Trying To Fix Tavarish's TERRIBLE Lexus "Build" (It's WAY Worse Than You Think)

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4 månader sedan

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Today, Jared and Tavarish start work on restoring one very special Lexus SC300 that needs just a little bit of work to be perfect. OK, maybe a lot of work.
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ยุพารัตน์ บุญยะที
ยุพารัตน์ บุญยะที 2 månader sedan
Runge05 3 månader sedan
By paint it, you mean a light wet sanding and a few layers of clear right? You can't paint over that masterpiece
Davy Hay
Davy Hay 3 månader sedan
I am getting tire of watching ads to watch videos containing ads that I had to watch ads to watch.
ilyes ESMAILI 3 månader sedan
marlon chin
marlon chin 3 månader sedan
That car should be stripped down and rebuilt
Derek R
Derek R 3 månader sedan
The oil that smells like peppermint might have had marvel mystery oil mixed with it? Marvel smells a LOT like peppermint.
Bobbie Highsmith
Bobbie Highsmith 3 månader sedan
I've used hockeypucks before 👍👍👍
mobilemowers 3 månader sedan
Got to be an older video as his movie car is in the picture. Oddly someone else owned the car for many years and never fixed Freddys repairs ? Odd.
skullbrier Productions
skullbrier Productions 3 månader sedan
Don't paint the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just run it without the hood, because no hood is lighter than carbon
Noble Dead
Noble Dead 3 månader sedan
If he's using a W58 trans he could just fill up the trans fluid from the shifter.. just premeasure the amount as to not overfill
CartersR53 3 månader sedan
Tavarish should shave his head he'd look better no homo
Joe Maestas
Joe Maestas 3 månader sedan
Do the race
sD PLaSMa 3 månader sedan
get yo ass back on clublex damnit! lol i take transmissions...just saying.
Ricails 3 månader sedan
Noo keep the paint its perfect!
Allen Szykula
Allen Szykula 4 månader sedan
Should clear coat the car to keep the unique paint job
Harmonica Dude
Harmonica Dude 4 månader sedan
Now what they need to do is have it repainted to be just like it is.
Chad Newton
Chad Newton 4 månader sedan
Instead of repainting it, could you copy it onto a vynil wrap. To preserve the original design
Léonard Germain
Léonard Germain 4 månader sedan
FYI I had that exact problem with my cludter in my LS400. 5 capacitors in the cluster's motherboard fixed it permanently
Neko Kun
Neko Kun 4 månader sedan
Just put a new layer of clear coat on it
Levi Olive
Levi Olive 4 månader sedan
Hey Jared, This is a real question, I'm really not trolling!! I respect your skill and knowledge and have a quick question: Is there any specific reason not to power-wash or hose-wash the engine bay and undercarriage (while avoiding sensitive electronic parts) outside of the garage before bringing it inside to work on? Is there something about vacuuming the engine bay that I just don't know, which makes vacuuming a better choice? I was always taught, and find it much better/easier to work on a car that's been de-greased and washed out. Thank you!
zeake13 4 månader sedan
check out moreplatesmoredates here on the tube for hair loss tips and a review of keeps. ;)
Jeff G
Jeff G 4 månader sedan
I want this car! I'd daily drive this thing!!
HG Barnes
HG Barnes 4 månader sedan
New subscriber here and enjoyed the banter. You make a good team. Thank you.
David Blanck
David Blanck 4 månader sedan
As much as I love the supercar builds. This grassroots content is a ton of fun. I enjoy the change of pace. It also is more inspiring to us who can't afford to buy and fix a Lambo.
fixeuskeane 4 månader sedan
So what happend to the nissan 300zx?
sergio martinez mc surge
sergio martinez mc surge 4 månader sedan
Lex sounds so freaking good
Stefan Smith
Stefan Smith 4 månader sedan
I actually didnt skip the keeps commercial.. that was very entertaining
P-Town Shankzilla
P-Town Shankzilla 4 månader sedan
Jared is a class A troll. I swear Tavarish Actually sounded a lil salty, when he said he wouldnt keep up with Earl 🤣😂🤣 "you realize I own earl right?"
Tiido 4 månader sedan
Gs don't use funnels!!!!
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia 4 månader sedan
I love the bantering!!! These guys are brothers in another life!! Lol! Hilarious!
BigWheel 4 månader sedan
Best part was When he said freddy was lying about that diff.
Philslaya 4 månader sedan
Jared is really the glue that wholes tavarish together
SC WOODWERKS 4 månader sedan
Tavarish paint your car by yourself
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 4 månader sedan
Absolute duo😍😍🥰
Joshua Welch
Joshua Welch 4 månader sedan
If you see this Travish or anyway who wants it I have a GTW3884R JB supercore for 350
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 4 månader sedan
checks neutral... alright 3...checks neutral... 2 neutral check... 1
James Luper
James Luper 4 månader sedan
Freddy needs to paint it! Come on man! Show us you can do it!
Joe R
Joe R 4 månader sedan
Another reason that hockey is the best sport ever. When you're done at the rink you can use the puck to fix your car.
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 4 månader sedan
I love this team. I need a Jared in my life. Or a Freddy. Or both. Hence why I'm here watching.
Trent Harvey
Trent Harvey 4 månader sedan
Freddy and 1Js 😁. I can't wait. Get to work guys. My curiosity has peeked
Gage Mcmurrin
Gage Mcmurrin 4 månader sedan
Booty shot @5:59
Casey Cole
Casey Cole 4 månader sedan
bro we all love this car do more with thissssss
La Cai
La Cai 4 månader sedan
Suck for Tavarish that he started it by himself, then Jarod came along and kind a stole hes show :) but i think they are dynamic Duo.
Yung Berno
Yung Berno 4 månader sedan
If keeps works with you ima buy it
Joseph Reed
Joseph Reed 4 månader sedan
Ive used pucks for lift kits in the past
On1co 4 månader sedan
@14:33 Yes to all the changes, please makes this a 30 ep :)
okc 306
okc 306 4 månader sedan
Who is that friggen bald weirdo helping Jared?
Angus Morten
Angus Morten 4 månader sedan
“doesn’t need much, just everything” killed me
Jesus Rivera
Jesus Rivera 4 månader sedan
2j the world Jared said
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 4 månader sedan
Will they murder each other by series end? Tune in to find out.
G Caron
G Caron 4 månader sedan
Love that car, sounds really good, and hockey puck is a Canadian mod!!! Don’t you forget
Agustin Cesar
Agustin Cesar 4 månader sedan
Quote: "How dare you..." to tell me the truth?... I cannot handle the truth.
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 4 månader sedan
Man Jared reminds and looks so much like my friend Ron it's uncanny.
Daniel M
Daniel M 4 månader sedan
Best Keeps Integration
chemxfan 4 månader sedan
Damn, Jared! That was a rough intro for that #Keeps ad. BTW, I'm older than Tavarish, & I have not experienced that level of hair loss. On the other hand, I don't have that many project cars, so we're even? LOL
adam s
adam s 4 månader sedan
Buuuuuuurned him on the hair, daaaaaaamn
Joe 4 månader sedan
8:24 those look like the older style turbo piping. updated piping moved the PCV hose from the middle Y section to the front pipe
Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson 4 månader sedan
By far my favorite duo on SEpost/ TV
TRAIN SHIPS 4 månader sedan
Yeah,Use Keeps. Heaven Forbid you start looking like Rich Rebuilds. You don't want to be getting thrown out of Amelia Island by Accident.
Peter Åstrand
Peter Åstrand 4 månader sedan
and there is another great video out! thx and keep the good spirit up!
Aboodts 4 månader sedan
There's one thing I want to see. I don't want him to change the paint job. Who else agrees? If he paints it, it'll lose it's character.
Aboodts 4 månader sedan
They should re-do it.
Zbinden Dominik
Zbinden Dominik 4 månader sedan
Because this car has so much value to you, Tavarish, you should deffo take your time and restore it. Looking at the current cars, this might be the cheapest restoration atm :D
Jack Champ
Jack Champ 4 månader sedan
Little tip, when you use vise grips as your hood prop, point them towards the interior of the engine bay. If someone accidentally closes them inside it won’t crush them between the hood and body damaging both
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 4 månader sedan
When he revved it it sounded like fast and furious
Chris Allman
Chris Allman 4 månader sedan
Paint it?!?!?! Please don't paint it!!! Just clear coat it and keep it like it was when you were 19! That's so much cooler!
Bikes Cars & Guns
Bikes Cars & Guns 4 månader sedan
Freddy got the Bozo the clown hairline going on
cenaboyle 4 månader sedan
Wait was this episode already posted
Steve M
Steve M 4 månader sedan
Jared That was so funny on how you made fun of Tavarish’s hair
ibidu1 4 månader sedan
Tavarish why not make a trip to Istanbul Turkey, and do a hair transplant. I did it, and only cost me 1,600 euro. It's super fast and super easy 3 days is all it takes and after 6months you see results and after 1 year full head of hair. Its been 2 years for me and blessed with lots of hair that you cant tell I had the surgery.
Steve L
Steve L 4 månader sedan
Freddie: OK, 3, 2, 1, *turns key* Everyone: LoooooL, that's never gonna start Lexus: Hold my starter motor
1M2G Horizon
1M2G Horizon 4 månader sedan
Why TF does it sound so damn good
Joe Willy
Joe Willy 4 månader sedan
I think these guys been drinking
Daaniyaal Fredericks
Daaniyaal Fredericks 4 månader sedan
Please let Freddy paint the car!!!
Michael B
Michael B 4 månader sedan
It sucks to suck!
murry001 4 månader sedan
You've gotta paint it man
Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Gilbert 4 månader sedan
Clear coat it
TheGamingTree 4 månader sedan
If they finish this car, I really want them to completely redo the paint with the same design and everything on it but fresh
Bo JanGleZ
Bo JanGleZ 4 månader sedan
Work on your car already
sirenthesaint 4 månader sedan
Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights Yellow headlights
Pink Freddy Productions
Pink Freddy Productions 4 månader sedan
Your asking me what I did when I was 19 the answer is I don’t know means when he was 19 he didn’t know what he was doing.
Hey It's Drew
Hey It's Drew 4 månader sedan
is that how you two met in the forums? that's so cool
starky carrillo
starky carrillo 4 månader sedan
Kristoph109 4 månader sedan
Worked on my 1UZ Soarer all day yesterday so this was nice to watch :)
Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer 4 månader sedan
I must say, Jared does a great job sucking.
Runs with Scizors
Runs with Scizors 4 månader sedan
i like this way more than all the supercars. its way more relatable
battycowboy 4 månader sedan
He plugs his sponsors product then after the show he goes and gets hair plugs lol .
Duncan Donovan
Duncan Donovan 4 månader sedan
You should bring it back to the junkyard where it belongs dude!
Zach Jacobs
Zach Jacobs 4 månader sedan
Tavarish’s hair looks like it just naturally censors stuff lol
Michael Allen
Michael Allen 4 månader sedan
and that my friends is how you have the talk🤣🤣🤣👌🏾
pauldays 4 månader sedan
Keep the paint job. It will be a lifelong memento. Have someone touch up where the paint is gone and then clear coat the whole'll thank me later.
ShoCann 4 månader sedan
Clean this up and get on Hyperdrive Season 2 ASAP!!
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 4 månader sedan
19 year old Freddy style, with a scissor jack & a cinderblock ? 😂😂
Jursaw 4 månader sedan
So did you hire Jared full time?
Float_Bowl_Gasket _
Float_Bowl_Gasket _ 4 månader sedan
as we say in the arcade machine world, that cluster went into "attraction mode" on you
mrchrisk36 4 månader sedan
Freddy-smell my finger. Jared-okay lmao!!! You guys are hilarious
mattbk1yn 4 månader sedan
i am actually eating chocolate covered raisins. thanks guys.
terry kelsay
terry kelsay 4 månader sedan
hockey pucks work as body montes too
scott moore
scott moore 4 månader sedan
Do a timing belt as well especially if it’s been sitting.
Marius Paraschivoiu
Marius Paraschivoiu 4 månader sedan
don't paint the car clear cod on Tav's face
Omoy Smith
Omoy Smith 4 månader sedan
'We got a big problem.. your missing allot of something..' 😂😂
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