
Deplorable Dave
Deplorable Dave 5 månader sedan
Uhh, you are FURTHER erasing this truck from history by refusing to re instate its original name, Johnnie Reb Edition . And the stars and bars or Virginia Battle flag, or what ever it had. I do forgive you. No way in this moment's CANCEL CULTURE that you can preserve this. Not now, anyways. Maybe later. You should consider it. However, if I could afford it, I would buy it from you and do a proper restoration paint wise. I am not even from the South. I just hate this George Orwellian removal of our history. This is how totalitarianism starts. In the mean time, I understand that you guys must BEND THE KNEE. How does that feel, BTW? Johnnie Reb Edition. Rare version with decals intact!!!:
Craig Graham
Craig Graham 5 månader sedan
I have a 1974 international travelall with a 392 and most options except 4wd. Always gets attention in it's orange (they call red) and white paint.
Edmond Pecot Jr.
Edmond Pecot Jr. 5 månader sedan
I'm building one of these... I'm subbing...
Ted Petrimoulx
Ted Petrimoulx 5 månader sedan
Thats pathetic
Stanley Maley
Stanley Maley 5 månader sedan
What the hell he is drinking a 2016 Nissan that's not AMERICA made that makes me sick
Kevin Fabian
Kevin Fabian 5 månader sedan
Lol quit your whining. It's a global market. Many jobs are stateside for Nissan as well.
Dean Benson
Dean Benson 5 månader sedan
See some great looking IHC stuff...I've saved 6
Bo Ward
Bo Ward 5 månader sedan
Love the old international pick up trucks and the scouts! Those trucks were very tough and practically bulletproof!!😎
Roy Howard
Roy Howard 5 månader sedan
Johnny Reb--beware the BLM
John Quest
John Quest 4 månader sedan
I will not be bullied by anyone!
C Erhart
C Erhart 5 månader sedan
My first regular driver (in 1984-86) was a 1973 IH Travelall with the 392, automatic, and 3:45 rear axle ratio. I did some streetlight drag racing with it and it did surprisingly well - embarrassed a 1st-gen 327 Camaro with it, among other things. On the Firestone 721 radials it had when we bought it, it would not usually get any wheelspin off the line...but when it picked up 2nd gear at about 45 mph it'd try to get a little sideways, then do it again when it grabbed 3rd at about 75. 95 was flat out, probably because it had the aerodynamics of a fairly large wall. Handling was surprisingly good - curves marked for 35 were rarely a problem at 55-60 on dry pavement. We got rid of it only because it had rusted out to the point that the gas tank was both exposed (in the left rear fender) and leaking if I put more than about 5 gallons in at a time, and a good replacement tank was impossible to find even then. I miss that old beast. I hope you can get your Binder to do what you want it to do.
Dale Lawson
Dale Lawson 5 månader sedan
i worked with a guy that had one with a 401
Michael Free
Michael Free 5 månader sedan
Seriously telling me you're going nearly 90mph on a county road in a truck? 15:42. Maybe I'm just getting old, and maybe it's the time I had to help two kids stay alive and coordinate first responders to my house because they flew a buick into the top of my neighbor's tree at about the same speed... guys, come on.
P J 5 månader sedan
Best pickup trucks ever built. And that's coming from a die hard GM guy.
P J 5 månader sedan
The IH pickup was the US equivalent to the Toyota HiLux IMO. I owned a 1973 1210 4X4 and used to make money pulling newer trucks out of mud holes at a local off road park. The only thing was parts were a bitch!
Ridge Runner
Ridge Runner 5 månader sedan
Dad always said International couldn't build trucks like they built trucks, and compete with everybody else. He said they were way more truck.
George Wakavatoga
George Wakavatoga 5 månader sedan
Have fun changing the starter on v8 international.
kevin brown
kevin brown 5 månader sedan
Those were awesome old trucks. Really plain Jane.. They didn't have many options though. I've never heard of a Johnny Reb version though.
Budgieplayz99 5 månader sedan
Does Tavares’s still have this channel?
microbusss 5 månader sedan
IH! Do want one!
will Simpkins
will Simpkins 5 månader sedan
Hey man stumbled across your Channel and saw this video which took me back in time I've got a story that will beat yours back in 1977 I worked out in the oil field in Oklahoma for a small company the boss gathered us up one morning and said we were going to Tulsa to pick up two new pickup truck they just happened to be his favorite brand that's right International so any Waze we picked up these two trucks the boss man was really picky about details so we Top off both gas tanks and headed back to Davenport which is exactly 100 miles in Davenport we topped off the tanks again one of the trucks only use one gallon we couldn't figure it out the other truck almost use five because it's exactly a hundred miles between Tulsa and Davenport went back to the office and the boss was thrilled we were excited to and pop the hood nothing really unusual there except in the carbureted area we talked about how good it would be to work with a truck that you didn't have to stop once a day and fill it up haha the boss was thrilled and he said Monday morning I'm going to be rich and he was right Monday morning a man wearing a suit and tie carrying a briefcase came to the office and said I need my truck I'm willing to pay top dollar and he did he made the quickest $25,000 I had ever seen legally that is!!!! Of course this only proves what we've known all along but I saw it in person in 1977.
Duke 5 månader sedan
#1 a work truck needs to be able to be hosed out.
Wamgo C
Wamgo C 5 månader sedan
It’s sad IH never offered their own Diesel engine in their own truck.
Austin Duvall
Austin Duvall 5 månader sedan
Dude get off travarish nuts man u brought him up every 30 seconds on this channel we like you better so be ur own man and do ur thing brother
Andy's Dog House
Andy's Dog House 5 månader sedan
Hey Man. I just found your channel. Good stuff. I subbed your channel so I can follow you along. I hope you will do the same. I have a 1954 Dodge Fargo 1/2 ton. It is being restored now. Thanks for sharing. 👍👍
Jason Harper
Jason Harper 5 månader sedan
That's a bad ass truck
Solomon Homicz
Solomon Homicz 5 månader sedan
I had a '71 Canper Special with the 392, wish I still had it, that was 25 years ago. You can get 540 cubic inches out of one of those motors! Those things are damn good runners. Man, fuel injection and electronic ignition would be really something. Nice find, I'm jealous..., N'Joy!
Delas 5 månader sedan
Amateur hour.... lol
Warren Puckett
Warren Puckett 5 månader sedan
The International Pickups and the Travelall from the 70s often did not have engines in them. They ended up in larger IH trucks in the late 70s when IH 1st had going belly up problems.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 5 månader sedan
Always take a jump pack to a stored vehicle
Hannah L
Hannah L 5 månader sedan
You ask lots of hard questions... Why are batteries heavy... Science lesson! Hooray
Dale Johnson
Dale Johnson 5 månader sedan
I have always liked the International trucks. They were so different you always knew when one came past you.
JT Spencer
JT Spencer 5 månader sedan
I spy a service bed sitting behind the shop 👀
Kurtis Miller
Kurtis Miller 5 månader sedan
Check for parts for that 1010. They might just pleasantly surprise you with what they have. Best of luck reviving it. Love those old trucks.
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