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Today, Jared introduces his daily driver, his 200,000+ mile 2008 Lexus IS-F, cleans it up and gives it a few upgrades.
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Eric Dunlap
Eric Dunlap 2 dagar sedan
Love the red.
All Kina Ting
All Kina Ting 5 dagar sedan
major no to the wing
All Kina Ting
All Kina Ting 5 dagar sedan
the stock wheels looked much better.
All Kina Ting
All Kina Ting 5 dagar sedan
Coffee 7 dagar sedan
Those wheels look horrible Stock looked better
Daniel Chaidez
Daniel Chaidez 7 dagar sedan
Okay I like the ISF but it’s not a super car. it’s the sports sedan you buy when you can’t afford a C63, E90 M3 or an RS4.
S58 7 dagar sedan
I wish this car was cheap, tried looking for one and none were under 20k unless it had 150k miles on it and was beat down. The low miles isf’s I’ve seen cost over 30k Forsure.
Yusuf Qureshi
Yusuf Qureshi 8 dagar sedan
Why did u have to post it. Values are skyrocketing
Quonset TheHutt
Quonset TheHutt 12 dagar sedan
I was sure it was going to be an Aston rapide
Lawrence L.A. Auble
Lawrence L.A. Auble 13 dagar sedan
I say do it!
Albert Agibinik
Albert Agibinik 13 dagar sedan
Sand blaster soft to hard abrasive for testing. The one that lasts the longest is worth investing in
Kalani Robb
Kalani Robb 13 dagar sedan
Insanely ugly
Kalani Robb
Kalani Robb 13 dagar sedan
Knock it of ! Powder coat stock wheels and dump the wing .
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 15 dagar sedan
Don't do it! Especially if it is your wife's car! Sleepers should be sleepers, the wing gives it up right away.
mike coma
mike coma 16 dagar sedan
I just owned this car and sold it and bought a Jaguar XF v8 with supercharged 420hp and I have to say the Lexus was alright but the jaguar puts it to shame in every way. Looks/performance. My next car will be a alfa romeo quadrifoglio v6 twin turbo 505hp
mike coma
mike coma 16 dagar sedan
Oh. And I paid 8500$ Canadian for the jaguar. That’s about 5,000$ usd
The Man
The Man 19 dagar sedan
On track ,wing (function over form) driving around town keep it subtle. Out of the Lexus colors that year. I'd take the charcoal grey or beautiful blue 😂😂😂
Kent McKean
Kent McKean 19 dagar sedan
I got to say NO to the wing And RED is always the best color
Rony Mines
Rony Mines 19 dagar sedan
Smoky Granite Mica for me
Agent00J 20 dagar sedan
Did I miss it? 1) I don't recall you saying what exact spec you ended up running for the 18" Konig wheels. You talked about offset and wheel spacers, but 2) you didn't link or mention the exact spec you went with in the video caption like you said you would. The Konigs aren't my style but I really like the fitment you got with them.
Bng210 20 dagar sedan
That spoiler needs to go on!
stusatwork30 22 dagar sedan
Ceramic coat the door to the bathroom. You can wipe away the oily fingerprints etc right off the door
MrCheang 22 dagar sedan
I think you should try putting wings, it’ll fly hahaha
Stellor Lucas
Stellor Lucas 24 dagar sedan
Man those chrome wheels are butt ugly.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 24 dagar sedan
These aren’t cheap. Twice what I paid for my LS460.
HuxTheSergal 24 dagar sedan
Dude, just mount this wing it's the best kind of ridiculous look
B K 24 dagar sedan
2002 called, they want their wing back
Timo Kakko
Timo Kakko 25 dagar sedan
Samuel Lough
Samuel Lough 25 dagar sedan
The wing is Cool, but maybe just a tad too much. If you are looking for something a tad more aggressive but still clean. Check out the Wald style Spoiler, I like the way it fits the car better.
5150COMBO 25 dagar sedan
would have to say WHITE
Dave K
Dave K 25 dagar sedan
35k over here.. "cheap". In which world is this thing cheap? I want to move there
somir gomes
somir gomes 25 dagar sedan
Can I use regular gas on this car?
Neville Guerrero
Neville Guerrero 26 dagar sedan
Looks stupid. These cars need to be in proper hands.
Kizashi Wellness
Kizashi Wellness 27 dagar sedan
Get another trunk from a yard or something, or CF if you're feeling to make more questionable choices, and mount the wing on that, so you can swap it for races/track events, etc. I think the wing is a great idea, but when needed.
zephyr r
zephyr r 27 dagar sedan
wing undermines the car, stock wheels are better looking
John Lukach
John Lukach 27 dagar sedan
Hell Fn no to the rims and wing look very bad and horrible
H F 28 dagar sedan
Got the wifey a silver one 3 years ago. She loves ittt
roshi 29 dagar sedan
Matador Red Mica looks a lot better and a much more rarer color >
fdjw88 29 dagar sedan
right now the ISF is trading close to 30K USD if it has low mileage, and that's for a 2008 version. keep in mind that Lexus kept making the ISF all the way to 2014. it's mind blowing that a 2008 car is worth this much!
Lliam Moore
Lliam Moore Månad sedan
Wing is cool
Elevated Performance
Elevated Performance Månad sedan
Supercar lol 😂 my e55 dogged those and my c63... their reliable good handling cars at best but def no peformance animal
Weightless Living
Weightless Living Månad sedan
You’ve taken a brilliant car and made it look bargain basement with those HIDEOUS chrome wheels. The wing...seriously? 🙄🙄🙄
romit rahman
romit rahman Månad sedan
Doo itt, active wing would be soo cool
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno Månad sedan
White, I'll take it in white
Hidayat Haqyar
Hidayat Haqyar Månad sedan
It’s a Lexus i SF ur welcome 😇
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Månad sedan
How did you make an IS F look like a IS 200
6.7cummins Månad sedan
The red shows off the body lines more then the black but the black looks very sleek and elegant but down where you are in Georgia black car will get insanely hot they are both awesome colors
DJI Spark Collections
DJI Spark Collections Månad sedan
Lol guess we have different definition of super car.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Månad sedan
I like the red it shows more of the body
Chris Barnhart
Chris Barnhart Månad sedan
Phillip Cassady
Phillip Cassady Månad sedan
I think the wing is just the right amount of questionable.
Eli Daiker
Eli Daiker Månad sedan
I love the IS-F but they’re still crazy expensive. It’s like 35k for a 2008 with barely under 100k miles.
heincarpenter Månad sedan
It's my dream car!
Eriberto Uribe
Eriberto Uribe Månad sedan
They live in Florida, of course the first thing they think of is chrome wheels and a big wing
Josh Sulli
Josh Sulli Månad sedan
He said super car 😂😂😂😂😂
Kjell Inge Kleppe
Kjell Inge Kleppe Månad sedan
I would not mind a white pearl one, But between the two you asked I would go for the Black.
GhostriderTom Månad sedan
265 Front is IMO too wide for the IS F :-) But a great car. I can really relate as an IS F 2011 and GS F 2016 driver, I absolutely adore the "F" cars. :-) Nice video.
thealeksanderh Månad sedan
If you really want a spoiler on an ISF the Aimgain three-piece one is the way to go. In my humble opinion. Rised wings are a little much for the discreet look of the ISF.
Another Motorist
Another Motorist Månad sedan
Between the konig and oem 08-10 wheels the oem wheels do suit the body better but the konig still suits the whale body quite well, but being able to get the squared tire set up and cheaper tire options in 18s is where it's at. No to wing but in the end all you man.
CMDR Boom Månad sedan
It's better to be sheet off then sheet on. lol Okay, it's 'pissed', but that's not funny!
ZackRoss Tattoos
ZackRoss Tattoos Månad sedan
Best 25k (35k if we include the mods)I've ever spent. Think I'm gonna throw the rr racing SC on and drive it till the wheels fall off. The best DD ever!
John Wski
John Wski Månad sedan
Not a supercar STOP calling it one.
Substitute Realities Channel
Substitute Realities Channel Månad sedan
The wing is way overkill lol but if you really wanna maybe you can make the holes/mounting for it and leave it off until track day or something.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Månad sedan
20k isn't cheap for a 10 year old car. 🤥🙈
JoKeR93007 Månad sedan
There is nothin' better than a big wang. Do it! lol!
DeAndre Thompson
DeAndre Thompson Månad sedan
Matador Red Mica over Obsidian Black for me, obviously since I own a red 08 IS F LoL
mark d
mark d Månad sedan
That wheel looks so ghetto l.fao wow really dude looks like a cive rice wheel dead ass the worst!!!!!
Osillius Månad sedan
That red!
Devin Bigham
Devin Bigham Månad sedan
I like the wing put it on
Standup 911
Standup 911 Månad sedan
11’ and up is when the prices are no longer “cheap”. I’m lucky and bought a 11’ with 155k. But yeah that spoiler looks awesome but definitely track only. I like the square set up but i don’t run spacers. I have 285s in the rear. 255s up front. I’m also FBO tuned from RR. And i just bought a oil cooler, trans cooler and radiator for it. Soon I’ll upgrade the suspension and call it day. Have you thought about upgrading your LSD since you track it?
Kevin Lau
Kevin Lau Månad sedan
Ultrasonic blue all the way !!!!
rain Santiago
rain Santiago Månad sedan
Lol IS-F has never been cheap 😂
Kevin Pulio
Kevin Pulio Månad sedan
Whats the part number for the wheels jared
Brian Myers
Brian Myers Månad sedan
You are probably right about that wing... it should be on a track car not a daily driver.
Brian Myers
Brian Myers Månad sedan
That is a nice car actually, still hate the vertical stacked tailpipes though, get rid of those things.
TruthyToo Månad sedan
That wing is F-ugly on a sports sedan.
Kartez Drake
Kartez Drake Månad sedan
That wing is $4000! 😱
LJ Whitmire
LJ Whitmire Månad sedan
Would you guys STFU about this car! I'll never be able to afford one if everybody knows about it! :P I've had 2 ISs and want an ISF bad, but my wallet keeps vetoing the idea.
Akshin Anish
Akshin Anish Månad sedan
Wing pleaseeee
Kristijan Salopek
Kristijan Salopek Månad sedan
Put the wing on it!
Cars, Shows and Cat Shirts
Cars, Shows and Cat Shirts Månad sedan
I didn't realize you were in Michigan for that race. M1 is minutes from my house
Kwoodbine86 Månad sedan
red bsby!!!!
Jaylyan phillips
Jaylyan phillips Månad sedan
Personally I think the stock BBS forged wheels look better
ProductofNZ Månad sedan
I really like the stock wheel design. I guess with your kind of driving its better to have more rubber contact but the stock wheels actually suit really well. (When they're clean )
Triple Emce
Triple Emce Månad sedan
No to the wheels, YES to the wing.
charlie156 Månad sedan
I mean, I personally don’t think so? But I also like the big wings. It’s went the entire car is crazy, that’s when stuff like the wing looks to much
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira Månad sedan
Chrome wheels 🤮
Stephen Simpson
Stephen Simpson Månad sedan
What a shill
Moto Nugget
Moto Nugget Månad sedan
No wing if you aren't going to track it all the time. That active aero belongs on a track car build!
Ate Mega Bites
Ate Mega Bites Månad sedan
Black is nicer, that burgundy color is an old persons car Color
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Månad sedan
who doesn't want to put a tanning bed or ironing board on their supercar that's what all the young ones are doing these days. Some of them even go as far as putting a bookshelf back where
Chris Fortney
Chris Fortney Månad sedan
gettin fast and loose with the term "supercar"
Aidan Hart
Aidan Hart Månad sedan
Black Lexus f
Matt B.
Matt B. Månad sedan
The red color for me. I've been partial to that color for a long time.
Mrpartyallnight101 Månad sedan
NO to the wing. Especially that one.
Theron Månad sedan
The red one is better looking.
Mehran Niknafs
Mehran Niknafs Månad sedan
No wing
MiniFreak Månad sedan
I hate the new wheels, I hate the wing, and black looks much better.
Yellow Fellow
Yellow Fellow Månad sedan
Anyone seriously looking to buy one? Im ready to sell mine its a 2008 148k all stock except intake majority of maintenance done at dealership got all of the paperwork since ive owned selling for $18,000 obo hmu if you’re really interested!
roger buss III
roger buss III Månad sedan
Editor dude: i like the red, but the car looks better in black.. the red flaunts some of the cars lines that i dont like, and the black of course mutes them a tad.. just imo.. but both of them will make most car guys jealous..
Evloftis Månad sedan
i would have to go with Red for sure.. the wing way to much for the car
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