We Bought Another LEGENDARY Sports Car, And It's Already BROKEN (EARL LEEKER 2.0!)

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Today we get a new project Nissan 300ZX, which helps up with our old project. It's basically a parts car, except it's a lot cleaner. Let's get this thing V8 swapped and doing burnouts!
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Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Looks like someone never dealt with a face plate radio, two hooks on driver side hooks in then puch and snap its in.
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Tou getting out of the Nissan reminds me of a water buffalo giving birth.
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 9 månader sedan
Get that red MG and put 4hat V8 in it.
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin 9 månader sedan
13:00 up to 8.3k likes! =D
SYLperc 9 månader sedan
It actually is 600zx 🤣
The300ZXGuru 10 månader sedan
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Subbed, been waiting for more z vidz
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Your buddy was correct the drivers side corner talks into the radio 1st and then the passenger side clicks down into the receiver.
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
@10:08 wow is rite! For a car that was sitting in a field dude that thing is flawless
preprodigy 10 månader sedan
Flock the door dash and the dash dash lol
johny z
johny z 10 månader sedan
all fair points, but note, as an European having only driven 2+2 300zx twin turbos all my life, and recently having driven 2 different us spec 300ZX TT 2 seaters, I can tell you this : the 2+2 rides better, corners better, is more predictable at the limit, and has much more driver space because the seat goes back more, so it feels like a mans car, in the sense I can fit inside much better. and in my eye looks better, because it is longer, fells sleeker. anyway the 300ZX TT is the most underrated JDM 90's golden age sports car, so very happy with your content.
Cole Borman
Cole Borman 10 månader sedan
So... is the 68 chevelle in the background for sale?
Ahmad Zia
Ahmad Zia År sedan
I hope your ford wheels fall off
marcus Hernandez
marcus Hernandez År sedan
Getting a little bit of a belly I see 👀
Federick Quinola
Federick Quinola År sedan
8 minute mark had me dying
Amy /
Amy / År sedan
That's our car!!!! Lol Was my husband's...
Alex Wright
Alex Wright År sedan
@ 7:21 was i the only one cringing thinking he was going to crack the piece after the center console and right below where the rear cargo cover goes
lapamful År sedan
itamar 2b
itamar 2b År sedan
Adam Swan
Adam Swan År sedan
Wtf was that stuff in the driver's footwell? It looked like snow or sea foam...
Jason Brennan
Jason Brennan År sedan
Andrew is hilarious! I love watching these videos.
Jacob McCarty
Jacob McCarty År sedan
You guys need to take to Kelvin from kalvins garage. He just rebuilt his with a 2j. Wealth of knowledge on the 300
Chris Keane
Chris Keane År sedan
Done right these Z cars can come out really nice. Mine is a work in progress but putting down 500WHP.
Chad Foust
Chad Foust År sedan
Need for Tweed? Negative Ghost Rider. The pattern is full. The greatest movie.....sans storyline and plot. Action! Action! Action!
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane År sedan
Earl Nii-san!
IGotzPotatoAim År sedan
If you need ANY help what so ever on the Z Lmk, Ive had a few and know ALOT About them! And the stock VG30! Trying to look for a new one right now 91-95TT Or a SUPER clean NA, Dont forget the battery hold down bar in the center console :)
Chas Riggs
Chas Riggs År sedan
Does anybody else, hear the ZZ Top theme here? Who is this Guy???
Carter Garnon
Carter Garnon År sedan
Can’t wait to see how it turns out!
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey År sedan
Gazelle/Manatee, what's the difference...
tripdaddy1 År sedan
Concept Z performance still have a good amount of parts. There's another company but they have shit customer. I don't give them the time of day.
DundaBluebone År sedan
aw damn Tavarish! those moobs! i cnt unsee that. looks like your next build may have to be a treadmill.
dave flash
dave flash År sedan
better get with the times...little 70mm turbo...she will spool...700hp to the wheels....
Old Яomans
Old Яomans År sedan
Man did you go to Bithlo for that? ! Also, Carcheology.... brilliant
Gary McGowan
Gary McGowan År sedan
Everyone knows that when you trailer a Z, you go out the T-tops to get out.
Rasmus Cecil
Rasmus Cecil År sedan
Looks like a good buy guys! Keep the videos comming! I hobe this channel will gets some good traction, so you guys can keep going!
kleemanjad År sedan
You guys need a new name. "dean windass"
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson År sedan
Why isn't Andrew doing all the narration? We deserve more of that velvet-smooth voice.
Daz man
Daz man År sedan
Neeson...?? 🤣🤣
Mick År sedan
Hopefully he gets at least one of his cars finished one of these days. We need to see a finished project.
Dale Harsh
Dale Harsh År sedan
People... do your part... Like this video so we can see the Jolly Rancher get eaten... We are at 6.7k … take us over 10k
Resurrection Garage
Resurrection Garage År sedan
go rotary swap!
bibleisword80 År sedan
I had a twin turbo around 1997 it was a fun car to drive but always broke down but way ahead of it's time 4 wheel steering ride control
del trotts
del trotts År sedan
Where's the Dollar shave club promo ?
Anthony Bontumasi
Anthony Bontumasi År sedan
Take the spare motor and make a mid engine 2+2.
Mario connect
Mario connect År sedan
Tony doesn't work for you...cold
Jaroneko År sedan
Way back when I went to buy my MR2, I knew it wasn't running so I needed a trailer. I got a friend and his friend to come trailer it for me with their rally car trailer. Turns out that an enclosed trailer that's made for an Evo rally car doesn't actually have the openings and clearances to fit a lowered street car with long coupe doors to open at all. Luckily, the MR2 had T-tops, so off they came and out the roof I climbed. That was a fun day, thanks for bringing back the memories!
lokiiddqd År sedan
#saveandrew :D
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke År sedan
Good job you have a parts car.... Swap the rims from earle.
Koen Jonker
Koen Jonker År sedan
sad for earl, glad you saved the better car.
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson År sedan
I hope you picked up that red MGB back there too
Son what
Son what År sedan
Waiting for the 10k likes...hehehe
Josh S
Josh S År sedan
That was the face plate for the radio you’re just dumb lol you should’ve listened to Andrew
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder År sedan
1000 bucks says this car never gets finished. This is a tavarish never finish special
Dalton Jones
Dalton Jones År sedan
Get a gto 6.0
Dave Tires
Dave Tires År sedan
WE NEED TEN THOUSAND LIKES👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
john broskey
john broskey År sedan
Please get a fourth gen camaro or trans am
David Kornrumpf II
David Kornrumpf II År sedan
2+2 drives better than a coupe, coming from a person who has had both, the extra length of the car makes it much more stable in the corner, the coupe feels bouncy and pushy were the 2+2 feels a lot more sure of itself and planted
Good Luck
Good Luck År sedan
Travish plz buy BRA
Arthur S
Arthur S År sedan
L a t c h d e l e t e because jdm
Juan Broughton
Juan Broughton År sedan
What annoying background music
Emilthehun År sedan
Please dont scrap the 2+2. Super rare car nowadays
Joshua Parlos
Joshua Parlos År sedan
So glad you’re the first to do a Z32! Good luck guys
Richard Velasquez
Richard Velasquez År sedan
You guys should gain subscribers rapidly considering Andrew is the only albino on youtube that i know of 😁
Bernardo Cruz
Bernardo Cruz År sedan
I have lots of 300zx parts for sale
Ian Darrah
Ian Darrah År sedan
OR, and hear me out on this, you could just buy a really nice 300ZX for like $10k and save yourself a whole ton of trouble.
Stacy Edenton
Stacy Edenton År sedan
Anyone else waiting for snakes to appear from somewhere? That guy that sold it had me on high alert.
wisely bob
wisely bob År sedan
You have a great radio voice.
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker År sedan
Congratulations, you now, like me, have TWO of the most expensive cars from the 90's to work on. I have a 1990 and a 1994 300Zx. The 94 is my daily driver and the 90 is a track car. Only nice thing about the 2+2 is that you can get a cheap wide body kit on eBay for it.
RekadaeCS År sedan
Consider using the NA V6 as the internals are stronger than the TT, assuming the engine is healthy!
Rick Williams
Rick Williams År sedan
You should have done a walk around on the MGB-GT while you were there.
adrian luis
adrian luis År sedan
come on tavarish , stop losing your time and work on you cara like lambo and supra.
jorge vazquez
jorge vazquez År sedan
5.9K so far... I definitely want to see him eating that shit. Congratulations on purchase
Will Thies
Will Thies År sedan
Contact Joe naldony on facebook. Hes got everything you need in maryland and will ship alot stuff
Coni Glione
Coni Glione År sedan
No background music please!
oliverlewisworldwide År sedan
The chemistry between the both of yall is awesome. Whole time I just realized the generic rock music in the background
sed8181 År sedan
" looks like something was living down here". I trust that you guys evicted the inhabitants before taking their home.
Brian Victor
Brian Victor År sedan
Get those likesssss
n84434 År sedan
Who is this heavy set Ginger and why is he on this channel?
Bernie Cruz
Bernie Cruz År sedan
Ah, isn't that cute... Tavarish and Andrew have "his and hers" matching 3Z's!! AHHHHHH LOL
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko År sedan
Dude love the show but do you ever finish a car? Why is there an anoying logo in the screen in wide screen?
Gizawar År sedan
I need a comeback of 3000GT
Average Floridian
Average Floridian År sedan
2:37 Tijuana Flats cup sighting!!! 7:26 [Feral] Shop cat sighting. Best video ever.
piratasdecordoba År sedan
4:30 MGB / MGC in the corner - look if it has the Rover V8 - and if not, make a V8 conversion with it! ;-)
sevenonesix dr
sevenonesix dr År sedan
eat the candy
Ian McLeod
Ian McLeod År sedan
Is a 600ZX a 6.0L LS swap?
Luccas Deltreggia Sartori
Luccas Deltreggia Sartori År sedan
RX7 with that ZX engine? Turbo? Nitrous? Hahaha would love to see that. Great content, guys! Cheers from Brazil!
Jay Gill
Jay Gill År sedan
If the engine is broken, tear it apart and do some instructionals on valve adjustments or something.
Aussie As.
Aussie As. År sedan
Andrews voice reminds me of the SEpost guy that told his dog that he went to the fridge and got the steak ..you know, the marbled kind? (Yeah... then what?)
Calvin Wilks
Calvin Wilks År sedan
I want to like this show but I just want to see the main channel updates. First world problems.
ROVER25X År sedan
I'm 6 mins in and I was thinking it has the right amount of patina to make it a Mad Max style car !
maxst2 År sedan
Like it... i want to see that eaten lol
BA År sedan
Looked like a beached walrus trying to escape the rocks 🤣
David Stein
David Stein År sedan
Liked instantly @ 12:15
teamEP789 År sedan
tavarish have you lost weight? you look sexier (or is it me? been without sex too long)
Roni År sedan
Knock knock Who's there? Rod Rod who Rod knock 😁😁
Pennychaser1 År sedan
Z32's are great cars, built to last but people are scared of cramped engine bay which is a shame. Got oil pan leak in my gs300 with 2jz and that requires partial engine pull. My 93 Twin turbo has been good to me, still working ac and solid 400 hp car in style. Everywhere I go people notice.
Hunter Z32
Hunter Z32 År sedan
Oof. Trying to fix a VG without know what went wrong when it died? Hopefully your god cuz he’s the only one that knows what went wrong
watchingitallhere År sedan
This project has gotten totally out of hand....
David Meskhi
David Meskhi År sedan
Nice to see normal people on this channel, even though they were in the back
Ryan Bertoldi
Ryan Bertoldi År sedan
Those were the days lol, people walking around with their faceplate in a case in their pocket..instead of their phone LOL
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