We Found MAJOR HIDDEN DAMAGE On Our 2JZ Nissan 300ZX..And It's Not Good (TOTALED)

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Wrench Every Day

8 månader sedan

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Today, we find some major damage hiding underneath the skin, and it's not good. But we are moving forward...I hope.
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james James
james James 3 månader sedan
Even with a smaller engine this car was smashed. I hate to think what will happen to it with a much larger engine.
UK DRILL BEATS 7 månader sedan
MAJOR HIDDEN DAMAGE 🤣🤣 you little click bate And It's Not Good (TOTALED) but you can still fix it 🤣 that a dislike
Dan Hard
Dan Hard 7 månader sedan
Jared is an American Turbo Yoda but talks faster lol
Jason Tyo
Jason Tyo 7 månader sedan
This build is right up my alley, Ive always preferred the looks of a Z32 to a 4th gen Supra
Jason Tyo
Jason Tyo 7 månader sedan
Subscribed and bell.
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 8 månader sedan
You do good work, Sir. This is rad.
Benja Wormfost
Benja Wormfost 8 månader sedan
The suspense is killing me!!! I need to see the finished product like yesterday. The 300ZX was my favorite car growing up and still is. I had the good fortune enough to own one but had to sell it when my son was born. I’ll get another one day. Until then I’ll live through you and enjoy Earl with you. 🖤
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 8 månader sedan
Great job cleaning the shop Mr. Pink ... You have the best kept content on the Web!
Peter Foster
Peter Foster 8 månader sedan
Earrllll geddditt bro!!! Love your channel
Free For Profit Type Beats 2020 Your Main Producer
Free For Profit Type Beats 2020 Your Main Producer 8 månader sedan
doggo randomly chewing old wiring harnesses lulz worth all the fucking commercials
Eric Soviero
Eric Soviero 8 månader sedan
What’s happening with that Honda limo!
AccGrad2012 8 månader sedan
groovie music!
juuh771 8 månader sedan
you all should check out a place called Birmingham auto in the kc Mo. area. they sell used motors for all manor of vehicles at killer prices.
skrotkalle skrotkalle
skrotkalle skrotkalle 8 månader sedan
incredible person who knows the most when it comes to cars. I like him. He could have taken over the channel without any problems!
preprodigy 8 månader sedan
Nice progress!
Jeremy Lutzz
Jeremy Lutzz 8 månader sedan
Tavaris had Rich another SEpostr escorted from a car event thought that was pretty messed up
porsche1178 8 månader sedan
who is zee dog?
Shine Automotive
Shine Automotive 8 månader sedan
I look up to channels like you Jared do you do in a minute job . Your Legendary
Dakota Fields
Dakota Fields 8 månader sedan
i wanna see this build soooo bad!
Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson 8 månader sedan
Well, at least on this channel, Freddy's lemons get worked on instead of ignored or hidden. Oh, and there are new videos occasionally. Keep it up Mr. Pink🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
cooldudehero123 8 månader sedan
Loving this series!! Seeing jared do this gives me more confidence in becoming a mechanic
Hunter Z32
Hunter Z32 8 månader sedan
That is a beautiful dog!
silai1 8 månader sedan
Viedeo on McLaren ...
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 8 månader sedan
That will be on the Tavarish channel not this one.
Tim H.
Tim H. 8 månader sedan
Jared I like the videos and I want you to see you make more... So let's start using PPE please....
Noah Lugo Baseball & Boxing techniques
Noah Lugo Baseball & Boxing techniques 8 månader sedan
Dude I'm so glad you took the channel over with Tavarish. Your a natural and really talented keep up the good work and the channel will keep growing. Best of luck.
Who Me
Who Me 8 månader sedan
Love the doggo!! ......Ask Tavarish to get on with the Mclaren please!!
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson 8 månader sedan
100% cutest dog on SEpost lol does it make questionable choices?
A_ Person_747
A_ Person_747 8 månader sedan
anti lag on the turbos?
Matt Angrave
Matt Angrave 8 månader sedan
Mate as a painter, that was painful to watch... You make my backyard rough jobs look good
Jason Swayden
Jason Swayden 8 månader sedan
More doge please. Excited to see how to wire turn signals and stuff from scratch
TheAnalXylophone 8 månader sedan
Jared is awesome, video is amazing, video title - not so much.
Tclans 8 månader sedan
Will Honda rousey be featured here, or on another channel?
kwedog2373 8 månader sedan
You have way too much fun messing with the dog. That's what i call cheap entertainment. LOL
tripdaddy1 8 månader sedan
If the frame is bent trash it... unfortunately this is about norm for 60% of the community. Why fix it properly when you can fix it cheap. The Z32's worst enemy.
Chris Moss Lifestyle
Chris Moss Lifestyle 8 månader sedan
I love the fact that you two have paired up! Jared is a beast and Freddy is just awesome. Thanks for the awesome content guys! Ps. Have to replace my steering rack on 08 328i any recommendations? New, used? Aftermarket? Thanks Chris
Hannah L
Hannah L 8 månader sedan
With every episode, I fall more in love with this channel. Pyrrha is absolutely the best shop dog mascot! We need "site B" merch w/floofy butt dog. 😀
razzy marcus
razzy marcus 8 månader sedan
Earl 2.0 is soon going to meet earl 1.0
TCFDOD2007 8 månader sedan
You need one of those life size cardboard cut outs of Freddie so we can pretend he is there helping you as much as he always does. :))
skeelo69 8 månader sedan
Hi Jared , where can i find that free music that starts @ 5:40 and @ 7:55 and @ 10:25 please ?
hypnoshield 8 månader sedan
Always love a good Tavarish free video.
Michael Lorenson
Michael Lorenson 8 månader sedan
This project is definitely a "questionable choice".
audiss111 8 månader sedan
JARED! you click baited me!
Electro 3000
Electro 3000 8 månader sedan
You shouldn't wire tuck Earl
jorge vazquez
jorge vazquez 8 månader sedan
Earleaker II Looking dang good. Keep up the good work 👍
bigdaddy741098 8 månader sedan
Looking BOTH ways?? What a hassle man 😀
JDRIFTS 95 8 månader sedan
Just send it! It's not worth much now anyways 🤷‍♂️
Float_Bowl_Gasket _
Float_Bowl_Gasket _ 8 månader sedan
music track is BUMPIN'
Richard Negrin
Richard Negrin 8 månader sedan
Couldn’t the accident damage be repaired correctly? Looks like a nice car but I wouldn’t want to drive it if it’s compromised. I wouldn’t feel safe in it
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 8 månader sedan
That first montage song sounds like the War on Drugs af..
t g
t g 8 månader sedan
I see a little face in that engine bay
Andrew Radford
Andrew Radford 8 månader sedan
We taught you how to say "zed" correctly and now we need to focus on the next word...... chassis. Say after me....... Shass-see......... no, not chass-ee....... Shass-see !!! Great vids - keep up the good work.
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad 8 månader sedan
Awsome work😁😁👍👍
imdafuzzy 8 månader sedan
I’ve been married 11yrs and I’m considering starting a show called “Wench every day”.
t g
t g 8 månader sedan
Jared should have his own Saturday morning mechanic show on TV...except I don't watch cable and I don't wanna be up on Saturday morning 🤣
Blackmagic 8 månader sedan
Keep it up, Jared! You are a fantastic addition to the channel and incredibly knowledgeable.
Thomas Gires
Thomas Gires 8 månader sedan
helper doggo is helping :)
EcBuddy123 8 månader sedan
I would enjoy the wiring videos for a swap, but also what's needed to mate an engine to a transmission, like custom Bell housings or adapters and how to choose the correct fly wheels/clutch or starters. Because there's no info on mating a Honda j30 to a 87 Toyota 4runner trans for a swap...
MrRawalex 8 månader sedan
Sort of wondered why you didn't redo the front at least a bit more... booger welds and huge gaps don't make it look like much.
nicola naccari
nicola naccari 8 månader sedan
And a 6:35 we can see the cause of electrical 2jz issue!!
fryrear technology
fryrear technology 8 månader sedan
Tube frame time? That hurts to find all that damage
Cobalt Lukather
Cobalt Lukather 8 månader sedan
with all that damage, i'm surprised no Flex Seal was used
Oveida Sinclair
Oveida Sinclair 8 månader sedan
There is still plenty of 300ZX's on the market, you should have just junked that frame
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh 8 månader sedan
Beautiful doggo
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord 8 månader sedan
Hi Jared, you have a beautiful dog. What breed is it? What is his/hers name? You hare a lot of patching and welding to do. Do you have a spot welder? I wonder if you could make a 90 degree strip and weld the areas where you have large gaps over to reinforce the weak areas you could cut out the rust and plug to spot weld some strength back into it. Just a thought. Keep the great work. Really excited about the dyno!
Justin Camacho
Justin Camacho 8 månader sedan
The dog following you around is priceless 🤣
Quentin James
Quentin James 8 månader sedan
Please can we have more footage of the dog?
garcia mckenis
garcia mckenis 8 månader sedan
It's just a shot In the dark but I think freddy started this second channel solely for Jared started with a channel of his own and if that's true I think that's an awsome thing to do for your friend
Pyronious520 8 månader sedan
Bondo doesn't add structure without duct*** tape first everyone knows that Jared.
Kristijonas 8 månader sedan
That dog is hella cute
K Johansson
K Johansson 8 månader sedan
Arthur Tussik would be like "Light repair" and make it into a mint looking collectors car. 😁
azharsyarawi 8 månader sedan
Thank god you’re not making a show car. The accident damage is often a project killer
gph42 Grant
gph42 Grant 8 månader sedan
Love your videos Jared. And also love little mate being part of the vids. Keep up the TREMENDOUS work. Thanks.
Why do I have 6 neutrals
Why do I have 6 neutrals 8 månader sedan
I like Jared’s garage
Mario Funk
Mario Funk 8 månader sedan
I love how Jared's send-off always changes, yet is always vaguely useful.
Felix Brendel
Felix Brendel 8 månader sedan
i love this guy! Jarred for the win
mariodesmo 8 månader sedan
What's the dog's name?
Mario Funk
Mario Funk 8 månader sedan
KerBlamKing 8 månader sedan
Everyone needs a shop dog!
Alex Ball
Alex Ball 8 månader sedan
Jared and Tavarish, when the build is complete and your content with earl is done will you sell it to me? I’ve always wanted a ZX. especially one with a 2JZ GTE. It would be so cool to own one of the cars y’all built!
Bill McCasland
Bill McCasland 8 månader sedan
SO glad Tavarish is not in this video, he doesn't know how to wrench every day. he's holding you back!
shamshe 8 månader sedan
love this channel!
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen 8 månader sedan
And this has been Jared wrenches everyday.
Brian Ferreira
Brian Ferreira 8 månader sedan
Ending is always the best.
stevenlee92833 8 månader sedan
Good job so far Jared 👍
Richard Inman
Richard Inman 8 månader sedan
So no wrench every day outtro
Christian Patrick
Christian Patrick 8 månader sedan
Jared, can you go over welding and the best type to use when welding stuff in or on your cars? Thank you for the great continent.
eldi kurniawan
eldi kurniawan 8 månader sedan
What its over already . It felt like only 5minutes . Cant wait for the next vlog.
Armando Boensel
Armando Boensel 8 månader sedan
YES always look both ways!
Garrett Burrows
Garrett Burrows 8 månader sedan
my ocd went into overtime
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 8 månader sedan
The internet has spoken. Site A needs a dog. Make it happen Tavarish!
FrankW1029 8 månader sedan
quote of the day "keep them gross"
dan silverman
dan silverman 8 månader sedan
Good Dog!!!
Tim Gibson
Tim Gibson 8 månader sedan
First, sacrilege is not trendy. Second there couldn't be a better time to retromod a real supra and show these car newbs what made supra and 2jz a legend. That wack bmw knock off miata ain't the one. Show'em. The Ferrari is funny cause it's wack, but a fairlady and supra is like dropping a ls into a mustang. Special place in hell is reserved for foxbody failures. 100% great content regardless, keep grinding!
Diogo Almeida
Diogo Almeida 8 månader sedan
Yo Tav, where ya been?
Dale Hall
Dale Hall 8 månader sedan
Fucking loved this video for some reason. Have no idea why either. Love the dog, Jared.
Chris Perrello
Chris Perrello 8 månader sedan
Jarreds words of wisdom at the end are the best
Cody Landreth
Cody Landreth 8 månader sedan
I love these episodes. I love Jared too ( in a guy way)
Mario Chirita Sileanu
Mario Chirita Sileanu 8 månader sedan
The dog just casually chowing the wiring harness
Brandon Glenn
Brandon Glenn 8 månader sedan
Is that a great Pyrenees? I love those dogs!
Duane Harms
Duane Harms 8 månader sedan
Brandon Glenn Yep. And she’s a really sweet one :)
Scott Harpel
Scott Harpel 8 månader sedan
Freddie buy Jared a pressure washer...
Aaron Vargas
Aaron Vargas 8 månader sedan
I gotta say it. Jared’s my new SEpost crush.
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