Trying To Start A DIRT CHEAP V8-Swapped Sports Car (Hasn't Run In YEARS!)

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Wrench Every Day

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snivesz32 29 dagar sedan
Makes a video about starting the engine, goofs around for 17 minutes before he puts his gloves on to start doing something. 🤨 Spoiler, he doesn’t start it, this channel is a joke. And btw you have to depress the clutch to start a Z32 genius.
RareNoob Månad sedan
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
IT hasn't run for years and it didnt in this episode.
TheOrgano 4 månader sedan
This video was MADE by the Fenslerfilm GI Joe references. Pork Chop Sandwiches!
Lap2 Garage
Lap2 Garage 5 månader sedan
This can't be the true Earl leaker? I thought Earl was a na vg30 when you got it?
Harrie NoPro
Harrie NoPro 6 månader sedan
With all these cars in the garage, where is the skatepark going to be?
LV Streeter
LV Streeter 6 månader sedan
Where do we get the Wrench Everyday t-shirt?
•••Synapse•••Suicide••• 7 månader sedan
Looks like this cars made of Chinesium
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Tavarish very cool and funy guy.
Da racing guy
Da racing guy 7 månader sedan
pLeAsE lIkE aNd SuBsCrIbE
pLeAsE lIkE aNd SuBsCrIbE 8 månader sedan
this is the funniest channel i have ever been
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 9 månader sedan
1 I believe in Earl.
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Hope you know the gas is as old as the the inspection sticker
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Auto oil change, what a concept.
Austin Jolley
Austin Jolley 9 månader sedan
The point of having a camera man is so people can actually see what's going on but some how we get less than a gopro on his forehead. I see why this didn't last every video seems like his normal channel but not as good.
Pink Freddy Productions
Pink Freddy Productions 10 månader sedan
This car is the good the bad and ugly
Jensen and Vanessa
Jensen and Vanessa 10 månader sedan
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
I don't know if you are done but I would definitely get a wireen diegram
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
It's the old hit the starter with anything you can find
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother År sedan
Bra, dat dare raddy eight or needs to be cantee leevered back bout 30 degrees or it gone look toopid
Mary Rasmussen
Mary Rasmussen År sedan
Kade Raqq
Kade Raqq År sedan
Man I love you guys videos always cracks me up puts me in a great mood keep up the awesomeness
Nathan Tasker
Nathan Tasker År sedan
Recent subscriber and I am absolutely loving the content, guys. I’m a long term subscriber to the main channel, and only stumbled on this as a recommendation and knew it would be awesome about 3 seconds in.
Chris Hasen
Chris Hasen År sedan
5implejack År sedan
F*ck!! Vh!!
Ilja Lopatik
Ilja Lopatik År sedan
Привет Меня зовут ZIP GUY! Tavarish you have a great russian pronunciation!
Crispian Kinghorn
Crispian Kinghorn År sedan
Did you try pushing the brake pedal or just the clutch. A lot of japanese cars had a brake pedal safety
Bernardo Valdovinos
Bernardo Valdovinos År sedan
Didn't have time to watch the whole thing, but is this really a 20 minute oil change video?
Jairo Leal
Jairo Leal År sedan
The camera work 😂
Brenndon McGill
Brenndon McGill År sedan
11:10 life hack, if you hold the container sideways it won't glug like it's currently doing.
xcViejrjwor År sedan
“This is what needs to come out” *points at entire interior*
Vauxnuts Garage
Vauxnuts Garage År sedan
Has this thing just been forgotten about? be good to see some more content on it
Vauxnuts Garage
Vauxnuts Garage År sedan
Wrench Every Day. Legend ill look forward to the next update loving the videos here in the u.k keep up the good work
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day År sedan
You'll never guess what I'm editing right now!
Lügen År sedan
Conrad Wallace
Conrad Wallace År sedan
"Next episode" 2 months later No episode
Klas Peppar
Klas Peppar År sedan
Mr100duke År sedan
Why don't you ditch that bearded moron, he does nothing except make purile jokes and unfunny remarks which would embaris a 5 year old ....really gets on my tits.
zocker 5
zocker 5 År sedan
Tristan McCullough
Tristan McCullough År sedan
Willy Olvera
Willy Olvera År sedan
InPizzaWeTrust År sedan
its been 2 months whats gonna happen with this car??
RussianZOmBieATTACK År sedan
guys, get working on it, im excited
YoungNova År sedan
Someone hit and totaled my 300zx a month ago😭
Danny Huster
Danny Huster År sedan
just get a starter switch for $20 put on starter and batter and push botton that way u can start it up
Elijah Hector
Elijah Hector År sedan
I think F
Mother Russia
Mother Russia År sedan
tavarish is russian?!!!!!!!!!!!
Keith Schwerin
Keith Schwerin År sedan
Man I love Andrew, dude is hilarious.
Miklós Csák
Miklós Csák År sedan
Y is it so hard to write 300zx in the title man
nitro hawk
nitro hawk År sedan
He should have picked up a Datsun.... I Picked up a manual 280zx 2+2 for 600 and it runs and drives.
JustOblivious År sedan
When are you gonna do more of the car?
Kirito61745 År sedan
All the way F
Kyle Edgerton
Kyle Edgerton År sedan
pospc2 År sedan
Would you like to buy a 2g eclipse with a fresh rebuilt engine with arp headstuds and upgraded rod bolts, tri metal main and rod bearings, walbro 255? It runs and drives good body and nice leather interior. If if sweetens the deal i can set it on fire for no additional cost.
Quentron Steer
Quentron Steer År sedan
Gamingforce PR
Gamingforce PR År sedan
I need the next episode asap!!
Quinn Cunningham
Quinn Cunningham År sedan
DDedit År sedan
Zandergod Aj
Zandergod Aj År sedan
I would just pull the entire engine to fix all of that
Benjamin Gibson
Benjamin Gibson År sedan
Are you guys gonna finish this vh45 z32???? Keep going with the build!!! I can wait to see it completed
皋磊 År sedan
So, American metal doesn't rust?
Roger Chavez
Roger Chavez År sedan
Are you ever gonna finish the swap series????
Payton Moser
Payton Moser År sedan
davvtech År sedan
lol im 1k comment
Grandhar Auto
Grandhar Auto År sedan
Fat F
J t
J t År sedan
This car potential
J t
J t År sedan
Can we see the final build of this
William Bunnell
William Bunnell År sedan
If you get a wiring harness get the later year harness because the plugs are better at keeping their connection and are just better quality overall. Z1Motorsports or Concept Z should have one
robert smith
robert smith År sedan
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Purujit Pradhan
Purujit Pradhan År sedan
Well buying Alejandro's burnt Senna doesn't sound that bad.
Mohammed Hassan Mitha
Mohammed Hassan Mitha År sedan
A L År sedan
21 minutes for an oil change Aint nobody got time to watch that
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel År sedan
Wasbie År sedan
Michael Wigchert
Michael Wigchert År sedan
Next vid ?
David Lenz
David Lenz År sedan
Great content! Subbed can't wait to see this projects conclusion
RM6330 År sedan
"this video is annoyingly sponsored because of annoying voice over guy"
Almedarj År sedan
When do we get an update on this project?
salty1234567890 År sedan
Brooo your friend sounds like a disney narrator who is he hahaha
Aiden Wright
Aiden Wright År sedan
Shane's Garage
Shane's Garage År sedan
Any updates coming for this car?
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson År sedan
Andrew’s GI Joe quote won me over. ‘’Sandwiches’’
Davit Abelyan
Davit Abelyan År sedan
I love all of the not sponsored bits👍🤣
Sushi Boii
Sushi Boii År sedan
non sequestered
non sequestered År sedan
so pumped you are doing a 300zx... this was my dream car in high school... would love to see how much you want for it when its done (as long as it has A/C!!)
Freddy Tapia
Freddy Tapia År sedan
i have a 1990 300zx twin turbo. It hasnt been driven in about 7 years (mechanical isues). I always promise myself that i will work on it but something always comes up. starting to think maybe i should get rid of it but i just cant let go. lol
Bobbie Knott
Bobbie Knott År sedan
I like the tires on it! but anyways you guys are so funny! love how you work so well together! blessings B,
rn dargis
rn dargis År sedan
Vita Stelmakh
Vita Stelmakh År sedan
A dead man is not a man!
Kenroy Ricknauth
Kenroy Ricknauth År sedan
bloody death
bloody death År sedan
i think that engine needs to come out and get a refurbish or something
Abdulla År sedan
still waiting on part 2..
Marciaus007 År sedan
It should be called - Talk shit every day.
Jonezy1983 År sedan
HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning 🤣
Mr Rob
Mr Rob År sedan
Twin turbo that earl leaked. It will be badass.
Adali Molina
Adali Molina År sedan
Michael N3MFL Lathwood
Michael N3MFL Lathwood År sedan
Ahouseelf911 År sedan
s3v År sedan
sannnndwitchesssss! hahaha shoutout to eric fensler and his awesome GI joe videos
MtzSpec År sedan
Just wait for the next video
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