We Found A Dirty Old Pickup Truck With An INSANE TWIN TURBO KIT (Barn Find)

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Wrench Every Day

6 månader sedan

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Today, Jared goes around the GRC stomping grounds and geeks out over all the International trucks he sees. Kid in a candy store doesn't begin to describe it.
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Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 15 dagar sedan
Our Scoutmaster had a travelall? You could fit all the gear and a few scouts. One of the younger scoutmasters, would borrow his dads Pink Postal Scout, with right hand drive. We were on our way to camp in upstate NY, and I pretended to be driving with no hands, and this guy tried to impress his girlfriend and took his hands off the wheel, and swerved a bit. Once they got past us, and saw the steering wheel was on the other side, you could see her laughing.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 15 dagar sedan
Sketchy everyday
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 15 dagar sedan
Bosco needs his own channel.
Emil Estabillo
Emil Estabillo Månad sedan
Query What happened to the TELSTAR 1850 (no heater required ) quick start diesel engine equipped ?
Tracy Worthington
Tracy Worthington Månad sedan
I had a orange one God I miss that truck
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Månad sedan
This is farm trucks father
T J 2 månader sedan
IH all the way!
your_name_here1234 3 månader sedan
All old vehicles have unique smells. Love the scent of squarebody chevys
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan 3 månader sedan
I agree on old cars and trucks being good for beginners. Especially with manual transmissions and carburetors. Old cars and trucks force you to pay attention. Learn on am old car then graduate to a newer car
james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Suddenly Jared is a formidable opponent to the others. His real competition is: Scotty Kilmer, Car Wizard,and the Ninja. The later needs to put out more regular content.🤣👍
David Windsor
David Windsor 4 månader sedan
Well it starts that helps. Just needs a tune. Time to make some power.👍👌😉
Wilma McDermott
Wilma McDermott 4 månader sedan
I had a 1977 scout with the 304 engine
Wilma McDermott
Wilma McDermott 4 månader sedan
Ended with a 1966 ihc 1/2 ton
Wilma McDermott
Wilma McDermott 4 månader sedan
His first one was a 52 L110
Wilma McDermott
Wilma McDermott 4 månader sedan
My dad had ihc trucks
coherence_x54r 4 månader sedan
The sounds of the old doors are extremely satisfying.
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 4 månader sedan
I learned to drive in a travelall 1010 4 door suburban style.
Steve Kovacs
Steve Kovacs 4 månader sedan
Dad bought a used 68 half ton in 70 from a IH dealer in long beach. It was their parts truck. 304 v8, 4 speed with a granny gear. No options, manual choke, oil bath air cleaner, no power anything, one sunvisor, no radio and split rims. Talk about basic, but still fun for a 15 year old to learn to drive.
Ken Neely
Ken Neely 4 månader sedan
I grew up with internationals. My dad has two 63 c series trucks both 4x4's. One he built when he was 17 and has owned over 40 years. He's always looking for good parts as well
Rock Crusher
Rock Crusher 4 månader sedan
I remember it was 18,67.
iambeeman1 4 månader sedan
G- gravel R- road C- cowboys
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 4 månader sedan
nice trucks wish Ford would buy the rights to International and produce work and offroad trucks out of these internationals , give hummer a run for their money.
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 4 månader sedan
International Dropie D edition 4 door twin turbo.
Robert R. Spaans
Robert R. Spaans 4 månader sedan
Randy is such a man it's fantastic. Rust holding hands. He puts the M in masculinity.
Ivan Vladimirov
Ivan Vladimirov 4 månader sedan
Jared is awsome he is way more pro then Tavarish even now Tavarish is awsome as well but i like watching Jared more !!! Go Jared !!!!
Norm Howes
Norm Howes 4 månader sedan
First 13 minutes of a 22 minute video is just talking and showing everything but the barn find. Only reason for no thumbs down is everything else looks good to me.
Patriot Rob
Patriot Rob 4 månader sedan
I had a 71 International travelall 392ci man I miss that truck. Got it from my mom's aunt and it was mint!! It was an off white duel exhaust ect.. sometimes when we are young we do stupid shit.. like selling that travelall smh...
bill jones
bill jones 4 månader sedan
Those things are cool. I dig all the windows.
Justin Potoczny
Justin Potoczny 4 månader sedan
I want that truck
Dan Myself
Dan Myself 4 månader sedan
Frankie S
Frankie S 4 månader sedan
Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 4 månader sedan
You always hear about these barn finds, I grew up in northern MN thousands and thousands of barns, and only thing in barns is pig shit.
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage 4 månader sedan
I love Internationals, this was awesome!👍
Clifford Mcdonald
Clifford Mcdonald 4 månader sedan
😬 radiator in the fender with no protection? Guess that is never gonna see off-road.
Al Bore
Al Bore 4 månader sedan
The Scout with the Nissan 6 cylinder Diesel engine is very desirable.
AL M 4 månader sedan
I learned to drive in a '52 L110 in about '65 and still own a 1953 1 ton with a hoist and grain box. IHC are tough but sure are ugly!!
TheDeadFormat 4 månader sedan
No way, I had no idea Jared had his own show. Love seeing him on Tavarish.
Blanch Jones
Blanch Jones 4 månader sedan
Old trucks never die they donate there parts to save othes trucks
Blanch Jones
Blanch Jones 4 månader sedan
Thats a baby bottle opener
Brian Smart
Brian Smart 4 månader sedan
I worked on the Scout assembly line for the final year and half of production. You wouldn't believe the hammering and kicking and bending that went into making things fit.
Brian Smart
Brian Smart 4 månader sedan
@Shayne Pegg If it's the original motor it would be a six cyl Nissan turbo diesel. I was already laid off when it was built, along with about 7000 other guys. The only ones left were the 20 year seniority guys, the union reps, and the management. It took them a while to put the last ones together since none of them had done any real work in years and didn't know what they were doing. We were building 100 Scouts per shift before they laid us off.
Shayne Pegg
Shayne Pegg 4 månader sedan
It is a 4 cylinder diesel. Look up Last International Scout on Facebook. The entire restoration process with pictures and documentation is all on there. I promise you'll be amazed. They even went through the painful process of recreating all the signatures they could. It's a really cool scout!
Brian Smart
Brian Smart 4 månader sedan
@Shayne Pegg Does it still have the Nissan diesel engine?
Shayne Pegg
Shayne Pegg 4 månader sedan
I'm lucky enough to work with the gentleman that owns the last scout down the line. It just got finished with its restoration and man is it sweet!
Evan 4 månader sedan
what app on your phone was that?
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 4 månader sedan
That is a draggy. It is a gps unit you buy and use with your phone.
Crusty Rusty’s Restoration
Crusty Rusty’s Restoration 4 månader sedan
Thanks for all the IH info man! I have an 1967 IH 1200b I’m fixing up, hit up my Instagram to see my progress! @crusty_rustys_restoration
Jackson Slayter
Jackson Slayter 4 månader sedan
Is this the guy from tavarrish channel? I like him
Skyloop 4 månader sedan
My Audi a3 8l (1.6L) is faster from 0-60 than this v8 with a turbo lol
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo 4 månader sedan
That's funny Ford ripped off the scout in 67 they only had four cylinders well I had a 67 Scout and I added my own Chevy V8 and transmission let me tell you it was the most badass little two-wheel drive Scout ever yeah two wheel drive it was formerly a mail truck so it even had the right hand drive quite odd to drive but she was fun
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 4 månader sedan
I commented but they could not handle the language . It has been deleted, pardon me WED? Inter's amazing gear.
CrazyAssPotter 4 månader sedan
Bosco is International's factory optioned game detection system specialized for Squirrel, Racoons. with upgradable Bear and Boar package in the Cumberland Huntsman edition.
mmmontague 4 månader sedan
Ive never seen more ads in a video than this one ridiculous
Stuart Woody
Stuart Woody 4 månader sedan
It's funny talking about people having connections to International vehicles. My mom and I were talking just a while back and she was telling me how she learned to drive in an old International pickup (would have been around 1966 or 7, so the truck was probably an early 50's model or so. She said she couldn't remember what year the truck was)
Steve Bell
Steve Bell 4 månader sedan
Yea old trucks a slug
TheReal10bears 4 månader sedan
He actually hit 60 at over 13 seconds. Check time stamp at 18:14
Pierce Hawke
Pierce Hawke 4 månader sedan
Those 'binders come across as 'Car Wizard' vehicles............which is no insult.
BadApple 410
BadApple 410 4 månader sedan
Them IH Scouts Look good!!! Same with the loadstar
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 5 månader sedan
What happens when that radiator gets stopped up with mud
Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 5 månader sedan
I used to have a 79 Bronco everywhere I went people always want to know if it's for sale
ben still
ben still 5 månader sedan
Not a C series, learn your years, B series.
geoffreyjones2000 5 månader sedan
I have one of the original 1960 scout 80 prototypes... it came from the Valley Forge Military Academy
jc3 report
jc3 report 5 månader sedan
My dad worked at the ft Wayne Indiana international scout plant and still has 3
Zane Agee
Zane Agee 5 månader sedan
We have over 30 of these trucks they are awesome!
piaa2570 5 månader sedan
Wrench Every Every Day 😂😂😂😂
Hairy Psalmz Biden
Hairy Psalmz Biden 5 månader sedan
Got news for ya, that isn't just a dirty old pickup.
Wesley Cooper
Wesley Cooper 5 månader sedan
Love IHC vehicles. I have a '76 Scout II. Drove 2600 miles round trip to get it. Sat in the woods 10 years after I bought it. Never heard it run until about a month ago. A new battery and a fuel pump purrs like a kitten.
Adolfo Colon
Adolfo Colon 5 månader sedan
Brings back old memories. I had a neighbor who had an international. So cool.
Murat Taylan
Murat Taylan 5 månader sedan
Excellent 👍🇺🇸
Toxic Oreo
Toxic Oreo 5 månader sedan
The first truck I ever drove was my uncle's IH pickup ('73 1210, dark green with wide white stripe). We were clearing land for his shop and 14 year old me was the "shuttle driver." I'd drive the crew to where they were working at the time, then go back and forth all day with loads of wood to drop off at the splitter, come back with gas and snacks for the guys doing the logging, rinse and repeat 8 hours a day every weekend. I learned more about fixing spark timers, carbs, and slapdash repairs that summer than I ever realized until I was much older, running my own landscaping crew. I helped sell that pickup, and his two scouts just a couple years ago right before he passed. I'd fucking love to get my hands on a Scout again.
John F
John F 5 månader sedan
I agree I enjoy Jared a lot more he is more entertaining and just all around cool guy much cooler builds I like the old stuff not a big fan of the yota's but these internationals there pretty cool 🤘 rock on Jared please take over the channel!!!!!
H3R3T1C 5 månader sedan
I've been lusting after an IH 3/4-ton since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.
Earl Stewart
Earl Stewart 5 månader sedan
My Dad's Crew Cab came equipped with passenger car tires those didn't last long at all!!
Joshua Ferguson
Joshua Ferguson 5 månader sedan
A detroit diesel or gasser
tlowery04 5 månader sedan
SOOOOOO many commercials
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte 5 månader sedan
Besides the 345 I THINK that International had a 392. Am I right????
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez 5 månader sedan
Swap this twin turbo engine to Honda Civic!!:)
Shaun Bennett
Shaun Bennett 5 månader sedan
What's a weland supercharger?
Shaun Bennett
Shaun Bennett 5 månader sedan
The 7.3 powerstroke was an international engine also, so was the 6.0 powerstroke and so was the 6.4 powerstroke.
Robert K Cleland
Robert K Cleland 5 månader sedan
Damn Right, Loved then all but The Dog & Fat lighter are AWESOME
Paul Bouchard
Paul Bouchard 5 månader sedan
Surprising they survived through the years,
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 5 månader sedan
That thing is awesome!!!! What size turbos? What size exhausts??
Richard Stump
Richard Stump 5 månader sedan
Will See You!!! Next Time!!!
Richard Stump
Richard Stump 5 månader sedan
Thank You! Happy Father's Day!! To All the Father's!
Richard Stump
Richard Stump 5 månader sedan
Yes! Very Interesting!
Richard Stump
Richard Stump 5 månader sedan
He used it to plow Show With
Richard Stump
Richard Stump 5 månader sedan
Hi! My Dad Had A International Travelaw
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 5 månader sedan
radiator in fender nope needs at least a protection of some kind
Pat Turner
Pat Turner 5 månader sedan
Weiand ......Say ....(why- and )...! Not (way- lan)....!
Skull Man
Skull Man 5 månader sedan
A dirtbike radiator rock guard may be useful under fender... Great work from cam to labor👌
doncarlo5 5 månader sedan
this what I love about the IHC , 1: the step side 2: the long bed 3: the spare wheel location, with the nice embedding in the rear fender ( love it! ) 4: the 4WD 5: the leaf springs, front and rear ... yes, it is a truck ... back in the day, pick up trucks were work trucks !
Peter Darr
Peter Darr 5 månader sedan
6:15 The definition of a highly polished turd !
packingten 5 månader sedan
Most had a Cornpicker 345 engine .
BMD Big feet
BMD Big feet 5 månader sedan
Randy's got good taste in trucks. Not nearly enough of them being saved.
Chopper Marc
Chopper Marc 5 månader sedan
Enjoyed every minute of it.
Rolando Sanchez
Rolando Sanchez 5 månader sedan
Let them know why they rusted so much because the rolls of steel were left out in the rain and so on what a shame.😡
Peter Darr
Peter Darr 5 månader sedan
It was a farm truck - planned obsolescence, they were never built to really last.
rednecknation270 5 månader sedan
is he able to make a weld in peice for a side step bed for the trucks
lee sullivan
lee sullivan 5 månader sedan
My first truck was a scout 2 pickup
Rick Logan
Rick Logan 5 månader sedan
An uncle of mine had an IH truck with right hand drive, always assumed it was from Canada... Nice truck...
Samuel A Parks
Samuel A Parks 5 månader sedan
I had a International travel all wish I still had it
Chris Horst
Chris Horst 5 månader sedan
Does GRC have any Social Media or and Internet site
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 5 månader sedan
Grcfabrication.com and Grc Fabrication on Instagram
Chris Horst
Chris Horst 5 månader sedan
Love the Scouts ❤️❤️❤️
AL M 5 månader sedan
Well these are really tough built trucks, but they sure are awkward looking.
rantonbro 5 månader sedan
i had a 64 pickup with granny gear red just like one you showed,and a light green 68 international travel all.at the same time in the early 1970's the travel all was our family veh,and the truck was my work truck.very good veh.!!!
Dean Benson
Dean Benson 5 månader sedan
I'll take it!
David LaFranchise
David LaFranchise 5 månader sedan
Cornbinders. I miss the 75 I had Way tougher than the chevys of fords I had. A neighbor has one he never drives, but he inherited it from his father so he doesn't want to sell it !!!!@ darn it!!!!
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