THIS Is The Best (And CHEAPEST) Diesel Truck NO ONE Knows About!

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4 månader sedan

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Today, Jared shows us his truck, a Nissan Titan XD and why he loves it. He also washes it to prove that you don't have to be meticulous to look good. Or do you?
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Adil Malik
Adil Malik Månad sedan
Jared u idiot, u not suppose to name ur car until u got 100,000 miles on it or its bad luck
mike STOMS
mike STOMS 2 månader sedan
Man it’s not “Cummings”
Raimar Lunardi
Raimar Lunardi 2 månader sedan
"Not washed in months" Looks cleaner than my car that was washed 3 days ago...
devbloggs 3 månader sedan
Aaaaaannnnnnndddd they already stopped making them ......
Alfredo Ibarra
Alfredo Ibarra 3 månader sedan
It’s ugly af is why it failed.
Tony Mata
Tony Mata 4 månader sedan
What do think wrong with this 2013 dodge journey I replace spark plugs,coil packs and injector but I'm still getting the same code misfire on cylinder 4
barrettgpeck 4 månader sedan
It makes it a rare bird, but the inlines for diesel is where it is at. The only outlier there is the Ford 98-02 Powerstroke. For reference I drive a 2015 BMW diesel and its dead nuts reliable. Shes due for fluid and filter change.
Devon Farmer
Devon Farmer 4 månader sedan
I test drove a 2018 and it felt like the Cummins was under powered. They were also kinda famous for catching on fire at the time. It's good for a 5/8 ton tuck though
Adrian Prime
Adrian Prime 4 månader sedan
God damn, I wish I had that chance to work on cars since I was 12 years old.
Dave Shiroma
Dave Shiroma 4 månader sedan
That truck is ugly compared to the competition. That’s what failed it lol
Steinar Lundborg
Steinar Lundborg 4 månader sedan
torello928 4 månader sedan
🤔minimal effort...😃i get it now! Its minimal effort because you had someone do the work for you😁👍 you sir are a innovator! (Lol) Anyway great vid Jared, you are a car guru ements amount of automotive knowledge, keep up the good work 👍
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 4 månader sedan
Nissan is kind of a mixed bag. I think the leaf is cool, and I've head great things about their trucks, both here and elsewhere.
Deftones Dsm
Deftones Dsm 4 månader sedan
Eh my T100 and st185 are low production runs but i love them. No matter how rare the parts are i love the 90s toyotas. Just built better. I agree Toyota went for broad market since mid 2000s and has never been the same. Sadly no one replaced them
Matt Petronis
Matt Petronis 4 månader sedan
only real men Drive a titan such great looking trucks
Bristol Daffern
Bristol Daffern 4 månader sedan
The 5 l V8 Cummins Turbo diesel put in the Nissan Titan was a very known motor it also had very common problems which were stupid in general I had no cold starts either the Glow plugs were inadequate or unit firing them was underpowered. They did not come with the factory block heater option for the most units sold in the United States. Other than that no one has ever owned 1 of these long enough nor posted 1 of these long enough to give real long term reviews. I'm sorry sir but you're 70000 miles and 4 yours is hardly adjustable claim. That many miles on a vehicle throughout that time period especially for a diesel is an valid because they truck is not working as a diesel. Being a point that I'm going to say I drive a 100 miles A-day back-and-forth to work round trip. That me and said I've got 36000 miles and 7 months of ownership of a car that is a gasoline but that does not matter here. The point being brand new cars especially any and everything new designs no matter what it is nice to truly be pushed unless you're puttin miles on every day pulling don't say your vehicles reliable. You we had literally purchased a vehicle made by Nissan specifically so Nissan could enter the heavy duty lineup just like Ford GM and Toyota and never forget the super lineup which is Dodge and ram with an industrial Cummins in land 6 Turbo diesel. The most common issue with these trucks that you hear from people because majority the people that bought them are Southern States people and they claim the truck will maybe get 15 miles to the gallon on the interstate empty. Give me highway fuel economy at to highway speeds which is generally 80 to 90 mph lol and real heavy use reviews. I'm not a fan of the Nissan Titan in general devois been overrated underpowered and far from reliable but again no one is ever done the diesel for real long term ownership in reviews because everyone had gotten rid of it. I wanna see some real mile reviews and real towing thank you sir not trying to sound like a smart a** over a know-it-all but in the long run I am a mechanic
Bryan K
Bryan K 4 månader sedan
XD 😆 LoL
Mr_Awesome_TRD _
Mr_Awesome_TRD _ 4 månader sedan
you're good at this man, don't be nervous. keep it uup jared !
TheBlackestBrian 4 månader sedan
1up_ heath
1up_ heath 4 månader sedan
Jared! I know about it! I wish toyota would do a turbo diesel or even a turbo gasser... I own a 2013 toyota tundra with 148k miles. Had it since 106 I need to do a valve cover gaskets I love the 2and gen tundras but hey it is what it is huh.
V G 4 månader sedan
I remember when they were talking about the diesel engines coming up for the titan/frontier there was allot of hype but then the MPG was horrible and the hype went away.
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 4 månader sedan
great video bro
Gary Meola, Jr.
Gary Meola, Jr. 4 månader sedan
I love my Titan XD. Fantastic truck, so underrated. I am sad Nissan stopped making them.
Geoff Sypott
Geoff Sypott 4 månader sedan
Love the trivia! Epic truck as well! Sad they aren't made anymore... maybe just maybe right hand drive for the Aussie market!😁😁
Matheus Leite Péres
Matheus Leite Péres 4 månader sedan
If It arrives to Brazil, It would have a New home 😹
Ed Axeman
Ed Axeman 4 månader sedan
At least it doesn't say TRD (TURD) on the side!?
Russell Johns
Russell Johns 4 månader sedan
Johny Rev?!?!?
doug smith
doug smith 4 månader sedan
what is a neeeson ??
simpson156 4 månader sedan
cant lie i was immediately turned off when i saw the Nissan logo and when i saw the cummins logo my interested was peaked. so it is a Nissan reputation problem.
no middle ground
no middle ground 4 månader sedan
D brandon
D brandon 4 månader sedan
Yeah but have a Nissan.....
djsonicc 4 månader sedan
should have named it Thanos (The Titan)
Kyle Mattinson
Kyle Mattinson 4 månader sedan
Problem with the Titan is the towing capability. When you hook a big fifth wheel camper up to it you are already exceeding the RGAWR before you load in your camping gear and family.
The Jackal Smith
The Jackal Smith 4 månader sedan
Not enough power and poor fuel economy. I’ll pass.
Speedy Gonzales
Speedy Gonzales 4 månader sedan
Cool didn't know they made a diesel. I'll be looking out for one 👍🏽
Hannah L
Hannah L 4 månader sedan
Mmmm. Now I need ice cream.
Sumedha Pussegoda
Sumedha Pussegoda 4 månader sedan
you should do a big brake kit upgrade... 4 piston all round.... get some proper brakes to stop that cummings diesel properly..... looking at the setup there you have the tinniest brakes for a heavy truck with immense towing capabilities....
Sarzah 4 månader sedan
Good video, but please, no more stutter cam!!
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 4 månader sedan
Hey Sarzah! Thanks for watching and for your input. To defend my "editing honor," I wanted to let you know that the “stutter cam” was an unintended product of SEpost’s compression of the raw video file. Those areas were slowed down in production, but how SEpost interpreted those sections was crazy! So the stuttering was not intentional or desired and was not evident in the video file that was uploaded to SEpost.
Dan Haynos
Dan Haynos 4 månader sedan
Tell tavarish to chill with the stutter edit on those slow zoom out shots. Otherwise keep up the great content!
Dan Haynos
Dan Haynos 4 månader sedan
@Duane Harms sorry to bash! I have never seen it before in these videos so I thought you were trying something new. Thanks for what you do!
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 4 månader sedan
Duane the Editor here. Thanks for watching and for your input. To defend my "editing honor," I wanted to let you know that the “stutter cam” was an unintended product of SEpost’s compression of the raw video file. Those areas were slowed down in production, but how SEpost interpreted those sections was crazy! So the stuttering was not intentional or desired and was not evident in the video file that was uploaded to SEpost.
LimpingMonkey 4 månader sedan
So Jared's truck is cleaner dirty than my car normally. ok...
Al J
Al J 4 månader sedan
1/2 the power of the other trucks also. I’m not impressed with these trucks and would rather spend my money on a Cummins ram or duramax
Mercury 02
Mercury 02 4 månader sedan
I love dwaynes little blip ins apologies if I spelled it wrong
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 4 månader sedan
Hey Ok! Good to hear from you. I appreciate your kind comment. Keep watching and enjoying Wrench Every Day!
Finest 4 månader sedan
Jared needs a suzuki jimny
Tech Challenged
Tech Challenged 4 månader sedan
Nice one Jared. 0% effort. You made the guys wash your truck and get sponsorship. Total Boss .😎😎👍🏻
J Mark
J Mark 4 månader sedan
I would say you went to Advanced Auto Parts. Did you buy what you needed online? 20% discount.
Kendall Holt
Kendall Holt 4 månader sedan
How can we forget the infamous Nissan commercial of that truck towing a NASA jet through town
TheOneTrueYingYing 4 månader sedan
i hope you were joking about the spark plugs lol. diesels dont have spark plugs
Stephen Lubey
Stephen Lubey 4 månader sedan
you mean glow plugs
matthew anderson
matthew anderson 4 månader sedan
You call yourself a mechanic and you still haven't swapped those plugs at 70k?
Caswell Racing 76
Caswell Racing 76 4 månader sedan
Those. Are. Junk. Engines.
Coby Hartzler
Coby Hartzler 4 månader sedan
Personally I like the ford 6.7 powerstroke but the Cummins is good too
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 månader sedan
Oooooo...oooooo.. tell them how much a oil change cost at the dealership, because you also have to do the fuel filter too.. $600 .. gotta do both or you void the warranty.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 månader sedan
Ohhh no... What a 🍋... Super lemons of all the lemons..
Kip McMillan
Kip McMillan 4 månader sedan
oneeyedude20 4 månader sedan
It didn't sell great cause it's an ugly fucking truck lol. That front end is almost as ugly as the new Chevy trucks
Good Ol Boy #76
Good Ol Boy #76 4 månader sedan
I had a dodge D100 and the rear end went out of it. I took it to a shop and they told me what rearend it needed. So I looked around for one and found out for the price of a used one from a junk yard I could get 2 new chevy rearends for the same price. I will never own another dodge as long as I live. I guess as long as you still have a warrenty you should be good.
bobby fonck
bobby fonck 4 månader sedan
Where do you send your oil samples for testing? I would like to do this to my ageing vehicle. i love the channel and love your videos, keep up the good work.
Michael l
Michael l 4 månader sedan
I drove the truck and didnt like it at all. Cummins made this engine for the dodge eco diesel and dodge turned it down.
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee 4 månader sedan
J Denha
J Denha 4 månader sedan
Proudly made in Mississippi
Joe Techie
Joe Techie 4 månader sedan
Was this whole video one big paid sponsor, promotion video, not impressed...
00felixb 4 månader sedan
David & Holly Wood
David & Holly Wood 4 månader sedan
Nissan has stopped production because of how big a failure and unreliable these trucks are.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 4 månader sedan
They always need a little love 💓
Nicholas Ashe
Nicholas Ashe 4 månader sedan
hehe Spark plugs hehe
Pleiadian Pilot
Pleiadian Pilot 4 månader sedan
Did you just say spark plugs, in a diesel? You feeling ok sir?
Bailey North
Bailey North 4 månader sedan
I didn't Know they fixed the throttle response I worked at Nissan a year ago I liked the truck besides the delay when you hit the gas nice to know they fixed it
Gregg Linnell
Gregg Linnell 4 månader sedan
It’s a Diesel, so no spark plugs. It has glow plugs.
Fred Railsback
Fred Railsback 4 månader sedan
Cummings engines are using spark plugs now 13:10😒
Karaf 4 månader sedan
Most internet truck ever XD
Manmeet Tomar
Manmeet Tomar 4 månader sedan
cummins engines are soild
Syed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari
Syed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari 4 månader sedan
Sparkplugs Diesel Hunhh What's happening
Timo Lahti
Timo Lahti 4 månader sedan
Um. Spark plugs on Diesel? Nope..
Miguel Den Boer
Miguel Den Boer 4 månader sedan
If you would tell me avalon King was a mobile game i would believe it
john shaw
john shaw 4 månader sedan
I heard dodge had right of first refusal on that engine and did.
Michel Swerissen
Michel Swerissen 4 månader sedan
Spark plugs ?
Mark Harry
Mark Harry 4 månader sedan
The problem with those trucks, is that they are ugly.
NONo443 4 månader sedan
It would be nice if Banks made a tuner and parts for that engine.
Dakota Hunt
Dakota Hunt 4 månader sedan
My 17 XD cummins has 40k so far and not an issue.
Andrew Isenbart
Andrew Isenbart 4 månader sedan
i like it so much because its the only v config you can get in with a cummins
Janis Rocans
Janis Rocans 4 månader sedan
Diesel has no spark plugs!
andrewkwsk 4 månader sedan
You mean glow plugs?
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus 4 månader sedan
I didn't know that these trucks were already four years old.
Stephen Behrens
Stephen Behrens 4 månader sedan
These truck are notorious for injector and crank failures... ask me how I know... 40k new motor and transmission
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 4 månader sedan
Only good thing in that truck is the engine. Nissan was a good company at one time, but not any more. Hope it treats you well but I would not jump on that train if I had to make that choice.
Zach Poe
Zach Poe 4 månader sedan
All Nissan titans have the exact same problems! Owner of a 2008 Titan and my AC blend door actuator is also broken. Multiple mechanics said it’d cost $1,000+ JUST TO GET TO THE BLEND DOOR. Tried to do it myself and it took 3 very aggravating days.
Sammy Speed
Sammy Speed 4 månader sedan
It is a big shame they discontinued the Cummins in the titan.
Christopher Sommerfeld
Christopher Sommerfeld 4 månader sedan
Ugly truck, shit box engine. Not surprised nobody bought them. Can get a lot more truck and capability for the money from one of the big 3.
Erick Aguilera
Erick Aguilera 4 månader sedan
As long as a diesel has the Cummins it will run for a long time point plank period
S. Thomas K
S. Thomas K 4 månader sedan
Duane the Editor. Guy cracks me up. Don't get me wrong because I think Jared is an excellent host but sometimes a little clarification is required and Duane has got it covered.
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 4 månader sedan
Thanks Thomas for the kind words! Keep watching and being a fan of Wrench Every Day!
MechnTech Beau
MechnTech Beau 4 månader sedan
Had a Pro-4X XD with 67k and it decided that the turbo had to go with proceeded to put pistons out the sides of the block. So I went back to my old bulletproof 7.3L with 567k F350
RioZLander 4 månader sedan
this is the 1st time i am ever seeing one of those drive on the road and its on a video lol. im in so cal CA we get everything on the road ive never seen one of those in my hours of time in traffic shit ive seen more bugatti veyron's that's how bad their marketing department dropped the ball on the Diesel titan
Ellwood76 4 månader sedan
nissan, the motors wont break but everything hooked up to it will. coming from a nissan fanboy here haha
Ross Zollinger
Ross Zollinger 4 månader sedan
Titan XDs suuuuuuuuck tho
eric nagel
eric nagel 4 månader sedan
I thought diesels did not need plugs lol
Riley Potter
Riley Potter 4 månader sedan
Saying Toyota copied Ford, meanwhile the Titan looks like an exact chinese replica of an F150. Theres a reason Nissan is going kaput, and a reason why Toyota is so reliable and durable. They know their market and make great products.
LiquidJD 4 månader sedan
Wish Toyota would bring Thier diesel over, they were supposed to have their 1ton out but are scared they can't compete with the major 3
dalogg2 4 månader sedan
Spark plugs 🤦‍♂️
Tyler R
Tyler R 4 månader sedan
How can you say " NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT" this truck... They sold almost 300,000 of these trucks.. so yes people know about this truck.
Tom H
Tom H 4 månader sedan
Jared ,You said diesel with spark plugs? 🙊It have to be good on the gas mileage😁
Anthony Goodrich
Anthony Goodrich 4 månader sedan
It's great to see how much more comfortable Jared gets with each video... Keep up the awesome content and I'll keep watching.
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