We Bought A New PROJECT CAR With Some BIG SURPRISES (Tavarish LIED About It)

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Wrench Every Day

10 månader sedan

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Today we buy a new project car! Only one problem - Tavarish lied about it to Jared, but it seems like it could be something cool, right? Maybe he needs to be taught a lesson...
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Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 10 månader sedan
You might wanna watch until the end. Just saying ;)
Tony Freeman
Tony Freeman 9 månader sedan
Can I buy the Lexus body after you take the motor out
Dee t
Dee t 10 månader sedan
Why do you keep buying bullshit cars,,, you don't even finish the other bullshit cars you have
Thom Pardoe
Thom Pardoe 10 månader sedan
I like how Freddy has taken over Andrew's meathead comic relief role and Jared has taken over Freddie's practical voice of reason... who does all the work.
tengu190 10 månader sedan
Get a Panoz project car
Makin Waves
Makin Waves 10 månader sedan
Wrench Every Day ...Jared yes, yes Jared just yes...
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone Månad sedan
If I had the money I would have purchased that car before it got butcher and had plenty of fun with it just the way it was.. Granted would have had a fresh set of wheels on it among a few other things but yea
Aqua Green ORAganics
Aqua Green ORAganics Månad sedan
Nooooooooooooooo......... step away from the hoop T.
Patrick Kavanagh
Patrick Kavanagh 3 månader sedan
Put a 12 v Cummins in that thing that would be cool
a Vaz
a Vaz 4 månader sedan
Used it as a donate car for a kit to make a super car
David Bruner
David Bruner 4 månader sedan
Not stock, build that thing!
R 5 månader sedan
finish th e 300
R 5 månader sedan
dude. flush it
dean weherley
dean weherley 6 månader sedan
Make it a sleeper. Keep most of the upgrades, turbo,doors,but a quiet exhaust with a electric exhaust dump. When you want to get on it.
sethaie 6 månader sedan
Jared seems like a very cool guy but I just can’t avoid uncanny resemblance to Howard Lederer from full tilt poker in-fame
DeanoGTO 6 månader sedan
When I see these midnight club 2s lusso xt comes to mind
Sherwyn Titterton
Sherwyn Titterton 7 månader sedan
I like gerard idea keep that one to make it insanely cool and get another that's much closer to stock and work that
Sherwyn Titterton
Sherwyn Titterton 7 månader sedan
It needs to be a sleeper keep it as a beast please it will be awesome
Sherwyn Titterton
Sherwyn Titterton 7 månader sedan
No keep it a beast make it more powerful
almsco 7 månader sedan
But you could put the suicide doors on the Honda limo?
Armondo Lynch
Armondo Lynch 7 månader sedan
Freddie what happen to the Bentley project? Or any othe car you started and didnt finish?
SnuglWith Strugl
SnuglWith Strugl 7 månader sedan
Tavarish reminds me of a tweaker. Can never finish anything before starting something else.
Keith Allen
Keith Allen 7 månader sedan
Ok, was fooled 😁 this was obviously bought for the lump. Suicide doors is cool n all but you had me thinking you were nuts to spend probably the price of a new car trying to put that back to stock 🤣🤣
Jason Simonds
Jason Simonds 7 månader sedan
!!F117 Stealth Fighter .. it was an amazing game in it's time... dibs!!
fai sal
fai sal 7 månader sedan
Don't stuck it
fai sal
fai sal 7 månader sedan
Keep the turbo and add more power
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards 7 månader sedan
you want to restore a vehicle go old school
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards 7 månader sedan
300 Z
Jonathan Mosqueda
Jonathan Mosqueda 7 månader sedan
Dude can you finish a project?
DaRk=BaN? 7 månader sedan
Screw the Lexus lol
Dave Stonerook
Dave Stonerook 7 månader sedan
I say throw it in the trash and stop lying
snowfalls101 7 månader sedan
Do a sleeper. Clean. Stock looking. 6-800 hp. Not too crazy. Keep it quiet till you mash the go pedal.
Jerry Ameral
Jerry Ameral 7 månader sedan
What if you push it outside and have a nice luxurious Bentley for cruising around.
Ukrainianification 7 månader sedan
Finish at least one project
Tony Disdado
Tony Disdado 8 månader sedan
David Eckhardt
David Eckhardt 8 månader sedan
Convertible GS. Do it!
realangrythrottle 8 månader sedan
Get rid of it
Gideon Timmermans
Gideon Timmermans 8 månader sedan
Dump it!!!!!! It’s not even worth the trouble. Above that, it’s not that you don’t already have to do something. Finish some, pls.....🤔
Sean Williamson
Sean Williamson 8 månader sedan
Sell it
Dimitry M
Dimitry M 8 månader sedan
Fix it up and make it pretty. Interested to see what it could be performance wise.
Aynsley Jeansonne
Aynsley Jeansonne 8 månader sedan
Trash the GS
Harrie NoPro
Harrie NoPro 8 månader sedan
don´t try to become a silly soap opera You guys are a great team and honestly besides the awkward camera work both of you are on par with Roadkill in it´s prime!!! Anyhoe Drive the Lexus into a ditch and keep it burried
DeadkingAZ 8 månader sedan
2JZ Engine no shit.
Moto Flash
Moto Flash 8 månader sedan
I knew it was a skit from the beginning please just part that poor thing out
NEmergix 8 månader sedan
JWxUK 9 månader sedan
I’d push it outside and get the matches.....
Fifth Wheel
Fifth Wheel 9 månader sedan
Finish what you started first, then move on.
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard 9 månader sedan
Meh, you can re-crome the rims🤷‍♂️
Dan Dagn
Dan Dagn 9 månader sedan
Finish it
Mike thompson
Mike thompson 9 månader sedan
start the lexus, backburner the 300... lose the turbo though :( sad day
kaprentice 9 månader sedan
Burn the Lexus.........
TheOrgano 9 månader sedan
This should totally be made into the ultimate luxury sleeper. 1000hp 2JZ luxury car which will absolutely fly if you give it the beans
D C 9 månader sedan
I'm maybe late, but this Lex is ruined... I would pass it :/
Justin Milsome
Justin Milsome 9 månader sedan
Finish the 300zx
grayson serrano
grayson serrano 9 månader sedan
Keep doing the 300, thats gunna be so sick, no one builds those and people have seen a bunch of those Lexus's built
jjmarz1001 9 månader sedan
It's a piece of junk.
Christopher Beaulieu
Christopher Beaulieu 9 månader sedan
Leave the turbo!!! Manual swap and welded diff dorifto masta
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane 9 månader sedan
I don't even know how Tav paid for that and not finishing the others, but, come on, let him do what he wants~ What if you gonna build your own cars and race them afterwards? Tavarish vs Jared?
Francisco Anaya
Francisco Anaya 9 månader sedan
Keep the turbo
Make Stuff Learn Stuff
Make Stuff Learn Stuff 9 månader sedan
Put the 2JZ in that Pulsar NX. Now that would be a challenge.
Nicolas Mailloux
Nicolas Mailloux 10 månader sedan
Please, contact me about the "board games" that are in fact, computer games if you still have them
Glasbroesler Berlin
Glasbroesler Berlin 10 månader sedan
Wtf ! the pimp my ride van back in the garage! i thought its hoovies???????
mehst one
mehst one 10 månader sedan
The ending sounds like one of those a cheap fake porno intros
Will Stephens
Will Stephens 10 månader sedan
chris love
chris love 10 månader sedan
Manual conversional for the 2jz
Karim Faical
Karim Faical 10 månader sedan
At 1:35 i guess the car was made to loik like Maybach with RR doors style. I'll see till the end
Nick Triplett
Nick Triplett 10 månader sedan
Lot # 57477349 I wonder if any SEpostrs going to pick up that diablo
troublesome one
troublesome one 10 månader sedan
So I'm pretty new to your channel and to be honest I know absolutely nothing about cars (they might as well be spaceships) but I do enjoy your content and someday I hope to drive something other than a minivan in the future. All-in-all if you decide to turn the Lexus into a grocery getter you'd probably get tired of it fast so why not donate it to someone who could put it to good use. If you did decide to donate it upon completion make it known because otherwise it would be boring content for me at least.
Peter C
Peter C 10 månader sedan
This is getting more and more like that Russian Garage54 only much worse !!!
Porter McSorley
Porter McSorley 10 månader sedan
Make it a sleeper 4-door Supra. Make it luxurious but also fast as hell.
egn83b 10 månader sedan
The back story is falling apart freddy's body language and tone isnt on par with his normal mo lol
Walter Villalobos
Walter Villalobos 10 månader sedan
extra pedal swap!
Thom Pardoe
Thom Pardoe 10 månader sedan
Freddie, we've talked about this before. You need to finish with the toys you already have before moving onto new toys.
Ju Tub
Ju Tub 10 månader sedan
U got rid off the other guy? He was so fkn annoying. Good job.
Julio isn't Gone
Julio isn't Gone 10 månader sedan
Wei Tsung Soo
Wei Tsung Soo 10 månader sedan
Yes, this Lexus GS is actually called Toyota Aristo in Japan and the ES is a Toyota windom.
Hank 10 månader sedan
What happened to the other guy on this show?
DundaBluebone 10 månader sedan
i'm still upset that you brought that hideous "pimp my ride" van up to my back yard. At least Hoovie had the good sense to dump it off on somebody else.
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 10 månader sedan
Finish the 300zx, this channel is quickly turning out like the other one. Can this channel finish its first project before moving on
Louis Castro
Louis Castro 10 månader sedan
Great buy. If you really put the work in, you’ll have a 20 year old sedan with nice seats.
Derek Nicholson
Derek Nicholson 10 månader sedan
Another POS project. Graft on the yellow Lambo nose. Call it done.
Hollis Caison
Hollis Caison 10 månader sedan
Unsubbed just for the pure disrespect for the z
Kyle Davidson
Kyle Davidson 10 månader sedan
All I can say is black exterior with stock Lexus rims. Interior is a dark grey with black walnut wood trim.
dPaul Williams
dPaul Williams 10 månader sedan
Do the Lexus.
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton 10 månader sedan
Wait, did I see the “pimp my ride” mini van in the background? I thought Hoovie had it???
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 10 månader sedan
Tavarish is being a prick...giving Jared crap for not being excited about what he is, while Tavarish is literally doing the same thing to Jared while ALSO LYING to who is essentially his business partner. I just don't understand how someone can be such a prick to Jared who: 1. does all the hard work 2. has the knowledge to do these crazy projects 3. Puts up with Tavarish's b.s. constantly already. I would be PISSED if I was Jared.
Mark Freiling
Mark Freiling 10 månader sedan
Work on 300
B Had
B Had 10 månader sedan
Drop all the projects Freddy, and do a S2000 supercar conversion . Lol
David Moon
David Moon 10 månader sedan
Do the 300zx first!!!!
Brandon 10 månader sedan
shpat Gostivar
shpat Gostivar 10 månader sedan
Hey guys awesome channel!! But I love the floor of garage!
ezdfiant 10 månader sedan
Luxury "wrench every day" business truck sounds awesome, use the 300zx engine with a choppy cam and put that 2j in the zed where it can breathe properly 👌
andrewpm2 10 månader sedan
Trash it and do the 300Z.
ThaGingaNinja69 10 månader sedan
Modify everything, they made plenty of stock ones. 😉
mike pritchett
mike pritchett 10 månader sedan
Id name it CLAP. it just keeps giving .
stratochopper 10 månader sedan
I'll take the games. You can keep the car. Finish the 300ZX.
henry06x 10 månader sedan
Forget the Lexus. Do the 300zx awesomeness. Something I can’t really afford to build but would want.
Ismael Marrero
Ismael Marrero 10 månader sedan
Shop truck was a good idea,lol
dylaman1 10 månader sedan
I would put the 4 rotor in it .......😐🤭
Pd Van Beek
Pd Van Beek 10 månader sedan
Get rid of the darn thing!!!!!!
IvelLeCog 10 månader sedan
Just look at it!
thegamer32 10 månader sedan
Dont make it stock please
Garnet heron
Garnet heron 10 månader sedan
Build the Ferrari for sema !!!
BZ Miatas
BZ Miatas 10 månader sedan
Everyone got trolled so hard. ya'll really think he was going to return a random lexus to stock....
Dave Hanshaw
Dave Hanshaw 10 månader sedan
Air ride?
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