Turning A Cheap Widebody 300ZX Into A SUPERCAR SLAYER Is Easier Than You Think (BONUS WHEEL REVEAL)

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Wrench Every Day

10 månader sedan

Thanks to Silver's Suspension for their awesome NEOMAX coilovers!►bit.ly/2NE80qj
Thanks to Konig Wheels for their amazing Ultraform wheels!►bit.ly/3aaolfG
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Today, Jared throws out Earl's old, tired suspension and makes way for amazing new toys that will make him handle better than a new supercar. This is getting serious.
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Gavin Lawn
Gavin Lawn 2 månader sedan
Those wheels would go dam good with a flat black finish for the car. They would go perfectly together like lamb and tuna fish. 😋😋😋😋😋😋
Machinecult 5 månader sedan
would you say at a guess 18 by 12s 0 offset would fill the guards, looking at doing this kit soon myself. cheers
RYAN C00P3R 7 månader sedan
i have a question, are you guys gonna put a better control arm and some anti sway bar?
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Red rims looks batter.
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 7 månader sedan
Rims + Tires = Wheels lol
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 8 månader sedan
The suspension walkthrough was great. Rims were the wrong choice for a wide body kit. Need to see some depth... cool work!
monstrous raccoon
monstrous raccoon 9 månader sedan
Tucked just a little bit? 🤣🤣🤣 LoL Than i have megaaaaaaa poke 😂😂 Seriously it should have some 3 piece wheels 😎👍
Treaco89 9 månader sedan
Definitely need wider wheels
jeral profitt
jeral profitt 9 månader sedan
Those rims look great on the car
Ian Carnel
Ian Carnel 9 månader sedan
Wheels are good in the front. Need to be wider in the baaaaack
g0blinL0rd Oh Lord
g0blinL0rd Oh Lord 10 månader sedan
what happened to Andrew?
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson 10 månader sedan
Jared is the real MVP.
Jonathon Duran
Jonathon Duran 10 månader sedan
I like the wheels! Looks good to me so far!
hrep14 10 månader sedan
This project is starting to get interesting. When Freddie first got the car it was kinda off putting because of the state it was in. But with the wide body, 2JZ engine, wide tires, new suspension etc... I'm starting to see the potential.
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 10 månader sedan
Calvin vs Jared
Andy lavender
Andy lavender 10 månader sedan
Tavarish better hurry back I'm really starting to like Jared
DundaBluebone 10 månader sedan
Jared flies solo and does a fine job. keep it up Jared!
John McC
John McC 10 månader sedan
Need a Jared T-Shirt, please.
Big AL
Big AL 10 månader sedan
Jared is awesome!
Martin Mörsch
Martin Mörsch 10 månader sedan
As a Physics student I could kinda turned on when he used the term "Oscillates"... i know i know Im too far gone. But generally, its amazing how much he knows and I think tavarish couldnt have found a better mate for this channel...
HOTBOIJASE 10 månader sedan
wheels are nice but PLEASE run spacers also big tire letters would look really nice and match the race car theme you guys are going for
Terry Roberts
Terry Roberts 10 månader sedan
jared you make the channel worth watching '''''''' please don't leave
muhd daus
muhd daus 10 månader sedan
Jared could be a teacher... I'll learn anything he teaches.
lino abreu
lino abreu 10 månader sedan
Keep that wheels
tvdetectivefan 10 månader sedan
It just does not matter, it still would've been done even if anyone tried to stop him.
Tally Smirnoff
Tally Smirnoff 10 månader sedan
Tavarish вазми пару недель отдыха let Jarred finish the Fairlady plzz well 2jz Fairlady now..... but besides the point. Чиста по братский
Nick Crill
Nick Crill 10 månader sedan
Can you come work on my caddy?!? Your so satisfying to watch.
angel figueroa
angel figueroa 10 månader sedan
This video was way to long
2 Gs
2 Gs 10 månader sedan
Build a s15 or 350z
Daniel Boardman
Daniel Boardman 10 månader sedan
Definitely needs wider wheels on a wide body like that and deep dish is also important for a wide body look
Kosmo Nautik
Kosmo Nautik 10 månader sedan
Tavarish had to ask another SEpostr to finish his projects
Equalizer 10 månader sedan
love the video, good job on the build so far but no golden wheels please.
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson 10 månader sedan
Jared: Gets stuff done! Tavarish: Talks about getting stuff done. Case and point: Warehouse full of unfinished projects.
jason manning
jason manning 10 månader sedan
Those wheels look sweet
Joshua Parlos
Joshua Parlos 10 månader sedan
Great job Jared!!
Josip Purgar
Josip Purgar 10 månader sedan
That offset is trash, you need sub zero offset
Eric Hargis
Eric Hargis 10 månader sedan
Love Jared in the wrench every day series!
NODADDYiT_HuRtS69 10 månader sedan
*skips just to see the wheels*
a456987 10 månader sedan
You guys should check out three piece US for wheels. www.threepiece.us/
Fa3e W
Fa3e W 10 månader sedan
Those wheels ain’t it
Terrell Parker
Terrell Parker 10 månader sedan
No one at all: Jared: suspension 101 Me : gueled to the screen
mike h
mike h 10 månader sedan
Hell yeah 😎👍 rim are perfect
Terrell Parker
Terrell Parker 10 månader sedan
Don't forget to say, "like and subscribe" at the end.
StevieWonderAim 10 månader sedan
The wheels look just perfect! Nice job Jared.
Jeff Barber
Jeff Barber 10 månader sedan
Tavarish - Dude, you finished the shocks without me... Jared (quietly) - And the engine..., wheels...., spacers...., rust..., Tyres...., electrics...., oh and I headbutted the tailgate a few times Tavarish - Wheres the engine gone from the new project? Jared *walks away smiling*
Johnny Wang
Johnny Wang 10 månader sedan
I like this Jared guy. Very informative stuff
Didi Kaiser
Didi Kaiser 10 månader sedan
Maybe go for 19 or 20 inch wheels? Also the gold looks good as long as the car will be black or white. Keep up the good work, love watching this content
04dram04 10 månader sedan
300zx's look absolutely awful with body kits. Just put a oem wing and jdm bumper, and its perfect
Sickness 10 månader sedan
100% change the wheels people will definitely give you hell for 2inch spacers lol
Jai Singh
Jai Singh 10 månader sedan
Love watching your videos but I have to say I’m very disappointed on your weak figment game on this build
Thomas C
Thomas C 10 månader sedan
Thank you for doing this, again. I'm so glad to see it didnt get pushed aside for something crazy. I absolutely love the way this build is comming. Bring it to Old Town in Kissimmee Fl when it's done. They have a modified night. Would definitely come out to see the car.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 10 månader sedan
Those rims are WAY to small.
zx2king 1
zx2king 1 10 månader sedan
Why would you change the suspension in this perfect car you will loose the electric adjustable suspension are you guys going to remove the hicas from the rear ? This car stock handles better than any other car on the road so don't see why you would change anything to it
cubonenineO 10 månader sedan
*reALLY interested in seeing if drama occurs, and if jarred tried to take over completely*
Joseph Vecchio
Joseph Vecchio 10 månader sedan
will you guys be re painting the car or keeping it like that style??
Philip Koller
Philip Koller 10 månader sedan
I cant express how glad i am Jared replaced andrew 🙈 he is the complete opposite of andrew, knows his stuff, great mechanic, huge addition for the channel
Nick C4
Nick C4 10 månader sedan
Good video Jared should have projects like this where it's just him
Efren Mendieta
Efren Mendieta 10 månader sedan
Jared your the shit. I really enjoy the way you explain and show what your doing. Keep it up bro
fixeuskeane 10 månader sedan
Im more excited with this channel than tavarish channel right now... 🤦‍♂️
vestare 10 månader sedan
Look into the camera lens and not the view finder.
I am Brian
I am Brian 10 månader sedan
Also, the intro music sounds like a bad version of the music from overhauling or something like that. Not hatin’ just statin’
Christopher Walczak
Christopher Walczak 10 månader sedan
Whose R8 is that in the background
T1bud 42
T1bud 42 10 månader sedan
Get trailer tubs and fix all that rust!
Aaron 10 månader sedan
Like Jared a lot keep it going
Bradley Marks
Bradley Marks 10 månader sedan
A nice set of brembos would help with the look
Ultimate Fails
Ultimate Fails 10 månader sedan
Add spacers. Paint the 300 white
Powerhauz 10 månader sedan
Oh man. Spacer? Nah man go wide af and stuff some meaty stickies under there. Keep it 18's too.
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 10 månader sedan
Definitely get spacers!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna look so nice
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 10 månader sedan
Please , don't put spacers
BlackCobraa 10 månader sedan
This is probably one of my favourite car related channel Also tavarish
Andrew 10 månader sedan
Freddy cold pretty much give this channel to Jared and I wouldn’t be mad xD
Dave Saleen
Dave Saleen 10 månader sedan
Like the vids but that car is so rotted. Did u see the holes. Why bother.
prodandmullen 10 månader sedan
Definitely gonna need the spacer! Great video!
Darkthefox 10 månader sedan
You've got the wide body kit, why wouldn't you get wider wheels to take advantage of it?
Julius 10 månader sedan
Jared is legit.
Tru Reinhart
Tru Reinhart 10 månader sedan
You are awesome. Thank you for your excellent explanation and illustrations. It really helps us all to understand better.
jblinga v4
jblinga v4 10 månader sedan
So, installing plug and play coilovers creates a "supercar slayer?" 🤣🤣
Robert John Stevenson
Robert John Stevenson 10 månader sedan
Imo Spacers aren't really building it better Or road legal where I live
john doe
john doe 10 månader sedan
Aye you spot on wit the info and the work and the camera Jared keep up the hard workkk
Dan Mulligan
Dan Mulligan 10 månader sedan
Run same the wheels with a more aggressive offset. Don't use spacers, YUK!
MR H 10 månader sedan
Love the videos, watch all the time. Sorry I hate the car, scrap it
andyz bak
andyz bak 10 månader sedan
Love Jareds explanations on the suspension,very clear this guy knows his stuff.
Dave Tires
Dave Tires 10 månader sedan
Black & Gold are a Classic combo GREAT WORK JARED👍🤓🇺🇸
Revitalized Electronics
Revitalized Electronics 10 månader sedan
Excellent business decision to allow Jared to conduct video’s while you are away. I truly enjoyed watching this video, I am now a subscriber of both channels now!!!
terry kelsay
terry kelsay 10 månader sedan
sweet keep the wheels
1chish 10 månader sedan
You do realise you will need to seek peace with the Gods of Nissan before you put that Toyota engine in? So is the V8 going in the Lexus?
Gary Ashdown
Gary Ashdown 10 månader sedan
As Mr Burns would say Excellent . Tavarish your sacked.......😁😁🤣🤣. Gary...... England 🇬🇧
Brendan Prouty
Brendan Prouty 10 månader sedan
Jared's also getting comfy on camera, he's the best.
barnettimpala 10 månader sedan
I like the look of the wheels, but they need to be wider and have a lip. Lower offset would work, but if you have the space for wide monsters, might as well us it!
Sage Oldmann
Sage Oldmann 10 månader sedan
You should have just bought a Tesla
Fran Soriano Miralles
Fran Soriano Miralles 10 månader sedan
Disappointing. I thought they were TE37s.
anon ymouse
anon ymouse 10 månader sedan
Jared. Enough said.
Mateo Perez
Mateo Perez 10 månader sedan
Jared is doing his thing for real tavarish is lucky to have him
Bluecash2 10 månader sedan
Great episode !
Craig KingKicker
Craig KingKicker 10 månader sedan
Hell yah Jared thanks for the updates. I’m a fan of yours. 👍👍
Dee Zet
Dee Zet 10 månader sedan
Like Jared in this role 👍🏼
Hayleboi 10 månader sedan
It's nice seeing Jared taking on some of these videos
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Damn that shock tower is looky chrunchy on its own without the wrinkles lol. Cant wait to see strut tower patched. Stoked for the build! Nice work brother. Looks dope
Blaze 10 månader sedan
Why is no one mentioning the R8 from the background in end of the episoide
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
2j in the z32..... saweeeeett wish it were an rb but ill love it anyways. Even if its name is earl... fucking bs
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