Trying To Drive Our Mid-Engined Corvette-Powered Pickup For The First Time (FOUND A BIG PROBLEM)

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Today, Jared takes the Johnnie Rev out of the shop and immediately finds an issue. Two steps forward...
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Pepe Penalon
Pepe Penalon 17 dagar sedan
Yes Sir!! I love watching your shows, Jared! I have watched a good amount of your videos and every time I enjoy them even more. Keep them coming since that's what makes me enjoying the days even more. So, have a nice day and until the next one. Take care, you guys. I really love the work on that truck. That's giving me an idea just that I have to wait! You guys are awesome! And so until next time! Bye!
ROVER25X 29 dagar sedan
Duane edited the he'll out of this, the time transitions were cool!
Shawn Wiedner
Shawn Wiedner 29 dagar sedan
Keep up the awesome videos
Mike Ripley
Mike Ripley Månad sedan
I need that left frame rail you did not use
' DaveyB
' DaveyB Månad sedan
It idles awesome for first couple start ups
U should weld the hood to the roof permanently it looks great 😂
01V70T5 4LIFE
01V70T5 4LIFE Månad sedan
thinking about Ford supervan, English Transit style, thank you for the weird crazy awesome inspiration. IH built some tough old rigs. People are only limited by their imagination, if they have torches, and welders.
Shaun PC
Shaun PC Månad sedan
Those welds are 👌🏻 my only with that transmission crossmember is that it looks to drop down from the chassis rail a long way, just wondering how much clearance there is from the ground when the truck is sitting at ride height.
Diarmuid Dallat
Diarmuid Dallat Månad sedan
I want a job at J&J. Where would SEpost car builds be without them? 👏 👏
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch Månad sedan
I have a particular affection for those "13 lettered motherf*ckers" even if my 4 cyl '60 Scout tried to kill me when the axle broke and the thing slid about a mile down the side of a mountain near Georgetown, CO in (probably) 1980. I survived, as did my co-worker and our cooler full of beer.
joe harris
joe harris Månad sedan
What show is Randy going to be at?
Brian Meskanen
Brian Meskanen Månad sedan
That grille looks very similar to the Australian XW Ford Falcon. A bit thinner, but it has the look
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo Månad sedan
Love your work Jared, enjoy your videos and thumb up. Truck is coming up nicely.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo Månad sedan
Love your work Jared, enjoy your videos and thumb up. Truck is coming up nicely.
Angello Roa
Angello Roa Månad sedan
Really enjoy the content and makes my day seeing a video upload for you guys! Keep up the awesome work 💯🔥
Tim W
Tim W Månad sedan
It wants to be a nascar “turn left”
TheHillbillyvan Månad sedan
It thinks it's a NASCAR truck
Mark Watters
Mark Watters Månad sedan
Great work buddy
Don H
Don H Månad sedan
I thought he was going to say, at the end; "By the time you're doing it a sixt time.. ... you're almost wrenching everyday" ..
mcgaiver matt
mcgaiver matt Månad sedan
Fyi corvettes didnt come cast iron blocks
mcgaiver matt
mcgaiver matt Månad sedan
Love the "vette" engine.... smfh
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett Månad sedan
A side impact would be a real disaster in that truck.
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett Månad sedan
Mid engined?
Mike Norris
Mike Norris Månad sedan
Yes! A shout out to the freedom factory would be a awesome episode you tavarish and cleeter!
Nikbawker Månad sedan
that sucks think my gf rack got fucked now after watching this. hope not although it hasnt nascard while sitting theres a wierd spot turning at low speed got hit by a cars handbrake that became unset.
General 236
General 236 Månad sedan
The shop dog is the real star here
AU MetalMental
AU MetalMental Månad sedan
Mid engined, joke of a ... just to get people to watch ur clip.
ThatWhiteVolvo Månad sedan
this is just a sick sick truck! love internationals!
Jeremy Carpenter
Jeremy Carpenter Månad sedan
give it gas and wants to go left.. nascar ready
John Samuel Arul Rajasingh
John Samuel Arul Rajasingh Månad sedan
Can't wait for the Honda Roussey
dennis Sastini
dennis Sastini Månad sedan
Hoses crossed?
Gap Sauce
Gap Sauce Månad sedan
He just wants to be a nascar
Craig Fulton
Craig Fulton Månad sedan
VTuned should take note on how to build a transmission crossmember.
Matt Povah
Matt Povah Månad sedan
Plenty of room on top for a supercharger or maybe turbos
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz Månad sedan
The engine isnt near low enough...
Eridan Dan
Eridan Dan Månad sedan
There's a whole wide range of "fragrance" between "less" and "smellier", Jared. Another reason to be thankful there's no odorama on SEpost yet 😜
Stephen Drew
Stephen Drew Månad sedan
I love this project. Over the pond, we don’t see things like this. Fantastic
Nomad Mike
Nomad Mike Månad sedan
Wouldn't starting it without any fluid in the transmission kill the transmission directly?
Ryan Månad sedan
Holy hell the editor goes CRAZY. He's insane
Resurrection Motorsports
Resurrection Motorsports Månad sedan
I'm loving this project! Still can't decide what body our LS is going to go in after we finish our mustang project, but an older truck like this looks like a lot of fun! And sooooo much room to work on it! Keep up the good work!