We Had To DESTROY Our Super Rare Diesel Car (For A GREAT REASON)

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Wrench Every Day

7 månader sedan

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Today, Jared goes nuts with removing parts from our rare Jetta TDI. Someone please help.
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Heyo it's sky
Heyo it's sky Månad sedan
We have had three Jetta TDIs I'm putting a 1.9 alh in my S10 blazer for MPG
cameron bobak
cameron bobak 3 månader sedan
May cat started watching game the time lapse after you cut the roof off and was talking about the glass, and she watched Jared the time.... Watch out Jared, I'm pretty sure my cat wants to attack you
Panic Farts
Panic Farts 3 månader sedan
should have just turned the Jetta into a limo and avoided this whole mess...
Chris v F
Chris v F 4 månader sedan
If you need parts for the Diesel Project feel free to ask. I'm from Germany and Diesel is a very common car in germany! Around 30 percent of the Engines sold in Germany are Diesel. Greetings Chris
Matthew Machell
Matthew Machell 5 månader sedan
Was that an R35 l see jarred
Charley George
Charley George 5 månader sedan
Tavrish needs to get you a lift man.
Lewaaolislam Ghanem
Lewaaolislam Ghanem 6 månader sedan
One of the best works ever
Gabriele Presicci
Gabriele Presicci 6 månader sedan
that GTR tho
Bert de vries
Bert de vries 6 månader sedan
He Jared.why didn't you salvage the seats. Those leather seats look so many I more comfy than the Honda seats
Ess Ay
Ess Ay 6 månader sedan
Gotta say. I'm real sad about a mint diesel Jetta dying.
Wrench Every Day
Wrench Every Day 6 månader sedan
Don't worry, she just looks good on camera.
adict3 6 månader sedan
Mark IV spotted!
m.j t
m.j t 6 månader sedan
bad music will always get you a thumbs down
david anderson
david anderson 6 månader sedan
Me: Hey Jetta Thunberg, what do you think about all this? Jetta: "How dare you!"
MBX5baller 6 månader sedan
Wonder if Tavarish would drive this? sepost.info/dev/video/14DgzKV-oYndr5w.html
Shane D
Shane D 6 månader sedan
More content please, hope all is well with you and family. Great videos btw.
Hieu Tuning Blog
Hieu Tuning Blog 6 månader sedan
Jetta in a Limo, wtf?
HOT TOPIC VLOGS 6 månader sedan
yep Sam Cracked it alright lol
HOT TOPIC VLOGS 6 månader sedan
wait when dd Jarrod get a twin lol that's cool how he did a CGI of himself when cutting out the fenders
Play bad
Play bad 7 månader sedan
1.9 TDI is exceptional for fuel economy and if you chip it, it can make 100kW (131HP) easily. Glad to see some euro meta in the us of a.
Shine Automotive
Shine Automotive 7 månader sedan
Loving this . Can’t wait to see all the bora bits fitted :)
byebiturbo 7 månader sedan
JARED TAVARISH *** Not sure if it's been said and/or considered; MK5 Independent Rear Suspension should be considered instead of the MK4 solid beam!
Berto606 7 månader sedan
I always used cinder blocks when I worked on my car in high school, and it was a big ass Pontiac Parisienne. Glad they held up. Lol
TheBibliofilus 7 månader sedan
Jared really needs one of those induction heaters to help with all that messy modification work, to be able to soak the bolts in oil and then heat them to a glow and just tear stuff apart easily..
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell 7 månader sedan
I love your attitude. It's one thing to experiment, and improvise as you go, but it's a whole different deal when you have the knowledge and experience to do this. Exactly like playing jazz, if you'll forgive the metaphor. Few can truly pull this off, but you obviously have the chops. I'm as far from a mechanic as you can imagine, but I damn well know an artist when I see one! Thanks
Fred Stone
Fred Stone 7 månader sedan
Jared is fantastic and when he takes a car apart he really does it right. If he can graft all those Jetta parts onto that Honda and make it work it’ll be the best car build on SEpost. I sure hope there are plans to do the body and interior properly. Looks like Freddy is on an extended vacation again or out looking for something to add to his unfinished projects.
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch 7 månader sedan
Soooo whata thr story about the supra in the back????
JagHeterAlfred 7 månader sedan
That build keeps amazing me. Absolutely awesome. I don’t wanna put more tasks on your to do list but it would look really cool as a 6-wheeler 🤤
Mateo Perez
Mateo Perez 7 månader sedan
Honda rousey lol
Mickleblade 7 månader sedan
What's rare about a Jetta tdi? Or is that a joke I dont get
Edward Barrientos
Edward Barrientos 7 månader sedan
Great job Jared 1&2 don't forget social distancing.
SGilani 7 månader sedan
Solid rear axle swap on a honda limo lol
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 månader sedan
German cars are strong
mixer621 7 månader sedan
Double the Jared, double the work done.
Erik Lizarazo
Erik Lizarazo 7 månader sedan
Nuts but love it!!
sum dood
sum dood 7 månader sedan
I've been wanting to alh swap a crx for a while now
Bobs your Uncle
Bobs your Uncle 7 månader sedan
Hondarousy is big enough to put another motor to power the back wheels! Do it 👍
Mr Pandasian
Mr Pandasian 7 månader sedan
They named the turbo diesel jetta...jetta thunberg lmao
volksguy1 7 månader sedan
The semi independant rear suspention of the jetta is by far a superior desing than the fully indepentant suspension in term of handling. It is just a little bit stiffer but much more previsible
Kenny Bellau
Kenny Bellau 7 månader sedan
I know money is an issue on this build, but couldn't you find a used bag system for the rear suspension for cheap? I see that Thurnburg suspension reaching its max the first time you guys decide to fill the tank and invite other dustballers in for champagne.
jonathan frade
jonathan frade 7 månader sedan
sepost.info/dev/video/tHnRudmBpo-atNM.html There is a custom suspension setup ;)
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 7 månader sedan
Jared now has the Supra, lmao, you see it on the trailer right at the very end
Micheal Connell
Micheal Connell 7 månader sedan
What about putting it on air bags so you can lift it ans lower it as you wish and it will ride well on them as well?
Aaron Minciotti
Aaron Minciotti 7 månader sedan
Hey Jared!!! Was that Tavarish's Supra in your yard?
Merc Zuckerborg
Merc Zuckerborg 7 månader sedan
This thing is going to be a turd, a much nicer turd, but a turd none the less.
sh0ckwaveVR6 7 månader sedan
Immo delete is easy to make on those old ECU!
Minni 7 månader sedan
You do all this without a lift. You are my hero!
MrCrsv82 7 månader sedan
17:57 “it’s Sam cracked all the way around it...” LOL! 😂
Scott Stangler
Scott Stangler 7 månader sedan
Just use air bags in the rear.
Marc Beattie
Marc Beattie 7 månader sedan
You could have just unbolted and cut the seam sealer from the Jetta bulkhead as it all unbolted and comes out as one unit.
Marc Beattie
Marc Beattie 7 månader sedan
Would it not have been a more feasible conversation to make the Jetta a limo ?
Shaun PC
Shaun PC 7 månader sedan
One thing that would have been seriously cool on the whole Honda/Volkswagen amalgamation would have been to convert to 4motion running gear as well as the TDI engine. That for me would be the ultimate build for me but still this is a really cool build Jared. 🤘🏻
Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke 7 månader sedan
Why don't you put it on bags so you can lift the limo up to clear stuff then lower it back on driving
Legeden 7 månader sedan
VW uses pretty sturdy frames afaik, they're like the tanks of the road these days :D
Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett 7 månader sedan
Lol 17.58 that panels sam craced quality Ferrari patch work
Kolin Stallman
Kolin Stallman 7 månader sedan
Man I need a time lapse twin for working on V engines. Good idea.
Sparky Santos
Sparky Santos 7 månader sedan
I’m not 100% certain, but the location where Beverly Hills Acura was, was way earlier one of the Shelby Cobra shop locations. So try not to Frankenstein the Honda too much. Thanks for the videos.
steven craig
steven craig 7 månader sedan
That Jetta use to be a automatic if it has a fuel cooler. They only did that for the 11mm pumps.
Alexandre Couture
Alexandre Couture 7 månader sedan
Jetta for sale. For parts. For some parts only.
Dylan Noble
Dylan Noble 7 månader sedan
Are we just going to ignore the Mark 4 supra at the beginning??
royaloreca 7 månader sedan
17:57 I saw what you did there....
Trent Borgersen
Trent Borgersen 7 månader sedan
Your make questionable choices motto has stuck with me probably a little too much
Chris Pariaug
Chris Pariaug 7 månader sedan
Jared as a SEpost guy you are excellent - I support your channel BUT why did you kill the Jetta for a Honda?
Patrick McCrime Dog
Patrick McCrime Dog 7 månader sedan
Bring Andrew back for a couple episodes. I miss that fluffy ginger
Blair A
Blair A 7 månader sedan
Should have saved the seats
Sam Patton
Sam Patton 7 månader sedan
"it is just Sam Cracked in there" 😂 I wonder how many people really got that.
Eduard Ivan
Eduard Ivan 7 månader sedan
Stop calling it rare it's not....
John Asbury
John Asbury 7 månader sedan
Anyone else get the idea that Jarrod could be dangerous and extremely destructive if he wants to be
aae42 7 månader sedan
i feel like perhaps it would have been easier to just cut the jetta in half and graft the middle of the limo into it
freakymrq 7 månader sedan
i saw a mk4 supra at the end of this video
Ryan Beck
Ryan Beck 7 månader sedan
1:34 better pizza Pappa John's
endall39 7 månader sedan
New name, “Frankenvanda”. A “V” or “W” has to be in there somewhere, because there’s a lot of Jetta in there.
endall39 7 månader sedan
I image that at least 5 times a day on this project you say to yourself, “why the F am I doing this?” You then take a drink or a hit, pause, and forget you ever doubted the logic of this crazy adventure. Ever forward!
endall39 7 månader sedan
Somebody give this man a two post lift!
Ben Reifhardt
Ben Reifhardt 7 månader sedan
Wouldn't it have been much easier to just turn the Jetta into a limo?
vargo hoat
vargo hoat 7 månader sedan
greta's last name is actually pronounced "toonberg", just sayin
David Rus
David Rus 7 månader sedan
Imobilizer is in the cluster. And the cluster needs to be paired with the ECU.
Steve M
Steve M 7 månader sedan
Why I’m I sad over a car smh
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures 7 månader sedan
its only a jetta no big loss hahaha great video
Christopher Elrod
Christopher Elrod 7 månader sedan
One of the reasons I bought my 2015 Passat. Volkswagen is one of the safest cars imo and I got two kiddos
tyler matthews
tyler matthews 7 månader sedan
Jared is by far my favorite person to watch and LISTEN to on SEpost. So smart and good at explaining WHY he does what he does not just what he is doing. Hope you’re here to stay!!!!!!!
CANDY CANNAPiss 7 månader sedan
Why didn’t yo take the seats
Manuel Kougar Valderrama
Manuel Kougar Valderrama 7 månader sedan
Tim Bollman
Tim Bollman 7 månader sedan
I spy a supra i wish was sittin in my garage
Anush kumar N
Anush kumar N 7 månader sedan
I don't know what the hell happend to tavarish. It's been so long been waiting for his videos.
MR-2 7 månader sedan
y u rune klassik?
landu 7 månader sedan
22:08 yo is that a supra?
drift86 king9
drift86 king9 2 månader sedan
I think
David Rasthammar
David Rasthammar 7 månader sedan
I would have kept the front seats from the Jetta, they seem to be better than those in the Honda.
The Z List Cars
The Z List Cars 7 månader sedan
Jetta Thunberg was quite the generous donor. Sad to see her go, but it was for a noble cause. But seriously, what a cool project this is. Quite an undertaking for a rally limo beast! Great work Jared.
John Rambo
John Rambo 7 månader sedan
Somehow this series is like "building a vw tdi kit car without a kit"....
iknklst 7 månader sedan
I'm to the point where it might have been easier to cut the Jetta in two, cut the front and rear off the limo and use three thousand tack welds and the biggest hammer in the shop to put it all back together.
Steve Saint Hair
Steve Saint Hair 7 månader sedan
This is way better without Freddy
Peter Grove
Peter Grove 7 månader sedan
Jarred, subtle as a sledge hammer. Hey, whatever works.
Conor Harrington
Conor Harrington 7 månader sedan
Around here 1 in every 10 of them Jettas (Bora) are petrol almost all of them are diesel and there's a lot of them
Harry Nazarian
Harry Nazarian 7 månader sedan
Hahaha!! Nice shout out to Samcrac!! Dying here, Jared, dying!!! 😂😂
Jimmy Gustavsson
Jimmy Gustavsson 7 månader sedan
Atleast you got it warm inside in the garage, i got a cold garage with cold concrete floor. Its nice when its hot outside but during the winter, its not so fun anymore :D
Pha Q
Pha Q 7 månader sedan
I can't help but wonder if it would've been easier to just stretch Regretta Aspergers.
The Tech From Heaven
The Tech From Heaven 7 månader sedan
such a hassle, why didn´t you just turned the Jetta into a limo too and put a boosted F23A1 on the honda and put a TL suspension on the rear?
ThePrancingHorse94 7 månader sedan
Wrench Every Day and Jared are one of the videos on youtube that are an instant click as soon as i see it.
hgn98009 7 månader sedan
The Jetta has a Torsion bar rear suspension so it is semi independent.
fortyfukinseven 7 månader sedan
Tempered glass is a fickle beast. I worked in a factory that made shelves for refrigerators. We would get glass by the pallet. Every 10 or so pieces would literally explode in your hands as you tried to pick it up. I can't think of a more stressful part of my life. You never knew when it would go. It was loud, surprising, and just plain stressful. Thankfully, we had ppe, and I was never injured. However, dealing with that for 3 years probably took 10 years off my life. If you haven't seen glass explode, seemingly at random, you don't know shock.
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