Using Scrap Metal & Hockey Pucks To Put A 500-HP 2JZ In A Rusty Nissan 300ZX

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9 månader sedan

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Today Jared works on our 1990 Nissan 300ZX (Earl Leeker), and fabricates some engine mounts out of hockey pucks and scrap metal. Who said these engines are expensive to work on?
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pugs1377 Månad sedan
Excellent idea on the hockey pucks. Helped a buddy put a 1j in a Volvo 240 wagon about 14 years ago and we used those. Still holding today!!
Junior OG
Junior OG 7 månader sedan
Is this all done with the wire-fed mig machine?
J.R Junior
J.R Junior 8 månader sedan
Ayyy I finally found your channel,
Chris R
Chris R 8 månader sedan
I remember the first time I used a drill press...
John Rambo
John Rambo 8 månader sedan
Really! Need! To Post! More! Vids!
Dillon Cabler
Dillon Cabler 8 månader sedan
This is gonna be a great car, too bad that body kit is HIDEOUS!
Chris Lammers
Chris Lammers 8 månader sedan
Where the new videos??? I can’t go 1 video per week
Randy Mitchem
Randy Mitchem 8 månader sedan
this channels vidz are become rarer than pope poop. almost 2 weeks now.
David M. D. Hyskell
David M. D. Hyskell 8 månader sedan
Make questionable choices is the best slogan ever.
Michelle Barreto
Michelle Barreto 8 månader sedan
Julian Rangel
Julian Rangel 9 månader sedan
Omggggg JAREEEDD has a youtube channellllll I JUST CRUSHED THAT SUBS botton 😂😂
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 9 månader sedan
Make questionable choices, but not stupid ones. I like it.
David Lively
David Lively 9 månader sedan
Do you have any suggestions for someone looking to learn to weld properly?
Silv3rdragonsz 9 månader sedan
Freddy does most of the work . Come on Jared
Osillius 9 månader sedan
Those are some vibrant tool boxes. I suppose there's an explanation at some point since I didn't see any comments near the top.
Lee McKenna
Lee McKenna 9 månader sedan
But if you moved the motor backward another 2.5 - 3 inches, would the motor mounts not line up better now? And it doesnt SEEM TO APPEAR that you would lose the ability to do a side exit... Granted, all the years I spent wrenching at Yota and Lexus, and taking apart 2J's to making them run and sound better (with both Toyota sanctioned AND unsanctioned repair/modifications 😂😂) I have NEVER put one in to 300z so I could be 100% talking out if my ass and be wrong on both counts. Very curious about it though. Great channel. Great builds. Keep up the good work man. I like the way you build cars, cause you... BUILD CARS. Unlike some of these million subscriber "builder" channels. TISKTISK on them SMH LMFAO.
John B.
John B. 8 månader sedan
On an earlier video, they discuss the reason for not moving the engine back as to keep the rest of the drive line in their stock locations. If they move the engine back, then they need to fab clutch linkage, modify the shifter, shorten the driveshaft, (and other things I'm probably forgetting). Having to make mods to 'just' the engine was 'easier'.
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 9 månader sedan
Should call this wrench when you have some spare time.
joshbsz 9 månader sedan
Do those Steering Rack bushings before you button everything up!
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 9 månader sedan
Jared says "Trust us" I'm trusting.
xanpad78 9 månader sedan
Pretty good episode, straight to the point LoL... Keep having fun!
sparkplug1018 9 månader sedan
Great video man, just wish it was a bit longer, like maybe 15 min or so.
Shaharis Sharif
Shaharis Sharif 9 månader sedan
Man how I wish you are my uncle to teach me all about your knowledge on cars!
Christopher Dyer
Christopher Dyer 9 månader sedan
This time on ghetto engineer every day
mogesay420 902
mogesay420 902 9 månader sedan
HONDA ROUSEY!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Me Meme
Me Meme 9 månader sedan
Disco! Disco!
Mike Muzzell
Mike Muzzell 9 månader sedan
Just because you have 4 wheel drive does not make you stop better lol. On point ! 👍🏼
Adin Salzer
Adin Salzer 9 månader sedan
Jared: my shops better who needs Freddy I'm the mechanic I'm the man with the knowledge and not afraid to drive
Mark Vinewood
Mark Vinewood 9 månader sedan
Speaking the wisdom as always. Though, try to get that last message through to people who claim winter tires are a scam...
EagleRun23 9 månader sedan
just watched your vinwiki carstory great job! Didnt know that bout you!
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 9 månader sedan
Love the pink toolboxes in the background. That car looks like such a mess. Hope it all comes together down the road.
Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson 9 månader sedan
hope this thing gets consumed in some freak ferrari fire, and hurts no one or anything, so Jared can move on to something interesting.
Silas DiStefano
Silas DiStefano 9 månader sedan
It's a good thing for Jared that Tavarish is such a nice guy, he is letting him steal his show!
Timothy Earp
Timothy Earp 9 månader sedan
Stopping when snowy and icy; that's why my 4 wheel drive has good snow tires
Topper348 9 månader sedan
Awesome swap, I’m sad it’s turning into a hack job. Would be nice if it was done to a 100% high standard.
hArDsTyLe2259 9 månader sedan
5:10 eBay notification :)
Ashiu Walker
Ashiu Walker 9 månader sedan
They do sell 2j swap kits for a decent price. I get that you can DIY, but, once its already been figured out, why bother.
Mark Underwood
Mark Underwood 9 månader sedan
Why not add some spikes and go full on Mad Max!
Mark Potemra
Mark Potemra 9 månader sedan
Whats with the pink tool box?
Bosun Hawk
Bosun Hawk 9 månader sedan
When a man installs a new light in front of a camera and nothing goes wrong 👍.
Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd 9 månader sedan
No swap
Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd 9 månader sedan
Ford escort 3gen for door make it 500hp
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne 9 månader sedan
As if Jared couldn’t get any more manly, he then goes and shows us his pink tool box, love this guy 😃
Casey Crown
Casey Crown 9 månader sedan
Thank you for adding “Warning: Flashing lights” on videos. My wife sometimes watches these videos with me and she’s an epileptic, so it helps her avoid some triggers.
David Shaffer
David Shaffer 9 månader sedan
I think Jared needs a head mounted cam lol gotta love the one handed skill "E" for effort lol
terry kelsay
terry kelsay 9 månader sedan
awesome job
Mark Aitken
Mark Aitken 9 månader sedan
Best way to learn how the handling is affected by the engine being mounted so far forward is to buy/drive/race almost ANY Audi as they've been doing the same thing for years! Good luck with the project from Scotland
Samuel Deleon
Samuel Deleon 9 månader sedan
The pink tool box is fire!
scottcol23 9 månader sedan
The motor vibrations will eventually break those welds. Especially on the passenger side.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 9 månader sedan
Hi Jared. How are you going to open that door with tha pipe sticking out? Jus an idea, but how about kicking that pipe down and then out? I seen these side exits done a lot. I have done afew for friends track cars before it became popular. Just a thought. Keep up the great work.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 9 månader sedan
Hi Jared. How are you going to open that door with tha pipe sticking out? Jus an idea, but how about kicking that pipe down and then out? I seen these side exits done a lot. I have done afew for friends track cars before it became popular. Just a thought. Keep up the great work.
preprodigy 9 månader sedan
Not enough people share z32 builds. I know why, all i work on is z32's. but its a shame.
preprodigy 9 månader sedan
Nice work brother! Cant wait to see more of this build.
Daniel Dunn
Daniel Dunn 9 månader sedan
Damn .. shots fired "Just because you have 4x4 doesn't mean you can stop any better"
PurgatoryVLM 9 månader sedan
Dude you're a fabrication beast. Can't wait to see you grow
hey chancho
hey chancho 9 månader sedan
Looks so shitty
AltGrendel 9 månader sedan
I get the feeling that he’s been doing this kind of thing since he was 12.
Vic Anthony Leriorato
Vic Anthony Leriorato 9 månader sedan
so proud of jarred, getting good at vlogging.👍👍👍
udovdh 9 månader sedan
What will you do to fix the rust?
Mr. Wonka style
Mr. Wonka style 9 månader sedan
"Trust us" is what my parents said when they left me n my little bro at 10 years old at the firehouse and drove away. Thanks for bring those memories back Jared 😭😥😩
Mr. Wonka style
Mr. Wonka style 9 månader sedan
No disrespect but Honda Rousey isn't that cool but hey change my mind
John Doe
John Doe 9 månader sedan
At video time 5:10 Ebay goes off🤣🤣
Daily Driven Commander
Daily Driven Commander 9 månader sedan
Jared's done more in this episode than tavarish has done in 5+ videos 😂
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme 9 månader sedan
I used hockey pucks as replacement motor mounts on Vintage Snowmobiles. I would cut them on a band saw and drill a hole through the center. Nothing new. I used a metal plate first. This is NOT a new idea in my book. When you are working on something build 50 years ago, you cannot go to the dealer and ask for parts. I found out most vintage snowmobiles used farm type equipment because snowmobiles originally were used to access fruit trees in the winter to prune them. The first original track was made from conveyer belt. You can go to any tractor supply place and find it on rolls. The engines were usually Briggs and Stratton. All bearings, bushings,etc were from farm implements. Knowing that, I could easily restore any early model snowmobile. Now days, forget it. Everything is so advanced, you need a computer to figure out what's going on.
The Dane
The Dane 9 månader sedan
Better channel without tavasrish fake comedy
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane 9 månader sedan
"Engine far forward" You know, you lucky because there are drag racing cars that need that weight up front. Be happy with that!
It’s me, Darrick
It’s me, Darrick 9 månader sedan
What a cliffhanger.
M. M
M. M 9 månader sedan
Thx for the warning about the flash light!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore 9 månader sedan
Up here in Ontario Canada we been getting 1 foot of snow overnight for 3 days straight... but that don't stop us from wrenching our driveways shop .......# Bmw e36 drift car .........ON ICE
Make Money Trucking
Make Money Trucking 9 månader sedan
Yes thank you 4 wheel drive doesn't make you invisible idiots driving 80 on highway !!
Trystan 9 månader sedan
It's so considerate that you put warnings for flashing lights. It doesn't personally affect me, but regardless its such a good idea
Lastweld 9 månader sedan
Great vid! Curious to see how this turns out! Also yall r the MVP for warning for flashing lights scenes👍💪
cripsnblood 9 månader sedan
That's gold!
Jordan Bartlett
Jordan Bartlett 9 månader sedan
Great video 👍
Joe Lo's Garage
Joe Lo's Garage 9 månader sedan
What's up with your hot pink tool box? 🙁
wowkomooth2101 9 månader sedan
Nice! A Jared-only video!
B is for Broke
B is for Broke 9 månader sedan
This is going to become Jarred’s channel lmao
Trevon Rose
Trevon Rose 9 månader sedan
I'm not sure if I just forgot or something but why am I not hearing anything about a wastegate👀
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 9 månader sedan
Why not just cut the factory bolts and cut them shorter i do it all the time works great and saves me a few bucks
Jason Cunningham
Jason Cunningham 9 månader sedan
Nice job Jared.
Shawndowe _
Shawndowe _ 9 månader sedan
What an entertainer!
Alvin Mortimer
Alvin Mortimer 9 månader sedan
All Jared's videos have too many advertisements
Bosmob 9 månader sedan
What about that Sport Design GS300 on Leon Hardiritt Orden’s in the background at 7:39? 👀
MiG Ren E'
MiG Ren E' 9 månader sedan
wow super yankkkkkk
Stu Gatz
Stu Gatz 9 månader sedan
your "just because you have 4wd, doesn't make you stop any better when its snowy and icy" is so true! it's amazing so many idiots don't understand that ! anyway, keep on keeping on Jared.. i really enjoy your vids!
Joe Smartballs
Joe Smartballs 9 månader sedan
500hp 2JZ 😅. The stock 300ZX turbos make 550hp rebuilt you dummies. VG30DETT will also make 1200hp with a upgraded fuel rail from Border I think. The stock VG30DETT pistons can handle 700hp. The Z32 has solid engine mounts avalible. The body kil looks like 💩. The race cars widebody has parts on the doors to widen doors. No dragracers would buy a shell that replaces the hood, nose, and front fenders like the race car. The race car has a front shell. And you could of made new 1 pice fiberglass widebody front fenders. You could of also bolted a R34 engine to the Z32 transmission if you wanted a Nissan inline 6 and less trouble of a build.
That Guy
That Guy 9 månader sedan
Cool editor warning people of the flashing lights. ..
Jake Stumbaugh
Jake Stumbaugh 9 månader sedan
Man push that motor back some
Jeremy Shofner
Jeremy Shofner 9 månader sedan
the engine needs to be way further back .. and it's so fucking frustrating watching this build ... not stripping everything down, cleaning it, organizing the whole thing... it's really fucking obnoxious when your doing such a cool build, in such a half ass and disorganized way ... if your building new motor mounts.. put the fuckin engine where in needs to be .. why cut so many fuckin corners ... its literally making me kringe!!
Swan Donovan
Swan Donovan 9 månader sedan
The beginning of this video is how I ripped a big chunk out of my finger
BenRittenhouse 9 månader sedan
Wait.... Disco lights are bad???
Ross Bourne
Ross Bourne 9 månader sedan
Honda Rousey. I'm dying over here :D
Antwain McGee
Antwain McGee 9 månader sedan
Hey I’m a maintenance mechanic, I’ll fix your light. 😛 the bulb can be replaced but it’ll eventually need a new ballast.
Daniel 9 månader sedan
Dislikes are coming from the owners of 4wd who think they are invincible driving in the snow and ice.
Javier Perez
Javier Perez 9 månader sedan
*N I C E*
Old Greggs Creamy baileys
Old Greggs Creamy baileys 9 månader sedan
This isn’t a critique but I wish this video was longer just for my own selfish viewing pleasure. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Man Of Steel Z32
Man Of Steel Z32 9 månader sedan
I really like you guys, however, I feel like you are making a huge joke of the Z32 by bastardizing this vehicle when you actually have all the ability in the world to bring it back to life. I'm all for putting a 2JZ in it but the exhaust and the stupid shit is driving me nuts
Geo Curtis
Geo Curtis 9 månader sedan
It's nice to see you in more vids Jared!
Matthew Guth
Matthew Guth 9 månader sedan
Id "love it" if it were an rb, instead we get an abortion with a yota motor and toyota's best support for the aftermarket is having subaru and bmw build their sports cars
coop smash c
coop smash c 9 månader sedan
Do not ever run a drill press with gloves pleas
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 9 månader sedan
Marcus Dübois
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Marcus Dübois
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