We Bought A CRAZY RARE Car, And It Broke IMMEDIATELY (1400 Miles From Home)

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Today, we buy a parts car that is way more rare than you'd think - a MK4 VW Jetta TDI with manual transmission, a drivetrain we're going to install in Honda Rousey, our 1985 Honda Accord stretch limo. But before we do that, we have to get it home...1300 miles away.
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Peter Ness
Peter Ness 29 dagar sedan
be better if it was just Jared ,hashtag loose Tavarish hes a cock
chipper442 Månad sedan
It’s cool to drive Jettas again, ANY Subaru and or Prius driver make you look good.
aayan goverski
aayan goverski 2 månader sedan
Look at Jared ballin with the faze clan hoodie
greg h
greg h 3 månader sedan
i had one for sale in hawaii. you could have saved yourselves from freezing had you bought mine
Димитрије Кончар
Димитрије Кончар 3 månader sedan
5spd manual versions of the 1.9 Jetta/Bora is incredibly common in Europe
Biohazardz HD
Biohazardz HD 4 månader sedan
There is like 100 of those here in Illinois. 5 speed diesels
Bill D
Bill D 4 månader sedan
Bought a car sight unseen....in the show me state! 🤔
Sombrero 4 månader sedan
The TDI is an awesome engine... you could get one for 300 euros in EU tho...
Ahmed Yasir
Ahmed Yasir 4 månader sedan
The motherland is disappointed
Tom Chamberlain
Tom Chamberlain 5 månader sedan
The car wizard is Benton Frasier in disguise! (90s Canadian TV show reference)
Mr Pandasian
Mr Pandasian 6 månader sedan
The greta jetta
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 6 månader sedan
In the UK/Europe you'd be hard pushed to find an Auto lol That engine sounds really rough like its close to death. They're well tested by VW in russian winters -35oC is very common. I've had two of the 1.9tdi amd then got a 2.0 gt tdi all where loads of fun 250ftlb of torque is great. currently on car no. 143 the wife only on car no. 4 lol
Rohith Antony
Rohith Antony 7 månader sedan
Jared: I paid 2400 Wizard: I would've given 2000 . . . Hoovie: I would've paid 6000.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 7 månader sedan
If you have a Jetta and your CEL is off, you have a problem.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 7 månader sedan
Every other driveway has a early mk4 tdi stick shift up here and Canada. Probably the least rare car you could find.
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 7 månader sedan
there BAD about " DRIVING " in the " PASSING " lane here in Minnesota because every self centered MOTHER F _ _ KER thinks the left lane is just only for them
Notten 7 månader sedan
Did bring any wrenches??
TheSlipperyBrick 7 månader sedan
The crazy things is I can't even get across Ontario in 900 miles
TheSlipperyBrick 7 månader sedan
"I can't say that or we will get demonetized"... Says it later in the video...
John Nash
John Nash 7 månader sedan
Christian Myers
Christian Myers 7 månader sedan
youtube is really starting to suck with its petty censorship....i vow to start my own site, its gonna be rightly called Americatube, everybody will see! haha
Gregory Sambrano
Gregory Sambrano 7 månader sedan
I’m jealous Jared got a faze hoodie but I don’t 😭
doug A
doug A 7 månader sedan
If ye need parts for them, here in Ireland the whole car running can be got for less than 500..
donnie darko
donnie darko 7 månader sedan
Weezard- "taste like Walmart super tech" Jared- "ehh Delco" Tyler- "same vineyard" God i love when I see these channels come together.
Micah shvetseek
Micah shvetseek 7 månader sedan
Super funny thing. I come from the center of Europe and I drive the newer gen Jetta. I believe it´s code starts with 1k2 and it’s made in 2006. This is actually the first vid that I can find a relevance. My car is a 1.9 diesel and it was manual from the start. Before that I drove a Skoda Fabia 2003 also a 1.9 tdi. They are not as fun as the v6, but they are afordable in my parts of the Earth and very reliable one you sort out the “normal” problems they use to have.
Werner Horstmann
Werner Horstmann 7 månader sedan
The manual is standard here. Auto is hard to find.
boxed fenders
boxed fenders 7 månader sedan
How the fuck was the mad scientist born to the man who drives a Jetta. It's the most out of place car in that movie. I mean there's vw dudes but not Jetta dudes... Maybe that's how he got so good at tuning. Because if you make a Jetta anywhere near just say 11.0 class you probably engineered everypart on that thing including the engine management system.,..
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 7 månader sedan
At least the more you drove the warmer it got lol
Eduard Ivan
Eduard Ivan 8 månader sedan
Not rare...owned plenty...clickbait asf.
Curtis Noble
Curtis Noble 8 månader sedan
There’s literally a bunch of mk4 diesel Jettas Manuals in Canada
ALLSTAR-B3ASTSs 8 månader sedan
In the uk theses cars are called a bora and a jetta is a different shape u can pick them up for around £500
Thomas K
Thomas K 8 månader sedan
I just looked up those faze clan champion hoodies and it is such a flex to work on a car in one. Them boys expensive.
Sean C
Sean C 8 månader sedan
any update?
Andrew Muldrew
Andrew Muldrew 8 månader sedan
Rare, lol. In Northern Ireland and Ireland there common as muck, arl engine, pd and non pd it doenst matter, just slam it, hybrid turbo 150 injectors, and a reek map. £500-900 would get you a decent one
gary wilson
gary wilson 8 månader sedan
Jettas here in UK don't cost that to buy there cheap
Kevin Hibbard
Kevin Hibbard 8 månader sedan
Jared: $2400 Wiz: i'd have said $2000 Tyler: I'd have paid 6 grand Also Tyler: id have paid 12 grand! i love these guys together.
yodaistheone 8 månader sedan
And in South Africa it is keep left and pass on the right.
Chalks October
Chalks October 8 månader sedan
Could've bought my SAAB for $600 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
R08Y0 9 månader sedan
I can't wait for all the Honda Rousey vids now that you found her powertrain.
leogothisgun 9 månader sedan
Check out Hoovies eyes at 7:20 🤣
Isaac Sheri
Isaac Sheri 9 månader sedan
Ratchet God
Ratchet God 9 månader sedan
Are they really"rare"?...I know all auto vws suck...(own a 5spd beetle)
monstrous raccoon
monstrous raccoon 9 månader sedan
What a junker. No wonder the check engine light was on! To bad 😒 Do love VW TDI 😍 Still miss mine 😁
ziggster29 9 månader sedan
I love seeing all my favorite SEpostrs in one video 😁
Ash'ab R.
Ash'ab R. 9 månader sedan
Crazy stuff. You can find PD130 Passats, Golfs, Boras, Octavias etc. in 6 Speed Manual anywhere in the UK. theyre a dime a dozen lol
Tomtc91 video
Tomtc91 video 9 månader sedan
A non stop trip 2 day to get back to texas
Tomtc91 video
Tomtc91 video 9 månader sedan
I know the feeling of the trip I got that same trip many times except all the way to Texas to Missouri and back and forth
Last Name First
Last Name First 9 månader sedan
Can confirm. All diesel jettas have the check engine light on. If it's not on the bulb has burned out.
John Shinners
John Shinners 9 månader sedan
Thumbs up for the car wizard appearance
NooB Auto Parts
NooB Auto Parts 9 månader sedan
Click bait title...
Jean Ponomarenko
Jean Ponomarenko 9 månader sedan
Can confirm, owned over 30 Jettas of that year and check engine light is always on, smells like crayons inside.
Hampus Hernstig
Hampus Hernstig 9 månader sedan
These are as common in Europe as Camrys are in the U.S.
Manuel Pedro Santos
Manuel Pedro Santos 9 månader sedan
Your reality in E.U is completely diferent of the rest of the world, because you have gas stolem from meadle east!
Manuel Pedro Santos
Manuel Pedro Santos 9 månader sedan
You have de gas at 0,86 cents per litre, if you have to pay at 1.5 per litre, you dont talk nothing!
Manuel Pedro Santos
Manuel Pedro Santos 9 månader sedan
Diesel car is rare? only in U.S. here in Europe is normal!
MarshallGTV 9 månader sedan
During the time lapse I’m feeling they had a deep philosophical conversation about tacos versus hot dogs.
Allossa 9 månader sedan
Thx for the warning at 13:50.My cat has asthma so i had to cover her ears.
Adam Davidson
Adam Davidson 9 månader sedan
Funny. I've only been in 2 LHD cars ever and while working in a VW dealership here in Melbourne I had to move this cars extremely clean and original twin. Kinda strange because here in Australia they didn't sell the Bora (Aussie name for this generation of Jetta) in a diesel. Extremely strange to be in a manual LHD. You can't register modern LHD cars here except if your an American naval officer you can bring your car from home for 12 months only. Other car I drove was a brand new American Passat, very different to ours as well.
William Larsson
William Larsson 9 månader sedan
it didnt break IMMEDIATLEY?
One Ton Scout II
One Ton Scout II 9 månader sedan
I bet they pronounce Nevada MO with a long A instead of how you said it as the state name (which is also contested in pronunciation).
☠Ennustaja☠ 9 månader sedan
Why do you have this channel and the Tavarish channel?
P0licywonk 9 månader sedan
Tavarish's blood thinned out. Now officially a Florida Man
Logan Bonneville
Logan Bonneville 9 månader sedan
I like the follow through on the trash toss. For all the potential Tavarish trash deniers.
aserta 9 månader sedan
I sincerely don't understand what's been done to that car. I have this car in Europe (second daily driver from new), drove it up North, all the way to balls-frozen-to-your-thighs-land and it never ever did this to me. I cannot wrap my mind around how this kind of neglect works.
Todd Templeton
Todd Templeton 9 månader sedan
We bought a CRAZY RARE fuckin' Jetta with a manual transmission. yay, guys. Yay.
Jonathan Watmough
Jonathan Watmough 9 månader sedan
LOL. Jared is sounding as bad as Freddy now. "Just a small fuel leak" LOL
Lewis -
Lewis - 9 månader sedan
These cars are so common and so cheap here in the UK.
Coffee Rebel
Coffee Rebel 9 månader sedan
Jetta: The check engine light is a feature... And a quirk. 😂 My dad has a same gen TDi manual and the engine light is part of its operating procedure so can confirm, these things think that engine light is evidence of the existence of an engine. 😂😂😂
Muscles Mouse
Muscles Mouse 9 månader sedan
We're off to see the wizard!!
Canadian_Ed 9 månader sedan
"We are southern boys" says the guy from New Jersey lol
The science Of training
The science Of training 9 månader sedan
What happened to your other channel. Your ruining your self by trying to n making nothing for one
Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf 9 månader sedan
Meh, these ideas are just a little on the boring side end game wise. Mechanically they’re probably fun. With the experience between Tavarish and Jared, you should create a 4cyl monster just to flex. Finish Earl then bolt up a 500 hp 4 banger.
Super J
Super J 9 månader sedan
The toque is a good look for Freddy
Radostin Velchev
Radostin Velchev 9 månader sedan
I have a golf with an ALH engine. Already tuned to 143hp up from the factory 90hp. Also fitted it with 6 speed gearbox for a PD engine which also has bigger clutch.
iknklst 10 månader sedan
I was at that! Pilot across the street from you guys that Friday morning on my way to Joplin, stopped in for coffee.
Sedique Davidson
Sedique Davidson 10 månader sedan
I see weeeezerd and hoovie my dudes
fro16883 10 månader sedan
also... why does every MK4 TDI have a cracked windshield ?
fro16883 10 månader sedan
Putting a TDI in a honda....? Are you sure that wont break the car? hondas are a little scared of torque ya know >__>
SaTaNeAtChEeSe 10 månader sedan
To put things into perspective, here in England you can pick these up with a PD150 and a manual gearbox in decent conditions for hundreds of pounds. Oh and a fraction of the miles too... at times...
Eric Ford
Eric Ford 10 månader sedan
Dang, thought you were going to Smyth UTE it...
NutritiveApple 10 månader sedan
i drive a 2003 A4 Jetta with 300k+ KMs not a single light on the dash (because they're broken) just kidding i mean if you tream em right all cars last, mines a regular 2.0 4L Gas engine, 115hp, really comfy city comuter
MrNickyDalenz 10 månader sedan
Tyler & the weeezard
Soren Cates
Soren Cates 10 månader sedan
The problem with the VW automatics, at least these days, is they use an Aisin transmission. I had one in my 01 Volvo and it was a nightmare too. I won't be buying a car with a Japanese transmission ever again lol.
Christian Josey
Christian Josey 10 månader sedan
An ALH 5 speed isn’t crazy rare where I’m from
cody garrett
cody garrett 10 månader sedan
5 speed alh cars are not rare. If they were I'm rich. As I'm cutting apart 3
I976 Scirocco
I976 Scirocco 10 månader sedan
I ordered a TDI Jetta wagon w/ 5spd brand new from the dealer back in '02. Best car I ever owned! I drove it for 10years, put 160k on it and sold it for half of what I paid. Your CEL is probably from the glow plug harness. Don't bother fishing out the old one from the loom, just run a new factory harness.
Vro18 10 månader sedan
When HOOVIE says you’re out of your mind... you might be a car SEpostr
Christian Troy
Christian Troy 10 månader sedan
It's not worth 2 cents to me I wouldn't waste my time with that car
Sebastian Velasco
Sebastian Velasco 10 månader sedan
Those Jettas smell like crayons inside
vargo hoat
vargo hoat 10 månader sedan
i heard those tdi vw's are insanely good for mileage
CaptainCanada780 10 månader sedan
Hey Tavarish do you make heated seats in the same way you make your tub a jaccuzi?
Vice Jewelers
Vice Jewelers 10 månader sedan
faze clan omfg jareds the best
davie locker
davie locker 10 månader sedan
hahahaha my son had one he junked it
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh 10 månader sedan
I really miss my 01 golf tdi 5spd. Same blue. It was a lovely car
Ben Kloos
Ben Kloos 10 månader sedan
same vineyard hahahah
zLuck F
zLuck F 10 månader sedan
Come in Romania and buy as many Jettas you want :)))
UPbuild 10 månader sedan
I had one of these quite a few years back, same colour too, probably the most dull car I’ve owned but I loved it haha! Hope you guys do something interesting with it. 👍👍
i'm the boss
i'm the boss 10 månader sedan
Hey if you guys are interested I have a 2002 alh no rust no leaks no lights on the dash eurospec trans longer 5th gear and original manual car let me know all black (original paint) and really tinted windows
David Campos
David Campos 10 månader sedan
In vw guidelines if the check engine light is not on you can't trust the car
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