Trying To Drive Our Mid-Engined Corvette-Powered Pickup For The First Time (FOUND A BIG PROBLEM)

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Wrench Every Day

5 månader sedan

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Today, Jared takes the Johnnie Rev out of the shop and immediately finds an issue. Two steps forward...
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Piper In NJ
Piper In NJ 2 månader sedan
This is a stupid question, but how is this truck mid-engined??
Chris Barnhart
Chris Barnhart 2 månader sedan
i love the length of these videos. been binge watching ya lately and really appreciate all the wisdom. the editor makes it like a tv show and its great
John Doe
John Doe 3 månader sedan
Just now noticed the wheel spacers in the front,... possibly get some really deep dish wheels to clear the calipers!!!!
Alexandru Viorel Panaite
Alexandru Viorel Panaite 3 månader sedan
leon get out a'here!
Pepe Penalon
Pepe Penalon 4 månader sedan
Yes Sir!! I love watching your shows, Jared! I have watched a good amount of your videos and every time I enjoy them even more. Keep them coming since that's what makes me enjoying the days even more. So, have a nice day and until the next one. Take care, you guys. I really love the work on that truck. That's giving me an idea just that I have to wait! You guys are awesome! And so until next time! Bye!
Shawn Wiedner
Shawn Wiedner 5 månader sedan
Keep up the awesome videos
Mike Ripley
Mike Ripley 5 månader sedan
I need that left frame rail you did not use
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 5 månader sedan
It idles awesome for first couple start ups
KARVANZ NLIFE 5 månader sedan
U should weld the hood to the roof permanently it looks great 😂
01V70T5 4LIFE
01V70T5 4LIFE 5 månader sedan
thinking about Ford supervan, English Transit style, thank you for the weird crazy awesome inspiration. IH built some tough old rigs. People are only limited by their imagination, if they have torches, and welders.
Shaun PC
Shaun PC 5 månader sedan
Those welds are 👌🏻 my only with that transmission crossmember is that it looks to drop down from the chassis rail a long way, just wondering how much clearance there is from the ground when the truck is sitting at ride height.
Diarmuid Dallat
Diarmuid Dallat 5 månader sedan
I want a job at J&J. Where would SEpost car builds be without them? 👏 👏
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch 5 månader sedan
I have a particular affection for those "13 lettered motherf*ckers" even if my 4 cyl '60 Scout tried to kill me when the axle broke and the thing slid about a mile down the side of a mountain near Georgetown, CO in (probably) 1980. I survived, as did my co-worker and our cooler full of beer.
joe harris
joe harris 5 månader sedan
What show is Randy going to be at?
Brian Meskanen
Brian Meskanen 5 månader sedan
That grille looks very similar to the Australian XW Ford Falcon. A bit thinner, but it has the look
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 5 månader sedan
Love your work Jared, enjoy your videos and thumb up. Truck is coming up nicely.
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo 5 månader sedan
Love your work Jared, enjoy your videos and thumb up. Truck is coming up nicely.
Angello Roa
Angello Roa 5 månader sedan
Really enjoy the content and makes my day seeing a video upload for you guys! Keep up the awesome work 💯🔥
Tim 5 månader sedan
It wants to be a nascar “turn left”
Van Hillbilly Halstead III
Van Hillbilly Halstead III 5 månader sedan
It thinks it's a NASCAR truck
M Watters
M Watters 5 månader sedan
Great work buddy
Don H
Don H 5 månader sedan
I thought he was going to say, at the end; "By the time you're doing it a sixt time.. ... you're almost wrenching everyday" ..
mcgaiver matt
mcgaiver matt 5 månader sedan
Fyi corvettes didnt come cast iron blocks
mcgaiver matt
mcgaiver matt 5 månader sedan
Love the "vette" engine.... smfh
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett 5 månader sedan
A side impact would be a real disaster in that truck.
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett 5 månader sedan
Mid engined?
Mike Norris
Mike Norris 5 månader sedan
Yes! A shout out to the freedom factory would be a awesome episode you tavarish and cleeter!
Nikbawker 5 månader sedan
that sucks think my gf rack got fucked now after watching this. hope not although it hasnt nascard while sitting theres a wierd spot turning at low speed got hit by a cars handbrake that became unset.
General 236
General 236 5 månader sedan
The shop dog is the real star here
AU MetalMental
AU MetalMental 5 månader sedan
Mid engined, joke of a ... just to get people to watch ur clip.
ThatWhiteVolvo 5 månader sedan
this is just a sick sick truck! love internationals!
Jeremy Carpenter
Jeremy Carpenter 5 månader sedan
give it gas and wants to go left.. nascar ready
John Samuel Arul Rajasingh
John Samuel Arul Rajasingh 5 månader sedan
Can't wait for the Honda Roussey
dennis Sastini
dennis Sastini 5 månader sedan
Hoses crossed?
Liam L27
Liam L27 5 månader sedan
He just wants to be a nascar
Craig Fulton
Craig Fulton 5 månader sedan
VTuned should take note on how to build a transmission crossmember.
Matt Povah
Matt Povah 5 månader sedan
Plenty of room on top for a supercharger or maybe turbos
Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz 5 månader sedan
The engine isnt near low enough...
Eridan Dan
Eridan Dan 5 månader sedan
There's a whole wide range of "fragrance" between "less" and "smellier", Jared. Another reason to be thankful there's no odorama on SEpost yet 😜
Stephen Drew
Stephen Drew 5 månader sedan
I love this project. Over the pond, we don’t see things like this. Fantastic
Nomad Mike
Nomad Mike 5 månader sedan
Wouldn't starting it without any fluid in the transmission kill the transmission directly?
Ryan 5 månader sedan
Holy hell the editor goes CRAZY. He's insane
Resurrection Motorsports
Resurrection Motorsports 5 månader sedan
I'm loving this project! Still can't decide what body our LS is going to go in after we finish our mustang project, but an older truck like this looks like a lot of fun! And sooooo much room to work on it! Keep up the good work!
Steven Monkhouse
Steven Monkhouse 5 månader sedan
On my 58 Chevy p/u with a LS, I did a two into one air intake. I had air filters behind each inboard headlight location. I removed the inboard headlights and built screens to fit in the hole, similar to a 64 Ford T-bolt.
armando patane
armando patane 5 månader sedan
We like bosco the dog
DJRustla 5 månader sedan
Default setting: Nascar.
ghogue61 5 månader sedan
I like that you are showing the old International pickup some love. They were built like tanks and abused like a tank and few people appreciate them enough to fix up.
Armando Boensel
Armando Boensel 5 månader sedan
Always sound advices guys
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 5 månader sedan
That questionable choices bit gets me every, single, time. #jaredismyfave
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 5 månader sedan
I would hate to get hit on the passenger side,just like the older chevy trucks catch fire after getting hit on the side because it was on the outside of the frame.
Stephen Dee
Stephen Dee 5 månader sedan
Imo, the engine and trans are sitting too low. I suspect you will damage oil pans on speed bumps! You have room to move it up, so revise and don't oil the streets up.
Exotic & Vegan Recipes
Exotic & Vegan Recipes 5 månader sedan
3:35 😧🤭 Jaredddd... Didn’t knew u speak French, how lovely 😊👋😂
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith 5 månader sedan
It's a joy watching craftsmen work.
Michael Wiles
Michael Wiles 5 månader sedan
You guys need to put a super charger on that LS
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 5 månader sedan
Love the Internationals. Our Scoutmaster could stuff most of the Troop in his Travelall, and our friend used to load some of us up in his dad's Scout Mail Jeep, with right hand drive and a pink paint job. Never owned one, but I'm not dead yet...
Victor TheCarGuy
Victor TheCarGuy 5 månader sedan
6 liter is so powerful even a RWD has toque steer. Love the show.
Kayne Jones
Kayne Jones 5 månader sedan
Jared's nearly up there with Leno for purity
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 5 månader sedan
cant wait to see what kind of paint you do to this beast
Rolli6669 5 månader sedan
Would look sick with truck exhausts. What do they call them? Stove pipe exhaust or something like that?
Gopherchucks Gaming
Gopherchucks Gaming 5 månader sedan
A fuel cell in a toolbox? maybe, if you want to get the space to work under there.
Dc 5 månader sedan
They dont make them like they use to, I wish I could take my whole front end off to do engine work
DFSniper 5 månader sedan
Paul Castro
Paul Castro 5 månader sedan
That really is a weird place for a gas tank. Why not just delete it all together and put a fuel cell in the bed?
Jason Sapp
Jason Sapp 5 månader sedan
So is the converter not bolted to the flex plate? As adept as you are Jared I would bet it isn't....but dry trans...running engine....YIKES! LOL
Jnl Jnl
Jnl Jnl 5 månader sedan
You have to counterstear at the freedom factory as driving sideways is a requirement.😂
Steve Cox
Steve Cox 5 månader sedan
I'm wondering if the steering rack pulling to the left was a possible cause of the 'accident'. Many years ago I worked for a fellah who bought and repaired accident damaged cars. One car he had was front wheel drive, and had been pulled backwards out of a ditch. After fixing it all, he drove it up the road and the oil all fell out of the gearbox.... a tooth had come of the diff and caused one wheel to lock - putting the car in the ditch - then freed up when pulled out. This rack might be a similar cause :-). BTW, love the build.
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 5 månader sedan
I'm just curious, why did you keep the live axle in the back? was it just that much easier than replacing it with some sort of independent system?
Mike Fey
Mike Fey 5 månader sedan
Dude, you sound like Tavarish .
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts 5 månader sedan
Need to take a old hood n make a visor for Johnny Rev
Ryan Coldiron
Ryan Coldiron 5 månader sedan
Itll be ok. The steering wheel will stop turning when it hits full lock
Themadoutbacker 5 månader sedan
Shop dogs are some of the best dogs.
Clinton Toney
Clinton Toney 5 månader sedan
It’s funny looking at these older cars and trucks with such big engine bays , it’s makes even a 6.2 look small. But that’s good , more room for snails 🐌
Mentalit y.
Mentalit y. 5 månader sedan
You should do a hood scoop for air, haha i like the weird of center ones but it looks like yours is already setup to be in the center.
I Am The Cheese
I Am The Cheese 5 månader sedan
I just gotta ask, why use a Johnny Reb truck instead of just another base international truck. Seems you've undone everything that made it a special addition truck. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but you could've done the exact same thing with any old international truck and kept the Johnny Reb as a special addition testimonial to a truck they claim doesn't exist.
Hotwheelbill1 5 månader sedan
and do side pipes..........
Hotwheelbill1 5 månader sedan
Love the Build. Please move that gas tank!!
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 5 månader sedan
She's got air in the lines
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 5 månader sedan
A Rebel with a Yankee heart transplant lol
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 5 månader sedan
Dang Bubba look at the clearance on that transmission tunnel. You can drop that down so Sally Mae can sit in the middle right next to Johnny Reb.
Stephfone Goodman
Stephfone Goodman 5 månader sedan
Jared really has brought up the quality of this channel. Good work bruh.
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 5 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see it out on the road 👍👍😍😍
Mohit Sahu
Mohit Sahu 5 månader sedan
Can't wait for this thing back on road
Jesse Vilsterren
Jesse Vilsterren 5 månader sedan
So a truck that only goes to the left? Sounds like a nascar to me
Tracking Treasure
Tracking Treasure 5 månader sedan
How much for the old mufflers ?
Trevor Walsh
Trevor Walsh 5 månader sedan
There's a lot of room on top of the motor for a supercharger!
Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox 5 månader sedan
Jared, I really want to see you hide that engine with a false cover that looks like a 4-banger or a straight 6 or something like that. You've actually got enough room in there for an LS-powered barbecue grill too. Drive to the lake and cook your brisket at the same time!
LimeLight 5 månader sedan
Holy crap we need a wrench every day soundtrack! The music played in these episodes r just freaking amazing
Mott Orcyle
Mott Orcyle 5 månader sedan
Dear editor: Why is the music louder than the talking? . Better question is why the music at all ?
Mark Harry
Mark Harry 5 månader sedan
Usually there are only 6 assholes who downvote videos, because they live in mom's basement and hate their lives. You must be doing something right.
wisely bob
wisely bob 5 månader sedan
hit the brakes to go right
Wayne Ihamaki
Wayne Ihamaki 5 månader sedan
Remember working on my 1977 New Yorker, and couldn't figure out why my wheels were turning left. Then learned you had to adjust it by just slightly loosing where the hoses bolted to the steering box and move it slightly to the right or the left. This was back in the days before Internet and Google were your friend.
Evan walton
Evan walton 5 månader sedan
The new editing 👌👌👌👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 5 månader sedan
Thanks Evan! You're my new favorite channel subscriber :)
Adrian Herrera-Dormido
Adrian Herrera-Dormido 5 månader sedan
Turning right is overrated, Jarrod. Lol
Southern Gearz
Southern Gearz 5 månader sedan
There is so much space in the engine bay. Im jealous
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 5 månader sedan
14:21 Sadly, i've never been able to "throw an engine" into anything
VBshredder 5 månader sedan
Turning right only comes with the premium package, getting fancy!
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 5 månader sedan
The Boscoe callout lead to me not paying attention to the auto work for the rest of that shot. Also, Clear that Patina!!
Tony C.
Tony C. 5 månader sedan
If it turns to the left in drive, just put it in reverse to turn to the right lol.
silverglove2012 5 månader sedan
Hang on! I'd that a dodge ramcharger in the back!!!
archie2jz 5 månader sedan
Looks like you got the room... quad turbo time!
Martin Björk
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