We Bought $10,000+ Worth Of DIESEL Parts For Our $700 Honda STRETCH LIMO (HONDA ROUSEY BEGINS!)

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Wrench Every Day

7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared goes crazy and orders a ton of diesel parts for his Honda Accord stretch limousine, known as Honda Rousey.
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Shark Fang
Shark Fang 18 dagar sedan
I can't help but notice, as soon as he's looking in Jetta Thunberg's engine bay, its got the same coolant tank that Tavarish's first Lambo had for its twin turbo kit before he swapped it. Just a fun thing I noticed. He DID say it came from a Jetta!
Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey 4 månader sedan
This dude is gonna be the guy you bring in and soon he takes your job lol he's killing it
Kay Ammann
Kay Ammann 7 månader sedan
Why not just upgrade the jetta?
RickyBanzai 7 månader sedan
It's not questionable...it's stupid!!! ...but it's so FUNNY!!!!!!! I'm working on a '93 Yamaha rd350 to get the perfect bike since '14...I know very well what is STUPID...and what is FUNNY...!!!! Go on, I like it! Greetings from Italy!
bradley lahaije
bradley lahaije 7 månader sedan
i had the same engine. cant you run with the origenal radiator? i had 247 ps. the turbo spring dos most of the work with the arl. sorry for my bad englishs
619guy202 7 månader sedan
11:30 Jarred: “as you can tell it’s very precise and accurately written”
Random41 7 månader sedan
That's not a Jetta, it's a Bora
619guy202 7 månader sedan
Random41 you’re a Bora
Fako Maksi
Fako Maksi 7 månader sedan
1.9tdi into honda???? Florida is a part of Poland or what???
brian d
brian d 7 månader sedan
Why not just build the Jetta as a monster? It’s a better car than the 85 Honda...
brian d
brian d 7 månader sedan
619guy202 I agree. What is Dora the explorer? Is it a SEpost car channel?
619guy202 7 månader sedan
brian d bruhhhh that’s the point I kinda wanna see how it’s gonna turn out and the problems he’s gonna run into and how he’s gonna over come them. Go watch Dora the explorer if you wanna see something easy and that you already know what’s gonna happen
marvthebass 7 månader sedan
And here I thought putting a 2.3L EcoBoost in an '06 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 might be questionable! 🤣🤣🤣 holy crap
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
Darkside performance kit is awesome took my 2005 Golf (Rabbit in US speak) GTD 150bhp model to 263bhp and 436ft lb Torque. Direct bolt on stuff and i mean actual bolt on no adjustments needs. So helpful couldn't ask for better advice
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 4 månader sedan
Thanks, Ed :)
John Coldwell
John Coldwell 7 månader sedan
That's a insane amount of money tune a diesel to make that little amount of power, why bother tuning at all it's a limo, more money than sense I guess
bigdaddy741098 7 månader sedan
Make questionable choices that are bad, but,... also kinda wonderful at the same time 😀👍
Chopper Marc
Chopper Marc 7 månader sedan
Nice project. Adam Swords from the UK who films with Producer Mucheal loves quick Diesels and was talking about building one. You guys should chat.
Kris 7 månader sedan
Brilliant! He’s a legend. 1.9tdiiiiiii
ProEthix 7 månader sedan
Jared is the best!!!
Hayden Antoine
Hayden Antoine 7 månader sedan
So why not just add the parts to the Jetta?🤔
Hayden Antoine
Hayden Antoine 7 månader sedan
@Random41 it's a Jetta in the US
Random41 7 månader sedan
It's a Bora
blunts and bullets
blunts and bullets 7 månader sedan
I enjoy these videos with Jared instead lol
Josh -
Josh - 7 månader sedan
At least it’s not an 80’s Cadillac diesel you are working with. Those things were horrible
uzivatel56 7 månader sedan
Dew it.
keith hilton
keith hilton 7 månader sedan
Darkside do some really great cars in the Uk. Check out the videos on Utube.
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 4 månader sedan
Thanks for the shout out, Keith!
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 7 månader sedan
I can believe Freddy won’t have anything to do with this build or ride in it. Now if you got Rolls Royce to build a custom limo he might show up but only if he liked the sound of the exhaust.
Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders 7 månader sedan
Oh yeah. Great video Jared, looking forward to rallying her!
Ben 7 månader sedan
Dark side best diesel tuning company you can find, only place I’d go
shaunkissane 7 månader sedan
Dark side developments in UK 😁 love it
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay 7 månader sedan
Excellent tavarish video no wrenching !
print it xyz
print it xyz 7 månader sedan
Why not make a Jetta-limo?!
Random41 7 månader sedan
1. It's a Bora 2. Because the Accord is already a limo
sayed Aftab
sayed Aftab 7 månader sedan
Cute dog..
Tony Lester
Tony Lester 7 månader sedan
This is going to be awesome. Cant wait to see the finished product...
Handskemager 7 månader sedan
At what point does it make more sense just to stretch the Jetta instead? xD
Random41 7 månader sedan
That's a Bora
Alejandro Vargas
Alejandro Vargas 7 månader sedan
If you need custom suspension hit up BC coil overs they build any type of coil overs for any type of car 100% Custom
Wheelie Schulz
Wheelie Schulz 7 månader sedan
Dark Side Dev is the best Company ever for diesel tuning
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 7 månader sedan
Good luck with that 👍👍
Bus EH Diem
Bus EH Diem 7 månader sedan
Can't wait to see more videos of this👍
Fredrik Jørgensen
Fredrik Jørgensen 7 månader sedan
This is so ridiculous, I LOVE IT!
Ben Jossie
Ben Jossie 7 månader sedan
Buys $10k+ worth of diesel parts. Still uses a broken tape measure.
tea pot black
tea pot black 7 månader sedan
That saying when mechanics lose there mind..... Is Jared to a tea love the creativity of it though 😂
Dylan R
Dylan R 7 månader sedan
Air ride would be dope on this car
Brandon Mitteis
Brandon Mitteis 7 månader sedan
This makes my brain hurt.... quarantine is getting to him.
Deksam101 7 månader sedan
Regretta Thunburg who???
Ice Poseidon
Ice Poseidon 7 månader sedan
Darkside developments are awesome make some great builds
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 4 månader sedan
Cheers, Josh!
matt cassel
matt cassel 7 månader sedan
Always wrench !!!
Dave Cerpovicz
Dave Cerpovicz 7 månader sedan
I can guarantee this has never been done before
Mason jessey
Mason jessey 7 månader sedan
Want to sell a mk3 supra
Eric R
Eric R 7 månader sedan
" this really dumb but glorious idea " sums up what most car guys to do their cars.
HC Wadlington
HC Wadlington 7 månader sedan
Why not just limo a jetta? Seems like a waste
Random41 7 månader sedan
That's a VW Bora, not a jetta
de_Fatherland 7 månader sedan
finnaly a diesel build in usa
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr 7 månader sedan
For those who may not be aware: Honda offers diesel powered cars of several types in other markets. The CR-V is available with a diesel, as is the Civic and a sedan version of the FIT/JAZZ.
Moe Green
Moe Green 7 månader sedan
I guess Jared is the weezard of wrench every day. .. tavarish and hoovie aren't too far in mindsets and wizards..
tunedub 7 månader sedan
Consider swapping the firewall panel in from the MkIV. Good luck! Killer project 🤙🏻
watahyahknow 7 månader sedan
going to be an interesting build , one measurement you should do is the distance from the center of the output shafts in the gearbox to the front of the engine , it could be that the diesel needs to sit further forward or back in the bay to get the axles and suspension to line up in the honda wheel wells , it might actually work beter to craft the vw strut towers to the honda inner wheel wells as the wheels might align better and work from the transmission forward one thing you might want to think about is doing an exhaust cutout , just for shit and giggles and to get a little extra power for overtaking , the long exhaust and mufflers will rob some power another nice thing to look at is that that perticulair honda was allso sold as a rover 200 , its a bit of a prestege brand in england and the grille of one of those might look nice on the honda limo
Delvy Sanchez
Delvy Sanchez 7 månader sedan
Wouldn't it be easier to cut the front clip off and graft it?
Honda D-SERIES 7 månader sedan
Energy bushings
Honda D-SERIES 7 månader sedan
You are the man
P4R7Y B0Y 7 månader sedan
give the accord to the boosted boiz to k swap it
armando patane
armando patane 7 månader sedan
I love the channel Jarad but that’s a shit build although intresting need better ars to waist moneys on
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson 7 månader sedan
Yess darkside developments is local to me they do some awesome stuff
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 4 månader sedan
Cheers, Joe!
Randy12Gerard 7 månader sedan
Is there some sentimental value with the Honda, because why would you graft a mk IV tdi Jetta front on to a Honda and do all the engine work that consist of Volkswagen and re-fab the Honda, i used to do the very same thing but with VW not Honda it makes more sense upgrade the Jetta , or is it just the challenge doing it because you can?
Random41 7 månader sedan
That's not a mk4 Jetta, it's a Bora
NoOne Special
NoOne Special 7 månader sedan
Nice to see you officially took over the channel! At least your getting stuff done unlike Freddie AKA The King of unfinished projects. I would MUCH rather watch you get stuff done cause your creative and funny! Keep killing it!
whats really going on
whats really going on 7 månader sedan
How dare you lol
Marc Fell
Marc Fell 7 månader sedan
awesome cant wait to see this task going forward! keep up the great work Jared! love the vids !
Nerijus Ramanauskas
Nerijus Ramanauskas 7 månader sedan
Jeeeeeeey, u got a sixspeed :)))
Derek Shaw
Derek Shaw 7 månader sedan
You don't know the power of the darkside 👍👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
theplourde 7 månader sedan
Honda Rousey’s gonna be so badass when she’s finished! Thanks guys for the video! It helps to have something to tune into while I’m laid off and can’t do much else!
MiniTruckin 133
MiniTruckin 133 7 månader sedan
Dude finish one project.. your all over the place
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 7 månader sedan
Hope everything goes well with the parts from across the pond :-)
Noel Ortiz
Noel Ortiz 7 månader sedan
The VW TDI 1.9L engine is a workhorse and very popular swap in a lot of off-road vehicles. As an owner of several MK4 VW's I'm digging this project.
phill newman
phill newman 7 månader sedan
Good luck with the project
Bas BlasterXP
Bas BlasterXP 7 månader sedan
Awesome. Keep in mind, dont make the engine mounts to stiff! It will be a rattle box.
Ryan 7 månader sedan
Kinda wish you would put this motor in a half interesting car that you would actually want to drive like a VW corrado or scirroco.
Mark Vinewood
Mark Vinewood 7 månader sedan
Would be nice to have the interior done or at least detailed so it would still be visually a beater from outside while a comfy highway cruiser/bruiser on the inside.
Stat Ic
Stat Ic 7 månader sedan
Dark side have a good rep over here in the UK. I used to run some of their parts on my 200bhp skoda Fabia vrs (1.9 tdi blt engine)
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 7 månader sedan
We are everywhere!
W Palmer
W Palmer 7 månader sedan
Really Looking forward to this build.
MobileChaos 7 månader sedan
Wow.. your number sheet didn't look like the Honda was larger in every way. I would be concerned on the frame rail width and the height of the strut towers. Seems like the Honda engine fits low between the frame rails and the Jetta fits more above the frame rails. I'm sure that after you pull everything you can actually just mount the Jetta directly to the honda with only needing to build custom mounts for engine, and suspension parts.
Conrad Sinsua
Conrad Sinsua 7 månader sedan
Random41 7 månader sedan
1. It's a Bora. 2. Combining brand and model name is beyond dumb
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips 7 månader sedan
Stop playing with us and let us know when the comedy show on Netflix is coming out ok buddy enough already .
Vinnie Murk
Vinnie Murk 7 månader sedan
What is the reason that the exhaust pipe has that braided/ knitted steel section? I obviously have know idea about car mechanics but that always made me curious why it's like that...
James Dullea
James Dullea 7 månader sedan
It’s called a flexi pipe, allows to expand and contract due to obvious exhaust gas temps
Igor Solovyanchik
Igor Solovyanchik 7 månader sedan
I hate vw jettas with a passion but at least its a diesel.
Random41 7 månader sedan
That's a Bora, not a jetta
Felix Lugo
Felix Lugo 7 månader sedan
Something I don’t see everyday. It’s going to be very interesting.
Quinn Mangum
Quinn Mangum 7 månader sedan
This dude I love your knowledge I fUKING HATE YOU HOLDING A CAMERA AFTER ANY VIDEO OF YOURS I WATCH I HAVE THE WORST HEADACHE 😒😒😒 common. Anyways keep up the good work
Jay Burns
Jay Burns 7 månader sedan
Love darkside stuff and the customer service is brilliant
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 7 månader sedan
Josh Gillilan
Josh Gillilan 7 månader sedan
Look up floating ALH on an MK3 Jetta subframe.
Random41 7 månader sedan
There's no mk3 Jetta, that's called Vento
boxed fenders
boxed fenders 7 månader sedan
I know Jared is a very competent me machanic far superior to myself I know. But the fact he didn't take a moment to pull apart the tape measure and reset the spring might be giving me some concern 😂 lol but I'm cheap he'd probably just go buy another
Jyrki Jyrays
Jyrki Jyrays 7 månader sedan
Howard Marks
Howard Marks 7 månader sedan
Stradman & burlacher should do a limo build off with you and tavarish
Josh Gillilan
Josh Gillilan 7 månader sedan
Darkside for the win! You guys paid way too much for the TDI though.
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 7 månader sedan
I think that was the least of their worries!
Luke Taranto
Luke Taranto 7 månader sedan
Excited to see this come to life! Keep the videos rolling out and good luck, love your work ✌🏻
Dohosan Vreeland
Dohosan Vreeland 7 månader sedan
OMG I'm getting excited it's finally gonna happen. This is gonna be good.,👍👍👍👍👍👍
ulverop 7 månader sedan
2.54 Pallet frame all the way from Norway. :P
Serban C. Musca
Serban C. Musca 7 månader sedan
This is a great project AND a questionable choice! Very nice! Looking forward for the next episode!
sergio ratz
sergio ratz 7 månader sedan
1:15 dayum so freddy went big dog supercar and now he is to good for shitboxes we see how it it! hheheh so the next shirt is going to be: im am the OBD2 port/OBD2 port every day? hahah
Evil Ash
Evil Ash 7 månader sedan
That is definitely a questionable choice there...
Vendetta UK.
Vendetta UK. 7 månader sedan
darkside are awesome 2 my mates had there cars mapped and tuned by them ! love the video my dude
Vendetta UK.
Vendetta UK. 7 månader sedan
@Darkside Developments ill keep that in mind im off to nag 3 more mates now from a safe distance lol hope all is well for you guys !
Darkside Developments
Darkside Developments 7 månader sedan
When you have 5 mates who have had maps you get yours for free :-)
MadCarTK 7 månader sedan
Not so fast buddy, lets back up for a second... In a Tavarish video I saw a 90s Impala/Caprice in your garage just sitting there collecting dust (lots of dust) and was wondering what you're doing with that?
#showusyaguppys Australia
#showusyaguppys Australia 7 månader sedan
Hell yeah theres some trick parts in that pack! Love the videos mate!
317 Rider
317 Rider 7 månader sedan
I’d like to see what you guys could do with my 6.0 Ford F-350. On next weeks episode we make a reliable 6.0 diesel power stroke 😂
Manmeet Tomar
Manmeet Tomar 7 månader sedan
Really excited to see it finished .... Rally Limo 🔥
Hibiki 2gud
Hibiki 2gud 7 månader sedan
You are crazy Jared, in a good way lol
Chris Holman
Chris Holman 7 månader sedan
Bearded Ham
Bearded Ham 7 månader sedan
Being a Brit myself,I know all about dark side. Some super fast cars,check out there tiny Skoda.
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