WE GOT A DIRT CHEAP USED DYNO! (We Just Have To Install It Ourselves...)

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Wrench Every Day

8 månader sedan

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Today we get a freaking DYNO! The only problem is that it needs to be installed. How hard can it be?
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Howard Hutchinson
Howard Hutchinson 3 månader sedan
Jared, dyno for personal use, or dyno time can be purchased?
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련 7 månader sedan
I love the wrench every day muscle truck
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련
Nustylemom • A형의다단계멋져부련 7 månader sedan
Namic 7 månader sedan
Jared... If your electrician doesn't make it for whatever reason, let me know. I'm a commercial electrician and a huge car nut. I even own a Howe TA2 "Camaro" racecar. I'd be honored to power up your dyno!
Stone Heart
Stone Heart 7 månader sedan
Nice work man , Loving your vids.
south africa,s bass bass headz 2017-2019
south africa,s bass bass headz 2017-2019 8 månader sedan
I'm liking Jared a lot his cool asf
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker 8 månader sedan
Jared "totally try this at home" Pinker. We love you for that. :) "Just because you can't, doesn't mean you shouldn't" Sounds like an awesome shirt.
kyle wallace
kyle wallace 8 månader sedan
Need more frequent videos
D Palmer
D Palmer 8 månader sedan
How is the clearance between the back of the dyno and the roof beams? It looks like it would be tight for a pickup or large SUV.
Jason Mcmahon
Jason Mcmahon 8 månader sedan
Look at the lense. Not the screen
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 8 månader sedan
Jared you’re awesome
Larry Cassar 1999
Larry Cassar 1999 8 månader sedan
Cost to get a car Dyno cuz I got a fusion an Explorer the fusion well everything stock but the Explorer I'm running an original plug so I'm trying to figure out how much more horsepower how much would I lost over time with both cars an awesome good tune
Attila TheHUN
Attila TheHUN 8 månader sedan
Love your music choices in the editing Jared...you never go wrong with some funk.
ruuhkis 8 månader sedan
Tried this at home, now missing a hand, where can i apply for money
preprodigy 8 månader sedan
SirCavemaninthewest 8 månader sedan
I just subscribed because you look like one of my coworkers. Haha made my day.
Eugene Tuorto
Eugene Tuorto 8 månader sedan
Thats a lot of work and more work getting the rest of it hoked up.
mixer621 8 månader sedan
Is there anything Jared can't do? Nice work !
Mason H
Mason H 8 månader sedan
Gonna be honest, I clicked on this to see the Z
swish1onu 8 månader sedan
The reason i unsubbed this guys main channel is he hyped his lambo hybrid build so much.. then bailed because he realized it would be more then he could afford... playing as if he didnt have the money. Then this guy goes out and spends a shit ton of money on another ride.. more money then it would have cost to finish that lambo bybrid build for Sema.. that tells me that he LIED that it was about not having enough money.. he just lost intereat and didnt want to make his viewers think they got atrung along.. I unsubbed shmee for the same reason.. kept pretending he didnt have money.. then next thing you know he has a garage full of $300,000 cars.. so fake. They try to play up the "i'm poor and humble" shtick as if they'll be able to better connect with the viewer? Just dont get it..
CRONUS 8 månader sedan
With all the love I have for Freddie, I adore Jared for getting things done! How many of you keep coming back to see if Jared is actually on and know in each upload he is ACTUALLY completing a task?
Louvado71 8 månader sedan
Have been following Tavarish, this is pro! Question: What is that background music??
Alex Butler
Alex Butler 8 månader sedan
Nice one J! My fave internet car nut. 👍👍👍
tyler238 8 månader sedan
We want to see the new mclaren build
Richard Alan
Richard Alan 8 månader sedan
Dad in law got some solid B footage there.. and now he knows the wrench every day ethos of "definitely try this at home"
SD DRONE 8 månader sedan
MrRawalex 8 månader sedan
One thing you need to do, after the two fans is also to set yourself up with a couple of flexible exhaust tubes that can clip onto or surround exhaust pipes to more directly send the gases outdoors. Also, if you don't have a dividing wall, you may want to put up something like a chain link fence on the drivers side of the lift, back a ways, floor to ceiling, to catch anything that may fly off the cars on the dyno (and they do tend to shred parts). You can also put plastic sheeting on that to block the air a bit and assure better front to back airflow over the dyno and assure the big fans are pulling out car exhaust and heat.
LIFES TO SHORT 8 månader sedan
Jared, I've been catching you on "Tavarish's" channel, My dude you are the man. You have a new sub. Keep up the great work.
Cameron Jamieson
Cameron Jamieson 8 månader sedan
Is that a darkside developments hoody you're rocking jared 🤔
Jekyll Spielmann
Jekyll Spielmann 8 månader sedan
I just want more Jared. Is it bad?
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe 8 månader sedan
All you need to secure that is a hammer drill, a suitable masonry drill bit, and some dynabolts. Stuff paying some fool to come in and do it.
Matthew Sharpe
Matthew Sharpe 8 månader sedan
You know you are doing well when you can install your own dyno, even a used one! The problem you usually have with single roller wheel dynos, no matter what crazy torque and power ratings the manufacturer gives them, you run into traction issues long before you reach it.
John deneau
John deneau 8 månader sedan
That music at 3:12 was off the chain. Absolutely loved it.
shartne 8 månader sedan
You dont need no stinking dyno install crew!
fordtuff1965 8 månader sedan
Congrats on the dyno. Cant wait to see a 1750 hp car come out of this garage. Lol. Seriously though. What's up with the people not calling you back. Messed up.
Smiley Facee
Smiley Facee 8 månader sedan
dude... Jared is strong af
Shine Automotive
Shine Automotive 8 månader sedan
mint video
Dennis Fondse
Dennis Fondse 8 månader sedan
Keep it up love the channel
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 8 månader sedan
I was just in fort valley Georgia last week. I can say, yes it’s that pretty there year round.
carnage6ar 8 månader sedan
now jared needs a side kick
Arturo Alejandro Diaz Acevedo
Arturo Alejandro Diaz Acevedo 8 månader sedan
To solve the small issue with earl and the side exhaust, just use a high heat hose and run it to a small 3rd fan or to the other shop fans! Keep up the good work!
Good Ol Boy #76
Good Ol Boy #76 8 månader sedan
A easy and cheap fix for the exhaust fumes is get some dryer vent hose and run it from the car out the wall. I did that in dads shop and it works great.
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra 8 månader sedan
Please upload on tavarish's channel
The SilverPhist
The SilverPhist 8 månader sedan
looking good for 42
Deric A. Garza
Deric A. Garza 8 månader sedan
Helllll yeah
NoOne Special
NoOne Special 8 månader sedan
Is this the Jared channel now?! Sweet!
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee 8 månader sedan
You said used and cheap. How much is used? How much is cheap for a Dyno?
boosted saleen
boosted saleen 8 månader sedan
Im in the same boat , can't rely on any one to get things done when you want. Just do the work your self , you're more than capable .
Jason Sapp
Jason Sapp 8 månader sedan
I personally HATE relying on other people for help...I mean you said it yourself "even when you are willing to give people money to come do something, nothing...." Very kool doing the install yourself....I doubt I would have even considered paying someone ....people suck
Josmer Suero
Josmer Suero 8 månader sedan
My man Jared just pulled a whole ass car all by himself onto a Dyno, what that man eats!?
Liten Fara
Liten Fara 8 månader sedan
It's so funny. You just say dyno, when we here say Rollenpruefstand. Pls try to say that Yourself in the vid.
BRX 8 månader sedan
Isn't that awfully close to that steel roof beam? You may be hard pressed to get a substantially sized/lifted vehicle on there.
Mark Roderick
Mark Roderick 8 månader sedan
I recommend putting a remote control winch at the head of the lift to haul project vehicles that don't run yet on to the lift
EnglishTurbines 8 månader sedan
Jared....He's a guy that gets things done, while the rest have gone for a beer..🤔
Rick Heins
Rick Heins 8 månader sedan
Pink tool box
That One Guy
That One Guy 8 månader sedan
Who else wants wrench everyday videos everyday or every other day!?!? It really sucks getting them once a week because I swear there are times that I checked the page just to see if I missed a video it should be wrench every week if you're not going to be putting videos out consistently sorry just being honest other people can do it I don't see what you guys can't
James. 8 månader sedan
Guess there won’t be anything taller than a car on the dyno... lucky low cars are the way to go.
Brad Klingensmith
Brad Klingensmith 8 månader sedan
Very cool, saved a bunch of $$ in the end with the DIY install.
Attuned 8 månader sedan
Can I test my Breather / PCV Intercooler on it? it's something I don't think anyone has tested, and already have a car set up. I don't know anyone with a dyno, and can't afford one anyway. I know I'm being that guy but what can I say. Please?
Grant Tour
Grant Tour 8 månader sedan
Nice work! Make something different...make dyno a big energy generation when making pulls! Charge batteries and store some energy!
Alex Calderon
Alex Calderon 8 månader sedan
Awesome video bro!
A_ Person_747
A_ Person_747 8 månader sedan
Cool vid! I definitely watched the WHOLE THING!
vmoutsop 8 månader sedan
Too bad the installers are being so finicky that they have to have the whole job or nothing. I'm sure when the economy is down they will do anything but right now they pick and choose.
SSIIbuild 8 månader sedan
Always so much good advise. I love it.
Norm 8 månader sedan
Noone wanted to come finish the install cause you did what earns them the most to come out, bringing it in for $1600 can you blame them for not wanting to come out for $200
Norm 8 månader sedan
Let's not talk about the elaphant in the room.... Big ass expensive tool box is fkn pink....
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 8 månader sedan
More like wrench every 2 to 3 weeks.
TheBlackestBrian 8 månader sedan
jamesread11 8 månader sedan
Love the jarrad thought for the day at the end 😂
wurly one
wurly one 8 månader sedan
Jared rocking it as always. And yep... Went through all the fun of buying, dismantling, transporting, digging and casting reinforced footings and then reassembling and setting up a big four post lift myself, without any lifting equipment at all - so it definitely doesn't mean that you shouldn't 😁
TR Johnson
TR Johnson 8 månader sedan
So silly... As many low cars as you guys have, you’ll regret not cutting out your concrete and putting it flush with your floor. Which requires no lift and saves shop space.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 8 månader sedan
Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons 8 månader sedan
Build the International Doesn’t have to be a pricey build, just something you could take the wife out in.
Derek Shaw
Derek Shaw 8 månader sedan
Well done jarred usual when there's a bit of hard grafting to be done tavarish is no were to be seen 👍👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Simon Wyatt
Simon Wyatt 8 månader sedan
I think this should just be combined with the main channel
Bill Canell
Bill Canell 8 månader sedan
it not that difilcult, do it your self dudes
Bruce Naylor
Bruce Naylor 8 månader sedan
Very nice
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 8 månader sedan
let me show you it's features!
Kris -Greenmoose-
Kris -Greenmoose- 8 månader sedan
Brilliant video, Jared! Keep up the great work!
djsonicc 8 månader sedan
Ranch every day, that's my modus operandi
Kyle C
Kyle C 8 månader sedan
Well done Jared! Great video, and nice haircut, lookin good man 🤘🏻
Nate Tamez
Nate Tamez 8 månader sedan
That was by far the best outro I’ve seen
Otticus Potticus
Otticus Potticus 8 månader sedan
consider a smoke extractor with a long tube that you can attach to the exhaust and keep all that poisonous gases out the workshop
mindlessmeat 8 månader sedan
what's up with the Avon looking toolboxes...?
SteveRodgers 8 månader sedan
Jared handled the car like it was a toy!!! BEAST MODE!!! 🐻💪🤩
S Martin
S Martin 8 månader sedan
The roof look very close, I think. Regarding the ventilation, skip the fans and go for a real exhaust ventilation, with hoses and stuff. Your cars will run very rich and I guess none will have a catalytic converter so this will be easier in the long run.
AdLP640 8 månader sedan
I get a notification from Wrench Every Day... I see Jared, I click fast!
toto dona
toto dona 8 månader sedan
Jared is the best, period.
Jeff Mazzoni
Jeff Mazzoni 8 månader sedan
Sweet. U da Man, Jared
FunderDK 8 månader sedan
Where is your cherrypicker? In Europe a cherrypicker is like a boomlift mounted on a big truck. But in any case not for lifting.
Furry Rabbit
Furry Rabbit 8 månader sedan
How many vote to see Jarred dance to the time lapse music?
txcharvel 8 månader sedan
Loving this channel lately!
BA 8 månader sedan
Heck yeah. If you don't go do things you will never know how far you can go.
Muffin Man
Muffin Man 8 månader sedan
Tavarish:I got a new parts washer Jared:I got a dyno Me:😂😂😂
Harald 8 månader sedan
Be carefull with that Mustang..
Mixzzz 8 månader sedan
Anyone else wants him to put the dyno one space to the right so it's not under the roof beam? I'm just thinking that some day you'll want to put an suv on the dyno
David Lively
David Lively 8 månader sedan
The Internet: "You can't do that." Jared: "Hold my beer."
Graham Gedge
Graham Gedge 8 månader sedan
I love this guy, so entertaining, deserves far more views than the channel is currently getting
Jason Van Kirk
Jason Van Kirk 8 månader sedan
Jared has the best outro lines ever.
Chopper Marc
Chopper Marc 8 månader sedan
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